An Avatar launches a campaign

to end the persecution of herself,

and her family

with an appeal to the people living in her community.”





August 21st 2012


 Persecution is a federal crime in Canada and also in most nations found on the planet today.  We are a family of three people, myself, my husband, and our daughter, who are asking for your help in a campaign we are starting - to try to bring an end to the persecution we are being subjected to in this community, inside our first floor home at 10 Spring Grove Avenue, at the hands of members of the family living above us in the 2nd floor unit for over 4 years now. This is part of a larger illegal, and private surveillance operation, and persecution campaign, that was launched against my family for over 20 years now by the extremely wealthy, misguided and self serving individuals and groups who control and run this city.


The duplex located at 10 Spring Grove Avenue has two units which are occupied by families who are members of a housing co-op called Wood Tree Co-op, which owns this property and a number of other others in this community.   Over 7 years ago we moved into the 2nd floor of this duplex after we were pushed out of a shelter for homeless families, called Scarborough Family Residence, where we had lived for over 23 consecutive months as tenants of that shelter program inside a motel room in the Gateway Motel.



Three years later we moved into the smaller two bedroom unit first floor unit; and about a month later Wood Tree Co-op brought a 30 something, 300 pound plus, Muslim male of South East Asian descent named Mafuzul Haque (and his elderly mother) to live in the 2nd floor unit of this duplex.  However, his mother has been living with other relatives for last year or so – leaving her son to live alone inside that 3 bedroom unit, where he is visited by other relatives, as well as a host of different individuals, a number of times each month since then.


About a year ago we discovered that Mafuzul is a mental patient, on disability, who is also on medication that he sometimes forgets to take – according to a conversation we overheard him having one afternoon about 4 months ago with his worker inside the doorway in front our front door.  From the first week or so that they moved into unit above ours this mental patient has been using  this tiny, old, frail, and substandard duplex as a weapon to persecute us: by using  its worn  out, creaky, poorly reinforced wooden flooring to relentlessly,  intentionally, and viciously attack the mind, heart, and body of each member of my family  throughout the day and night -  through the jolting, screeching, pounding, thumping, creaking, clicking, distressing, and nerve wrecking sounds he and his cohorts have been making on the 8 foot ceiling  above our heads for over 1500 days in a row now.  These nerve racking sounds include:


• Dragging chairs while sitting down or getting up from two different tables inside that unit  dozens of times during each 24 hour period, which make a screeching sound each time this is done.

• Pushing heavy furniture such as a table, or a couch, back on forth on the floor at least a dozen times during each day and night, which creates an irritating sound each time.

• Dropping heavy items on the floor about a dozen times throughout the day, and sometimes during the middle of the night, which creates a jolting sound inside our heads each time.

• Bouncing a hard ball, which sounds like a basketball, late at night especially, for about 10 minutes at a time around three times a day on the average about 4 days a week – which makes a heavy thumping sound inside our heads whenever this is done.

• Having a woman, probably his sister, walk around in heels throughout that unit a number of times for about 10 minutes each when she visits  - which creates an irritating clicking sound on their floor.

• Mafuzul dropping his 300 plus body heavily on  the thin wooden staircase near the front entrance of this duplex when he walks down those stairs;  or running down, as well as running up, those stairs a number of times during the day. Each time he does so the front portion of this old house shakes violently, and the floor inside our unit also vibrate - and sends a sharp jolt up the spine of which every member(s) of my family happens to be sitting, or standing, in that area of our unit.

• We had to have our beloved 2 year old poodle named GiGi taken away about a year ago by the Animal Control People after she neurotic and started making distressful barking sounds continuously through the day and night as a result of her having her sleeping quarters inside the storage room directly beneath those same stairs – and being subjected to the nerve wrecking sounds and jolting vibrations made by this mental patient during the entire 2 years of her life with us.

• Mafuzul going into the room above our bedroom late at night and into the early morning – every single night - and pressing his heavy feet back and forth on that worn out sector of that floor just inside the entrance of that room (which served as our bedroom for the three years we lived upstairs) – which causes it to make a long, irritating, creaky sound that often wakes up our sleep deprived and extremely stressed bodies.  B. He also drags furniture, drops heavy items, stomps his heavy feet on the floor above our bedroom about every other night – to wake us up or keep us up if we are awake.

• This mental patient spends a lot of his time lying down on the floor to listen to find out where we might be inside our unit at the time; spends a number of minutes standing in front of his door, and ours with his keys in his hands, he is going out or coming in – in try to listen to our conversations.

• These attacks include bringing their overly active young nephew to stay overnight for about 3-4 nights a week for the past three years; and encouraging him to race around their unit, run up and down their narrow hallway, jump off chairs and other furniture and land hard on the floor - as if he is an out of control child running wild in a public playground -  for about 15 minutes at a time  throughout the day, and often as late as 1 or 2 in the morning.  It feels like someone is running on top of our heads whenever this little boy, and now his baby sister, is brought there to do so.

These relentless daily and nightly attacks on our sleep deprived bodies, extremely stressed minds, distressed hearts, and indomitable spirits by this mental patient are designed and intended to cause our nervous system to malfunction and breakdown after a long period of exposure to this intense mental pounding and emotional pressure we are being subjected to inside this unit: where we are forced to spend almost all of our days and nights confined inside it – because of the persecution we are also being put through, for over 20 years now, whenever we venture outside into the community, or go anywhere in this city for any reason at any time.


These daily and nightly attacks on our mental, emotional, and physical health over the past 4 years while we live as sitting ducks inside this cramped, tiny, duplex unit have taken its toll on us – and are now destroying the health of each member of my family; and are killing each of us slowly and steadily.  Over the last year our adult daughter has suffered a number of strokes, as well as heart attacks, from the impact of the daily and nightly attacks.


 Since Xmas of last year my husband has suffered two major strokes, which have deaden some of the nerves inside his left foot, and over the past two years he has had a number of minor heart attacks;  and we have become increasing concern that he could end up become paralyse, and even lose his mortal, if he suffers another major stroke.  As the spiritual head my family i have been targeted and attacked by this mental patient, his cohorts, and those who set up to do so, more than any other member of my family on every area of my existence – including psychic, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual: and i am the target of round the clock attacks against every area of my body: especially in my heart, throat, joints, spine, stomach, lungs,  and nervous system, even as i speak.


We have made dozens of complains to the management of this housing co-op through emails phone calls, and also letters about the distressing conditions we have been forced to live under inside this duplex for the past 4 years especially. We have also asked the Board of Directors of this co-op to take steps to bring an end to this crisis that they created in the first place: by placing two families to live inside a duplex, one above the other, is not properly equipped, or properly reinforced, and is an emotional and mental health hazard – especially for the family living on the first floor.


10 Spring Grove Avenue is the only duplex still owned by Wood Tree Co-op; and we have asked them a number of times over this period to spent the money to make this a true duplex for 2 families to co-exist peaceful – by installing newer, stronger floors inside the 2nd floor unit, just as they did about 6 months ago in our hallway in order to greatly reduce sounds made on the upstairs floors from travelling into the unit below.  We have even asked them for a transfer to a single dwelling unit inside the co-op where we do not have to live above or below any other family; and they even informed us that we were at the top of their list for internal transfers at least a year ago.


 We have spoken to Mafuzul in person a number of times about the disturbing sounds coming from inside their unit, as  well as by phone many times; and i have even spoken to his mother and other relatives in person and by phone a number of times over the past year about this problem; and each time i have done so then promise to make it stop.


Over the past 4 years, however, we have taken different steps to try to physically shield ourselves from these nerve wrecking sounds that we have been subjected inside this unit by countering those disturbing sounds with other sounds that are pleasant and soothing to the ears.  For about 2 years we used a  machines that plays different nature sounds as the sounds of rain falling, running water, and the ocean tide coming in and going out: that we would play at a loud volume inside our bedroom all through the night as well as other times during the day when we were trying to sleep, or when we wanted to block out any sound made on the ceiling above us.


We also tried playing music from an easily listening radio station through the night and also during the day for about a six month period; and for about a year we started listening to relaxing instrumental music in our stereo before the sounds of some of those instruments started having a disturbing effect on our psyche while we were sleeping. However, for the past 4 months or so we have been listening to Cd’s we made of certain empowering and pleasant sounding songs by some of our favorite singers as well as beautiful and mostly instrumental music by Kenny.


We live inside a unit where loud and pleasant sounds are constantly being played by us, including the days that do my singing rehearsals for about 2 hours each time. However, there are times when we just want to hear the sound of silence, and spend some quiet time with our own thoughts; and it is during those times especially that we often end up hearing the nerve racking sounds being made on our ceiling inside the floor of the unit above us.


On a number of occasions when we felt that Mafuzul, or others visiting him, were going to far in the kind of disturbing sounds they were making – we would create a extremely loud sound with the our stereo that we would leave on for 5, 10, 15 minutes or more if necessary: in order to let them know very loudly and clearly that we have had enough.  About a month ago we received an unexpected letter from the management of Wood Tree Co-op giving us “an immediate order to cease and desist” from creating this blasting sound inside our unit – because our next door neighbour complained to the co-op about their concern regarding this sound they heard coming from inside our unit.


This is the same co-op that create this crisis in the first place by not dealing with the problems we had brought to their attention over and over, and also by not taking any step to fix the substandard flooring inside this duplex – that was now coming to demand and order us to just sit still inside this unit and do nothing while the mental patient upstairs and his cohorts continue their daily and nightly attacks against us to try to kill us or drive us crazy.


In their 20 year campaign to assassinate me, and also kill my husband and our daughter at the same “the powers that be that controls and runs this city” are using the police, and other government intelligence operating in this city, to co-op or coerce by a large network of people working in different institutions, agencies, organizations, industries, professions, and members of the general public to harass, persecute, and “gangstalk” my family whenever we venture outside of our place of residence to go anywhere in this city for a few decades now.


These members of the so called “powers that be in this city” have been using the police, and other authorities operating here, to co-opt and coerce a large number of people working in every organization, agencies, profession, industries, and institution we have had any dealings with over the years in this city - as well as adults and even young children from every nationality in every community we have called home, or visited, over the years - to harass, abuse, and “gangstalk” members of my family  relentlessly and maliciously every single day since the winter of 1991.



In the spring of 1990 i took my husband, our two children, and our dog to live as a homeless family on the streets of Toronto to protest the decade of injustices and abuses we had been put through during entire 1980’s inside each of the communities we called home during that period, and to bring attention to the injustices and wrongs being done to many other impoverished, disadvantaged, and deprive families living across this country at the time.


It was a family protest that saw us living on the grounds of New City Hall, parked next to the large statue of Sir Winston Churchill for an entire week; and later inside Trethewey Public Park, located near the corner of Black Creek Drive and Trethewey Drive, for exactly 244 days  and nights – 144 of which we spent inside our car and the other 100 days we later spent living inside an old defected GM van that was given to us by a member of the community.   It turned out to be the longest protest ever stage in this city and province by an individual or group; and it was covered by newspapers such as the Toronto Star, and Share Newspaper; by television stations CFMT, City TV; and received nationwide coverage on the Sunday Edition Show on CTV, which was hosted by Patrick Duffy, currently a senator in the Canadian Parliament.


Since the end of that 10 month protest those who run this city, like their personal playground, decided   that i was a “threat to the health and survival of Establishment and the status quo” that they have built to serve and protect the vast wealth and immense privileges they have stolen from the people and hoarded for themselves for far too long now – because they saw me as a strong woman who sees too clearly, knows too much, and speaks too frankly, and truthfully, about the Pandora of problems that have been plaguing the lives and destroying the future of people living in this city and throughout this planet for too long now; and someone who was revealing deep knowledge that the people could use to transform their lives, and their world, through peaceful and harmonious solutions.


It is true that i am an Avatar, a divine being, who came to this planet as a spiritual master to bring all beings together, of all life forms, and introduce a new way of being to human beings, especially, that they  can use to teach and show each of them how to learn to merge with their greater self – so that they can use their mortal lives to serve the greater good of all of life, and the process serve their own greatest good and highest ideals at the same time.


Those who control and run life it this city launched a campaign to persecute and eventually exterminate me and the members of my small family – in their quest to stop me from succeeding in my sacred and crucial work as an Avatar: to teach and show my fellow human beings the ancient knowledge, sacred process, and harmonious means that are locked inside each of them, that they need to each identify, adopt, practice, and master, in order to change their individual and collective lives on this planet for the better, for good, starting from wherever they are in the present.


 This immoral and criminal campaign to end the life of a divine being, and her family has involved the use of  large network of individuals, organizations, agencies, industries and institutions and also members of the general public - who have been coerced or co-opted by the police and other authorities in this city to harassed, provoke, and persecute members of my family whenever we venture outside of our home to go anywhere or do anything over the past 2 decades especially.


 By destroying my marriage, shattering my family, and taking our mortal lives they hope to bring an end to the sacred and crucial work that i came to this planet as real life Avatar: to bring all beings together of all mortal life forms living on this planet and introduce a body of special knowledge that human beings can adopt and practice in order for them to transform and change the world they live in for the better, for good, that serves the greater good of all of life on this planet, and in the process serve their own greatest good and highest ideals at the same time.


Blessings to you,

Avatar  Galextra