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The first music CD that the Goddess will record, and release, to the race of human beings living on the outer surface of planet Earth today, will be one of the the most uplifting, empowering, and enlightening body of songs that will be heard by the human race in the entire history of Western civilization.. It is a body of sacred knowledge and ancient truth and true wisdom that has the mystical power will touch the heart and mind and body and soul and spirit of every single form of being, of all races that live in the waters, on the land, and in the atmosphere of planet Earth today. It will be a body of spiritual wealth, therefore, that will truly bless not just the lives of the members of your own race of human beings; and those other races of beings sharing this planet with you today – such as your pets and plants and more – but also the lives of beings living outside of your own three dimension world today.


Equals Forever is loaded with gifts of true light, and gifts of deep spiritual insights, that will improve the quality of the mortal lives of every member of the human race who will be blessed to hear these 12 spiritual treasures of life that Avatar Galextra brings as gifts from her mystical fountain of ancient wealth for every man woman and child from the 7 different races of human living on the 7 different continents found on the outer surface of planet Earth today.


This body of mystical – and magnetic songs - from this mythical being will provide a spiritual for feast for the soul of each member of the human race who will be blessed to hear them before the 24th Age Of The Earth begins; and Equals Forever will greatly increase the spiritual quality of their mortal lives of human beings living on the blue planet today. It will expand their personal knowledge, and private understanding, of their true identity as immortal daughters and sons of Gods – by an average of a number of times what it is today.


Her songs of knowledge, and enlight-en-ment, are packed with magnetic and mystical energy that radiates from the enchanting voice of the Goddess and vibrates inside the heart and mind and body of soul and spirit of all beings who will be blessed to hear them. They are each also lovingly imbued with healing properties placed loving inside them by the magnetic energy of the Goddess Herself. Five of her songs available on Her website for each of you to listen to, including Life Always Looks After Its Own, Beings Of Living Light, and Marriages Can Last, Higher Learning are each filled with a multitude of different ancient and mystical healing properties; and it is enriched with more healing properties for mortal beings than any body of songs that has been heard on the surface of this planet by members of the human race in millions of years.


Avatar Galextra is seeking a music producer with the talent and character and integrity of that radiant and beautiful immortal who lives and works - and is persecuted amongst you today - as the soul known as Michael Jackson. Both she and her soul mate would be truly honoured if our beautiful and radiant soul becomes the one who brings the first of her 4 body of songs – of deep wisdom and spiritual knowledge and true understanding - to everyone of the billions of immortals now living and dying as mortal members of the human race on the outer surface of planet Earth today.


Equals Forever is the name that she has given to the first music CD that she will record and release to the people of this planet in the near future. Here is an excerpt from one of the chapters of her book manuscript of her life, The Autobiography Of A God: The True Story Of An Ancient Avatar Who Comes To Earth To bring All Beings Together – which lists each of the 12 songs that will be on her first body of songs; and which also gives a good description of the quality of the wealth of the spiritual knowledge, and social value, that Equals Forever will offer to all of humankind after it is recorded and released:


“I was a mother all over again. This time I gave birth to twelve mystical children, who did not have mortal bodies for anyone to see.  But they were the most amazing and beautiful and mystical children, of the spiritual kind, I had ever given birth to. My husband served as my mid-wife for each of those twelve births. He arranged and organized the form that each of my ancient supernatural children was given for them to be introduced to the world. And as my mid-wife, he helped me to bring each of my twelve babies out of the womb of my soul, where they had been living for ages now. And with his patient presence, and loving attention, I was able to bring my mystical babies out of my spiritual womb, and into the world of mortal beings, for all to see and hear from. Giving birth to a life that is not human is something which every artist and artisan knows about.  Whether it’s a painting, a poem, a car, a building, a song, a symphony, or whatever that creation may be, it is a birth experience that fills each creator with wonder and exciting and anticipation, and also worry, as that creation struggles to come to life.


A birth is a birth, whether it is the birth of a baby, or the birth of an idea that is not made of flesh and bones. And artists and artisans go through similar symptoms when they are giving birth to their own works, as mothers do, because the creation they have inside them have a life of their own. They are made of the same Cosmic energy of radiant light that all beings are made of, and the same energy that the Universe, and everything in it is made of. Whether it is flesh and bones, or rocks, or the atmosphere: energy is energy and consciousness is consciousness. And each song or feeling or dance or painting have their own consciousness about who they are, and what they are about, even if other mortal beings (of the organic kind) - like human beings - do not understand the languages they speak or the feelings they have.


But human beings can be touched by the words or the melody of a song, or the power and beauty that they feel from being near an ocean, or from watching a great performance. Each work of art that is brought to life, for humanity to see, and enjoy, actually speaks to the spirit of each one of us who takes the time to listen with their heart, and feel with their intuitions. It could be a marvel such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt, one of the symphonies of the great masters, or something as simple as the words “I love you.”


 All of life is alive and breathing and pulsating and vibrating with feelings and thoughts and tones and colours and light that are moving and meaningful and beautiful. Those of us who can extend and quiet our minds, and expand and embrace our feelings, can learn to listen and even to speak to any of Life’s creations. Even if they are not members of our species, or even if they are not even made of the flesh and bones that we, or other races of beings like the animals or the birds are made of. Inside the world of each rock or chair or word or music or wind lives a beautiful and sacred and unique being who lives their lives in meaningful and harmonious and beautiful ways – just as every member of humanity strives to do. Their vibration may be slower or faster or deeper or higher than the vibration (or consciousness) that human beings recognise and respect.


But make no doubt about it, they are as much a part of life, and they are just as alive, as every living person or thing walking or flying or swimming on planet Earth. Every God knows that. And we love and appreciate and adore every single one of our creations, from a grain of sand to a baby or even a solar system. They are each special.  And the creations that each mortal being brings to life are sacred to the Gods – especially when they are done, or used, to uplift and enlighten the hearts and minds and souls and spirits of other beings, as well as their own.


That fall I was relieved, and overjoyed, to finally give birth to twelve of my spiritual children, with the help of my soul mate who acted as my mid-wife for each of those birth. The first of my children that came out of my womb that fall was one that is very near and dear to me, after all these years. I named her “Marriages Can Last Forever”.  Eleven more of my babies were born that fall, with the help of my midwife husband. And they each came out of my womb with little effort, for they had been waiting for many years to be born.


 Life Always looks After Its Own was my second child. She sheds ancient light on the true relationship that all beings have to the Source from which they all are given life. More than any of my children, this one shows mortal beings how truly loved they are by the Source from which all beings come. She also brings a message of how each being is protected and nurtured and guided forever by the Source Of Life, which maintains and sustains all beings, and all of life, with their Divine Light and Eternal Love.


Beings of Living Light was born next, which brought insights about the true nature of all beings. Everyone who holds the view that they are mortal beings, with one life to live, is shaken, and at the same time comforted, by the knowledge that my third child brings about what they truly look like as beings. Then there was Mother Earth is a Person Too.  This fourth child of mine introduces the Mother Of The Earth to humanity in a way that She has not been shown before. Everyone who meets the Mother of this planet, in this light, is transformed – for better or worse - by the richness and the depth of this experience. She comes to life in a way that shocks, amazes, disturbs, moves, and enlightens human beings.


Equals Forever came out next. She enlightens members of both genders, and all races, of this timeless fact, that all beings are equals forever. My fifth child brings a gift of knowledge that especially uplifts and empowers every member of the female gender of the human race. It also disturbs and shakes the foundation of the Male Culture at its very root, by the sobering information that it discloses not only about the social disease of sexism, but also that of racism. Higher learning was born next. This is one of my children whom I have a special place in my heart for. She teaches the ancient truth about the true nature of learning, that all beings strive to do, which has nothing to do with the learning of the academic kind that Society insist that all people must have for them to survive, or succeed as mortal beings.


A New Way of Being arrived a short while later, to reveal to humanity that there is an ancient, and higher way, of thinking and living that was in the process of being born in the next Age Of The Earth. This seventh child of mine also teaches humanity how to prepare itself for this Spiritual Golden Age Of Being, and the benefits of people taking steps to do so now. Each Other’s Keepers was my eight child. She brought the ancient knowledge to show human beings how much they are dependant and connected to each other, in every way. She also intentionally pricks the conscience and stirs the consciousness of every man woman and child who takes the time to listen to the wisdom that she brings. No one who hears her message about the true connect-ted-ness, and one-ness, of humanity (and of all beings) can ever look the same way again at their fellow human brothers or sisters anymore.


Sacred Record Within followed. She is the emissary who teaches humanity where to search for, and find the true knowledge about everything and anything that they are searching for. This ninth child of mine exposes the misconceptions, and the wrong information, that the Male Culture have taught humanity for ages, that true knowledge is found in The Bible, The Koran, The Veda, the Torah, and books that men have declared to be sacred and holy in every culture on Earth for ages now.  She shows humanity that the depth and scope of all true knowledge is always found in one place – within the heart and mind of each being.


My tenth child was called Only You Owns You.  She was the emissary who came to announce the liberation of all mortal beings, from the bondage of vices and devices that the authorities on Earth have used to shackle and enslave humanity for ages.  This special child of mine shows each person on Earth how they have allowed systems of controls to invade and conquer their minds, and run their lives, through their acceptance of beliefs and practices, that keep them thinking and behaving like mortal beings who are pawns of Society and prisoners of destiny.


Violence is Never the Way is the second to last of my spiritual children born that fall.  She brings an urgent message that humanity may not want to hear, because she attacks the centre of power of the Male Culture - where it is strongest, and also the most vulnerable. It’s a message which nations, or groups, who are locked in mortal combat for many generations may not want to hear – because it exposes the male ego and the sexist legacy of this Male Culture, and reveals the fear and the insecurities which drive this Culture to use violence as a way of life. But my eleventh child also brings a message of hope for humanity that needs to be heard, and heard clearly, not only by those who have become slaves to violence, but also by the majority of men and women and children all over the world who have become captive bystanders of this violent way of living and dying.


What have you done with your Life? was the last of my twelve children who were born during the fall of 1990 at 17 Murray Road.  She is the child who brings a message to each and every member of the human race, that challenges them to examine their mortal lives, so that they use their time on Earth this lifetime, to uplift their own lives and to nurture the lives of others whose lives they touch with their own.  We named her “What have you done with your Life?”: for she is the one who confronts and reminds all of humanity that they each are responsible for the consequences of all that they do or say as mortal beings, without exception.  And also that there are eternal and universal laws which guide and govern the lives of all beings, and that True Justice awaits all beings, if not in this life, in the next one, for every harm that they have done to others or others have done to them.


I did not plan on giving birth to exactly twelve of my mystical children of ancient knowledge that spring. Those were the amount that just happened to have been born during the period after my husband quit his job - to the time that we were evicted.  The number twelve, however, represents completion, in the world of human beings.  There are suppose to be twelve levels of existence in the spiritual realm, twelve aspects to the human experience, twelve major religions, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve months of the year, twelve apostles of Avatar Jesus the Christ, twelve signs of the Zodiac, and twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  I am sure I have missed other examples of the symbolic role that the number twelve plays in the experience of humanity, since I don’t have your academic kind of education, or interest in numbers, and other such hard data as most of your experts in this area do.”

The Autobiography Of A God (Chapter 19 – page 334-335)




Avatar Galextra is seeking a music producer with the talent and character and integrity of that radiant and beautiful immortal who lives and works - and is persecuted amongst you today - as the soul known as Michael Jackson. Both she and her soul mate would be truly honored if this beautiful and radiant soul becomes the one who brings the first of her 4 body of songs – of deep wisdom and spiritual knowledge and true understanding - to everyone of the over 8 billion immortals now living as mortal members of the human race on the outer surface of planet Earth today.


The song Life always Looks After Its Own is the first single that will be released on the airways from the Avatar’s first album, Equals Forever, after it has been recorded and distributed by the record company that she signs with. This is a single that has not yet been released to the general public; nor do we yet have permission to use the music for this song from the writer who wrote the music of that song.


Avatar Galextra hopes to be able to release this single with the same music she has used to record it, as well as two other piece of music for two more of her songs she has recorded but has not yet released, or gotten permission as yet to use these music for; and which she has also included on her website for you. She is prepare to have original music written for each of the song on her first CD, including the three recorded with other people’s music so far; and she has included over half of each of them for you to hear and enjoy; and also be enriched by in your own personal and private and public lives as immortals living as mortal members of the human race on the outer surface of this planet today.


We do not give permission for any of these portions of the Goddess’s 5 sacred songs to be sold or used for commercial purposes by any person or group at this time. When the first single Life Always Looks After Its Own is finally released officially, however, it will be available for sale to the music public. We hope that those of you who take the opportunity to listen to these 5 illuminating songs, while they are on the Avatar’s website, will be truly blessed in your lives by their mythical and mystical and healing properties.


Andraggon & Avatar Galextra

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