An Avatar’s on-going protests since the spring of 1990


Against the injustices done to her family,

herself, the larger community,

other lifeforms, and to the planet herself.




  This section shares information about some of the Avatar’s

personal protests.


This section provides information about a different forms of protests that this divine being have undertaking over the past few decades to bring attention to the different injustices that she and her family have been put through over the course of their lives in the city of Toronto.  These protests have also been staged by this God in order to bring attention to the different forms of injustices being done to people in the larger communities, over the years, by their governments and the different institutions, enforcement agencies, and industries that they use, to committed these violations.


They have also been undertaken to bring attention to the violations being committed against different nations, and their inhabitants, by other nations; and the violations been committed against the members of the different lifeforms, such as the animals, sea life, and plant life, sharing this planet with human beings; and even against the Gaia, the Mother of this blue planet herself.


This section shares information about personal protests that Avatar Galextra has staged inside the privacy of her own home, in the form a hunger strike. It provides even more information about the family protest that this divine being staged as the head of a homeless family living on the streets of Toronto, inside a public park for most of the time, for over 9 consecutive months in 1990.


It also shares information about the protest staged by this God when she and her family lived inside a shelter system for homeless families for over 23 consecutive months, inside a motel room, where she refused to return back into the community with her – until the director of this shelter threw them out of that shelter and pushed them to live inside their current residence where they lived for over 9 years.


 Avatar Galextra staged a personal protest inside the privacy of her own home by placing placards inside the front windows of their apartment unit, and also by informing the people living in her community about what is being done to her, and her family through a two page flyer that they dropped off inside the mail box of over 100 of the homes along the streets that they live on.


Since August of 2012 the Avatar launched an official protest from inside their current residence in her quest to bring an end to the 5 years of persecution that she and her family have been put through by the mentally disturbed man-child living in the upstairs unit above them, who was placed there by the local authorities, with the blessings of the owner of this property, Wood Tree co-op – to use the old, worn out, flooring inside his apartment as a weapon to attack, harass, and persecute this divine being and her family on a daily, nightly, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis for over five years.


Avatar Galextra continued her personal protest today by refusing to leave the confined of the apartment unit that she and her family had been living as prisoners inside of since the summer of 2007.

 They are being harassed, and persecuted by members of the general public, people working in the retail stores, and the business community as a whole: who are being used by the Canadian Government to target, attack, and gangstalk this divine being and her family.  This is part of a covert, illegal, and insane state orchestrated persecution campaign by the Harper Government, previous Canadian Governments, and the other levels of government operating in the province of Ontario: to attack and destroy the private life of Avatar Galextra and the public and sacred work that she is doing to transform, upgrade, enrich the life of everyone living on this planet today, and in the future.


Today this God, her husband, and their daughter still live as family of hermits, paupers, and prisoners who are forced to remain confine inside their home  - because of the persecution, harassment, and the different forms of attacks  they are still being subjected to whenever they go into the community, in the city of St Catherines, to do anything or go anywhere, including grocery shopping, or going for walks.


Avatar Galextra is one of the people the American’s president was referring to the day after he was informed that he had won the Nobel peace prize - when he stated that would collect his prize on behalf of ‘the leader who is imprisoned inside her home for refusing to give up her fight to end injustices’ in the nation she lives.