A child prisoner  in the  public  school system:

"I spent my years in grade school fighting

to keep the teachers from forcing me

to get a public school education."





Institutions of power over time

have always tried to use education of the formal kind

to control and deform the people’s minds.

People of every nation

are constantly being told by experts from powerful organizations

that they need a formal education to succeed in life

and become a somebody in Society’s eyes.


The deepest studies that you can ever do

are of the gigantic universe’s alive inside you.

True education of any kind

will always serve to liberate your mind

by showing you how to use the universal truths inside yourselves

to remove the cultural dis-eases

that Society uses to control you and everyone else.


Knowledge is an ancient power

that is always released

only after the battles inside your mind has ceased.

Avatar Galextra


(Verses from Avatar's song:  “Higher Learning” )



Part One:

A Child Avatar’s introduction to the Force Education System -  the Public School System


Getting a formal education was something that every child in the nation of Trinidad was expected and encouraged to get when I was a child.  The English school system that was used throughout the British Commonwealth, was the standard and the type of academic education that every child in Trinidad was encouraged to get up to the public school level, up to the eight form, or grade, and which every child could receive without any financial cost to their parents. At that point, only those children who passed national exams were allowed to continue their education at the higher levels, which is equivalent to the high school programs found in North American school systems.  And they were allowed to do so, without having to pay for that opportunity.


Children who did not pass the national exams, by passing with the highest grades in their subjects, would have to pay out of their pockets to attend private schools at that level. This was something that only a small percentage of students – especially those from wealthy families  – could have afforded to do.  Those children who were bright in academic studies or who were from rich families were the ones who were considered privileged to get a formal education beyond the public school levels.


For this young Avatar, none of this mattered to me, or was of any importance to me.  A formal education was something which I had no interest whatsoever in getting, at any level.  School was a place that I had no desire to attend.  It offered nothing for me that I needed, or wanted, to prepare me for the special career that I already knew that I was destined to pursue since the day that I arrived on earth about six years earlier in the body of a newborn baby.   School is no place for a highly developed being especially an Avatar, because the kind of education they require is always one that is supernatural in nature.


A formal education is the most common and effective method that is used by a civilization, to control and manipulate its people into thinking and behaving in the manner that the authorities of that civilization want them to.  I was a child God, who was being tutored by other Gods – who i came to call my Unseen masters.  To receive a formal education meant that I was going to be controlled by the systems of controls that limited and de-formed my ability to remain free, to think and function impeccably. If I were forced to get a formal education, I would have become spiritually blinded and mentally stunted by a Society that strives to oppress, control, deform, condition, and transform people into human robots and living puppets.


In this manner, I would have lost my contact with my Unseen Masters, and after a while even with my true and original identity; and I would have been unable to continue my development and my preparation for the job that I came to earth to do. Being forced to get a formal education, meant that I was being stripped of my rights, to make decisions in areas that could cause me a lot of problems; and in doing so, cause other people problems also. In order for one to understand who they are, and what they want to do with their lives, they must be allowed the right to make certain key decisions for themselves, even if they are just little children, especially if they show the willingness to do so, especially after they show the ability to do so, and especially after they show the determination to do so.


When they are being forced upon, it means those controls will later force them to become irresponsible in their thinking, and in their behavior - because they have not been allowed the freedom that is their natural born right to make decisions for their lives, which are important in areas that are necessary for them to survive and flourish.


Yvonne made the decision to send her youngest daughter to school, for her to get an education, just like she had done with her other children, when they were living with her.  It was something that all parents on the Island of Trinidad were expected to do with their children, once they had reached school age, which was about age six.  There was no such thing as kindergarten, and school began for all children in grade one.  Though she had already discovered that her youngest child had a special future, and that she did not show any interest in learning any of the three r’s that most children do at that age.


Yvonne decided to put me in school.  It was easier for her to do because she was struggling herself just to keep her head above water, as a mother, as a parent, as a worker; and especially as a human being striving to regain a sense of her own identity, and regain control over her torn and tattered life.


I do not have any formal education; and I am the only person who I know of in my entire life as a mortal being on this planet who is very proud of the fact that she does not have any formal education. I am also the only person whom I have heard of, who is proud to admit this fact to anyone – whether they have no formal education or whether they are some highly educated professional or expert.  But my mother made numerous attempts to have me get one.


 I was about age six when my mother started taking me to a primary school in our district, without alerting me that she was going to do so.  At least, she tried to leave me in a public school for me to get one. One day she took me to this unfamiliar building, for the first time, that she told me was called a school, for me to get a formal education. Then she left me in a room filled with children whom I had never met before, and a strange man.  I started screaming at the top of my lungs.   I did so even more, after I saw the stern and intimidating face of the strange adult that was in that room with them - whom I later found out was called a schoolteacher.


It is normal for children to feel uncomfortable on their first day of school, the first time they enter that system. Some children even become upset and act up, and even throw tantrums.  I had thrown tantrums before, as I have said, but that was a few years earlier, when I wanted to get my own way or bring attention to a problem I was having.  This time I was frightened, really frightened, and it was not because I was now in an unfamiliar place with children, and adults, whom I did not know, or whom I did not feel comfortable with.


There were other reasons why I was screaming in that classroom that morning at the top of my lungs.  I felt as if I was just caught in some death trap that I knew was going to injure my spirit and damage the core of my being, if I did not get out of it as soon as possible.  Since I was born, I had clear sight, third eye sight (or inner sight), and this always gave me the ability to tell when I was in any kind of danger.  I remember other things that took place in my young life that caused me to feel that way.


As a child Avatar, I also had the ability to see people's auras, and to read their personalities, as I mentioned already, but I did not know that other people were not able to do that.  So I knew very well, that I was not going to be treated properly in this place; and I saw very clearly with my inner sight, that I did not belong there.  That was definitely not the place for me!   And I felt it inside every fiber of my spirit!  I was screaming so much, and for so long, that other adults in that building came over to find out what all the commotion was about.  A few of them took me outside the classroom and tried to calm me down - by reassuring me that I would like it there after awhile. They asked me to give myself the opportunity to find this out.


They informed me that it was normal, for most children to be upset or uncomfortable, on their first day in school, and that some of them also became very upset like I was; but that within a few days or weeks, they usually began to feel comfortable in school, and started to enjoy coming there every day.  They tried to assure me that  - even though I was very unhappy and upset about being there right now - that I would also come to enjoy coming to school like the other children now did.  However, even though I had stopped screaming long enough for them to speak to me (for what seemed like hours - even though it was only for a few minutes)  - I ran out of the school building as quickly as I could to try to catch up with my mother, hoping that she would take me home.


 I remember hearing an adult running after me, but then stopped, after seeing that my mother was only a short distance away.   I later found out that this lady was my class teacher.  Once my mother heard me running and calling to her, she turned and looked at me.  I remember clearly running up to her and saying very loudly:


“Mommy! Mommy - I don’t like this place.  Don’t make me go back there!”


 Avatars do not get their education from institutions or from any authority in physical dimensions.  Any attempt to force them to do so will bring a strong reaction from that Avatar, and a natural desire to fight or escape from anyone, or from any system, that seeks to control or stunt their ability to think, and behave, as the free and impeccable beings that they are.  My mother was not surprised to see me running to her, and running away from school.


Even though I saw that she looked concerned to see and hear me so upset, I could see that she was also not surprised to see me behaving in this disturbing manner.  Even though I was only a five-year-old child, my mother had come to develop confidence in my words, and trust in my actions.  Many times in the past she saw and heard me spoke about numerous situations that she had encountered in life with people who were trying to hurt, or sometimes help, her to provide for her children better.


By this early point in my mortal life, my mother was already comfortable with my behavior.  She knew that I was a child with special abilities - including my having what I came to later understand was called a third eye sight.  She had alerted me many months before, that I was a special child who would grow into a great person  - who would use her knowledge to save the world.


So even though she saw that I was very upset, when I went running and calling after her, she also knew that I was running away from school for a good reason that was known to me.   After seeing and hearing how upset I was, and after hearing me pleading with her, not to take me back there, my mother made the decision to go against my please not to go back to that school.


It wasn’t that she did not trust my abilities to make the right decision. She was someone who was struggling with some serious problems, and worrying about her youngest child’s strong objection about being forced to go to school, was something that she did not have the peace of mind to do.  So my mother took me right back into that school, for reasons that she felt she had no control over.  One was that she had to go to work, in order to provide for her two daughters.  Another reason was because at that time, it was against the law for a parent to keep their school age children at home - unless they were ill, for example.



There was no such thing as homeschooling  - as there is today in Ontario, Canada, for instance, where I live with my own family; and which has also been the type of schooling that I have used to educate my own children. My mother knew that I did not belong in the public school system, or in any school system, and would have preferred for me to continue educating myself, in the supernatural manner in which she saw me often doing.  But she gave in to the pressure on her to force me to go to school.


I reacted in about the same manner when she took me back into that school.  I did not want to go.  I kept trying to pull my hand away from hers, and I was fighting her every step of the way by dragging my two little feet to slow her down. But she still led me back into that awful place. A few teachers then took me into a vacant room because I was still kicking and screaming!  They closed the door, and left me in there, hoping that I would wear myself out, and calm down.  I tried to leave that room a few times, but gave up on doing so, because there was a male teacher standing outside the door, who kept me from leaving each time I made the attempt to do so.  After crying for what seemed like a few hours, I finally calm down; and a teacher came and took me back into that classroom.


I sat there in that classroom, and went blank. Then I just went into my own private world, and left everybody there.  In fact they were no longer around me, because they had disappeared from my view.  I had left that classroom in a supernatural body of my own, and gone somewhere far away from that classroom, far away from that school, far away even from the people in that world.  My mortal body was still sitting in that classroom, but this adolescent God was no longer trapped in that room.  That was how I learned to cope with being forced to go to school as a child, right through all of my entire experiences in the school system.


Here I was, a child sage who was accustomed to being by myself, who did not have other children as playmates, and who was being tutored in supernatural and metaphysical ways by other Gods since the day that I arrived on earth. I was being kept in that classroom - against my will, and against my objections. I was being forced to get a type of education that I did not want, and which I did not have any use for.  Being controlled by anyone was something that this Avatar would not tolerate being done to her by anyone.  My first thought was that my mother had betrayed me.  I also felt that the school - with the help of my mother - was holding me hostage.  I felt violated!  And I felt that my rights as a human being were being stolen from me - even if I was just a little child.


The mere idea that I was crying, and did not want to stay in that building should have been a clear signal to my mother, and those teachers, that I should have been given the right to make that decision, to go or not go to that school. It should have been obvious to them that I did not want to be there.  No child will want to stay in a school system if they are treated in the heavy-handed manner as I was.  Given the opportunity after a period of time, children will want to go to school at the right age, (and when they felt ready to do so) if they are prepared by their parents to understand themselves, and the world that surrounds them.


 I remained in that classroom for the entire school period on my first day – after my mother brought me back when I tried running away. But this did not stop me from trying to run away from that school in the future.  In fact, I still continued to look for ways to avoid going back into that classroom. I found creative ways to try to avoid going to school.  I was only a six year old child, but I was very determined to find ways to keep from ending up back in that classroom  - which I knew intuitively, was a psychological prison that destroys the psyche of beings, especially those who are visionaries or pioneers in metaphysical  matters.  One of the methods that I used to avoid going to school, was whenever my mom dropped me off at the school gate I would stand there, and wait until she was out of sight.  Then, I would follow her home - hiding as I went along so that she would not see me following her.


My sister did not want to be seen with me in school during my first year. I was in grade one and she was in grade three, and she did not want her grade three friends to know that I was her little sister.  My mother took us both to school each day for the first year, but my sister would walk up ahead of us. So when we got to school she had no idea whether I had showed up or even stayed around on any given day.  My mother may have known that I did not always stay in school when she dropped me off, but she also trusted me to make sound decisions for myself.  She knew who I was – or at least she knew that I was different from any other child she has ever seen or heard about. So she left me to do what I wanted even if I wanted to come home instead of staying in school.


Part Two

For five years of my adolescent life I fought against every attempt by the teachers to force me to learn any of their academic education.


For about five years of my adolescent life, I was forced to endure life as a student in the public school system in the different districts in which I lived.  But I was a very different student from any of the other students in my school, and I was painfully aware of this fact.  I was a child who did not want to be in school, not because I could not do the work that these teachers were asking me to do, but because I was already being educated in a supernatural manner by some of the most developed beings in the Universe, whom I knew as my Unseen Masters. I was a God, in a body of a little girl, who was prepared to fight for her right to be educated in the manner and means that I knew was in my best interest.


It was a fight I was prepared not to lose; it was a fight I knew I had to win to keep control of my own mind, to keep control of my own will, to keep control of my own thinking.  I knew intuitively that this was something I had to do for me to protect my identity as a child God, and maintain the freedom to use the abundance of abilities I had brought with me to do my work.


For the entire five or so years that I spent attending public school, from grade one to about grade five, I fought every step of the way, every moment that I was in the school system, against every attempt that was made by every teacher, every administrator, every family member, and every student to force me to conform and learn their academic education.


Not only did I find ways to avoid going to school, such as the one I mentioned, when my mother usually dropped me off near the school grounds, but I also made sure that the times I actually spent in school: that I was the most uncooperative and disinterested student in every class that I was placed in. I probably attended school about half of the school year for every year I was there.  But I intentionally failed every grade that I was put in, by refusing to show any interest whatsoever in learning anything that they were trying to teach me and the other children.


I refused to do any schoolwork during class; I refused to do any homework after class; and I refused to participate in answering any questions that I was asked about on any of the subjects that they were teaching the students in the classes I was in.  Yet, at the start of each of those five or so years that I was in school, I was moved up to the next grade level.  I don’t think any of my teachers wanted to go through having me as a student in their classroom for two years in a row.  I was a child who refused to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling, or anything they were teaching in school.


I was very good at doing math in my head, and every time the teacher asked the class to solve a math problem that was put on the board, I always knew the correct answer to that problem.  I did not calculate anything with a paper or a pencil, the way that all the children were being taught to do. Nor did I joined in reciting any multiplication tables, or any kind of class recitals that we were asked to do for things like spelling, or things like memorizing the names of people, places, and other things that children are usually taught at those early grade levels.


Every time a teacher tried to pressure me to answer a question to a problem, to join in a class recital, or to do any kind of school work, I would just sit there and look straight ahead and remain very still, and become as stiff as a mannequin - and I would not do or say anything.  I was only a little girl when I started doing this in grade one; and I became better at defying every one of my teachers who tried to force me to learn their academics every day I showed up for class.  I was not a spoiled child, or a backward child, nor was I a disrespectful child. I was not a child who wanted, or even attempted, to mistreat any of my schoolmates, or any of my teachers, or school administrators.  I was simply a determined and psychically developed little girl, who knew the kind of education that was best for me, and who defied anyone who tried to force me to accept any other kind.


There were a few things about going to school, however, that I enjoyed. I loved wearing the uniform that girls were made to wear back then.  Boys wore their khaki pants and white shirts, and girls wore pleated skirts that were usually blue, with white knickers underneath, and a white blouse. And every school had their own unique colors for their uniforms. I was always a child with a keen sense of style and fashion, who loved to dress up like a model.  Actually, one of my dreams was to become a model like Millie the model, a doll that was popular when I was growing up.  One of the things I have always loved doing was designing my own clothes, and I got the opportunity to do some of that when I wore the school uniform.



Designing my own clothes gave me the opportunity to get into my own world, in another way, and shut out the rest of the world, during most of my childhood.  Even as a teenager, I would put on something that I made that was decent, tasteful, and chic, and I would just go and sit on our veranda (the front porch of our home) for hours and study people as they walked by.  Or I would wear one of my outfits and go walking for hours and miles by myself, with my Unseen Masters as my companions, teaching me about the environment around me, and guiding me to go into the areas that were safe for me to travel. In the 1990’s, I even had the pleasure of seeing one of my own fashion creations worn in one of the annual fashion shows that Ebony Magazine brings each year to the city of Toronto.


Going on breaks was another thing I enjoyed about being in school, when I showed up there.  It meant that I would not be locked up in that classroom where I was being held against my will, and that I could also spend that time playing, which I did mostly by myself.  But the one thing that I enjoyed the most about being in school was when the teacher read stories to the class about people and places.  I especially loved hearing stories about heroes, and heroines, and the courageous things that they did to save other people.


The only time that I became an attentive and interested student was while the teacher was reading these stories.  I identified with those heroes and heroines, because I saw myself as being one just like they were. That was the job that I came to earth to do – to rescue and restore a spiritually lost and mentally blind race of mortal beings from the path of destruction and devastation its members were now traveling on.


My five years of experience in grade school provided me with many opportunities to use and define areas of my supernatural identity that I had brought with me to this earth.  I had the ability to transport myself to other places and time, while I was listening to stories about heroes that the teacher read to us.  Whenever I wanted to leave the confines of that classroom - from being bored - or whenever I was left alone to just sit and pass the time in that classroom, I would just take off metaphysically and go wherever I wanted to.


My ability to travel outside of my mortal body to other places, and times, did not begin when I started going to school. I had been doing this since I was an infant, but I never paid any attention to it, because I thought that it was a natural thing for someone to do. I also thought everyone else did it, or could do it. It was also the first time that I did not have my sister with me; and it was also the first time that I was left alone on a daily basis, in a place that I saw as a prison, with no family member being there with me.  So I began to use my ability to travel metaphysically more often when I was there, in order to escape the confines of that classroom, and the formal education that was being forced on me, and other kids, by the academic school system.


While listening to those stories about heroes and heroines, I found myself traveling to those places and times where those same people in those stories lived.  At first I just saw myself as being a hero just like they were. During my entire childhood, I spent most of my time dreaming about saving the whole world; or seeing myself as someone who traveled around the world helping and rescuing people who were in trouble. Most children usually spend their time thinking or dreaming about what they would like to be when they grow up.  I spent my entire adolescent years day dreaming about saving the world.  I saw myself traveling to different dimensions and talking to large groups of people about their problems, and providing them with true insights and harmonious methods that they needed to solve their particular situations.  I started doing this even before I learned to talk or walk properly, and I did this over and over on a regular basis.


 Many of the people who are seen everyday on television, in the movies, and even in the corporate world, are beings who were in the audiences of some of the groups that I had spoken to over the years, in other dimensions.  They have the same eyes, the same faces, and the same auras then - just as they do today.  Every time I see one of them, usually on a talk show, or as a host of some show, or even playing some role – I will often say to one of my children, or to my husband, “I know that person, I know that face, I have met that being before”.

What is strange, though, is that I have never met any of those people in person, in this life as yet, nor have I ever even spoke to any of them.  But I know fully well, as well as I know myself, that I have met and spoken to those beings, with these same features then as they have now, during many of my spiritual trips to other places and times.


Despite the joy I felt during those periods that I was able to psychically leave the classroom as a child, I could not escape the wrath of my teachers.  I was a well mannered, respectful, and well groomed little girl who got along with other children very well, but I was also a child who simply refused to learn anything that they had tried to teach me. My presence in their classroom was an embarrassment to them, a defiance against what they stood for, and what they believed in.  They could not allow this stubborn child to remain in their classroom, whenever she decided to show up for class, without making sure that she and the other students knew who was in authority in that room.


They wanted to make an example of me, to show the other students what was in store for them if they also defied their teachers; if they also refused to learn what were expected of them as students in a school system. My teachers started to abuse me during the first year I was in school, and they continued to abuse me in every class that I was put in, each of those five long years that I was in school.


Teachers back then were very big on using physical punishment to discipline students, just like parents did. I lived in a country that was still a British colony, and it was a normal thing for an adult to discipline a child very much like a master punished their slave.  Adults like parents, school teachers, and even people in the community, would use different types of objects such as a strap of leather, a piece of bamboo cane, a small branch from a tree, and even the belt for the waist, to discipline a child.


I lived in a country where adults practiced the motto that “if you spare the rod, you will spoil the child.”  Children were not only expected to speak when they were spoken to, and be seen only when they were called, they were also expected, and forced, to be obedient and respectful to every adult they met, all the time.  I was a child of about six years old, when my mother forced me to attend school, and I was spanked on only one occasion when I was in school, and that was during my last year of school.  I remembered his name to this day - Mr. Mitchell - and he was also the first and the last teacher to make a pass at me. But after he saw that I did not show any interest in him, he hit me on the palm of my right hand with a ruler so hard and so often that my hand swelled up, and became black and blue.  But that was the only time that a teacher had ever spanked me.


What they did to me though, was even more painful.  My teachers started calling me degrading names at different times. Whenever I refused to answer any of the questions that they asked me about a problem that they wanted me to solve, such as a math problem, they sometimes called me a dunce.  That meant that I was a dummy who did not have the intelligence to learn their schoolwork.  But I still remained defiant.  I would still refuse to give any answer, or say anything. They saw me as a dummy and I just sat there and remained as still and as quiet as a dummy.


After a period of weeks, or months, they usually started calling me from my seat and forcing me to stand in a corner at the front of the class. This was to try to make me feel embarrassed enough so that I would stop being defiant, and start to learn what they were teaching the class. I did not stop being a dummy: I just became a more defiant dummy! When that did not work, they would then start putting a dunce cap on my head, and force me to stand or kneel in a corner, sometimes with my hands held high, sometimes with my hands at my side.


The more they tried to break my will, by trying to embarrass and humiliate me, the more determined, and defiant I became.  I refused to learn anything they were teaching, and they refused to stop trying to force me to learn their academics.  It was a battle that I refused to lose, and it was a fight that they kept trying to win.  I was battling for my right to control my own life and protect my spiritual development, so that I could do the work that I came to earth to do.


They were waging a war against me to force me to conform and adopt to the system of thinking and control that the authorities in different areas of power in Society use to mold and shape people into “normal human beings.” I refused to allow these teachers to program me into becoming a logical, rational, practical, and realistic individual who could be depended on to get a job, raise a family; and support and protect the way of life that they had inherited as babies, and practiced as they grew into adults.


Some of the teachers I had were more cruel towards me than others.  Some of my teachers made me kneel in a corner near the front of the class, with a dunce cap on my head, and my hands held high above. Some of them went as far as forcing me to remain in that position for a long time.  I remember kneeling for hours at a time in this position on many occasions. Some teachers even forced me to continue to stay in that position during morning break, lunch, and even afternoon break, hoping that they would be able to wear me down and then break my spirit.  I was not even allowed to go to the washroom while I was being punished.

I was not allowed to do anything that would bring me relief from the pain that I felt on my knees from kneeling on a concrete floor for hours.  I remember the many times that I knelt in some of those classrooms in that painful position, and listened to the children laughing and playing outside during my breaks and during lunch period.  But I did not give in. Something deep inside me told me that I would die a death that was even worse than death itself, if I stopped defying those teachers and accept the academic teaching, that they were doing everything that they could, to force me to learn.


I found strength through the mistreatment that I received at the hands of my teachers, and some of my classmates, because of my refusal to learn their form of education.  I may have been only a little girl who was fighting against an abusive system being run by adults. But this “dummy” was more a match for them because I was a highly developed being, and I was aware of that fact.  Nothing they did to me made me feel humiliated, or embarrassed.  I knew why I was fighting them; I knew that it was my right as a free being to fight them every step of the way; and that I had no choice but to fight them to protect what I am, and what I was carrying.


Each time that one of my teachers called me a dummy or a dunce, whenever I refused to do any of the schoolwork that they asked of me, I would smile inside myself with pride. I knew that I was not a dummy or a dunce, but someone who was developed and educated in a different way than they were, or were teaching children to be.  I was receiving a higher form of education than they could ever teach.  Each time that they put a dunce cap on my head, and wrote the words “dunce, or big dunce” on the front of it, I actually felt very special.


The dunce cap was made out of white paper, and it had a pointy end at the top, like a cone, which reminded me of the cone shape hats that witches wear.  I identified with witches, because I also had many of the same supernatural abilities that they were suppose to have – plus many more.  I knew I had the same supernatural abilities like my real teachers did, like the beings I called my Unseen Masters.  I was not a genius who refused to learn things that were not of interest to that person.  I was a God who refused to allow beings, whom I had come to earth to uplift and enlighten and liberate - to force me into becoming as defected in my thinking and deformed in my behavior as many of them had become.


The cruel and painful treatment that those teachers inflicted on a young Avatar was actually a sample of what the larger Society, and all its defenders and protectors, had waiting in store for me as I grew older.  The injustices and abuses I endured in the school system not only made me stronger as a person, but it also made me very aware of the kind of opposition that I would be encountering for the rest of my life, especially when I became an adult.


I became painfully aware even then, that I was up against a whole civilization of human beings  that was determined to use its people, its authorities as much and as long as it could. And that meant using every means at its disposal to either force me, and others, to conform and go along with its harmful and destructive ways of thinking and living. It also meant doing and saying whatever they could do, to try to discredit or destroy me – or anyone like me.


 Though I was an adolescent child, I was very aware that I had my work cut out for me.  I was the person who had come to earth to bring all beings together, with the ancient knowledge that I had brought to teach and show how everyone must go about developing and growing into higher beings.  And for what I was, and what I was carrying, I knew as a young child that my future was going to be a living hell until I had finally turned the tide and start to get my work done.

And the beautiful thing was that I was already practicing and refining this flawless, faultless, blameless way of thinking and living in my own life as a little girl.  In this way, I would not only be able to teach this new way of being with my words, but I would also be able to show it through the impeccable content and quality of my own life as a God living as a mortal being among a race of human beings.


What those teachers put me through, forced me to find at an early age – what I was really made of. They forced me to find out the kind of endurance I had, made me aware of the strength of my conviction, and taught me about the value of holding my ground regardless of the opposition. As well, they alerted me about the extent to which people in authority are prepared to go to try to keep me from succeeding in my job.

I was a young Avatar, who had not yet fully defined who I was, or even started to utilize even a quarter of the abilities that I am now using as an adult. Yet I had survived the torture, torment, and pain that those authorities put me through for those five years while they held me a prisoner in those classrooms, while they held me as a hostage in their academic system of education.


 What I have gone through since then has been much more damaging, much more de-humanizing, much more painful than what I was forced to endure during my brief life as a student.  It has truly tested my will to survive; it has truly tested the level of my sanity; it has truly tested my ability to keep from doing or saying anything to harm or degrade anyone; and it has truly tested the compassion and the great love that I have for all beings on earth.  If I had not been forced to go through those awful experiences I was subjected to as a child, at the hands of the school authorities, I do not believe I would have been as ready as I became, to endure the living hell that was waiting for me in my adult years.

excerpts from book manuscript.