An End To Transgressions :

                                                       On The Surface Of The Blue Planet.




On Thanks Giving Day, of October 9th, 2000, which was also Canada Day, Avatar Galextra began a hunger strike which lasted for exactly 40 days and 40 nights. She took this drastic, and courageous step, to try to bring attention to the need for governments, media, other institutions, and the general public, to begin to make a serious and persistent effort to work together to bring an end to the transgressions that are oppressing, diminishing, and destroying the lives and future of all life forms that are struggling to survive on the surface of the blue planet today.  These are the 13 transgressions that she identified as “her 13 grievances” for which she chose to stage her hunger strike at the time.



1. Stop attacking marriages and start protecting them.


The most sacred bond that

you can ever find

is when two hearts and minds

join and become one."

Avatar Galextra


Men are leading the attack against the institution of marriage all over the earth. In the workplace, in the home, in the public place, and in hidden places where men are forcing themselves on women and overpowering them with their physical strength, and their economic power. Women who resist or fight back are eventually fired or demoted at work; or they are intimidated, raped, disfigured, or even killed in their own homes by men.


Women (including married ones) are now behaving like men in invading other people's marriages by encouraging other husbands to sleep with them or to treat them like another wife - in the workplace, social gatherings, places of worship, and private places. Men who refuse to be forced or coaxed by other men into sleeping with other women or behaving like one of the boys are fired, demoted, or criticized and called wimps or gays, and told that they are being controlled by their wives. Today if you state that you are loyal and faithful to your husband or your wife, men (and now many women) try to convince you that you are chained to your spouse like a prisoner.


"Marriages can last forever

my human brothers and sisters

and life always provides certain clues

for couples who really want to stay and grow together:


Respect each other as equals in all that you say and do

and every decision in your marriage

must always be made by the both of you.


Work to become each other's closest friend

and you will have no secret between you then.

Learn to like the one to who you pledge your love

and you will always enjoy being everywhere together.


And always protect each

other even when you are apart

from people trying to make sure

that your marriage does not last"

Avatar Galextra


2. Stop tearing down families and start strengthening  them.


"The strongest group in life is the family and the most important job a family has is to raise its children properly, carefully, and lovingly. A Society that does not make the family its number one priority is a society that does not care about protecting or preserving the best of itself for the future."

Avatar Galextra


Industrial societies forced men to work outside the home to provide for their family and they have now become disconnected from their children. One income is now to small for one family to live on. Now wives and single mothers especially, are being pushed to work outside the home to try to make ends meet. No one is left at home now to nurture and raise the children. The most important work in the world - grooming and raising the children - is now being done by strangers who daycare and baby-sit your children and who do not love or care for them as they do their own. And mothers who stay at home are punished by society and told that they are not doing a job that is important for them to be paid - and paid properly.


Today the children are spending more time with the television, video games, and the internet and being fed daily doses of its poison: its profanities, its violence, its nudity and its disrespect for the family. Children now glorify sex and violence and think that profanity is just a cool way of talking.


Today the children are looking for guidance, for acceptance, for love anywhere they can find it; and from anyone with whom they think they can get it. Now they not only behave like adults in heat who go after older men and women; but they are also preyed on by grown men especially - who lure them with cheap gifts and empty promises.


"Don’t you know that our children die inside

each time that they hear

their mother or father say to each

I don’t love you anymore

and I'm walking out the door

because I've fallen in love with another."

Avatar Galextra


3. "Stop raising boys to become selfish and abusive men and girls to become obedient and enticing women. And start raising them both to become strong, caring, and responsible adults who view and treat each other respectfully, and as equals."


"Where ever you go statistic shows

that in every culture

women are owned or controlled by men

boys are viewed as society's prize

and the apple of every family's eyes

while girls are restricted and control over and over again"

Avatar Galextra


For a long time your society has been using different standards to raise boys and girls in order to keep males in control of females; and to allow men to continue to live as married bachelors and sexual predators even when they are married. Boys are encouraged to be strong, allowed to be promiscuous, and discouraged from sharing their true feelings; and girls are trained to take directions from boys, to view themselves as being less valuable than boys, and to see themselves as being incomplete without a boy in their life.


It is from this double standard that the sickness of sexism has grown to plague and destroy the lives of millions of women and girls all over the earth. As I speak, girl babies are being killed or abandoned throughout the earth by perverted fathers and a traumatized mothers because they are not blessed to be born as boys; as I speak young girls are being sexually mutilated and violated by old male rituals so that they will remain virgins for old men with money and diseases; and as I speak young girls are being raped by boys and grown men who will not accept no; and who believe they have a cultural right to violate their young bodies.


Those of you in the Western world can shake you heads in shock and disbelief, and say that such cruelty and insanity towards girls could never happen in your civilized and developed nations. But just open your magazines and your newspapers, or just turn on your television, or just surf your internet, or just take a walk to your local corner store or grocery store - and you will start to see that this sickness has also invaded your own home and your own communities.


"Each of us has the right

to live our own life

in any way that we choose

But we also have the responsibility

to live our own lives responsibly

because we are always accountable

for everything that we do or say

to harm another person in any way.


Remember the golden rule

that what you sow you will always reap

and it may not come in this lifetime

but it will certainly come in the next

and usually at times when you least expect."

Avatar Galextra


4. Stop holding women hostages in society - and start treating us as the true equals that we are.


"We are equals forever

no matter who or what we are

and none of us is better that the other

whether we're a woman or man boy or girl

or have all the money in the world.

If you think you are superior to someone else

it is only because you feel inferior inside yourself."

Avatar Galextra


Whether you know it or not (or whether you like it or not), since ancient times women have been the ones who were the leaders who held power and authority on earth - And we did so without abusing our authority or our leadership; or without controlling or violating even the men that we trained to also become leaders. Over time men began to fear and envy our supernatural strength and our great wisdom, and found deceptive and deceitful ways to attack and bring us down; and have now developed a system of control by turning us against each other in order to keep us down and keep us in line.


How can you men think that you are better or more valuable than women - or that women were created from one of your ribs by a male God - when women are the ones who gave you life and carry you inside our wombs for over nine months until you are strong enough to be taken out; and then nurtured, comforted, and protected by us until you grow into young men?


Stop holding women hostages in Society: stop blaming us for starting the problems that are wrecking your world through your fabricated and sexists stories about Eve and the Serpent, or Samson and Delilah; stop treating us as the weaker sex who need your physical strength to protect us from other men, while you continue to use and abuse us - as our fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, bosses, and co-workers - in our homes, workplaces, and on social occasions.


Stop paying women less money for the same work that other men do because Society believes that men should make more money than women; stop forcing us to follow you for life while you lead us blindly with your short sighted vision and narrow minded and macho view of the world - in your board rooms, in your war rooms and in the bedrooms; and stop trying to convince us that men are made in the image of a Male Creator who gives them the divine right to dominate and control women.


Everything that we can ever know

and all the mysteries that may come and go.

Every problem that you have not resolved

and every question that you have never solved.


Start today and look within

and find the ancient knowledge that you are carrying.

No matter what you call it

every culture over time will come to realize

that this source of ancient knowledge is true and divine

Avatar Galextra


5. "Stop allowing Big Business to sell products and services that are high in price and low in quality to the people; and then treat them like nuisances and trouble makers when they complain."


Life always looks after its own

and even when we are alone

none of us is ever left to make it on our own.

No one is ever alone

even when it seems that there is no one around.


No matter how hard the test

if you do your best life will always do the rest

because no woman child or man

is ever given more than they can stand

Avatar Galextra


Throughout the industrial revolution and for part of the last century people were sold products that were works of art and made to last for prices that they could afford; and the manufacturers and merchants treated their customers and their concerns with respect. Even though the world was a more racist and sexist place to live in then - within their own area of life people expected and received the best products and services that they could afford; and workers took pride and care to make the best products and offer the best services that they could.


Things are very different today. Business has become Big Business and most products are now mass produced by people in poorer countries who are worked like slaves and paid like paupers. Profit is now the bottom line for business and workers are now considered commodities to be used by companies, and discarded whenever they are no longer profitable to keep around.


The products that Business offers the consumers today are mostly disposable products: they are cheaply made and usually do not last even as long as their short warranty periods. People are paying their hard earned money for products that they can’t rely on and for services that do not really help them. When they complain about it they are treated like they have no right to do so; and are made to feel like the business is doing them a favor and they should be grateful.


6. Stop allowing Big Business to hold countries hostages; and use their economic might to control their political leaders and exploit their people.


It is everyone's business to get involve

and solve every problem whenever they can

Once we stop working to find solutions

we start becoming part of the problems

plaguing every nation.

Avatar Galextra


We are now living in an unbalance world in which more than 80% of the wealth of the planet is in the hands of less that 10% of its people. And in each country a handful of families control the multi-national corporations that own most of this wealth. Most of the over two hundred countries in the world are now being run by Big Business through politicians and powerful interest groups which lobby their causes and which operate behind the scene in every hall and boardroom of power.


Today, Big Business walks into countries (especially the poorer countries) with their cheque books out and a long list of tax concessions that they demand from these governments before they agree to do business in those countries. And they force these countries to compete against each other for their Business - and force them to mortgage the future of their future generations by actually paying these multi-nationals chunks of their national income to set up their companies in their countries.


Things have gotten so corrupted that no decision is made about any area of people's lives in any country without the consent or support of Big Business - and unless it serves their economic interests. Any one who has the courage to speak out about this international theft and control, like the Ralph Naders of the world, are called trouble-makers and whistle blowers; and they are persecuted and blacklisted for the rest of their lives.


7. Rich Nations Must Immediately Cancel The Debt owed Them By The Poorer Nations Of The World.


We are each other's Keepers

my human brothers and sisters

and its time for us to come together

and be there for each other.


Bonds of pure and sacred light that cannot be broken

glue each of us together now and forever.

Whatever harm is done to one

wounds you me and everyone.


If we cannot help each other

let us try not to hurt one another

because whatever you do

deeply touches me and you.

Avatar Galextra


It is time to stop talking about canceling the debt owed to the rich countries of the world and start doing so. The poorest countries in the world are almost all of the 65 or so countries in Africa - which ironically remains the continent with the richest natural resources on earth. European empires have used deception and deceit to invade and plunder the other nations of the world; and through a system of human slavery and wars have managed to steal most of the wealth of other nations - especially Africa and countries belonging to the native Indians of the world.


Now these countries are pawns of developed nations who continue to push these poorer countries deeper and deeper into poverty and social instability - by lending them money that they originally stole from them over the centuries - at interest rates that they cannot afford to pay; and be able to continue to look after their own people's needs.


Listen to me carefully my human brothers and sisters: until the developed nations of the world cancel all the outstanding debt owed to them by the poorer nations of the world - billions of people of colour throughout the world will continue to starve and struggle just to stay alive each and every day. And it would not be too long before they bring their pain and misery to your front door; and before you know it you will also be forced to share their misery and their pain.


Rich nations of the world

find the courage to forgive the debts

owed to you by the poor countries.


Have the wisdom to see

that by helping the poorer nations to become strong

you are in retrospect protecting your own life

and preserving the prosperity in your own land.


Show compassion to the weaker nations

for one day you may find yourself

in the same situation.

Avatar Galextra


8. Stop allowing the Media to continue to corrupt and destroy the hearts and minds of the people - especially the children.


Whenever we ask for strength to carry on

Life shows us our weaknesses

so that we can learn to be strong.

Each time that we ask for courage to take a stand

life brings us our fears for us to work on.


Those who ask for inner peace will find

that life is always telling them

to end the wars raging inside their minds.

Avatar Galextra


Television has become the electronic member of the family of people in the western world. Today most parents leave their children to be looked after by the television; and the media has become the most influential agent in the lives of the modern family. Television has also become the most dominant and corrupting influence in the lives of people today.


For years I have been complaining to anyone and everyone who would listen, that the television was teaching the children the wrong kinds of values and encouraging them to practice the wrong kinds of behaviour. Over the years the children started behaving more and more like the people they saw on television. Today they have developed a love for violence, a lust for profanity, and a tolerance for nudity.

As Society slides into a pit of moral decay - with adults leading the way - children are now surrounded by perverted images of nudity, profanity, and sex everywhere they turn: whenever they walk into the corner stores, the local grocery stores, the video stores and the movie theatres; and they hear the same disrespect for life in their music, from their parents, among their peers; and from the various seductive television programs, home box office, and now the internet.


They have developed a new level of disrespect for life; and the parents and other adults do not yet see that the children are only living what they have learned from them. Now Society does not know how to regain control of the children that they have misguided and allowed to be raised by the governments and other outsiders like their teachers, babysitters, friends, movie stars, music stars, sports stars, and television stars.


Begin to look every problem squarely in the eye

be honest and true because you cannot lie

Find out where it came from and why it arrived

and see what it is that you are doing

that is keeping it alive.


Do this inventory of your life each and every day

and you will find that the problems that live inside you

will be swept away

just like the dust

that you clean from your home each day."

Avatar Galextra


9. Stop allowing the Systems to control the hearts and minds of the people.


"Experts in high places keep warning us

that we should not look within ourselves.

Science and religion and the medical profession continue to say

that human nature is defected in every way.


Do not trust your killer body

guard against your evil spirits

and beware of your fragile minds.

This is what the experts and the professionals

keep telling us all the time."

Avatar Galextra


This is the biggest problem by far that is facing the human race as it struggles to find its way into the new millinium. People do not know how to use their own minds and think for themselves without worrying about whether they will be accepted and supported by the people around them. The human race has developed a serious case of spiritual blindness and people everywhere are relying on "highly educated professionals" to make decisions for them - about how they should think; about the kind of education that they need; about the kind of morals and values that they should have; about the leaders they should follow; about the kind of health that they can have, or the kind of medicines they should use; about what they can or cannot put inside their bodies; about the kind of spirituality that they should have; and about what they should do with their hard earned money.


Today, they cannot settle a dispute without consulting their lawyers or without using the courts; they cannot make decisions about their health without consulting their medical doctor; they cannot get a decent job without get a formal education; they cannot practice spirituality without being a member of a religious organization; they cannot spend time by themselves without become afraid or bored; they cannot help someone else unless they gain something for doing so; and they cannot do or say anything without making sure they are not breaking the laws of the land - even if these laws are immoral and wrong.


It is time for people to recognize that they own their own lives and that they have the right to choose how they live their lives - as long as they do not harm or devalued the lives of others around them. In this way they will start to live the way that the SOURCE created and designed them to live.


"It is forever true that only you owns you.

No one can impose their will on you

or tell you what to do.


Your life is your own to live

and to your own self you must always be true

or you will be living a lie

until the day that you die.


So do not treat your life like a loan


because your life is really and truly your own."

Avatar Galextra


10. End the global warfare against Mother Earth and her wildlife kingdom and the people of the earth.


"How can we treat our mother like dirt

when all that we have in this whole wide world of any worth

are gifts of life given to each of us

by our dear Mother Earth?


If we do not stop killing our Mother

we will soon not have a planet to call our own

nor a world to make our home.

Avatar Galextra


For billions of years Mother Earth has provided a home for billions of forms of life on the planet; and they have been able to live together without trying to destroy each other. For the past few million years Humankind has been living on the planet and has been trying to dominate and control all forms of life on it. In the last two centuries Mankind has managed to not only destroy most of the species on earth but they are also now threatening to destroy all of life on the planet including themselves.


As I speak, the life forms in the lakes and rivers and oceans of the earth are dying from being poisoned from massive amounts of toxic waste and other industrial chemicals that are being dumped into these waters every day (some of which are treated and used as part of our drinking water supply); and at the same time the big fishing companies are sweeping the oceans with giant fishing nets that go on for miles and scooping up everything they catch; and then throwing away the carcasses of most the sea life caught in their nets.


As I speak, people all over the world are now hiding from the sun, because of the deadly ultra violet rays coming from it through the massive holes that have been made in the ozone shields of the planet's atmosphere by industrial chemicals, fossil fuels, and other pollutants; and this greenhouse effect is also now causing the temperature of the planet is rise; the artic regions of the earth to melt, which is causing the water levels of the ocean to increase; and which is now threatening to create floods in the lowland regions of the earth; and devastate the population of the capitals cities of most nations of the world.


As I speak, nations continue to build and test their nuclear weapons, while they are being forced to spend billions of dollars every year to dismantle and store the huge amounts they already have stockpiled in "safe places"; and the powerful nations are now drilling holes deep into the center of the earth's core, and blowing up nuclear weapons there in order to test them. Through these kinds of nuclear testing the five continental plates of the earth are being pushed apart, and the fault lines across the globe are weakening; and the axis and the orbit of the earth are being affected more and more everyday by the force of this impact.


It is now no longer a case of whether or not the nations of the earth should end the chemical warfare against the planet and all life forms on it. Time is running out on us and on the water we drink, the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the natural environment and its wildlife that we love. It is now a question of how quickly we can move as a united planet of people with real actions to stop the destruction and start adopting a new and native attitude and behaviour - to help heal our planet and save our own lives in the process.


Mother Earth is a person too

with a heart and mind

just like me and you

She may not look like a person to our human eyes

but she is more alive that we will ever realize.


No one else in this whole wide world

gives so much of themselves to everyone else

even when we treat her like dirt

and even worse than the real scums of the earth."

Avatar Galextra


As the Avatar who is here to hold the Spiritual Office Of the Christ For The Aquarian Age, I invite the people of all the nations of the Earth to join me in starting the process to restore and save the planet - and also our own lives in the process - through my


11. Stop enslaving and oppressing people of color throughout the world.


"It brings tears to my eyes

to hear billions of human voices cry

that life is hard and unfair

and it seems that no one cares.


Millions of people on earth

are feasting on the fat of the land

while billions of others are starving

and breaking their backs

trying to make a living anyway that they can.


How can we prioritize the value of life

when all of life is sacred and more priceless

than we will ever realize?


How can we look at each other

and think that we are better than another

because of the color of our skin

the gender of our body

or the size of income that we bring in?

Avatar Galextra


More than 75% of the population of the People of the Earth are people of colour; and more than 75% of these people are women and children; and the large majority of them are living in economic poverty. Listen to me carefully my human brothers and sisters - this insanity cannot continue and will no longer be allowed to continue. It is mainly for this reason that I was born and it is mostly for this reason that I continue to live.


Racism first appeared on earth in ancient times after mankind overthrew and enslaved womankind - after ages of fearing and envying them for their wisdom, inner sight, and supernatural strength. It is a social dis-ease that has continued to plague humankind throughout the ages; and will continue to do so because mankind continues to convince themselves that they are superior and more valuable than womankind; and which helps them to justify and continue to enslave and oppressed women in every culture.


I said it earlier and I will say it again and again:


We are equals forever

no matter who or what we are

and none of us is better than the other

whether we're a woman or man

boy of girl or have all the money in the world.


If you think you are superior to someone else

it is only because you feel inferior

inside yourself.

Avatar Galextra


Incredibly as it sounds, and as simple as it seems - the problem of racism will never go away until the social dis-ease of sexism is treated and cured; until men stop seeing themselves as superior to women; and start recognizing the timeless truth - that both males and the females (men and women / boys and girls ) are equals forever; and together both form a union of harmony and balance and power that becomes unlimited in its potential, divine in its radiance, and centre in its beauty.


How can we expect racism to end when men and boys of colour continue to oppress and control their girls and women of their races? Think about it carefully and honestly, my human brothers and sisters - if racism was to disappear from the face of the earth today do you think that boys and men of any race would stop disrespecting and degrading women and girls of their own culture tomorrow?


Listen to me carefully my human brothers and sisters:


Whenever we think that we are superior in any way

we always try to control or destroy forever

people that we decide are inferior today.

By dumping them in ghettos

locking them away in prisons

or herding them onto reservations.


By killing them in gas chambers

throwing them in mental asylums

and enslaving them on plantations.

And by keeping them

“barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen” at home

and keeping them

from becoming independent and strong women."

Avatar Galextra


So for all you men of colour, who are being oppressed and stifled by the forces of racism - the only way for you to be free of this heavy burden which weighs you down is by removing the shackles and chains of sexism from your wives and daughters and mothers and sisters. And for all you men of the Caucasian race who are enjoying all the benefits and privileges that the system of white supremacy has given you - the only way that you can ever free yourself of this injustice is by finding the courage and gaining the wisdom to see your own mothers and sisters and your own daughters and wives as your equals; and only then will you truly develop the insight to recognize members of all races as your brothers and sisters. Whether you like it or not - its only in this way by removing the curse of sexism will the illness of racism be cure from the hearts and minds of the people of the earth forever.


12. Start paying the financial debt that is owed to the descendants of the people you enslaved for over 20 generations.


How can we see a community in pain

then turn and look the other way

knowing that their is something that we can always do or say

to help their hurt to go away?


We are each other’s keepers

my human brothers and sisters

and its time for us to come together

and be there for each other

Avatar Galextra


This is a simple concept and one that is easy to follow especially if there is no deceit or deception involved. If a debt is owed it must be repaid; and the longer it takes to pay that debt the greater the debt becomes. If a nation owes a debt to a people it must be repaid as long as that nation exists. Descendant of Africans - who were enslaved throughout the western hemisphere - are owed a huge debt by America and the other nations, who benefited from 400 years of free labour which their ancestors were forced to give - and under the worse possible conditions.


It is not enough for descendant of these slave masters to say that they did not enslave these people nor did their parents or their grandparents - when they have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges that the sweat and blood that the ancestors of African Americans (for example) have made possible for them. It is not enough for governments to develop affirmative action programs to try to help the descendants of these enslaved Africans to recover from the poverty and despair that most of them are born into and are kept in all their lives.


Today even that small support is now being called unfair by Caucasians in particular; and being taken from African Americans and African Canadians especially by the new slave masters now trying to gain votes, from the tide of racism that is now coming ashore and invading the nations in the western hemisphere; and poisoning the hearts and minds of many of its people - even people of colour.


Governments around the world have been repaying debts to people to whom it is owned. Germany and other nations in Europe have repaid $billions owned to the descendant of the millions of Jewish people who were exterminated in the holocaust and robbed of their future, their families, their property, and assets by supporters and soldiers of Adolph Hitler - one of the most cruel and perverted leaders in history. Canada and America have given reparations to the descendants of Japanese Canadians and Japanese Americans for confiscating their homes and other property and putting them in prisoners of war camps during World War 2. Even the native people of North America are now starting to receive compensation for the lands and resource that have been stolen from them by the American and Canadian Governments - and from being herded onto reservation so that they can eventually die out.


It is good that these nations and their governments are taking steps to right some of the wrongs that they have committed against these victims because they are from a different race or because they envied their wealth. But ironically the people who have been most abused for a longer period of time - over 400 years of having their freedom and their identity taken from them while being forced to become the free labour force for the western world - have not even yet been recognize by these same governments as people to who a debt is owed. Nor has any financial compensation been offered to their descendants - most of whom continue to live in the same kind of poverty that there ancestors did, in the urban cities and ghettos all across America.


There is something very wrong here - my human brothers and sisters - and until its corrected: neither America nor Canada nor any of the western nations who owes this huge debt to the descendants of these enslaved people can begin to call itself a responsible or just nation; and until the descendants of these enslaved people are paid the debt that is owed to them in full; and until these nations recognize the injustice of what was done to these enslaved people and offer a public apology to their descendants - and take steps to honour and respect their lives and their memories - until all these things are done and done honestly and sincerely the ancestors of both the slaves and the slave masters will continue to be at war with each other; one seeking to find a way to avoid paying this debt that is owed; and the other continuing to ask for that debt to be paid.


Problems are not here to stay

and they can always be swept away

If you think that we can never change

our human nature and live without problems

then you are actually using your will

to prevent solutions from being found

so that we can always keep problems hanging around.


Hear this ancient truth that I'm now telling you

we cannot change our behaviour in any way

until we start to change our thinking today

and we cannot change our thinking about anyone else

until we change our beliefs about ourselves.

Avatar Galextra


13. Governments must stop robbing and raping the people of their money and their power


It is not our nature to live as human animals

who must be caged in social jungles called civilization

with laws to protect us from killing each other

and from destroying other nations.

My human brothers and sisters

the only way we can ever change the world we live in

is by examining and changing our thinking.


Can you really say

my human brothers and sisters

that you own and control your own life today?

Do you really think that anyone can make any decision for you

unless you give them your permission

through your silence, indecision, or consent.

Avatar Galextra


Over three decades ago a young and charismatic President of the United States said to his people: "asks not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." In his lack of sight, he was unable to see that both the country and its people should serve each other. In fact the people can live without a government but the government cannot exist without the people. If he had clear sight he would have instead told his people: "Ask what you, and your government, can do for each other together - to make our country a nation that is strong and prosperous and just for all its people."


Governments have become a permanent part of the lives of its people and in the process have grown into huge body of bureaucracy that now picks the pockets of the people to feed its huge appetite and protect its monstrous size. In every country governments have become the biggest and the most expensive machinery to operate and maintain; and in the rich industrialized countries governments have become the most wasteful and unresponsive organizations in the people's lives.


Today Governments are run by Big Business interest which select, train, and control the politicians who seeks to stay more that a term in office - which includes almost all politicians elected to serve the people. Just like doctors owe their allegiance to the big drug companies who keep them prosperous in business with grants and other perks to pay for their research; politicians also owe their allegiance to Big Business and the contributions and perks that they give to them throughout their terms in office - especially at election time. Today a politician who goes against the interests of Big Business is a politician that does not have a future in politics.


It is time for people to stop allowing Governments to tax them to debt - from the day they are born and even after they die. Most people have forgotten that income taxes were introduced as a temporary war measure act during the war to end all wars; and they have allowed their governments to keep taking these taxes out of the pockets ever since then. It is time for people to realize that they are taxed for every thing that they do - for the things that they grow, and buy, and eat and drink in their homes, or in any place of business; for the clothes that they make or rent or buy; for the appliances, and automobiles that they use or buy or lease and even when they resell them or buy them used; for the homes or apartments that they build, or buy, or lease, or rent and the land that it is on.


It is time for people to realize that most their hard earned money is being stolen from them through all forms of taxes and other deductions; and by the time the Government is finished picking their pockets they do not have enough to pay their mortgage or their rent; or feed and clothe their families. In fact since the I970's the income of the average family in Canada or America - for example - have dropped steadily to the point where the average family now needs two full-time incomes to maintain the same standard of life that they enjoyed back then on only one full time income. At a time when the wealthy among us has become even wealthier from the people's money that western leaders like Ronald Reagan and Brian Mulroney poured in their pockets; and the poor people have fallen deeper in poverty.


As long as governments continue to be run by politicians who make it a career; and as long as Big Business continues to buy and own these politicians - the business of government will continue to serve the interest of Big Business; and people of each nation will continue to be robbed and raped by their political leaders. Only you the people can break this vicious cycle by first breaking the cycle of injustices and inequalities that you find in your own lives, in your homes, in your workplaces; and also in your schools, in your encounters with other people, in your social lives, in your public and private lives.

Only then will you find the courage, gained the strength, know the wisdom, and have the confidence to have the governments that you choose; and ones that will be accountable to you the people; and ones that will always strive to serve its people as well as they serve it.


This great wrong will not go on for long

for this is the decade of empowerment

for we each now have the power

more than ever to pull together and find powerful and peace ways

to make our governments turn around

or shut completely down.


Listen to me carefully

my human brothers and sisters

so loved so dearly

A government that loses its humanity

no longer has the integrity to govern responsibly

for in its lack of compassion and wisdom

it becomes a danger to itself

and endangers each of its people's spiritual and social health.

Avatar Galextra


xcerpts from book manuscript


Life a Thief in the Night:

The Autobiography of an Ancient God –

who returns to Earth 2000 years later

to fulfill “his” “Second Coming”