We slept inside our small car

in the parking lot of a large shopping center

for over 60 consecutive nights –

as a homeless family in 1990.






Summer 2011


Section 1


”For over thirty the authorities in the city of Toronto have deprived and denied my family and i of our constitutional rights to express our views about injustices and wrongs that we have been subjected to over this period of time.” Page 6 - 16


Section 2


“Our 1990 historic street protest as a homeless family – and the organized attacks and systematic efforts by the different levels of Government operating Toronto to try to force us to end it.”  Page 16 - 21

Section 3

“For almost the entire decade of the 1980’s my family was driven out of every place of residence and every community we lived inside by different groups of people living there because of the reclusive, secluded, and isolated life we lived as an African family in a city controlled and dominated mostly by people of European and Anglo-Saxon heritage.”  Page 21 - 26


Section 4


“My husband and i were driven out of the workplace by the start of the 1990’s: because we both refused to go along in order to get along with disrespectful and degrading comments and behavior on the part of some of our co-workers, supervisors, and managers towards us in different industries we worked in.”

Page 26 - 29


Section 5


“After our historic street protest as a homeless family ended in January of 1991 the different bodies of authority operating inside this city, and province, intensify their Gangstalking and Surveillance operation against myself and my small family through that entire decade – especially during the seven years we lived in a middle class neighbourhood at 48 Dunmail Drive.”  Page 29 - 33


Section 6

“Since our street protest as a homeless family ended in January of 1991 we have been a family who has had listening devices, and sometimes viewing ones, secretly installed inside every place of residence we have called home since then – including our current address at 251 Scott Street in the city of St. Catherines – by different undercover agents or informants of the Governments operating in this city.”  Page 33 - 34


Section 7

“Next to law enforcement the largest group of Gang Stalkers that have been used by the Governments operating in this city has proven to be the drivers working for the public transit system in Toronto called the Toronto Transit Commission.”

Page 34 - 38

Section 8


“For over 23 consecutive months my family and i remained inside a shelter program for homeless families in a room in the Gateway Motel  - which was  a longer period of time than any other family had stayed there – where we encountered policies and practices by the shelter system and staff members that i had to bring to their attention over the course of the many months we stayed there.”   Page 38 - 47


Section 9


Section 10

“The Governments operating in this city have used the medical and dental professions to attack my body and damage my health over the past few decades to the point where i am now just a shadow of the healthy, vibrant, energetic human being i have been for all of my life before then.”  Page 54 - 59


Section 11

“One of the most persistent weapons that has been used against my family and myself over the years by the governments in this city is the use of motor vehicles to try to physically harm, or even fatally injure, us by drivers from different walks of life who are paid Gangstalk and take us out with their cars.”  Page 59 - 61


Section 12

“For over two years my husband and i worked as a team of husband and wife bouncers inside a few clubs in the night club district in downtown Toronto - where we were both subjected to “workplace mobbing” at the hands of a number of our co-workers, patrons, and even people in management.”  Page 61 - 79


Section 13

“In the fall of 2002 i went on a hunger strike to protest a number of grievances that were causing great harm to my family’s live, and to the lives of the people living on the surface of this planet, as well as the other lifeforms living here with us.”   Page 79 - 81


Section 14

Since January of 2005 until June of 2013, we lived in the West End of Toronto, on the 1st floor of a duplex at 10 Spring Grove Avenue. During this period of time we were forced to live there as prisoners of the “Establishment” – by the different network of Gangstalkers that were used by the authorities in that city to monitor our every movements, disrupt our lives, destroy my resilient family unit, and my sacred and deeply bonded 30 marriage -  using every means available to them, including both legal, illegal and immoral ones.



Section 15

“For over three years we have lived as a family whose members were forced to go on a disability through the Ontario Disability Support program - in order to survive financial; and be left alone by social services to recover and recuperate from the decades of emotional wounds and mental traumas we endured as the hands of the  different authorities in the city of Toronto.”






The plaintiff claims:  (State here the precise relief claimed.)


Section One


The members of the Kavanaugh family, comprised of myself, our daughter, and my husband are seeking the following relief to be awarded to us by the Ontario Supreme Court:

That these different authorities operating in this city are order by the Court to immediately and completely end these covert and illegal investigations, surveillance programs, harassment campaigns, and the Gangstalking activities against myself and the other members of my violated, traumatized, battered, injured, impoverished, and wrongfully targeted family.

That those responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing these illegal, and intrusive attacks against us over the years be held accountable by this court for doing so; and be given whatever form of chastisement that this court deems appropriate for the violations and abuses they have co-opted and coerced a host of individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions inside and outside every community we have lived in over the past twenty years – into making us a target for attacks of one form or another inside the privacy of our home and whenever and where we venture outside of it for any reason at anytime of the day or night.

 That an official, written, and signed letter of apology be given to myself, and to the other members of my family – and shared with the mass media – by the current heads of the three levels of government operating in this city, as well as by the current head of the four different law enforcement agencies from these three levels of government working in this city: for the covert and unlawful round the clock investigation, surveillance programs, and gangstalking operations that they have orchestrated, and conducted against myself especially, and against the other members of my family over the period of the last 20 years; and which continues to this present day in the city of St Catherines, where we have been living since September of 2013.

That the federal Government creates an independent body to study the presence, extent, and the impact of this silent holocaust called “Gangstalking” on the lives of people living in this country who are target and victims of this social crime.

That “Gangstalking” of any form conducted by any body of people including those from the private sector or those from the public sector – be classified as a crime in this country.


Section 1, Paragraph 2

That the Supreme Court of Ontario award this family financial damages totaling the amount of $2 billion (Cnd):

 for each of the 20 years of living hell that myself especially, our daughter, and my husband, has survived so far as wrongfully targeted and unjustly persecuted victims of these illegal, unconstitutional, invasive, systematic, relentless, destructive: investigation, surveillance, harassment, and persecution programs that these employees of the authorities, and the public servants whom they report to – have knowingly orchestrated and engineered to:

(1)  Deprive, deny, and violate our numerous freedoms and rights that are enshrined in the Canadian Constitution, and guaranteed and protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that myself, my husband, and our daughter Mahogohney sought to exercise during the 1990’s, and until the present day.



 (Then set out in separate, consecutively numbered paragraphs each allegation of material fact relied on to substantiate the claim.)

The body and weight of this evidence is taken almost entirely from the unpublished book manuscript of my autobiography entitled: The Autobiography of a God – “The true story of an ancient Avatar who comes to planet Earth to bring all beings together”; and a manuscript that was written over a four year period between 2001-2005, and later updated with new chapters added between 2009 -2010.



 A LEGAL PROCEEDING HAS BEEN COMMENCED AGAINST YOU by the plaintiff.  The claim made against you is set out in the following pages.

Section 1, Paragraph 1

We are seeking damages and compensation in this court action against the Federal Government of Canada for allowing, or failing to prevent, the members of my family – including myself, my husband, and our adult daughter – from being the targets of a state sponsored persecution for over 3 decades up until the present day; and a Government that has used a network of groups and individuals from different walks of life in this province to harass, gangstalk, and attack us around the clock during the 3 decades we lived in the city of Toronto; and which has continued on a smaller scale in the city of St Catherines.

 Section 1, Paragraph 2

We are also seeking compensation for use of the public transit system by these same authorities to deliberately target, attack, harass, and persecute myself and the other members of my family; and for using different TTC bus drivers on at least six different occasions in the past 6 years:

(1) to try to hit us with the TTC bus while  we stood at different intersections along St Clair West Avenue;

(2) for co-opting and coercing a female TTC driver to deliberately try to end our mortal lives with her bus one unforgettable Friday afternoon: while my husband and i stood waiting at the front of the line near a bus platform inside the St Clair West station on July 13th of 2009; and which she would have been able to do had we not had the presence of mind to quickly remove ourselves out of harm’s way.

Section 1, Paragraph 3

We are asking  the courts to award us financial compensation for the 2 decades of our being unlawfully and unjustly targeted, covertly investigated, monitored, attacked, harassed, persecuted, degraded, disrespected, demoralized, battered, and traumatized  by the different levels of authorities operating inside this city – through the different law enforcement agencies operating inside this city; and through the secret, intrusive, and illegal, and immoral round the clock surveillance program they have been conducting against myself especially, and the rest of my family members since 1990 – both inside the privacy of our home through hidden listening and viewing electronic devices ( hidden bugs and hidden cameras) and whenever we ventured outside of it; and doing so by using thousands of people living inside different communities from different industries, professions, races, nationalities, gender, and age group in Toronto as their “ears and eyes” to “gangstalk” myself and my family members by:

1. Following us around everywhere we go, and watching and monitoring everything that we do or say during the course of every day or night; and using different types of behavior, and comments, (“street theatre” ) to try to disrupt, and disturb our movements and demoralize us in the process.

2. Planting different paid or unpaid informants along every path that we travel on any given day or night; and using them to conduct themselves in intrusive, harassing, and disrespectful ways to attack, abuse, and degrade myself, and the rest of my family members travelling with me at the time (including my husband, who has been my inseparable companion whenever i travelled anywhere in the city of Toronto over the 25 years, for example).

3. Flagging a body of misinformation and disinformation about us, that they have concocted over the past 30 years, to every place of business that we have dealt with, worked inside of; or whose products we have bought, or whose services we have used over the years - including the medical, dental, legal, banking, retail, academic, physical fitness,  mass media, and telecommunications professions. This was done, and is still being done,  in order to co-opt or coerce different employers, managers, and workers inside these different places of business into harassing, mistreating, and disrespecting myself, especially, and the other members of my family whenever we enter their place of business or have any form of contact with them:

(a) with the intention of disrupting, disturbing, distressing, demoralizing, and destroying our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health in whatever manner that they are able to do using whatever unethical and immoral means and methods that they can find to do so at the time.


Section 1, Paragraph 4

Gangstalking is a social form of controlling people, in society, that has come to be called “the silent holocaust” that has been used, and is being used, by different governments over the course of recorded history to target, monitor, harass, and persecute individuals they have deemed to be “enemies of the state”, and “undesirables”, because of some threat that their presence, words, or actions are seen to represent to the health, welfare, and security of the established  authority and the status quo that has been put in place to protect, support, and preserve its existence. It is defined in the following manner by someone who identifies themselves as a target and a victim of this shameful social crime:

“Gangstalking is really a covert government or police investigation.  It's similar to Cointelpro or red squads, and it's being used on a lot of innocent people to ruin them and make them look crazy. Gangstalking is all about government disinformation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking and monitoring innocent people. It is simply a form of community mobbing and organized stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognized as legitimate, this is the community form.”


Section 1, Paragraph 5

 “The community notifications will go out to various places. Apartment rentals, future employers, stores and communities where the target visits, will be notified. Doctor’s offices, fire departments, police, etc. A covert investigation might also be opened, and electronic, means used by the civilian spies/snitches as part of the overt and covert monitoring and surveillance process. Individuals can be flagged, designating them as having a history of aggressive or inappropriate behavior.


This notification system will follow the target if they move, change jobs, visit other areas.  It let’s the community believe that the target is a person who needs to be watched or monitored.  The citizen informants can be part of these community oriented policing programs, but are often just average citizens. Everyone in the targets life is contacted, and advised as to why the individual has been flagged, advised not to discuss the flagging and asked to be a part of the ongoing, never ending monitoring (systemic harassment) process. This process is covertly designed to destroy the target over time, leaving them with no form of support.”

Gangstalking world.com


Section 1, Paragraph 6

  This is the same intrusive, illegal, and secret course of action, and covert policies, that Governments have taken throughout history against individuals they have labeled “enemies of the state” inside:

(1) Communist Russia by Stalin’s regime against millions of Russian citizens; inside Nazi Germany against millions of Jews and other groups classified by the state as “undesirables.

(2) Apartheid South Africa against the majority of the population of the population of people (especially “dark skin” Africans) by the African Government controlled by people of Caucasian heritage.

(3) The deep American south against people of African American heritage by the racist and influential members of the Caucasian group called the Klu Klux Klan.

(4) Communist East Germany, before the Berlin Wall fell, by the East Germany police force against millions of West Germans.

(5) The American nation during the height of the Cold War by Senator Joseph McCarthy, with the support of the FBI chief at the time named J. Edgar Hoover in their nationwide witch hunt to identify, prosecute, and imprison every communist, or communist sympathizers living or working inside that nation.

(6) During the herding of Japanese Americans into “concentration camps,” called “internment camps”, inside that same nation during World War when the nation of Japan formed part of the axis of nations that served as allies of Germany’s Nazi regime.

 Section 1, Paragraph 7

“Gangstalking” was also a central part of COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) – for a series of covert, and often illegal, projects that was undertaken by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) between 1956 and 1971 against individuals and groups it deemed as “subversives” that was aimed at monitoring, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. These included:

“...communist and socialist organizations; organizations and individuals associated with the civil rights movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others associated with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Congress of Racial Equality and other civil rights organizations; black nationalist groups; the American Indian Movement; a broad range of organizations labeled "New Left", including Students for a Democratic Society and the Weathermen; almost all groups protesting the Vietnam War, as well as individual student demonstrators with no group affiliation; the National Lawyers Guild; organizations and individuals associated with the women's rights movement; nationalist groups such as those seeking "independence for Puerto Rico" and a United Ireland; and additional notable Americans, such as Dr. Albert Einstein.

Section 1, Paragraph 8

    ...COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination. Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971, however the FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception.[2] The FBI's stated motivation at the time was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order."[3]  Wilkepedia, the free encyclopedia

Section 1, Paragraph 9

For the last 25 years the Federal Government of Canada have knowingly and willfully taken systematic, covert, intrusive, and illegal steps to force the three members of our family – myself, our now adult daughter, and my husband of over thirty years – to live as social, economic, and political prisoners:

(1.) a state of deep economic poverty (2) complete isolation (3) total seclusion (4) constant homelessness (5) and (6) blacklisted from the workplace - as a family of ‘social outcast and n this city and province for over twenty years now.

Section 1, Paragraph 10

In the process they have managed to intentionally, systematically, and relentlessly:


Destroy our original family unit of four people (2) ruined our physical health (3)  desecrated our 30 year marriage (4) ravaged our mental health (5) destroyed our ability to earn an income to support ourselves; and (6) completely violated, denied, and deprived us of our civil rights, human rights, and constitutional rights as citizens and residence of Canada:

(a) that are enshrine in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and protected and guaranteed under the Canadian Constitution to exercise our fundamental freedom (in Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms).


Section 1, Paragraph 11

These violations include our Constitutional Rights to


1. (a) “freedom of conscience

2. (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication”

3. (c) “freedom of peaceful assembly”; and

4. (d) “freedom of association.”


They have deliberately, systematically, ruthlessly, and relentlessly violated, denied, and deprived us of our democratic rights and freedoms as citizens and residents of this country that are enshrined and guaranteed in:


(1) Section 6  (2) (b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: (b) “to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.”


Section 1, Paragraph 12

The different levels of government authorities operating in the province of Ontario have also deliberately, systematically, and relentlessly violated, denied, and deprived us of our Legal Rights as citizens and residents of this country that are enshrined and guaranteed in Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:  to “Life, liberty and security of person” – which states that:


(1) “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.”


Section 1, Paragraph 13

The different levels of government authorities operating in this province have also deliberately, systematically, ruthlessly, and relentlessly violated, denied, and deprived us of our Equality Rights enshrined, guaranteed, and protected in Section 15 (1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms and enshrined under Equality Rights in  Part 1 of the Constitution Act, 1982(80) which states that:


“Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.”

Section 1, Paragraph 14

The reasons that they have deliberately, systematically, ruthlessly, and relentlessly violated, denied, and deprived us of our rights and freedoms as citizens and residents of this country that are enshrined and guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is :

Because my husband, and especially myself – choose to exercise our Fundamental Freedoms of a. speech and b. freedom of thought and c. the right to peaceful assembly and the right to stage peaceful act of civil disobedience in this Canadian democracy  to bring attention to a ‘Pandora of problems’ that myself and my family members were being subjected to for the entire decade of the 1980’s – to authorities operating in Toronto, the mass media, and the general public:

(a) By staging the longest public protest in the history of this country as a homeless family who lived on 1) the grounds of the headquarters of two of the three levels of government operating in Toronto,  2) and inside a public park that lasted for over 9 consecutive months.

Section 1, Paragraph 15

A deeper and more sinister reason, however, why they started, conducted, and maintained these unlawful, secret, intrusive, abusive, vicious, relentless, slanderous, and destructive operations against my family members, and especially myself, is because :

(1) They have been looking for different ways, methods, and means that they could use over the last twenty years, especially, to try to “take me down” and “take me out”.

They have done so, and continue to do so, because of the information that they have secretly, illegally, and immorally obtained through the different forms of listening and viewing devices that they installed, or had others installed, inside every place we have called home since they intentionally and abruptly ended our historic family protest in the winter of 1991:

About my true identity as a divine being; and ‘the paradigm shifting, life transforming, planet healing, and sacred work’ that i incarnated on this planet sized and ancient being called Mother Earth today to accomplish in this lifetime.

Section 1, Paragraph 16

I am a mother, and wife, who has been living as a spiritual master since i was an adolescent child growing up on the twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago; and a highly developed spiritual being who has been working since childhood on her life mission on this planet:

“To bring all beings together of all life forms”  and introduce them to a new, harmonious, ancient, harmless, and sacred way of being - so that all families of beings (which is comprised of all life forms living on the inner, and  outer surfaces of this ancient blue  planet today):

(a) Can finally learn to live with themselves, each other, and all other forms of being living here, in a state of perfect harmony, lasting peace, true harmlessness, permanent abundance, real enlightenment, and a deep reverence for all of life.  As i state in the unpublished book manuscript of my life as a divine being and the sacred work that i am doing on this planet:

Section 1, Paragraph 17

“I have been teaching and sharing a body of deep truths, and true insights, with my fellow human beings for all of my adult life, especially, in order to show them the ancient knowledge, sacred methods, harmonious means, and harmless process that they each need to identify, define, adopt, practice, and master completely in every area of their private and public life: so that they can each finally and truly learn to merge their self serving ego with their greater, ancient, and true self. In this ancient, sacred, masterful, respectful, responsible, and reverential way – they can begin to finally learn to use their life to consciously serve the greater good of all of life all of the time; and in the process also serve their own highest good and their greatest ideals all of the time, which is the true purpose for their continuing to return to classroom Earth to live and master their lives as mortal beings.

Section 1, Paragraph 18

A central part of this paradigm shifting and life transformation work that i do on this planet as an Avatar is to show my fellow human beings the truth about the ‘Pandora of problems’ that are plaguing their lives, undermining their existence as mortal beings, and destroying their future as spiritual beings who continue to leave their true and permanent home in the spiritual realms, to consciously strive to develop their multidimensional identity.

 – This is done in order for each of them to evolve into the ascended spiritual beings they each are striving to eventually evolve into and consciously become; and in the process are no longer required by their greater self to reincarnate anymore, to live as a mortal member of the human race, or of any other mortal race of beings in the future: for they would be finally  ready to truly explore the vast realms of magical experiences that would finally opened inside themselves for them to explore the breathtakingly  beautiful, indescribably  serene, and deeply profound realms awaiting each of them inside the  mystical, sacred, realms, and endless dimensions of infinity and eternity.

Section 1, Paragraph 19

By learning to see, feel, know, understand, define, accept, and truly appreciate the truth about every aspect of their personal and public lives human beings can begin to: learn to finally think for themselves in order to make decisions and take actions that do not harm or violate the lives of others in any way at any time for any reason; and they can do so  by honestly identifying, carefully examining, and truly understanding, and completely removing each of these problems that have robbed them of their ability and their right to live in the harmonious, harmless, respectful, peaceful, and sacred manner that they keep incarnating on this planet in different mortal lifetimes to finally and consciously learn how to do in every aspect of their lives all of the time.



Section 1, Paragraph 20

In this sacred state, new way of being, and true state of consciousness, life on the surface of this ancient planet sized being will be a place for human beings, and all other beings:


(1) where their children will be always safe and protected wherever they are, and wherever they go anywhere on or off this planet;

(2) where families of any species of beings will be always respected, cherished, and protected by every member of every life form sharing this planet in the future; (3) where marriages or sacred unions form by members of the human race, or by members of other races of beings, will be always respected, appreciated, protected, and celebrated by every member of every life form living on this planet in their own unique, ancient, and reverential manner;

(4) where hospitals and medical professionals will not be needed because of the state of perfect health that each member of each live form will live in;

(5) and where law enforcement, governments, and other institutions will no longer be needed because of the state of lasting peace, deep cooperation, and true freedom that every member of every lifeform will experience, nurture, and maintain in every aspect of their private, personal, and public relationships with themselves, each other, and all other types of beings inhabiting the surface of Mother Earth in the future.  The Autobiography of a God


Section 1, Paragraph 20

The courageous, bold, and high profile steps that we took as a homeless family in 1990, and caused the authorities operating inside this city, and those operating inside every nation across the surface of this ancient planet to become concerned and fearful:

That the self serving, oppressive, unjust, harmful, and destructive way of life that the status quo across this planet have established to control the course and the content of life of everyone living here – will be undermined, erased, and replaced by this new and sacred way of being, these agents of the Establishment have labeled myself, especially, and my other family members as “enemies of the state.”

In the process they decided to take different legal, and illegal steps, in order to:

 Keep me from speaking to, or communicating with, to the people of this city, province, and country;

 Keep the mass media from bringing my family’s plight, and especially my sacred work and my divine identity as an Avatar, to the people of this city, country, and planet.

Section 1, Paragraph 21

As a result of their unfounded fears, deep prejudices, intense programming, and cultural misconceptions regarding the truth about the true nature of existence, and the sacred and eternal laws that govern all of life inside and outside of every world found throughout eternity and infinity they:

(1) Made myself especially, and the rest of my two family members, “targets” of the different levels of law enforcement operating in this cities whose every movement and every activity were to be constantly and relentlessly monitored, scrutinized impeded, disrupted, undermined, and attacked on a 24 hour round the clock basis until they have managed to finally :

(a) Keep us from interacting with mainstream society in this province and force us underground to us live in a state of isolation, seclusion as social outcasts and prisoners in this society.

(b) And strip us of every form of support we had as a family from any individual, organization, or group, in order to push us into a state of permanent instability - financially, socially, emotionally, and mentally.

Section 1, Paragraph 22

They have done so, and still continue to do so, with the intention and the goal of:

(1) Pushing us beyond our breaking point and into a state of deep depression, and insanity – where we end up having to be locked up as mental patients inside a hospital ward in this province;

(2) having us end up as a family of alcoholics, or drug addicts, who end up turning their unbearable pain and suffering inward - and take their own lives;

(3) having us turning that suffering and deep pain outward: by “going postal” and violently taking the lives of other human beings before our own mortal lives are violently taken from us in the process; and having any surviving member of our family prosecuted, convicted, and put away for life inside a federal prison in this country.





Section Two

Our 1990 historic street protest as a homeless family – and the organized attacks and systematic efforts by the different levels of Government operating inside this city to try to force us to end it.

Section 2, Paragraph 1

Over the past twenty years these different levels of law enforcement authorities have managed to turn province, in which we have lived all of our life as a family in this country, into a “police state” for myself, and for the other members of my violated, abused, traumatized, impoverished, and battered family by:

Orchestrating, initiating and conducting a secret, illegal, and immoral investigation against members of our family by the different law enforcement agencies operating in the city of Toronto - including the Metro Toronto Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) – which is still on going to this day.

Section 2, Paragraph 2

They instigated this unlawful, covert, and intrusive course of action early in the Kavanaugh family’s protest street as that i took my family and our family dog on the streets on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend in the early Spring of 1990 – to stage as a homeless family while parked inside our 1982 Subaru :

(1) On the grounds of headquarters of the provincial government of Ontario right near the steps of the front entrance into the Queens Park Legislature for 4 consecutive days and nights.

(2) ( Immediately after leaving the grounds of the provincial legislature) we stayed on the grounds of the headquarters of the government of Toronto, at Nathan Philip Square right next to the giant statue of World War 2 hero, Sir Winston Churchill, for 7 straight days and nights

(3) Inside the parking lot of the shopping centre located at the intersection of Lawrence Avenue West and Dufferin Street about 10 yards from the sidewalk for about 30 consecutive nights.

(4) Inside the small parking lot of a public park located at the intersection of Trethewey Avenue and Black Creek Drive called Trethewey Park for 244 days and about 214 nights from June of 1990 – January 22 of 1991.

Section 2, Paragraph 3

During our seven day and night protest on the ground of New City Hall, on the week following the labour weekend, in late March of 1990, my family members and i were subjected to a number of violations that were committed against us by different employees of the city of Toronto – which deprived and denied us of our constitutional rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to (a) freedom of conscience 2. (b)  freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, 3. (c) freedom of peaceful assembly” and 4. (d) freedom of association in order:


To stage a peaceful protest and express our freedom of thought about the decade of injustices and abuses we had endured as a family during the entire decade of the 1980’s at the hands different people from different walks of life living inside and outside every neighbourhood and community we called home during that decade.


  Section 2, Paragraph 4


These violations included the actions of numerous uniformed officers from the Metropolitan police who tried to use their authority to force us to leave the grounds of the government of the city of Toronto by :


Coming to ask my husband and myself (on at least four different occasions) why we were parked on the grounds of New City Hall inside our small vehicle.

Informing us that they would return again and again to ask us the same questions.

staging a late night police raid against us, on a Tuesday night, the first night we were there while we slept inside our vehicle – with over a dozen officers from about 6 police cruisers showing up; and who:


Turned on the high beams of their police cruisers and shone them directly at us.

Pounded on the windows of our car with their batons to try to frighten us into leaving that property.

 Threatened to return and do the same thing again in the future if we stayed on that property.


 Section 2, Paragraph 5

Other employees of the city of Toronto also used their authority to deprive, deny, and violate our constitutional rights to stage a peaceful protest by living on the grounds of that government property inside our parked car. These illegal acts include:


A female social worker from the Toronto Children’s Aid Society who came and told us on two different occasions during those seven days that we stayed on that property that:

  If we continued our family protest on that government property that the Children’s Aid will take steps to take our two children from us because she insisted that we were “were putting our children’s lives in danger” by living with them in an “unsafe environment” as a homeless family living inside our car on the streets of Toronto.


A politician who showed up the Tuesday afternoon on the last day that we stayed inside our vehicle - on the grounds of Nathan Philips Square - and identified himself as a senior assistant to the then mayor of Toronto ; and assured us that:


If we ended our protest and accept their offer to stay inside a shelter for homeless family – that the Mayor has promised to address our case, and the issues that we brought to their attention, inside his government in the “very near future”.


  Section 2, Paragraph 6

As a result of the different attempts to intimidate, threaten, harass, and force us move our family protest from the grounds of the government of the city of Toronto by different employees of this municipality - my four member family was forced to:


 Spend over twenty hours of each of the day sitting or sleeping inside our small, cramped vehicle to prevent the police from towing our vehicle away.

 Leave that vehicle in groups of two people at a time to use the public washrooms located on that ground during the hours that they were opened.

 Leave that vehicle to use the washroom inside a nearby hotel during the evening after the public washrooms on the grounds of Nathan Philip Square had closed for the day.

Move into a shelter on for homeless family located in the city of Scarborough called Scarborough Family Residence – at the end of the 7th day of our protest at New City Hall -  inside a motel room inside the Lido Motel where we stayed for almost an entire month because:


We needed a place to rest our sleep deprived, emotionally drained, and physically exhausted bodies for a period of time.

Of the promise that was made to us by that senior member of the government of the city of Toronto that our issues would be addressed by the Mayor during our stay in that shelter.


Section 2, Paragraph 7

We left that shelter for homeless families four 4 weeks later near the start of June of 1990 – after we saw that no one from City Hall had contact us during that period of time; and we moved our family protest to the parking lot of a shopping centre located on the North East corner of Lawrence Avenue West and Dufferin Street – Metropolitan police officers showed up there to continue to deprive, and deny us of our constitutional right to stage an act of civil disobedience and expression our right to conduct a peaceful and silent protest by:

Swooping down on us late one night, about a week after we started staying there, with about a dozen uniformed officers inside about 6 squad cars – with their headlights beaming and shining directly onto our vehicle.

Banging hard on the side windows of our small car with their batons.

Forcing us to roll down the closed windows of our car and answer questions about why we were parked there – as if we had no right to park our vehicle in a empty parking lot of a large shopping centre late at night.

Informing us that they would return again and do the same thing if we are still there in the near future.

Grilling us with questions for about 30 minutes to try to intimidate us into ending our street protests.


Section 2, Paragraph 8

“Gangstalking is an illegal form of harassment. However when targets seek help they still get quite a bit of resistance. Some people in today's society even try to pass gangstalking off as a form of paranoia, even though the meetings in Toronto are held out of the Toronto Rape Crisis Center and many woman's support groups and crisis centers are now aware of gangstalking, and even training their workers to deal with this form of harassment.  In Korea the online version of this is well acknowledged and has even been written about in the International Herald Tribune.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 2, Paragraph 9

We moved our street protest from that parking lot to the parking lot of a public park located near the intersection of Trethewey Drive and Black Creek Road called Trethewey Park after sleeping inside the parking lot of that shopping centre for over two consecutive months.  We had spent that entire two months staying inside that public parking during the days and going to sleep at night inside the parking lot of that shopping centre because of access we had to facilities such as use of the public washroom in the all night gas station across the road; and take out places like Burger King and Macdonald located nearby.

  Section 2, Paragraph 10

For 244 days and about 180 nights we live inside that parking lot inside that public park as a homeless family – from about the middle of June of 1990 to January 22 of 1991 - to protest the violations and wrongs that had been done to us as a family for the entire decade of the 1980’s.  We became a target for the different authorities operating in this city while we continued staging our civil act of disobedience inside that public park. They undertook a number of violations against us to deny and deprive us of our constitutional right to stage that peaceful family protest – in a calculated, deliberately, relentless, and systematic effort to force us out of that public park and back into the community to live. These included:

Having a psychiatrist from the Toronto Children’s Aid Society come and speak to my husband and myself for less than an hour – in the fall of 1990 - and then forming the medical opinion that:

Both my husband and i had this medical illness called “foli au du:” which is supposed to be a mental condition of someone who has “delusions of grandeur in the context of a paranoid illness.”

Sending a worker from the Toronto Children’s Aid Society on two different occasions to the park, in the fall of 1990, to try to force us to end our family protest and leave that public park by:

Suggesting that my husband and i were molesting our children while we slept at nights inside the defected van that someone had brought for us to live inside of 144 days into our protest inside that park.

Claiming that our children were living in an unsafe environment inside that small vehicle inside the parking lot of that public park.

Initiating court action against my husband and myself to try to take our children from us and place them in the custody of Children’s Aid Society –  and in the care of a foster family.

Sending different informants to that public park – on at least 12 different occasions (during the summer of 1990) to try to manipulate us into leaving there by having them:

Offer us things such as 1. a large plot of land for us to live on and raise our small family 2. a nice home of our own for us to live inside of 3. a mobile home for us to live inside of 4. a large amount of money for us to buy our own property with a nice home on it.


 Section 2, Paragraph 11

The people who attacked, harassed, and abuse my family and i while we staged our street protest inside that public park were those who worked for the city of Toronto, especially those working for law enforcement and other emergency service employees such as ambulance drivers, and fire fighters.  These attacks included:

An undercover officer offering to give us illegal drugs (a marijuana joint) on two different occasions during the summer of 1990 while we stayed inside that park.

Different uniformed police officers showing up inside their squad cars on 6 different occasions, during the summer months, to try to convince us that it was not safe to live inside that public park.

A male and a female undercover officer showing up together inside that park for a few weeks during the month of July of 1990 and sun bathing in their bikini and bath trunks a short distance from where my family and i were seated on a blanket – in an attempt to create disunity between my husband and myself by trying to entice our egos and stimulate our loins with the presence of their poorly clad bodies.

Ambulance drivers, fire fighters, and police officers to making long and loud blast with the horns of their vehicles while they were driving past that park about midnight until early in the morning  - during the fall of 1990 January of 1990 while we lived inside that public park  – to wake us up and keep us from sleeping peacefully or soundly at nights.

The police sabotaging the propane tank that we placed outside of the defected van we were sleeping inside of, to keep ourselves warm and to cook our meals and make hot drinks on the two burner portable stove we had inside that van - on January 22nd  and:

Force us to flee from that frozen park late that night in order to keep from freezing to death.

Removing our car that no longer had a valid sticker, or any insurance, and our defected van from that public park that night.

Section 2, Paragraph 12

The different authorities operating inside this city decide that my family, “the Kavanaugh Family”, was a “subversive family” who had become “an enemy of the establishment” inside this city by the time that our 9 month protest was forcibly brought to an end.  It was a protest that was historic in different ways in the history of this country for being:

The longest street protest ever staged by any individual or group inside this city, or inside this country.

The longest act of civil disobedience ever staged by a family inside this country in its history.

It was a family protest that received local and national coverage by the mass media before it was forcibly ended by the local law enforcement. This included:

The initial story by Share Newspapers, the newspaper from our African Canadian community - that brought our plight to the people of this city and province – with the front page headline: “Homeless, Jobless, Pennyless Family To Sue the Federal Government” in early May of 1990 at the start of our family street protest.

The coverage by the Toronto Star about our story as a homeless family on three different occasions starting in July of 1990.

Coverage of our story by television station CFMT in July of 1990.

Nationwide coverage of our story by Patrick Duffy on his CTV weekly program called Sunday Edition the fall of 1990.


Section 2, Paragraph 13

While we lived inside that public park we were subjected to a number of horrific actions that were taken against us to try to drive my family and i into a state of deep depression and even a state of insanity.  This included:

Torturing animals (that sounded like cats) for three nights in a row for about four hours a night) somewhere close inside the bushes of that park while we were resting inside that defected van during a week of the summer of 1990.  There was no radio or stereo inside that defected old van; and our children, my husband, and myself were forced to listen to the blood curling and soul wrenching death screams of these innocent animals as they were being tortured slowly to death.

Torturing and killing a baby squirrel - during that same period that they cats were being tortured to death, that came out of the bushes one day that summer and lived with us as a member of our battered and abused family for about a month – one night while he slept inside the dog cage that we were using to keep him safe at nights, which we had placed securely just outside the van we were sleeping inside of for 100 days and 100 nights inside that public park.






Section Three

For almost the entire decade of the 1980’s my family was driven out of every place of residence and every community we lived inside by different groups of people living there because of the reclusive, secluded, and isolated life we lived as an African Canadian family in a city controlled and dominated mostly by people of European and Anglo-Saxon heritage.


Section 3, Paragraph 1

“Gangstalking is organized harassment at it's best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc. It's organized, widespread, and  describe this form of harassment as, "a psychological attack that can completely destroy a person’s life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators."  The people getting targeted seem to be (single) woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who have gone against large corporations, etc.


Section 3, Paragraph 2

Like our society's current obsession with "reality TV", this activity must inevitably gain popularity as the ultimate experience of "reality" entertainment. To the perpetrators, their targets are merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever the reasoning behind it, this is a vicious and calculated “hate crime.”  Others are blackmailed or forced into taking part in this activity. Others go along with it because they want to fit in and feel part of something that is large and powerful.  Some are part of community groups who believe they are targeting an undesirable. Some are part of the informant groups within cities.”  Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 3, Paragraph 3

I decide to take my family to live on the streets of Toronto in the spring of 1990 in order to protest the decades of violations and injustices we had been subjected to at the hands of different individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, governments, and the general public for the entire decade of the 1980’s – after we were evicted from our rented 13 room home of seven years on February of 2002.  These violations included:

The six years that we lived inside the Ontario Housing project at 710 Trethewey drive inside apartment #701 from 1979 – 1985 where:

A group of teenage boys and young men from my own African Canadian community constantly threatened to “rape me one of these days – about four years after we started living there - because i would not give any of them the time of day whenever they made their catcalls, whistles, or comments to me as i was walking past the playground – located between the two buildings at 710 and 720 Trethewey Drive by myself to go about my business.

The building manager of that housing project would stalk me each weekday – over a 6 month period in 1985 - by stand along the path where i would walk each week day to take my son to grade school located about 10 minutes from where we lived;  and staring me silently and intensely every single day for a number of months while i was doing so.

My six year old son, and my three year old daughter, both my husband, and myself would face daily harassment, and daily abuse for about two consecutive months – in the summer of 1985 - from an irate and hostile mother and her hostile friends, and acquaintances who lived in either or both of those two buildings: - because my husband and I decided to provide shelter to her teenage daughter who genuinely believed that she was being mistreated and abused by her own mother.

Section 3, Paragraph 4

The three years we lived inside the Metro Housing Project inside the Jane and Finch corridor, from the summer of 1985 to the summer of 1987, in the town house at 22 Driftwood Avenue in unit #61 and the different violations we were subjected to as a family. These included:

Having to keep our two adolescent children from using the playgrounds on this Metro Housing property in fear that they would be abused by some of the children and parents living inside his socially troubled and economically depressed housing project.

The elderly racist Caucasian couple living on one side of us who prevented our two children from playing in our backyard – a few months after we moved there until we moved out - by telling them not to come inside his yard to retrieve any of the balls that they were playing with that fell over the three foot fence into their backyard.

This same couple kept threatening to have the management of this government public housing evict us from that property; and whom the husband of this couple informed  my husband and myself one day that:  “I don’t want you people living next to me.  I don’t like niggers.”

The different troubled and violent groups of drug dealers, gang members, pimps, and prostitutes who had completely taken over the parking lot of that housing property – that was located a few yards from the fence of our backyard; and fought with each other on different occasions during many of the days and nights that we lived inside that public housing property;  as well as conduct their illegal business during the day and especially at nights inside the upper and lower level of that parking located directly behind our backyard.  On different occasions my husband, or myself, had to tell some of these young men not to sell their drugs behind the parking lot directly in front of our backyard.


One of these pimps or drug dealers coming to our front door, one evening during the summer of 1988, and threatening to cause me body harm because i had ignored his attempts to get my attention at different times when i was going into the parking lot to get our family car or coming from there after i parked it.


The final week that we lived at 22 Driftwood Avenue, where three young men were shot on different nights in that parking lot, at the lower level; and two of them died from those gunshot wounds.  All this violence, and these senseless killings, took place literally in an underground only less than twenty feet from our backyard fence.


Section 3, Paragraph 5

For over 18 consecutive months, starting in the fall of 1987 to the spring of 1989, we live inside a tiny, small, narrow roach infested and rodent filled basement apartment where we were subjected to many violations, abuses, and attacks at the hands of a group of adolescent Caucasian boys who lived inside that neighbourhood – lead by an 11 year old terror named “Mikey”, who lived with his racist parents right next door to us.  These violations included:


Being harassed, tormented, and ridiculed for practically all of the months that we lived there by this group of adolescent punks who:


Gave us the middle finger, and calls us “niggers” on different occasions.

Taunted, ridiculed, and mocked us whenever i played in our backyard with our kids.

Spray painted my husband one day while he and i were walking through the neighborhood with our kids.


Section 3, Paragraph 6

For a number of months i contacted the local police department and ask them for their help to stop these kids from continuing to terrorize my family.  I took different steps to try to get assistance from them and others to get these abusive kids to stop terrorizing my family. These included:


Calling the local police division and speaking to an officer there on four different occasions over a period of a six month period.

Speaking to one of their “community relations officer” on two different occasions about these problems we were having with these abusive adolescent boys.

Trying to speak to the parents of Mikey, the leader of this “brat pack” on two separate occasions about his abusive conduct towards myself, and the rest of my family members; and having the husband and later his wife shouting from behind their front door for us to “leave us alone you F&%#@ niggers”.


Section 3, Paragraph 7

Officers from this local police division failed to do anything to try to get these kids to stop abusive my family and myself, or to have their parents keep them from doing so and instead informed me that:


These kids were too young to be prosecuted in a court of law because of their age; and that they were aware of this fact – and used it to their advantage.

That until any of them committed a crime against us such as physically assaulting or harming myself, or my husband, for example, that their hands were tied.


Section 3, Paragraph 8

One day these kids attacked our children, during the summer of 1988, while they were playing across the road in the public park by:  a. knocking our daughter off her bicycle b. cutting the back of our son’s hair c. and frightening and terrifying them both that afternoon. And i ended up hitting the youngest of them twice, and lightly, on the side of one of his legs with a pencil thin piece of stick. For taking this responsible and necessary step to protect my children from being abused in the future by this brat pack i was unjustly violated, wrongfully attacked, and unfairly abused by  officers from the local police division in our area who came to my home an hour later and arrested me by:


Pushing me up against the wall inside our small basement apartment while i was putting on my makeup and wondering what i was suppose to do after they told me that: “you’re under arrest.

Knocking me over and throwing to the ground where i landed flat on my face.

Planting their knees on the top of my back and handcuffing me after doing so

Grabbing and pulling me up by the handcuffs off the ground and pushing me down inside the back of their police cruiser.

Ignoring my complaints to them that the handcuffs were placed on to tight and were hurting my wrist.

Refusing to allow my children to go with me to the police station after i informed them that i did not want my kids to have to walk all that far distance to that station by themselves.

Refusing to allow me to call a lawyer while i was in their custody for over eight hours even though i asked them on three separate occasions to allow me to do so – which they did not allow me to do until my husband showed up from work to pick me up from that station.

Having the same female officer who arrested me coming into the room where i was being held and punching me hard in the middle of stomach; and then telling me that: “Now you know how that little boy felt when you assaulted him”


Section 3, Paragraph 9

For trying to protect my children from being harassed, attacked, and even injured by these adolescent group of Caucasian adolescent boys, after taking every responsible and peaceful step that i knew to do so, i was unjustly tried in a court of law on the charge of assaulting that little boy, as well as the female police office who i bit on one of her wrists while she was assaulting me inside my home with the help of her male partner, who was of African Canadian heritage. I was wrongfully tried in a court of law in front of judge, where the following information was revealed inside that courtroom:


The parents of the child whom i was accused of assaulting that afternoon had been the ones who actually beaten their son severely with some kind of object on his back left his back laced with deep marks all over it, and left the child in a lot of pain.

They beat their child with what appeared to have been a belt after they found out what he and his older adolescent friends had done that afternoon inside that park to my two children.

The parents of this abused child did not take him to see their family physician because he had warned them about their habit of assaulting that child in the past; and had expressed his concerns to them.

The parents of that abused child decided to blame me for the assault that they had committed against their son that afternoon by calling the police and informing those same two officers who came to arrest me a short while after they had finished speaking to that family, and after they were shown the bruises and marks that they had left on that child’s back.


I was used as a scapegoat by the parents of this abused child in their cowardly attempt to shift the blame for assaulting their son from themselves on to me – in the fear that they would be charged with child abuse; and have their son taken from them and placed in the care of the children’s Aid Society.  I was the perfect victim.  They had beaten him severely, and left him badly bruised even though they knew that they had intentionally convince the police, to come and arrest me and charge me with assaulting their child.  They committed the crime and I was made to pay the price for them.


Section 3, Paragraph 10

At this trial the judge found me guilty of assaulting the child because i had admitted that i had hit him lightly at the side of his leg twice; and also found me guilty of assaulting that female police officer because i also admitted that i had bit her on the wrist in self defense.  He gave me a suspended sentence, however. And he also gave me some sound advice:


“You are a lady with a lot of wisdom and sound integrity, from what I have seen and hear from you in this courtroom.  You have expressed yourself well under extreme pressure in this courtroom, given your lack of legal training about court matters and procedures.  The message you have given this court about the need for families to take responsibility for each other’s well being, and other issues you have raised, is a sound one.  You should find a forum, and take your message to the general public.  It will be useful and helpful for a lot of people.”

The Autobiography of a God




Section Four


My husband and i were driven out of the workplace by the start of the 1990’s: because we both refused to go along in order to get along with disrespectful and degrading comments and behavior on the part of some of our co-workers, supervisors, and managers towards us in different industries we worked in.


Section 4, Paragraph 1


“Targeting can happen to anyone in society. In the past primary targets of programs such as Cointelpro have been minorities. Targeting however can happen to anyone. Individuals are often targeted for being outspoken, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who go up against wealthy corporations, woman's groups, (single) women, anti-war proponents, individuals identified or targeted as problems at these community meetings, and other innocent individuals. The majority of the targets are often not aware that they are being targeted in this way. When a target moves, changes jobs, the harassment still continues. Every time the target moves, the same information, lies, and slander will be spread out into the new community and the systemic monitoring and harassment will continue.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 4, Paragraph 2


Throughout my work history in this country i have been deliberately prevented from pursuing a career in every industry i have worked in over the years; and intentionally pushed to live in a state of economic poverty simply because i was someone who made it clear in her words, and her actions, that i refuse to “go along in order to get along and get ahead in this materialistic, profit driven, instant gratification, and sexually preoccupied North American culture. I have worked as a fashion model, movie extra’s, clothing fashion associate, security guard, night club bouncer with husband, and as an unpaid full time mother to my two now grown children and housewife to my beloved husband.  From the fall of 1975 to the summer of 1988 i worked in different areas of the entertainment industry before i was pushed out of the workplace in this city. During that period of time i was subjected to a number of different violations in the workplace. These included:


 My being underpaid or not paid at all while working as a model for different modeling agencies including Holub, and International Top Model.

 Being offered a job as a modeling teacher and being told that i would have to snoop on the models for me to get that job – which i refused to do.

 Informed by different managers of different modeling agencies that i would have to go out with different clients, and also attend meetings for models held in posh restaurants in order to discuss ways to boost my modeling career.

I became the target of men and women who mistreated me because they feared that i was there to climb my way up the work ladder and take away their opportunity to do so from them, or even take away their current job from them – because of the professional, classy, and dignified way that i presented myself and treat my fellow co-workers as well as customers or clients.

For speaking out in the workplace against workplace violations committed against myself or my fellow workers, or against disrespectful and degrading behaviour committed against myself or against any of my co-workers – while i worked as a movie extra during the 1980’s - i  became someone who was:


Attacked by different workers and people in management for doing so.

Blacklisted from the workplace for being someone who spoke out about violations committed against myself or against my co-workers.


Section 4, Paragraph 3

My husband experienced many of the same abuses during the decades that he was employed in the workplace in the city of Toronto.  The same types of sexist, promiscuous, and racist men who made me a target for their sexual advances were the same types who harassed, ridiculed, and persecute my husband inside the different places he worked at since the early 1980’s.  The worse violations he experienced was while he was working for a multinational auto part manufacturing company called Cummins OER., which had been rated as one of the top corporate citizens in America, according to Business Ethics Magazine, a top watchdog of the corporate culture, when it ranked this company “7th overall in the 2002 listing, up from 16th in 2001”.  Some of these workplace violations included:


Having a number of his fellow workers inside the department he worked in:


Questioning his “manhood” by calling him “gay” whenever he tried to let them know about how disrespectful, degrading, and wrong it is for a man to prove his manhood by lusting after, or sleeping with different women – whether or not he is single or married; and encouraging him to adopt the practice of “admitting nothing and denying everything” if ever and whenever he is caught doing anything wrong at work, or inside his home.

Regularly addressing each other by the vulgar name that is used to identity the human rectum; and they had an even stranger practice of grabbing each other's crotch, and squeezing each other's butt - which he said he made sure did not happen to him.

Constantly referred to "boy," by a senior worker whenever he greeted me; constantly asked about the size of loins, my voodoo doll, and my black magic by two particular workers; and told many dirty jokes, and many perverted nursery rhymes by these same two.

Asked him on a regular basis by at least 5 different guys, to go with them to strip bars to see some "pink eye;" or to go to night clubs to pick up chicks - even after he kept telling them that he was happily married, and not interested in taking part in such a disrespectful and disloyal behaviour.

Having one of these workers that came to find him, to tell me that his wife was here to see him and then asked me this unbelievable question of my husband: "when you are done with her, can I have her?" The Autobiography of a God


Section 4, Paragraph 4

These sexist, and perverted workers who persecuted my husband, did not stop there in their emotional and mental attacks against him.  They went even further and way over the line of the conduct that was expected of workers in that blue-collar environment. Andraggon explains:


“I was also forced to listen to many of them, trying to convince me that it was okay to cheat on my wife as long as she does not find out; forced to listen to their accounts about the different women they slept with, when their wives were not around; forced to watch some of them "play gay" - and go behind each other, and gyrate their genital on that person's buttocks, on a regular basis; and once doing a threesome.  And for the last 2 months that I worked there, I had at least 3 different co-workers who pushed a picture of a naked woman, in front of my face to try to force me to look at it - because I had made it very clear to them, that I did not agree with women or men, being portrayed and disrespected in such a degrading manner.  And I became very tense about using the only washroom in our area, in the afternoons, after one co-worker kept telling me to go in the washroom, and "do the cleaning lady" - who happened to also be an African Canadian Lady - on a number of occasions, when she came in our area to clean the washrooms.”

The Autobiography of a God


     Section 4, Paragraph 5


Then there was the experience he had with one of the workers at this multi-national plant in the province of Ontario, which he should not have been subjected to, and which is one of the most disgusting forms of abuses any worker anywhere can be subjected to.  Here’s Andraggon again:


“For the last three weeks that I was there, I was coerced into listening to the disgusted tales of someone I came to call the "Story teller," whose thing was to talk in details about how he enjoys sodomizing all types of animals -  pigs, dogs, cats, and especially rabbits. This caused me to lose my appetite to eat meat of any kind for about two weeks. In fact, I became so frustrated, and dismayed, by the systematic harassment and taunting that I was subjected to, that I stopped going to the cafeteria area on my breaks or for lunch.  Since that was the only place in the plant where we were allowed to eat, I often missed having my snacks or my meals; and when I did have it, I did so very quickly, so that I could go to an area of the plant, where workers from my own dept especially, did not hang out.”

The Autobiography of a God



Section Five


After our historic street protest as a homeless family ended in January of 1991 the different bodies of authority operating inside the city of Toronto, intensify their Gangstalking and Surveillance operation against myself and my small family through that entire decade – especially during the seven years we lived inside  a 13 room house in a middle class neighbourhood from the summer of 1994 – February of 2001.


Section 5, Paragraph 1


“Gangstalking is organized harassment at it's best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quite, etc.  It's organized, widespread, and growing. Some describe this form of harassment as, "a psychological attack that can completely destroy a person’s life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators."  The people getting targeted seem to be (single) woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who have gone against large corporations, etc.”  Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 5, Paragraph 2

My husband and especially myself, became bigger targets for the different authorities in this city after we were forced to end our 9 month street protest by the actions of some officers from the police division a block away, who sabotage the propane tank we were using to keep the old defected Ford van warm that we had been sleeping inside of as a family for exactly 100 nights to that point.  My persecuted family had become deeply scarred emotionally, and very traumatized mentally from the over two decades of persecution, harassment, attacks, and abuses that we had been forced to endure at the hands of the multitude of different people working inside different institutions, government agencies, corporations, and inside different communities that we lived inside of during this period of time, to try to destroy my resilient, and closely bonded family, and especially my marriage of over 17 years at that point to my husband.


Section 5, Paragraph 3

We were a couple, a family, whose members had been watched more closely, attacked more intensely, and Gang Stalked more relentless than any other family in the history of this country.  By the start of the winter of 2002, we were a family that had simply had enough, and a family whose spiritual leader was willing and ready to lead her now homeless family back to the streets of Toronto – to stage another homeless protest.


Section 5, Paragraph 4

During the entire decade of the 1990’s we were the targets and victims of covert police investigation and a round the clock surveillance program orchestrated and conducted against us by different of intelligence operating inside the levels of government found inside this city; and using people living or working inside every community that we called home during the 1990’s to “gang stalk” us in whatever manner, shape, or form that they are able to do so.  While we lived inside that 13 room rented house at 48 Dunmail Drive we became the target and victims of a number of different violations and attacks, which included the following:


One night a car “accidentally” drove through the backyard of the fence that we shared with the neighbour –  during the summer of 1997 -  to send us a message that “the authorities can do harm to us if and whenever they choose to do so.

Later that same week a dead bird was tossed over the fence into our back yard to send us the message that the same fate could easily happen to us if i did not stop speaking about different problems that the governments operating inside this city were deliberately creating for myself and the other members of my family.

After my husband was wrongfully dismissed from his well paying manufacturing job with Cummins OER, in the spring of 2001, my family ended up having our heat being cut off about six months later by Consumers Gas, after we were no longer able to pay the gas bill.


Section 5, Paragraph 5

This action forced us to live inside that large house without any heat for five consecutive months from November 2001 – February 2002 where:


My husband ended up gathering wood, fallen trees, and any type of item that he could find throughout  the neighbourhood  that we could burn inside the fireplace that just happened to be working in that cold house.

My family gathered every book, clothes, newspapers, magazines, and every item that could be burned inside that fireplace to provide us with some heat.

We managed to keep that fireplace going round the clock for over three consecutive months because of the different items that we used to burn inside it.

We used thick dark curtains as walls of cloths to:

Shield the draft of cold air that kept seeping inside our cold home.

 Blocked the hallway, the stairway, the living room, dining room, and kitchen with those curtains, by stapling them from one side of each of those areas to the other.

 Made that living room into a warm place that the rest of the family could keep warm in as we stayed behind the walls of those dark curtains, by stapling those curtains to the walls and also to the floor.



Section 5, Paragraph 6

For about three of those five months, we tried to heat that house by keeping that fireplace going.  I think that we were the only family living in the entire province of Ontario whose fireplace stayed burning for over 90 consecutive days and nights during the winter of 2001.  The only time that it went out during that period of time was whenever it became so clogged with ashes that it had to be cleaned out completely.  So at least once a week for those twelve weeks or so our fireplace had to be cleaned.  Most of the time I did that part, but after awhile my husband learned how to do it by watching how I cleaned it, and after a while he would help out as well.  By the time that we were forced out of that house, there was a small mound of ashes in the corner of the yard near the back door of our house.  One day we brought home a baseboard heater that we had finally decide to purchase.  Since we lost our heat, we had been thinking about buying a few, but we never had the money to get them until then.  Over the years we had come to realize that one of the most effective way to heat a house was with baseboard heaters.


Section 5, Paragraph 7

This time, though, when we really needed them, to keep from literally freezing to death, we finally got them.  First we bought one, then two weeks later we purchased two more, once we were able to afford to get more.  Those baseboards did the trick.  Once we got those three baseboard heaters plugged in, in those three areas I just mentioned, we were suddenly able to use other rooms inside that cold house.  They warmed up the living room, the front hallway next to the bathroom, and they also brought heat to the bedrooms upstairs.  After three months of being forced to live in one room, and having to be dressed in our street clothes, just as if we were walking outside that house, we were finally able to take off most of those heavy clothes.  Our daughter was now able to go back into her own bedroom, and even stay in her room during the days, as well as sleep there during the nights.” The Autobiography of a God


 One afternoon during the fall of 2001, we were attacked inside our place of residence by our landlady, and a group of her friends, who pounded on every door and window of that house non-stop for over 30 minutes to try to force us to leave there.


Section 5, Paragraph 8

The different levels of authorities working in this city decide to launch a major attack against the mental and emotional health of myself, and my family, during the last few weeks that we lived at 48 Dunmail Drive by co-opting or coercing our landlady to conduct a surprise attack against us one afternoon while we sat inside our cold, and locked, home that was covered with thick black curtain throughout to keep the cold air from seeping in and the warm air from the furnace from leaking out.  They provided a body of false information to our landlady that she used as her ammunition to launch an attack of sounds against us as we sat inside the living room of that cold house – and absorb the ear piercing and nerve wrenching sounds that pounded throughout every cell inside our stunned but calm bodies.  Our landlady and her gang of vigilante friends began:


Ringing our front door bell and continued doing so non stop for over thirty minutes. An excerpt from the manuscript of my autobiography describes this pre-emptive strike that was launched against my family that afternoon by our landlady and her vigilante friends, with the authorization and the encouragement of the authorities operating inside this city:


Section 5, Paragraph 9

“What happened afterwards can only be described as criminal: people were pounding with their fist on all three doors (plus the sliding door) of the house we lived in.  Some were banging loudly on the windows on the main floor of the house, including the kitchen windows, and the living room one.  And our doorbell continued to ring as if the person had glued their finger to it, so that they can keep it from stopping.  The whole house had exploded with the sounds of fists banging and hands pounding our doors and windows and a finger ringing our front door bell.


Section 5, Paragraph 10

 Our landlady had brought a group of vigilante who had decided that they would pound on our windows and bang on our doors and ring our doorbell in order to drive my family crazy.  Our young adult daughter, my husband, and myself were inside that house as it shook with the sounds and the vibrations from the fists and hands of over a dozen women that our landlady had brought with her.  For about half an hour, my small family sat and stood inside the living room of that house wondering why these people were behaving like hooligans, as we listened to them attack our family.  They were not only trying to frighten us as we remained locked inside that house, but they also wanted to drive us into become angry and outraged to the point where my husband or I would open one of those doors, so that they can enter the house and try to physically force my family out of that house.


Section 5, Paragraph 11

These people were like a pack of angry wolves as they pounded and banged on the windows and doors of this house while ringing that annoying doorbell nonstop.  I don’t know which was more disturbing – the doorbell that would not stop ringing inside our house or the violent pounding and banging that just went on and on.  If they were trying to drive my family crazy that day with those storms of sounds and loud vibrations that engulfed our house for over thirty minutes, they were badly mistaken.  My family had endured attacks on our minds, that made this invasion of sounds inside our home seem like just a loud symphony - of ringing and pounding and banging with the fists and palms being used as instruments to create that storm of sounds.  Those two nights that we spent locked up inside our old van, in that public park (being forced to listen for hours to the blood curling and gut wrenching death screams of that animal who was being tortured to death) had prepared us for everything that could attack our minds in the future.”

The Autobiography of a God


The day the local fire department unlawfully and intentionally break into our home, in late January of 2002, while we were waiting or the local sheriff to come and evict us from there – under the pretext that they thought our home was on fire and our lives were in danger.


Section 5, Paragraph 12

While we continued to wait for the sheriff to come and evict us from that rented property – after the court decided to authorize them to do so -  my family and i were subjected to another major attack that was launched against us by the authorities operating inside this city.  This time it was at the hands of fire  fighters from a local fire station who showed up at our front door one morning; and whom my husband had decided must be the sheriff who had finally showed up after keeping us waiting for over to weeks past his eviction date for him to show up. No one inside our home answer the door or even checked to see who was ringing our door bell, and speaking to each other on walkie talkies. These fire fighters, who we believed was the sheriff and his deputies, decided to:


Break into our home by removing the side door to gain entrance into it; and then tell us a story about:  how a neighbor had called and reported that they noticed thick smoke coming from the top of our chimney, and that they thought that this house was also engulfed in that heavy thick smoke.  So they called the fire department and reported their concern.”



Section Six


After we were forced to leave our rented home of 7 years by a sheriff with eviction orders in February of 2002, i took my emotionally wounded and mentally traumatized family back to the streets of Toronto to live on the grounds of New City Hall as we had done 12 years earlier – but this time we were going to do so on foot instead of instead a car: in a security heightened post 911 world.


Section 6, Paragraph 1

“The goal is to sensitize the target to a stimuli, isolate the target, make them destitute. The secondary goals seem to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goals seem to be to drive the target to suicide.  The surprising thing is that gang stalkers can be found in every level of society. There is no real age barrier, gender barrier, and a variety of races do participate.  In almost every occupation in society you can find people who are going along with this.  Gangstalking for many is seen as a game, a sport to be played with another individual’s life. Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this game is to destroy a person.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 6, Paragraph 2


Within a few hours after we were evicted from our home of seven years on February 5th  of 2001, i decided to have my family and i stage a second family protest on the grounds of New City Hall, where we had staged our first family protest over a decade earlier for an entire week during the spring of 1990.  This time, however, we did not have a vehicle of our own to live inside of; and this time we would be doing so in a security heightened post 911 world – and during the annual Winter Fest.  When we finally arrived on the grounds of New City Hall we were subjected to a number of violations against our constitutional rights to stage a peaceful protest on the grounds of this government property by security staff working there who informed us that:


We could stay on the grounds of New City Hall for as long as wanted to do so. But that we were not allowed to set up any kind of structure there such as a tent to stay inside of.

We had to remove the tent that we had set up on the grounds of that government property to keep ourselves, and our daughter, warm while we staged our three member family protest on one of the coldest days of that winter to that point.

They were going to have the police come and remove us from that property if we did not remove the tent we had set up there.


Over four hours after we had pitched our tent a number of police officers showed up and continues this calculated attack against my family rights and freedom to stage a peaceful protest on the grounds of a government property in the city of Toronto.  These violations included:


Placing myself, and then my husband, and our daughter under arrest after they asked us three times to take down our tent, and we refused to do so as a part of our protest action.

  Transporting my entire family to a local police station where they subjected each of us to:


 A complete strip search by having each of us remove all of our clothing in the presence of officers from our respective gender and exposing our rectum to show them that did not have any  weapon or drug hidden there. i was not asked to remove by underwear by the Oriental female police officer who conducted my strip search nor did she ask me to turn around and bend over to touch my toes as my husband and daughter were asked to do.

Locked up my daughter and myself inside a holding for over seven hours that night.

 Locked up my husband inside a separate holding cell for the same period of time.

 Released us from their custody only after we each sign some form stating that we would not return to the grounds of New City Hall and set up our tent there again – or face further charges and a longer period of time behind bars.

 Having to listen to one of those officers on duty used the “f” word at least four times in a conversation that he was having with one of his fellow officers; and another female officer who was telling a story about some woman who was sleeping around with some man, while using a very raw and vulgar language to do so – the kind that men often used when they get together to boast about their sexual conquest with other women.

Telling us that they would keep our cat in custody and release her to us after they had released us from their custody; but deciding to place her instead in the custody of the Humane Society – where we ad to go and pick her up about a week later: after we had settled inside the motel room that the Scarborough Family Residence had placed us in as a homeless family living inside their shelter.

Forcing my family and i to walk all the way back to the grounds of New City from that police station, which took us over an hour to do so with the wooden cart that we had build and packed over 100 pounds of items including food, clothing, sleeping blankets, and other personal items inside of.

Having to drag our cart that had lost one of its wheels for a number of blocks to that government property that cold winter`s day on February 6th of 2001.



Section Seven


Since our street protest as a homeless family ended in January of 1991 we have been a family who has had listening devices, and sometimes viewing ones, secretly installed inside every place of residence we have called home since then – including our current address – by different undercover agents or informants of the Governments operating in this city.


Section 7, Paragraph 1


“People from all walks of life are being recruited to be the eyes and ears of the state. People from all races, ages, genders. Every sector of society that you can think of is a part of this. Civilian Spies/Snitches include, but are not limited to: General labourers, the wealthy, bikers, drug dealers, drug users, street people, punks, hip hop culture, KKK, black activists, church groups, youth groups, Fire Fighters, police officers, lawyers, health care workers, store keepers, maids, janitors, cable installers, phone repair persons, mail carriers, locksmiths, electricians, etc. There really is no minimum or maximum age range. An article came out recently in the Uk, saying they were recruiting children as young as eight years old to be Covert Human Intelligence Sources.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 7, Paragraph 2

“My family have been living as prisoners in the Canadian Society for most of our lives, especially since I took them to live on Toronto streets in 1991, to stage a family protest against the years of unjust and unfair treatment that we were forced to endure as a family.  There were no bars confining us like the ones that you can see in a prison, especially if you are a prisoner being held in one.  But there were barriers that blocked us from moving ahead with our lives, everywhere we turned, in the workplace, in the school system, in the Justice System, and even in public places.  There were no prison guards standing outside guarding our cells, to keep us from leaving our jails without being watched, or followed, as we moved about in that penitentiary, or any warden to run the operations of that prisoner.  But there were law enforcement officers who kept a close watch over my family as we moved about in a Canadian Society that became a prison for us; and the politicians at City Hall and Queen’s Park and even in Ottawa who were in control at the different levels of governments had become the wardens, who ran the systems of control which imprisoned my family, and millions of other families living and working in Canada.


Section 7, Paragraph 3


Since we came off the streets in January of 1991, my family has been under constant surveillance by law enforcement, including the Metropolitan Toronto Police. And the main method that they have used to do so has been through the use of modern technology in the form of hidden listening devices – otherwise called "bugs" - as well as hidden viewing devices, such as tiny hidden cameras that they had the different landlords we have rented from since 1991 until present installed one or more of these intrusive devices inside every place of residence we have called home since then; and doing so before we moved into it; and also placing one or more of these intrusive devices on the outside area of each place we have rented to live in over the past twenty years – with or without the knowledge or consent of each of our respective landlords.


Section 7, Paragraph 4


One or more of these intrusive, and illegal, devices were installed inside, or outside of each of the following residence we called home since our family protest was forcibly brought to an end by law enforcement in the January of 1991. These included the:


Three bedroom house that we lived inside of at 19 Murray Road from 1991 – 1992.

Three bedroom house that we rented at 94 Danforth Road from 1992-1993.

Four bedroom house that we rented at 48 Dunmail Drive for over seven years.

Three bedroom unit of the 2nd of the Co-op duplex that we lived inside of for three years at our current address at 10 Spring Grove Avenue from 2004 – 2007.

The first floor unit inside this same duplex we have lived inside of since 2007 until present.

Phone line of every telephone we have had inside every place of residence we have lived since the spring of 1991.


Section 7, Paragraph 3


Some of the examples of these devices being secretly installed inside different places of residence we called home since the spring of 1991 include:


The night in the spring of 1997 that a man who my husband met for the first time, named Delroy, brought a local actress of African Canadian heritage  with him to our home to meet us; and her placing at least one electronic bug inside of the master bedroom that my husband and i slept in when we lived at 48 Dunmail Drive:


This actress used our washrooms at least three more times, including the two upstairs.  When she wanted to use one of them again, I had her use the one downstairs, which I had checked to make sure was clean enough for her to use by that time.  After they left, I informed my husband that she had placed bugs inside our home, either in the large walk-in closet inside our bedroom, or in one or a few of the bathrooms.  We decided to search those places especially to see if we could find any electronic bugs, or even any small hidden camera.  We did not find anything, though we searched for only about half hour.  We even went through my clothes in my closet. We did not know what to look for, or even where to look for it.  Neither one of us had ever seen electronic bugs or hidden cameras, but we had heard that they could be as small as a coin, and that they could be hidden inside anything.  I knew they were there, however, and that this stranger had placed at least two of them somewhere upstairs inside our home.”  The Autobiography of a God


Section 7, Paragraph 4


One of the metaphysical abilities that I brought with me as child Avatar when I came to this planet, was the ability to detect whenever someone, or others, are speaking about me, or even speaking to me.  I have the ability to read human beings, and other types of beings, like an open book; and to see and hear their true thoughts, and feelings, about situations or circumstances that they find themselves in at any point in time in their lives – including information about hidden devices that they have installed inside each place of residences that we called home since 1991.


Section 7, Paragraph 5


Using listening devices, or even hidden cameras to find out what people are up to in Society, has long been a standard practice for the intelligence agencies, as well as law enforcement.  In the case of people who were involved in criminal activities, or who were suspected of being, law enforcement in different levels were known for using these devices.  And they could even get authorization from the Justice System for them to do so, which they did when they decided that they needed to.


Section 7, Paragraph 6


That was one of the most effective, and the least expensive methods, that they had in their war against crime, and in their effort to get information about what the “bad guys” were up to.  It was even more effective than the use of informants, whenever they were able to put them in the places that they wanted them to be.  This excerpt from the unpublished book manuscript of my life and work provides information about the presence of these intrusive devices inside and outside of our home over the years, and the reaction of some of the people in the mass media who were using these hidden devices to listen in on everything that we did or said inside the privacy of our different residences over the years:


 “My family was under siege in a way that we had not been before.  We were now stripped of the last thing in our lives that we had clung to, after everything else were taking from us, including job opportunities - the freedom to move about in Society without being mistreated by others, and our human rights to live our lives with dignity and respect.  We were now living under a microscope, where even our private lives were now being invaded and violated by the presence of these listening devices.  During the rest of those months that we lived at 19 Murray Road, I became a living radar for letting my family know when people on the radio, and also on the television, were speaking about my family, and especially to me, or about me.  It did not take these prying media people very long to discover that I had the uncanny ability to also detect when they were speaking to me, or about me, or about my family.


Section 7, Paragraph 7


At first they could not believe that I was actually able to detect that they were doing so.  So they kept on using different ways to test my ability to know when they did so.  They started to try to speak to me in codes to see if I could pick up that they were doing that, or even what they were saying.  They began to use other things to speak to me, or about me. They would do things like making comments, or telling stories, or even playing certain types of music.  And every time that they did so, if I happen to be listening to the radio, or watching the television at the time, my body would tune into its higher level of awareness, and pick up that information that they had sent to me.  What they did not know was that no matter how much they used their conscious mind to try to hide the fact that they were speaking to me, or about me, (through their coded forms of communication) was that the their conscious thoughts that they were using to form their intentions to speak to me, or about me, is instantly transmitted through a kind of wave length that is similar to the radio waves that they were using to carry the sounds of their voices into my living room through the radio.


Section 7, Paragraph 8


Since they began to put bugs inside our home at 19 Murray Road in the fall of 1989, I began to talk right back to these radio and television personalities.  They had the nerve to place their bugs inside my home, to try to find out what kind of person I really was, and I made sure that they knew that they were also being studied, and schooled by this God.  I did not always let them know what I thought about what they were saying to me, or about me, but whenever they said things directly or through codes, that I thought were unfair or wrong, I would give them a piece of my mind.  At first my family did not know what to think of what I was telling them, about these people using their listening devices to listen in on our private lives, and then making comments about us, hoping that I would be able to know that they were doing that, if I had the abilities of a highly developed being as they had been told that I did.  They did not have the abilities to detect the things that I did, but they also had come to rely on me to use these same abilities to keep our family safe, and literally from being killed at different times.  So they trusted my abilities, and they also had come to see years ago that I was always honest, and always dead on in what I saw, or heard, or read in what people were saying or doing to my family.”  The Autobiography of a God




Section 7, Paragraph 9


Other occasions when they placed hidden electronic bugs inside our place of residence include:


The day that an electronic bug was secretly placed somewhere inside the living room of our home at 48 Dunmail drive, in the summer of 1996, by a Caucasian man who we had met in the downtown area - who claimed to be television producer and who knew that my husband and I were the couple who had lived on Toronto’s streets with our children – when he and another person came to our home to “interview us.”


The morning that we I noticed a pair of large footprints coming from the entrance of our gate right up to the side of the house near where our bedroom window that were made the previous night by someone who enter that property during the night – to plant an electronic bug somewhere on the outside of that property that night.  We had just moved into that property at 48 Dunmail Drive the previous day.



Section Eight


Next to law enforcement the largest group of Gang Stalkers that have been used by the Governments operating in the city of Toronto has proven to be the drivers working for the public transit system in this city called the Toronto Transit Commission.


Section 8, Paragraph 1


“Gangstalking has also been recognized by members of the mobbing community.  http://www.mobbing-usa.com & http://www.gangstalking.ca. The problem with gangstalking just like other urban slang is that it has not been normalized in society, and until it is people will continue to misunderstand this modern day reincarnation of several old time harassment's.  Eg. Gangstalking is similar to what the KKK used against blacks in the south, what Hitler`s Brown Shirts used against the Jews, and what the organized harassment the Stasi used against dissidents in East Germany. It can be hoped that with enough education and understanding this issue will someday become normalized in society and that there will be enough understanding and support for targets.  Community mobbing organized stalking multi-stalking cause stalking group stalking. It can be hoped that with enough education and understanding this issue will someday become normalized in society and that there will be enough understanding and support for targets.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 8, Paragraph 2


For the past few decades law enforcement, and the media, as well as other authorities in government, were all treating my family as if we were criminals who were up to no good, and who should not only be watched in the privacy of their own home, but also followed around wherever we went when we went outside of our home.  The fact that we did not have our own private means of transportation, such as our own car, to move about the city made us a perfect target for these predators to follow around.  It also made it very easy for them to do so.  And we had no way of keeping them from doing so, or even making it hard for them to literally shadow our every movement. We either had to walk on foot to get to wherever we needed to go, that was within walking distance, or we were forced to use the public transit system in Toronto, in the form of the Toronto Transit Commission, (T.T.C.).  Most of our lives together, we have had to use the public transit, except for about two years in the middle of the 1980’s when we owned that old Plymouth Reliant, and also for about another two years when I had my 1982 Subaru hatchback.  For the other twenty years or so, we used the T.T.C..


Section 8, Paragraph 3

Since the early 1980’s i brought a number of different problems to the management of the TTC regarding some of the unethical policies and immoral practices as a public transit system. These included the concerns i expressed to them regarding:


Many of the disrespect and abusive conduct of many of its drivers towards myself, my husband, our teenager daughter at the time, and other TTC commuters over the last three decades that we have used this public transit system as our major source of transportation across this city. This including the habit of different drivers who:


Sit inside their warm bus for a number of minutes – inside the bus platform in one of the subway stations - while passengers are left to stand and wait patiently  in the cold Canadian weather, especially, for the driver to bring their bus to the bus platform for them to board it.  And then having this driving giving some explanation that he was running a number of minutes ahead of schedule; or that he was using that time as part of his break to have something to eat or drink when myself, or my husband, ask him why he sat and waited away from that bus platform for that many number of minutes.

Drivers who had a habit of driving their bus along their route really slow and crawling at a snail’s pace - as if they are part of a funeral process; and then giving the explanation that they are doing so because they are x number of minutes are ahead of schedule when my husband or i ask them why they are driving so slowly.

Those overzealous and overaggressive TTC drivers who behave like they are undercover fare fraud inspectors posing as bus drivers and mistreating passengers who board their bus by personally scrutinizing and closely inspecting every transfer, fare, and Metro pass that is shown to him by passengers who board his bus – such as the one whom my husband ended up having a confrontation with one evening along the Midland bus route: after he had behaved in that Gestapo manner towards him on three previous occasions.

After my husband refused to hand over his metro pass for this driver to personally inspect it as he had done three previous times before; and argued with this driver – he decided to put his bus out of service, contacting TTC dispatch, who sent over an TTC inspector, as well as some TTC cops to that location where he had put the bus out of service at the corner of Lawrence Avenue East and Midland Avenue.  Two police officers also showed up and wrongfully placed me under arrest after i refused to give them information about name and my address.

TTC drivers who acted like they were line inspectors by asking every passenger who were leaving his bus through the front door to “stand behind the white line” – even if that passenger had just one of their feet resting on that white line, or even that passenger was someone who was disabled or an elderly person who had just stood up and moved to the front of that bus to get ready to leave through the front doors.

TTC drivers who misuse their authority as drivers of a public transit bus to force every passenger getting of their bus through the front door – to use the center of that bus instead: even if that passenger was a elder person who was sitting at the front of the bus in the seats reserve for the elders, and was about to get off at the next stop; or even if that passenger was a disabled person, or a mother with a baby carriage – who found it safer and easier to off board that bus through the front door instead of the center doors.

TTC drivers who would see my husband and i running towards the bus stop to try to board their bus before they pull away from that stop, and intentionally drive away from that stop just as we were about to get there – in order to make sure that they did not allow us to board their bus; and force us instead to wait at that bus stop for the next bus to come along – which often took over ten minutes or longer depending on the route that we were on and on the time of day that we were travelling at the time.  We were subjected to this disrespectful treatment on regular basis over the years especially after our street protests ended in 1991.

TTC drivers who see myself and my family members waiting at the front of the line to board their bus or their streetcar – and intentionally decide to stop that vehicle a short distant from where we stood in order to prevent us from being the first passengers to board that vehicle; and also to make sure that other passengers who were lined up behind us boarded that vehicle first instead of us.  This has been done to myself and my family members at least a dozen different times in the past year alone.


Section 8, Paragraph 4


Other examples of this form of gangstaking include:


Having to sit or stand inside bus that drivers allow to become too crowded because they overload that bus with too many passengers while waiting on the bus platform for too long for more passengers to show up, or while driving along their route and picking up other passengers.  This happens especially during busy travel periods such as during the early morning when people are going to work or else and during the early evening when they are coming from work or going out somewhere.


Disrespectful and degrading pictures of women dressed in skimpy, or tight, clothes that expose private areas of their bodies that should not be shown in public places or to anyone else except their husband or boyfriend.


Women posing in pornographic positions, or making seductive gestures, in pictures that are posted throughout the subway system, inside buses, streetcars, and even bus stops as part of advertizement that the TTC gives its permission to be displayed throughout its public transit system – as a means of earning revenues from these advertisements to help cover the cost of operating this public transit system, which is funded partially by the government of Ontario.


Section 8, Paragraph 5


Over the past twenty years, and especially during the last 10 years, the TTC has been used by the different bodies of authorities operating in this city to coerce or co-op different drivers into making myself and my other family members targets to harass, violate, and persecute in whatever ways that they are able to do so.  Some of the others ways that they have done so include:


Trying to drive their buses over our feet while we are standing at a main intersection somewhere along St Clair Avenue West – while they are making a right hand turn from that particular intersection onto St Clair Avenue West.  Since we have been living at our current address over the past 6 years in Toronto West End: a TTC bus driver has attempted to run over our feet in this manner at least 10 different times.

Intentionally posting pornographic pictures inside some of their buses in an attempt to blatantly disrespect, demoralize, degrade, and goad me this spiritual master in becoming upset and angry enough to react and take drastic action to show my disapproval and disappointment about being violated in this systematic, immoral, and public manner – that may be deemed unlawful by the laws of this land: but a justified and lawful course of action according the sacred laws of the Spiritual Hierarchy, which is the highest authority of any kind in existence.


Section 8, Paragraph 6


One Sunday afternoon in the summer of 2003, i torn down a pornographic posture that was posted as an ad inside the TTC bus that my husband and i  had just boarded  - of the three women who were dressed in thong bikinis standing against a wall with their butts sticking up in the air as if they were getting ready to be sex in some kind of group orgy session.  Apparently it was a poster that was advertizing some movie that was going to be shown in theatres soon. For doing so i was subjected to the following abuses by the TTC, and the Ontario Justice System:


I was confronted, along with my husband, by two Metro police officers and interrogated as to why i had removed that pornographic poster from inside that TTC bus that afternoon.

I was charged with a crime of “destroying TTC property” by those two police officers.

I was unjustly tried in a “TTC courtroom” by an Ontario Court judge who found me guilty of destroying TTC property after i admitting to remove that posture from inside bus.

I was wrongfully given a sentence of being “banned from using the public transit system for 6 months.”


Section 8, Paragraph 7


This unjust sentence meant that since the TTC was the only means of transportation that my family and i had to travel inside this city:


 That i was effectively stranded and left without any means of travelling for the next six months to: purchase groceries, keep medical appointments, keep dental appointments, attend any functions of any kind; and travel to any event of any kind that was outside of walking distance from the motel that we were living inside of as a homeless family staying inside the Scarborough Family Residence shelter program.


Section 8, Paragraph 8


The authorities inside this city have used the public transit system as a weapon to attack, harass, torment, and persecute myself especially, and my two other family members living with me, through the actions of thousands of paid and unpaid informant from the community who they have coerced and co-opted to use different methods, means, and ways to try to disrupt our day whenever we use the public transit system – and disturb, frustrate, and demoralize us in the process. These gang stalkers function as:


 community mobsters working as undercover informants who follow us around in groups of one, two, three or more inside different public transit vehicles that we travel on any given day or night whenever we use the public transit system for the length of the time that we are inside that bus, streetcar, or subway train.

They use different forms of gestures and movements to communicate with each whenever they are travelling together or whenever the meet each other – such as different hand signals and facial gestures.

Whenever they finish their shift for that portion of the trip they are replaced by other gang stalkers who take over from them and continue where they left off;

and they also use cell phones to communicate with other groups of gang stalkers who are also planted at different point along the way of every route that we travel on to continue the harassment and persecution of my family on that given day.


Section 8, Paragraph 9


During our travels these community stalkers stage different forms of “street theatre” in their attempts to be seen and heard by us so that they can have make our journey as stressful, distressing, and traumatizing as possible.  There are too many of these staged incidences that have been set up as public performances to affect and infect our state of mind over the years for m to list. However, these are some the violations that are intentionally committed against us through these different types of street theatre - that are deliberately and covertly staged by the actions of the hordes of gang stalkers living or working inside or outside of every community we have lived or ventured into who are recruited by the different levels of authority working in this city to attack us in a systematic, illegal, relentless, and include:


 A man with an older voice who sat directly in the two seater behind my husband and myself and began whispering in my ears for a period of about 10 minutes while we were travelling on a Keele 52 bus on our way home in the spring of 2010.

The Caucasian woman who boarded a bus we were travelling on one afternoon in the summer of 2010, and sat directly across from where my husband and were sitting on the three seater at the front – wearing a low cut top that exposed her breast – while she stares directly at us before i told her about the disrespectful way in which she was dressed; and before my husband quickly got up and inform me that we should go and sit someplace else away towards the back of that bus to let that promiscuous female passengers know that we will not sit there and allow her to disrespect myself, himself, and our lives as a married couple.

 The African Canadian adolescent girl who came and sat down with her mother on the three seater side seat right next to the two seater that my husband and i were sitting on inside a subway train one afternoon – in the summer of 2010, and began to press her left leg against my husband’s knees: which caused him to pull his legs as far back as he could to prevent this eight or nine year old little girl from coming in contact with any part of his body.  He did not inform me about what was taking place because he said he could not believe that a little child was actually behaving in such a promiscuous and disrespectful manner towards an older man like himself – with her mother sitting right next to her as if she did not know what her daughter was doing; and that he did not want to embarrass this mother, who was also of African descent as we both are, by having me informing her about the inappropriate, disturbing, and disappointing manner in which her child was behaving that afternoon.

The group of high school kids who boarded a bus we were travelling on one afternoon, in the summer of 2009, and sat near the back of the bus – a few seats over from where we sat: and started speaking in a loud voice while using profanities a number of times to speak to each other before i called to them to inform them that it was disrespectful to us, to the other passengers, and to themselves, for them to be using such foul language to express themselves.

The man of African Canadian descent who boarded a Keele 52 bus that my husband and i were travelling on one afternoon in the summer of 2010; and sat down hear the front of the bus – and soon began telling a story in a loud voice about wrongs that had been committed against him by his wife; and began speaking about how women are the causes of all the problems that men were having in the world; and that their husbands should put them in their place before he walked off that bus about 15 minutes later.


The Syminton Bus Incident

Section 8, Paragraph 10


On Monday afternoon of July 20th of 2010 my husband and I were asked to leave a TTC bus travelling along Syminton Avenue after we got involved in a serious of dispute with some of the passengers along with the driver of that particular bus – following an attempt to deny us of our Constitutional rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to travel on any of the public transit systems through this country without being harassed or violated by any passenger or driver on that public transit vehicle.  We were subjected to a number of violations that afternoon, including:


The three Caucasian women who boarded that bus about one stop later who walked right down the bus aisle and stood right next to where my husband and I were sitting; and one of them who seemed to be one of the daughters - stood right next to my husband, held onto the back of the seat that was in front of the one that we were sitting on and leaned forward so that her behind was close to Andraggon’s face.

Shortly after my husband switched seats with me to get away from the disrespectful position he was placed in Shortly afterwards this same woman, straightened up her body and whispered to the other two women who were with her that: “ he does not know what he is missing out on”;  then proceeded to pick up her hair, which was open and close to her waist in length, and threw it back with her hand and hit me in my face with her hair.; and  as soon as she did so I turned my head and told her that she had just “hit me in my face with her hair.”  She replied: “sorry.”

 This harassment causing me to began speaking to my husband in a normal tone of voice for about five minutes about the conduct of people who behave in the disrespectful manner that this woman who was standing beside me had just done.  I was speaking in a normal tone of voice but loud enough for these three women, and others sitting or standing nearby, to hear what I was saying.  I spoke about things that people have been doing to us as a couple that are very much like the behavior that I had just witnessed being done by this Caucasian woman.

A Caucasian woman who was sitting directly in front of us in a side seat for two passengers, and reading one of these daily free newspapers which are often left on different seats inside buses, streetcars, or trains by other passengers – suddenly shouted out to me to: “shut up.”   When she told me to be quiet I replied to her that she was the one who needed to shut up.  Then she repeated her insulting comment to me again but did so in a vulgar manner this time when she told me to: “shut the F%$# up”!

  When a few of the passengers swore at me, or towards me, such as the woman who had told me to shut the bleep up, and another male passenger in the back who also spat out his profanity: and my husband turned to each of them and informed them that they were making a tragic mistake by cursing an Avatar; took the opportunity to advertise my website by telling them to check out avatargalextra.com..

When two male Caucasian police officers showed up and asked us to leave that bus, which we did, so that they can find out from us our side of the story about what had taken place, which i, and my husband, took the time to speak to them about.

Left wondering about the means oftransportation to get  home, which was located about 40 minutes (if we were to walk) from where that bus driver  had left us stranded at the corner of Bloor Street West and Syminton Avenue. It was not until one of the two police officers whom i had a  illuminating conversation with for about five minutes - and who seemed to have a good understanding and appreciation for the wealth of deep insights that i was sharing with him  about the paradigm shifting work that i am doing to bring all beings together on this planet – decided to try to get the driver of the next Syminton Bus to allow us to board his bus: that we were able to secure a means of transportation to get home that afternoon.

Section 8, Paragraph 11


On the Sunday night of July 18th  of 2010 my family and were subjected to a disturbing incident that i am completely convinced was staged by the Chairman of the TTC as a show of force and as a threat to this Avatar: to let me know that i should stop speaking about violations committed against myself family or myself by operators working inside this public transit system - two rounds of bullets were firing in the air in front of the house that we live inside of by someone from a passing vehicle. This excerpt from my Autobiography captures the details of deadly show of force against myself especially, and my family members that late Sunday night:


Section 8, Paragraph 12


“Shortly after midnight, on the Sunday morning of the 18th of July of 2010 while my husband and i were relaxing and working quietly on our respective computers - inside the privacy of the closet size bedroom inside our two bedroom unit on the first floor of the semi-detached duplex that we have lived inside of as a family for over five years now – we heard the sounds of gunshots suddenly piercing the silence of that calm night just outside of our residence along Spring Groove Avenue.  We turned and looked at each other, with disbelief, as we listened to the sounds of these gunshots that seemed to be moving along our street as if someone was firing these shots from the passenger side of a vehicle that was travelling slowly past our residence along this street.


Section 8, Paragraph 13


“What is going on?” i asked my husband as we both listened intently, and calmly – from behind the safety of the closed curtains of our bedroom window as a round of bullets kept exploding from the barrel of what sounds like a gun that can shoot single as well as multiple bullets at the same time.  Neither my husband nor i have ever seen a real gun in person; and he is the only one who has ever seen someone actually firing a gun the day he saw this young man on a bicycle firing a small hand gun apparently at someone else as he rode through the parking lot just outside of the Galleria Mall a few summers ago.


Section 8, Paragraph 14


These were not fire crackers, however, that we have heard over the years being exploded, on Canada day especially, by some of the families living on Spring Groove Avenue.  These were real bullets, and you could feel the power in the violence sound be made by each of these powerful metallic killer as they exploded and shot from the barrel of that gun that night.  We listened as a round of bullets were fired and suddenly stopped for about 10 seconds before another round of gunshots exploded violently and shattered that silence again.  There was no sound of anyone running, or anything breaking that night, as those two rounds of bullets were fired that night by someone from a passing vehicle along our quiet street. The force and the power of those bullets were truly awesome and humbling as they exploded from the barrel of that gun that night; and they were intended to send a message to both my husband and especially to myself that was loud and clear – that they had the ability and the power to use their weapons to try to take our mortal lives from us at any time if they choose to do so in the future.” The Autobiography of a God


Section 8, Paragraph 15


This show of deadly force that night was intended to send a serious and grave message to myself especially from the highest level of the office of the public servant who serves as the head of the chairmanship of the public transit system in this city that operates as the Toronto Public Transit System.  This latest attack against myself and my family was made as a direct result of a conversation that i had Tuesday afternoon of July 13th with one of the TTC driver’s inside one of the streetcars that runs along St Clair West – after this driver deliberately stopped a number of yards away from the front of the streetcar stop where my daughter and i were in the front of the line waiting to be the ones to first board that public vehicle.


Section 8, Paragraph 16


After i informed the driver that he stopped and opened the front door of the streetcar at the wrong area instead of at the front of the line where we had been waiting to get on first – he made a comment to me that it was not important for him to have stopped at the TTC designated area to pick up and drop off passengers through the front door.  However, after i went on to question his integrity as a driver, and as a public transit operator - who was trivializing and ignoring one of his own company’s policies and practices for picking up passengers, and also pointed out the disrespect that he was showing to myself, and to my daughter, by his own irresponsible conduct towards us - he became silent after he realized that he had no grounds on which to defend his unprofessional and unethical behavior.


Section 8, Paragraph 17


Many of the passengers inside that streetcar were pleased by the straightforward, respectful, and insightful manner in which i spoke to the driver that afternoon for i was known to many of them over the last five years for having a history of speaking out whenever i experience, or observe, any violation taking place on a public transit or other places in this city.  The incident had been dealt with by me in the manner that i was accustomed to doing so as a spiritual master over the years.  And as far as i was concerned the matter was behind me.  However, after this driver reported his version of my conversation with him to his superiors – the leadership of the TTC gave me their response less than five days later with the two rounds of bullets that they ordered fired in front of our home along the street where we have lived for the past few years that unforgettable Sunday night.  It was a response that was intended to show me, and to warn me, that i should stop speaking out about any violations or wrongs that i experience or observe being done to myself, my family members, or to other passengers on the TTC – especially if it is done by the driver themselves.


Section Nine


For over 23 consecutive months (from February 2002 – Janaury 2004) my family and i remained inside a shelter program for homeless families which was  a longer period of time than any other family has stayed there – where we encountered policies and practices by the shelter system and staff members that i had to bring to their attention over the course of the many months we stayed inside a motel room that was paid for by the shelter program.


Section 9, Paragraph 1


“Civilian spies can come from a variety of different programs such as the Citizen Corp, Citizen On Phone Patrol COPP, Weed and Seed, T.I.P.S., City Watch or some other centralized government program used for patrolling and monitoring cities.  5. Others are just local thugs or Informants who are already being used for other activities, and their energies are just diverted over into these community spy programs. Eg. Some may be given the choice of Spying for the State or the police vs going to jail.  6. Others are told outright lies and slander about the target to get them to go along with ruining the targets life.  7. Many are however just average citizens who have been recruited by the state the same way citizens were recruited in the former East Germany and other countries. It's the way the society is.”  Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 9, Paragraph 2

For over 23 consecutive months - from February 6th of 2001 to January 15th of 2011 - my husband, myself, and our daughter, stayed inside the family shelter for homeless family called The Scarborough Family Residence inside a motel room in a motel called The Gateway Inn. We remained there for that long period of time because i refused to allow the management of this family shelter to force us from that shelter back into the community to live; and be subjected to the same kind of abuses all over again that we had been subjected to as a family since the start of the 1980’s. While we lived inside this shelter program we became a target for attack, harassment, and mistreatment at the hands of a number of the social workers at Scarborough Family Residence - as well as by people working for that motel, and the motel owner himself. The authorities had us right where they wanted us – as a family living inside one of their family shelter residences: with their gang of government social workers stationed there to use their authority to undermine my family’s emotional and mental health and disrupt and demoralize our lives using whatever means, methods, and manner that they can.


Section 9, Paragraph 3

For over 23 consecutive months my family members, and especially myself, lived under siege inside this homeless shelter system as prisoners of the authorities that operated it.  A number of our rights and freedoms were violated by someone of the unfair policies and practices used by government employees working inside this shelter. These included:


Being placed inside a motel room that was unsanitary, unhealthy, and sickening to look at much less live inside of as a family of three adults:


“It was not made ready for anyone to live inside it, and we also found out that the room that we were originally supposed to move into was no longer available.  So as a last minute resort, we were placed in this one.  Room 223 was not painted as it should have been for new tenants, and the walls had holes in them that were made by the previous tenants who lived there.  The rug was old and stained with grime and other junk that had caked itself into it.  It also had a strong foul smell, which caused me to feel very ill, and each time I looked at it, I felt like throwing up.  The bathroom was small, and the bathtub looked old.


Section 9, Paragraph 4


 I got my bleach and my new mop and soap and my new pair of thick gloves and I went to work for hours that afternoon scrubbing and cleaning and mopping and wiping the bathroom, and also the kitchen counter, cupboards, and all the walls.  For the filthy rug that covered most of the floor in the motel room, I borrowed the motel’s vacuum cleaner, and I vacuum that rug as much as I could to try to get as much of the dirt out as I could.  When I was finished, I covered that disgusting looking rug with pieces of mats that we had bought in a retail store. That was the only way that I was going to allow my family to walk on that rug.  We did not have to look at it nor did we have to walk on it.  And that was just fine with me.


Section 9, Paragraph 5


But I paid a price for the job I did to get that room clean and sanitary that afternoon.  After I was finished I went and took a long shower to clean myself of all the germs and bacteria that I must have collected from the work I just did. After I had finished my shower, I started to feel some pain in my rectum.  It did not feel like the kind of pain that one gets from being constipated or from having a runny stomach. I did not know what it was, but what I started to discover, was that it was a pain that kept getting worse and worse.  The following day, it dawn on me that I had picked up a virus of some sort that had managed to enter my rectum, while I was cleaning this germ filled motel room.”

The Autobiography of a God


Section 9, Paragraph 6


Being subjected to a “random room check policy” of this shelter management, where they give themselves the right to have two social workers drop by your motel room on any given day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. –  without given any previous notice to the shelter families staying there; and demanding  to be allowed entrance into your motel room to check to see if that family is dealing in illegal drugs, prostitution, keeping any unauthorized borders, or drinking alcohol inside that motel room.


After i questioned the ethics of such a policy and practice for the first four months that we stayed inside this shelter program the management of this shelter program decided to “exempt my family from being subjected to this immoral and demoralizing practice.


Section 9, Paragraph 7

The unethical and unfair policy and practice of having a policy where everyone who had to get tickets had to give their name, as well as their birth date, each time they went to the main desk in that office to get those tickets. They exempted us from having to provide that information to them each time that we went to there office to pick up bus tickets after i pointed out to the management of that shelter program that:


there was no reason for anyone to have to keep giving their birth date every time they signed a book to get some bus tickets;

that same worker who asked a residence of the shelter for their birth date can easily step back, and get that information from inside one of the computers right behind them in the office;

and that If they really needed to have the residence state what their date of birth was each time they came by to get bus tickets, they could easily put that book that they filled out themselves, in front of that residence, and have them fill in the dates of their own birthday.  In this way, that homeless residence would not have to deal with the embarrassment, or even the humiliation, of having to announce how old they were - by stating what their birth date was.


Having to deposit income that we earn while living in that shelter program and being forced to take a cheque to a local bank to cash it whenever we needed money from that account they were keeping my husband’s unemployment insurance cheques and our child tax credit inside of.  They exempted my family from this program after i made the case to them that:


We were the victims of years of mistreatment by bank tellers during the times that we cashed welfare cheques at our local bank – who treated us like we were some sort of losers or low lives because we were on welfare.

The one time that we went to a local bank to cash one of their cheques that it was a painful and traumatizing experience for us to have done so.


Section 9, Paragraph 8

The majority of the attacks that my family and i have been subjected to over the years by the different authorities operating inside this city have been geared towards the shattering and destruction of my marriage of over thirty years to my husband. These authorities know unless they are able to destroy the marriage of any individual who they target for destruction – that they will never be able to destroy the heart of that family: which is the sacred matrimony that is formed between the husband and wife of that targeted individual or family.  As long as that marriage remains intact that they will never be able to shatter the true foundation upon which that targeted individual’s life is built and sustained.


Section 9, Paragraph 9

During the 23 consecutive months that we lived inside that shelter program for homeless families the part of our lives that was attacked most often and most intensely has been our sacred marriage.  Some of these attacks included:


Coercing and co-opting different social workers and supervisors (from both genders) who worked inside this shelter program to use different flirtatious methods and means to try to entice my husband or myself  into playing seduction and  bed games  with them, including:


The day that we had our first meeting with the supervisor who was working with us, named Sherry; and she sat in her swivel chair, and then moved it very close to where my husband was sitting, and proceeded to start dangling her legs, which she had crossed so close to where my husband’s long legs were, that he had to push his chair as far back as he could have against the wall, in order to try to keep her from dangling her legs between his own.

The half a  dozen male social workers, and supervisors, inside the office of this shelter program who tried to use their authority and the “manly presence” to try to intimidate or entice me – which they failed to each time because i am someone who has never played those games; or who has ever allowed, or will ever allow anyone to use me to play those carnal games at anytime with anyone for any reason.

The different female social workers inside that office who kept trying to play those seductive games with my husband whenever we showed up inside that office for an appointment or for some other matter – by using their bodies or their words to make  seductive gestures or enticing movements to try to put themselves in my husband’s view in an attempt to get him to look at them even for a second or two.

Encouraging my husband to speak during meetings that we held with the management of this shelter while preventing me from doing so by blocking me from speaking or even finishing a point that i was making.

Turning their attention toward my husband frequently throughout each of the six or so meetings that we held with the Director of Scarborough Family Residence, Leslie Jourdene, while ignoring me as much as possible in the process.

Arranging a meeting that i had sought for months to have with the head of the Hostel Services in Toronto, Mr Phil Brown, that was scheduled for only 60 minutes; and during which my husband was ask to speak for a long period of time in order to present  information about our history as family that Leslie Jourdene  wanted Mr Brown to receive – even though we had provided a copy of that same information to Leslie Jourdene a few weeks before for her to pass on to Mr Phil Brown, so there was no need for us to have spent over a quarter of that one hour meeting having Andraggon go over the same information.  And as a result i was left little time to speak to Mr Brown or to have him speak to us about the issues that we raised in the letter we prepared for him and provide to Leslie Jourdene a few weeks earlier.


Section 9, Paragraph 10


While staying inside that shelter program, at the Gateway Inn, the owner of this motel was co-opted and coerced by the management of this shelter program  into using some of his workers to violate and abuse myself and my family members. These violations included:


The day that the maintenance worker for this motel, named Mohammed, used a motel key and entered our motel room when daughter was there alone – under the pretext that he had done so in order to take bring the right size curtain for the window of that motel we had recently moved into.  That was the second of three different rooms that we ended up staying in during the 23 months we lived there. And he entered our motel room even after my husband had asked the motel owner not to send anyone to our room while we were away that afternoon.


It was only because he told our startled and frightened daughter that he had to leave to get something and then return – that she was able to lock the motel door, with the dead bolt, and refused to let him come back when he returned to try to do so; and call the motel owner to tell his maintenance worker to not to try to return to our room to have him keep Mohammed from coming back.


The night that  my husband received a phone call that turned out to be “a cruel hoax” - two nights before Christmas of 2004 -  from someone calling from the office in the Gateway motel, who said was the night worker named Amin, who gave him the following information in which he stated that:


“There was a problem last night in the room 221, the room next door to us.  The people there had some kind of party and they ended up making a lot of noise, and also causing a lot of disturbances to other neighbours living nearby. In fact, they made a large hole in the wall of that room during this disturbance.  All of the neighbours who lived above and next to this room called and reported that there was a disturbance taking placing there throughout the night.  I am surprise that no one from your room called to also complain about the noise.  It took place right next door to you.


Because of the disturbance that took place in room 221 last night, I am going to give $40 to each of the families who called in to complain that they were inconvenience by what happened in that room.  Even though no one called from your motel room, your family will also get that $40 because you live right next door to room 221.  But you will have to come to the office and bring your identification to sign a form for you to get that money.  I will also give you a gift certificate for you to buy clothing for yourself in a women’s clothing store when you come to the office.”   The Autobiography of a God


This same man called again a few hours later to make sure that we were coming to pick up thee two gifts the at 12 noon the following day, which we did about thirty minutes earlier; and discovered that there was no cash or certificate gift waiting for us; and that someone from that motel had played a cruel Xmas joke on my family.


Section 9, Paragraph 11


On the 23rd of December 0f 2005 my family was subjected to one of the worse violations of our civil rights and freedoms  by the cold hearted decision of the management of this family shelter to have us evicted from their shelter program onto the streets of Toronto to live – two days before Xmas.  They evicted us from there shelter program for homeless families because:


I refused to be force by the management of  that shelter program to allow them to push my family out of that shelter program back into the community – and be subjected to the same kind of attacks and mistreatment all over again.

I insisted on having a meeting with top government officials working in this city and province to bring the plight of my family to their attention; and ask for their help in bringing it to an end.

 We refuse to take one of the substandard rental places that the management of this shelter program had us looked at as possible places for us to move into.

Insisting on the city of Toronto or the province of Ontario providing us with a decent single dwelling home of our own, to live inside of, that sat on an acre of so of land, that was completely fenced.

I spoke to the management of this helter program about suing the governments operating in this city – for $200 million Cnd. in damages and compensation for the two decades of hell that they subjected us to, with the assistance of thousands of people living or working inside and outside every community we have called home since the start  of the 1980’s.

 They wanted to punish this Avatar for speaking out against a number of their unethical and immoral policies and practices used by the management and staff of this shelter program for homeless families.


My family was evicted from a homeless shelter on the evening before Xmas eve of 2005, and thrown onto the streets of Toronto to live during one of the coldest days of winter  that year.


Section 9, Paragraph 12


“There are many reasons that someone takes part in this activity. 1. Some do it for the sense of power that it gives them.  2. Others do this as a way to make friends and keep friends. It's something social and fun for them to do. Many in society use the one handed sign language to communicate and it's very effective in breaking down race, gender, age, social barriers.  3. Others are forced or black mailed by the State or the police into taking part.  4. They are told that they are part of homeland or national security and being used to help keep and eye on dangerous or emotionally disturbed individuals. They see themselves as heroic spies for the state.


Section 9, Paragraph 13


Some of these citizens might be recruited via programs such as, Citizen Corp, Weed and Seed, Citizens On Phone Patrol, (COPP), City Watch, T.I.P.S. Many started with good intentions to help patrol and monitor their cities and neighbourhoods. Others are recruited via their families, others at school, others at work. Since every sector, class, race in society takes part, recruitment is multi-faceted.  Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this harassment protocol is to destroy a person.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 9, Paragraph 13


The management of this shelter program for homeless family - operated by the Scarborough Family Residence -  deprived and denied us of our Constitutional rights to remain inside one of their shelter programs for an indefinite period of time: until the violations that we  been subjected to at the hands of the different authorities operating inside this city since the start of the 1990’s had been brought to an end; and the damages done to us as a family assessed and documented; and compensations awarded to us by a court of law as a result.  They did so by committed the following violations against on the 23rd day of December of 2005:


They had my family and i evicted from room #325 inside the Gateway Inn, where we had been staying inside of for over 23 consecutive months on the cold Saturday evening of December 18th, at about 8 p.m. by two Metro police officers – exactly  a week before Xmas of 2005.

They had those two same male police officers evicted us from the lobby of the Scarborough Family Residence building – where we had taken shelter for about an hour after they had forces us to leave our motel room.

They forced us to take shelter on the street just outside of the entrance to building of this family shelter program – and survive there on a night during a winter storm that had cause a weather alert warning to be given by the authorities in Toronto at that time.

We were forced to stay outside on a night that the city of Toronto had issued a “severe weather warning that night”, for a temperature that had plunged to under 30 degree below zero with the wind chill factor thrown in for over four hours that night; and faced the prospect of freezing to death or developing frost bites from having to huddle to try to keep warm in that Canadian winter storm.


Section 9, Paragraph 14


We were forced to take emergency shelter inside the lobby a motel that right next door to the Scarborough Family Residence for about 10 precious minutes – in order to thaw our frozen bodies out by keeping out of the view of the motel worker:  who inform us that we cannot stay there; and should and seek shelter next door at the shelter program. This excerpt from my autobiography captures the serious threat to our mortal lives that my family and i faced on that deadly cold Canadian winter night and the heartless reaction of that motel worker to us being there that night:


Section 9, Paragraph 15


“As if on cue from an unseen director who was orchestrating events that night inside that warm motel lobby, as soon as each of us had warmed up our cold bodies and thawed out our frozen feet the night staff of that motel appeared near the front of that office and spotted us.  He was an older man, of East Indian heritage, who seemed as if he was someone who looked like he was qualified to work as an office staff inside a motel. For what seemed like hours, my husband and our daughter and myself remained out of view of the night staff who was nowhere to be seen during those precious 600 or so seconds that were provide to us by Fate, so that our nearly hypothermia bodies could use the warm heat that filled the air of that small lobby, to restore heat back into our frostbitten and exhausted feet.


When he finally spotted us, this man gave us a surprise that neither my husband or daughter or myself will ever forget, during a brief conversation he had with Andraggon. He asked my husband what we were doing inside that lobby, and Andraggon told him that “we were taking shelter from the storm for a few minutes until our frozen bodies had thawed out and warmed up.”  My family will never forget the words that this heartless night staff spoke to us during the middle of that stormy and deadly cold night:  “You cannot stay here. You will have to leave now.  Go next door if you want a place to keep warm.” The Autobiography of a God


Section 9, Paragraph 16


We were forced to take shelter inside a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop that night, that was located almost a mile from the Scarborough Family Residence, until the storm had died down.

I ended up being admitting as a patient inside emergency ward of a local hospital  the morning after we were evicted from that shelter program – where i ended up staying as a patient for an entire day with all sorts of ailments i had developed from having to remain for hours on the streets without any shelter during a serious Canadian winter storm.




Section 10


The Governments operating in this city have used the medical and dental professions to attack my body and my health over the past few decades to the point where i am now just a shadow of the healthy, vibrant, energetic human being i have been for all of my life before then.


Section 10, Paragraph 1


“The surprising thing is that gang stalkers can be found in every level of society. There is no real age barrier, gender barrier, and a variety of races do participate. In almost every occupation in society you can find people who are going along with this.  Gangstalking for many is seen as a game, a sport to be played with another individual’s life. Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this game is to destroy a person. It is conceivable that the participants in the harassment don't even know why the person has been targeted, nor would most of these individuals have any personal stake in harassing the victim.  Gangstalking is a both an addictive behavior as well as a form of entertainment for the stalkers. There is a vicious kind of pleasure that they derive from bullying their victim. Clearly they like the feeling of being "in control"”.  Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 10, Paragraph 2


The authorities operating inside this city have coerced and co-opted  people working in different professions -  such as the medical profession and the dental profession - to attack and abuse myself, especially, as well as other members of my family, over the past two decades.  They have flagged the same disinformation and misinformation about myself, and the rest of my three member family, to every doctor, dentist, and other professionals whose services we have used over the past two decades. Between these two group of professionals they have managed to do more harm to my health, and cause more pain to my body, than any other group of professionals working in this city. These violations and attacks include:


The doctor who examined me - in the fall of 1990 after I was taken to the emergency room of a local hospital, called North Western General Hospital, near Trethewey Park, the public park where my family and I were living as a homeless family: who could not figure out what was wrong with me; and proceeded to treat me as if I had contracted some form of disease from sleeping with different men by the invasive and prejudicial questions he asked me, and my husband, and by some of the comments he made to me.

We found out later I had picked a virus that attacked my blood cells, and had robbed me of over ¾ of the entire blood that was inside my body, one day while I was using the bathroom inside that unhealthy motel room, inside the Lido Motel; and what seemed like a bucket of blood just poured out through the lower portion of my body.  The specialist who examined and diagnosed me, while I spent over a week or two as a patient at that York Finch hospital, informed me that I was the first person he had seen in the history of his 20 something year practice who had lost so much blood and was still alive.

Section 10, Paragraph 3


Then there was the plastic surgeon whom my husband chose to do my breast implant surgery in the late part of the 1980’s, and a doctor whom I informed my husband was not someone who I felt was had my best interest in mind or someone whom I thought would do a professional job.  This board certified surgeon, who is now long retired, ended up putting in a smaller pair of implants than the ones I had asked for, and he implanted them through my armpits instead of doing so through the front of my bosom as he should have done.  After we paid him his $2,500.00 fee he was not happy about us asking him to redo the surgery about a month later in order to replace the smaller implants with the pair that we had chosen in the first place.


Section 10, Paragraph 3


He showed his contempt for me, and expressed his wrath towards myself, and my husband, by making sure that he disfigured my bosom: he did not fit either implants properly inside the cup of each of my breast and instead made sure that they were lopsided; and just for good measure – he made sure that he sewed up some of the veins inside my shoulders to portions of my bosom.


Section 10, Paragraph 4


For the next 6 months or so my entire back became almost completely paralyzed, and racked with pain, while my husband spent a few hours each evening after he came from work vigorously massaging it to keep me from losing all the feelings in my back, and helping my back to regain all its feelings; and for about 20 of the last 23 years since that botched and butchered operation - I have lived with excruciating pain inside different areas of my bosom where the veins were sewed to; and even the touch of a soft piece of material against that portion of my bosom caused me a great deal of pain for most of those years.

Section 10, Paragraph 5


I am not someone who has made it a habit of going to see any doctor, or any medical or dental, professional throughout my life so far because I know that I am my own best physician and I have been just that practically for all of my life.   Over the past two decades, however,  practically all of the medical doctors whom i have been patients of  have mistreated, manhandled me, and abused me during the monthly visits that I use to make to one of them in order to receive a shot of B12 injection that I was told by them that I needed to help my body to manufacture the red blood cells that it was no longer able to do on its own, especially after I had picked up that virus that had drained me off almost all of my blood.


Section 10, Paragraph 6


Once each of these doctors, who have all been men, realized that I was a woman who did not play, and whom they could not play with - every doctor that I went to see after I developed that problem made sure that they used that injection to cause me pain by the manner in which they started to give me my B12 shot  - after a period of time of seeing me showing them that I was not interested in being with anyone of them regardless of how much many they had, or how much they were worshipped by the culture we live in. So I ended up changing doctor after about 6 months or so, and finding a new one working in a different walk in clinic. I did this, up until about three years ago, after I finally decided that I would not get any more B12 shots – after the last general practitioner I saw at a walk in clinic saw that I was not available for him to play any seductive games with, and he also started giving me B12 shots that caused me to feel a lot of pain while he was doing so.



Section 10, Paragraph 7

At the start of October of 2011 i was treated in the emergency department of Mount Sinai Hospital for being severely anemic due to my having had less than 10% of the blood that my body should have.  Since i stopped taking B12 shots from any doctor i had tried to get my B12 through eating healthy foods. However my body was not producing the red blood cells that it need because without the B12 shots, and over the course of the past three years it lost most of the blood that it had inside it. And neither i nor any of my family members realized this fact until we checked me into that hospital.


I now face a dilemma where i am not willing to keep going to a doctor to get a monthly B12 injection because the one who recently gave me three of these injections over the past month did so in a way that caused me to feel a lot of pain when he gave me the last one; and i am not willing to get any more injections from him or from any other doctor.  However, i have been given the option of taking B12 tablets with folic acid by doctors from the hospital i was recently admitted to – in order to see if my haemoglobin will absorb the B12. And if it does i will not have to get any more B12 shots in the future. However, i would not be in this position if these doctors were not being co-op, or coerced by agents working for the different authorities in this city into deliberately giving me B12 shots in ways that cause me to feel alot pain while they are doing so.


Section 10, Paragraph 7


Our daughter has been living for the last 14 years with the problem of having hair growing on her chin since she was unknowingly giving a injection of male hormones by a middle eastern doctor named Dr Fashio, who has his office across the road from where we lived near the corner of Finch and Midland Avenue in Scarborough, Ontario for about 7 years.  And he did so after I refused his numerous attempts to try to entice me with his manly charm over a period of about 6 months in 1997 while I was going to see him to get my monthly B12 injection, and my husband was seeing him to get his checkups for his asthmatic condition.


Section 10, Paragraph 8


I have had many similar awful experiences with members of the dental profession over the years which have also turned me off completely from ever seeing a dentist ever again in my lifetime, or from even wanting to consider the idea of getting an annual dental check up.  No member of my family has a family dentist nor do any of us want one for the same reasons that I no longer have one or want to have one.

Section 10, Paragraph 9


I have had three of my front teeth, for example, removed by the dentist we saw about three years ago because of an infection that I had picked up from the bone of a bone laden fish called snapper, which punctured my gum a number of years ago, that my husband unwisely decided that we should buy - even though i warned him that he could end up having one of those bones pricking his gum and causing an infection, which ironically ended up happening to me.

Section 10, Paragraph 10


It was true that one of them needed to have been removed because it had become infected. However the other two next to it were in good condition – even though they were somewhat weakened because of the damage done to that part of my gum by the infection - and they did not need to be removed.  Neither tooth needed to be pulled out even though the gum supporting them had worn down from the effects of the infection.  They needed to be reinforced and protected until they had become firmly rooted inside the gum again.  This dentist convinced my husband, however, that it was important for those other two teeth to be removed to prevent them from weakening the rest of the teeth that they were next to; and Andraggon pressured me into removing them while I was sitting inside that dental chair, which I reluctantly agreed for the dentist to do.


Section 10, Paragraph 11


For over two years I saw a dental specialist to have dental implants replace the three missing teeth that I were removed by that dentist I spoke of earlier, as well as four others inside my mouth that my husband had me removed at different times over the years because he came from a West Indian culture that did not include getting fillings done for teeth that were hurting from cavities one got; and a Jamaican culture that held the view that if your teeth hurts – just find a way to pull it out yourself or through a dentist if you are unable to do so yourself. The four teeth he had me get pulled, and the four he also had pulled out inside his own mouth, were strong and good teeth that the different dentist we went to over the years to pull them out had a difficult time removing.  It was only later in our life as a couple that he came to see the wisdom of getting our teeth filled instead of having them pulled out.


Section 10, Paragraph 12


I have had seven of those implants done by this dental specialist named Dr Eidenger, who has disappointed me by the manner in which she has treated me on different occasions that I have gone to see her; and by the flirtatious way that a few of her receptionists have behaved toward my husband during the few times he went with me for my appointment. Though she is a medical doctor this lady has behaved in an unethical manner towards me, and used my husband on one occasion to help her to do so.


Section 10, Paragraph 13


For about two decades I have been going to medical or dental appointments with my husband – whether it’s for himself or for myself – because of the trust that I lost in these professionals to treat me like a human being instead of like someone they should want to bring in their life as a second wife or a mistress; and the abusive things that they would do or say to me after a period of seeing that I was not interested in playing these bed games with them.  So my daughter started going with me to see this specialist each time I had to do so once my husband decided to stay home after he saw the seductive and enticing games that this doctor and her staff were using him to play.

Section 10, Paragraph 14


The dentist who made the stent for my dental implants also showed himself to be someone who behaved in the same egotistical, and flirtatious manner towards me, that Dr Eidenger and her staff have done toward my husband, and the disrespectful way manner in which they have treated me in the process of playing their be games with him.  And after using his services for about two years I finally decided to stop using him as my dentist.


Section 10, Paragraph 15


Our daughter Mahogohney made the same decision after she experienced a lot of pain on a few occasions while this same dentist was doing work on her, and after she and my husband and I saw that the large number of visits that he was scheduling for her to get fillings done, as if he was milking ODSP, which pays for our dental coverage as a family.  She still has a tooth that has a temporary filling that he put in, over a year ago, and which she has no desire to get filled properly in a hurry for the same reasons that I do not intent to see any dentist anytime in the future unless there is a definite need for me to do so.


Section 10, Paragraph 16


My husband reluctantly agreed to also stop going to see that dentist for any reason because of how well this dentist has treated him, and because of the difficulty that he rightfully argues that we will have finding another dentist for our family who is respectful and responsible in his treatment towards each of us; as well as one who has a receptionist that does not play enticing games with him, and also an assistant who conducts herself with dignity and with respect towards himself and the rest of my family.  So here we are – a family whose members need dental work done but who are unwilling to trust any dentist to do a professional job that they were trained to do while treating each of us with the respect and the proper care that we each deserve.


Section Eleven


One of the most persistent weapons that has been used against my family and myself over the years by the governments in this city is the use of motor vehicles to try to physically harm , or even fatally injure us, by drivers from different walks of life who are paid to try to Gang Stalk and take us out with their cars.


Section 11, Paragraph 1


One of the most heartless form of attacks that these different authorities operating inside this city have used against myself and the rest of my family is there deliberate attempts to cause us injure or death by trying to hit or run us over with different motor vehicles.  These attacks include:


The different times that they have used the TTC bus to try to hit or run us over at different intersection in over the past 6 years that we have lived at our address in the west end of this city as i have stated earlier.

The day that a female TTC bus driver tried to run us over near that bus platform inside the St Clair West Subway Station, as it revealed in the section of this litigation about violations committed against us by the TTC.

At least 10 different times that a vehicle has almost hit or run over myself, or other family members,  over the course of the seven years that we lived at 48 Dunmail Drive -while we were crossing the intersection at Midland Avenue and Finch, that was located a few houses from our backyard.

The numerous times during the early part of the 1990`s when i had to quickly pull my adolescent daughter, and her brother, next to me, or called out quickly and firmly to them to alert them of motor vehicle  was rushing towards us as we are about to cross an intersection near our home at 48 Dunmail Drive.


Section 11, Paragraph 2


“A car accident was a very natural way for our adversaries to use to try to end my life, or the lives of my other family members.  People are run over every day in every major city throughout the world, and my family spent all of years living at 48 Dunmail Drive as pedestrians.  Those in authority who were trying to stop this Avatar from changing the course and content of life for all lifeforms living as mortal tenants of the ancient planet sized being known today as Mother Earth -  thought that the most simple, and the deceptive way to do so: was to “accidentally” run me over with one of their speeding vehicles.  And if they failed to kill me, they would have settled for just being able to paralyse my body, or even destroy my ability to use my mind anymore, if only they were able to hit me just once with one of those thousand pounds plus metal weapons on wheels.


Section 11, Paragraph 3

They tried, and failed each and every time, to run me, or any member of my family down.  But that did not keep these ugly hearted beings from still trying. After awhile my teenage daughter use to look at me and declare: “mom, do you get the feeling that they are trying to run us over with their cars.”   I knew that they were, and it was because of that knowledge why they were not able to succeed in doing so, or even in hitting any of us with their heavy weapons of steel on wheels.”  The Autobiography of a God



Section 11, Paragraph 4


A week or so before a car ran through our backyard fence, at 48 Dunmail Drive, I was told by a different  people who spoke to me through a few of the television programs how much they wanted me to just disappear from the face of the Earth.  “Die, die, die” was a phrase that a few of them shouted to me on different days that week.


Section 11, Paragraph 5


Another type of weapon that the authorities in this city have co-opted or coerced people from the community to use to attack me is the four legged canine – dogs.


Over the past two decades i have been the target for attack by a dog a few dozen times by different dog owners who are recruited as paid or unpaid informants to gang stalk me – and to use their dog to try to intimidate or attack me.  Whether i am walking on a sidewalk in my neighbourhood, with one of my family members, or walking around a sports track with my husband, and our daughter, or walking inside a parking lot to go to a grocery store, for example, different people have been using their dogs as weapons to cause me to become afraid of frightened of dogs.


I grew up around three large German Shepherds that my father kept inside our backyard, and treated and fed better than he did his own children – especially his girls. And i have never developed a fear of these four legged animals. But because i am a woman, instead of a man, the authorities have been coercing some of the informants to use their dog to create some kind of fear inside me for these animals – in the hope that they can find some evidence that i am someone who can be intimidated in some shape or form.


Most of the times, however, their dog end up running up to me and ending up trying to jump on me like I was there long lost owner or something.  Sometimes that animal would just come up to me and sit right down in front of me, or stand beside me with a huge smile in their eyes, and their wet tongue hanging out like they were ready to do anything for me, if I were only to ask.  One of them I remember so very well.  As a recall in this excerpt from my autobiography:


“I was walking along a quiet side street on a summer afternoon, and I saw a teenage girl up ahead coming along the same side of the street towards me.  She was walking with what looked like a young German shepherd.  As we got closer towards each other, this canine being came running up towards me, and as he came closer I realised that this dog was not running to me in order to climb all over me, or to try to lick me, or even to sit or stand in front of me, as most dogs have done in the past, who came dashing toward me.  This dog was rushing towards me with the intention of doing me harm, and I did not need to have any insight to see this fact.  This German shepherd was angry and ready to do damage, and I was the target of his hostile energy.


Section 11, Paragraph 6


As that hostile canine was about to leap on me, and have me for lunch, I suddenly stopped in my tracks and I started to spin, with both my hands raised above my shoulders, and next to my face.  It was a spin that I had mastered over the years of working as a model, and one which I did not used except when I was on the runway doing a fashion show, or sometimes when I use to dance during the 1970’s with my husband when we went to a popular disco. I had not used that spinning motion in over a decade.


But somehow something inside me informed me in a flash that it was time for me to use it, and use it right now.  I spun on a pivot, around and around, each time that i did so I had direct eye contact with that dog, who just standing there watching me very intensely, with a look of recognition that was staring to creep up in his canine eyes.  The teenage girl who was accompanying that animal being had also ran up to me very soon after her dog took off to come after me.  She looked shocked and puzzled by the sight of this stranger spinning while her dog stood in front of me as if he was mesmerized.  “Call off your dog!” I called out to this still stunned teenager, as I continued to spin on a dime, and continued to hold the gaze of that canine.  “Call off your dog!”


 Section 11, Paragraph 7


I repeated two or three more times to her as that look of recognition came fully into the eyes of that canine being, as he now sat down on his hind legs looking at me with a new respect and admiration.  He finally saw that he was in the presence of a being who was here to unite all beings, and who was a friend and protector of all beings.  I read those thoughts in his mind just as he was reading the thoughts that were forming in my own, and in that moment of recognition that canine being and I both realizedthat we were closer allies than he was with any other human being.


As the magic of the moment moved away, so did the feeling of having been a witnessed to a mystical union between an animal and a human by the teenage girl who was now returning to her normal senses. I do not think, however, that she will ever forget what her human eyes witnessed that special afternoon.  She was not alone.  Nor would I, or the canine creature who commune that day with an Avatar.  The Autobiography of a God


Section Twelve


For over two years my husband and i worked as a team of husband and wife bouncers inside a few clubs in the night club district in downtown Toronto - where we were both subjected to “workplace mobbing” at the hands of a number of our co-workers, patrons, and even people in management.


Section 12, Paragraph 1


For over two years my husband and worked at Big Bobs as door security for the Reverb.  We worked as a husband and wife security team who were responsible for controlling access and entry for anyone who entered the Reverb during our shift which usually last from 9pm until the end of the night.  We worked there for two different periods: for about one year before we left to work at another venue located on Spadina near College called Soul On Spadina for about 6 months as head of security before returning to work for another year at Big Bobs.


Section 12, Paragraph 2


Big Bob was a venue that was unique as a live entertainment spot in downtown Toronto, because of the way that it was set up. It had three different rooms that held three separate events on any one given night, and all of them usually had live bands performing.  The first floor was a place called The Cathedral. The third floor held the small venue called Holy Joe`s; and the second floor hosted the largest of these venues called The Reverb.  This was most popular of all three spots in that place, and the bands with the largest crowds usually played there than in any of the other two rooms.  This was the star attraction for Big Bob’s, and the room had a shrine that was covered with pictures of many of the band that had played in The Reverb over the decades.  During the entire time that we worked at this venue we were the targets of  “workplace  mobbing” – which is another form of gangstalking except that it is done in the workplace by people working the person who is targeted for attacks.


Section 12, Paragraph 3


These different attacks that were made against myself especially, and also my husband at times, were ones which were orchestrated and engineered behind the scenes by agents working for the different authorities operating in this city: through misinformation that they flagged to the owner of that venue, as well as different employees who they recruited as paid or unpaid gangs stalkers to harassed and persecuted us while we worked there; and also though different informants or undercover agents who showed up there to try to push our buttons in order to try to create disunity and division between my husband and myself in the workplace and inside our marriage.  The strategy was to have these different employees treat my husband as if he was a friend and a part of the family working there – and to have them treat me as if i was an enemy and an outside who them did not want working there”.   Some of these attacks took the following forms:


Section 12, Paragraph 4


Having a female bartender and a waitress who usually dressed in skimpy clothing and conducted themselves like prostitutes, constantly said “hello” to me for a few months before they also started trying to say hello to my husband as well as to him - while they were coming and going from the Reverb on many different occasions while we were working there.  My husband remained silent, and with his head turned away from either of these two females whom he referred to as “ the sisters from La La Land” , because he knew that they were trying to disrespect me, and indirectly himself, by intentionally trying to speak to him in order to show me that they could do so if they wanted to:


They did so as a means of seeking to disrespect, upset, frustrate, and demoralise me (b) as a means of trying to create mistrust, division, and friction in my relationship with my husband; (c) as a means of trying to undermine, attack, and destroy my marriage to my husband of over 25 years to that point.


 One evening while we were doing doors security, after i had spoke to one of these two female bartenders about their disrespectful behavior towards me by their deliberate attempts to goad my husband into speaking to them, she and i got into a heated argument – and she lifted her blouse and exposing her naked breasts to me to further disrespect me and degrade herself in the process.


Section 12, Paragraph 5


 The disrespectful and vulgar actions of the person who served as the head of security for Big Bob’s, a young man named Steve – who had a developed a disgusting habit of burping loudly, or passing gas while he raised of his feet up in the air and turned his behind towards us until he had finished that vulgar act, before turning his head around and smiling at us and walked away back upstairs to the reverb or outside to the street.


Section 12, Paragraph 6


The evening that Steve walked over to where i was sitting on my work stool, next to where my husband had his stool, just inside the entrance to the Reverb coming up to speak to me, as I sat down on my stool, and putting his big body over me, as if he is trying to jack me up against that wall.  And on different occasions, I even had to speak to him about his behaviour.


Section 12, Paragraph 7


 (4) The abusive actions of a bouncer whom my husband brought to work in the Reverb with us as door security, named Dean,  Dean was also a guy, who insisted that I should be attracted to him because he was so macho, and full of himself.  He kept coming on to me, at work, and kept trying to hug me, like I was his girlfriend or something.  When he saw that I rejected his advances, he then started trying to encourage my husband to flirt with other females who came to that club.  That was when I started to put my foot down.  I ended up arguing with him a number of times while we were working.


Section 12, Paragraph 8


(5)The female promoter for the Holy Joe’s venue, on the third floor, who decided to start trying to bring people into Big Bob’s – through the entrance to the Reverb, which lead to the entrance to Holy Joe’s – and just walk past door security with them  without saying anything to us. She behaved in this disrespectful manner because:

She wanted to show me that she did not have any respect for my husband and i working there as door security.

Did not like the policy that we had as door security that females had to speak to myself and the males had to speak to my husband, whether they were staff working there or patrons; and she did not like the fact that i and my husband   insisted that she and other females speak to me instead of trying to speak to him.

This same female promoter called me the insulting word for a female dog that begins with the letter “b” a number of times while she was walking into the Reverb after i stopped her from just walking past us with her guests, without wanting to have us stop them as door security to make sure that they were cleared to enter that venue.


Section 12, Paragraph 9


One day she and I got into an argument on one of these occasions, after:


“She kept coming into my face.  And she began to insult me, and then my husband, by saying that my husband was ugly, and that none of them wanted him anyway.  She even started to say that I was also ugly but stopped in mid sentence once she caught herself, and realise that I was anything but ugly.  She then moved right up in front of my face, and threatened to hit me, or push me, and I then pushed her face and body back, and out of my face. She ended up with a bloody lip.  I did not hit her, nor was I trying to hit her, but in pushing her back the force of the pressure from one of my hands made a hard contact against her mouth. which he did a few weeks later; and which brought and end to our work as a husband and wife bouncer team anywhere inside or outside the city of Toronto.”  The Autobiography of a God


Section 12, Paragraph 10


 When we moved from Big Bob’s to work for six months at this venue called Soul On Spadina the authorities in this city coerced and co-opted the owners of this venue into setting up an operation that was designed to undermine our marriage resourceful and strong marriage and destroy the strongest and last support system that we still had as a family and as a married couple.  They assisted the owners of this upscale venue to set up an elaborate scheme to bring about the fall and the destruction of my marriage, my family – in an attempt to bring an end to the planet healing and paradigm shifting work that i am doing on this planet as a Avatar: to bring an end to the oppressive way of living that the status quo has established across this planet and bring a new an harmonious way of being to all of life living here in the future for good! They use the following methods and means to try to do so:


Instructed the promotion team from the company called Hot Steppers Promotion, made up of the three Hispanic brothers, to invited us to work at this venue – that had recently opened - after we did a few shows working as door security for them at the Reverb over six month period.

Have Carl Allen, serve as the front man, and owner of this venue, lure us away from Big Bob’s the night we worked as door security at Soul on Spadina – by offering us the job as joint head of security for that venue making $150 each, every night that we worked there.

Having two other partners, Roland and Paul,  brought on board to work with Carl after the venue started losing money; and then having them remove Carl as one of their partners within a few months afterwards.

Leaving us owed over a $4,000 in back pay by the time that this venue closed down – even after my husband and i both took a pay cut to work for $125.00 each per night less than a month after we started working there.

Having these two owners allowing a few of the security staff working under us to behave abusively and disrespectfully toward myself, and especially my husband including:

Refusing to follow instructions that we gave to them at work concerning security; or ignoring numerous requests that we asked of them to perform work duties.

Deliberately playing and flirting with female patrons while at work even after we spoke to them about discontinuing their unprofessional and promiscuous conduct.

One of these two male bounders behaving in a vulgar manner one night after work by calling my husband a “fag”; and turning his back to us and lifting up one of his legs in the air and telling my husband to “come and @^% him”.


Section 12, Paragraph 11


Booking  a group of male strip dancers ( of African American heritage) called the Black Chip and Dale Dancers for two strip shows at that venue as a direct challenge to my marriage; and the unity and bond that my husband and i  had developed over 25 years as a married couple after:


  My husband and i decided to work downstairs to check the hordes of exclusive women patrons who showed up that night – instead of working upstairs inside the club – which prevented them from having the negative impact on our marriage because of that fact.

So they booked that same act about a month later for second show – and insisted that we work upstairs as the only security working that night for the venue so that we can do crowd control. However, i stayed far away from that event by staying at the far end of this large venue near the female washroom area, to control traffic going into that washroom; and also to make sure that i did not have to observe any of that vulgar and degrading male strip show.  And my husband stayed near the area where that show was being staged as the person who was supposed to do crowd control.

 I did not want to us to work on either of those two nights that those male strip dancers were performing; and i make that clear to my husband.  He stated that we needed the money, however, and that this was the reason why he agreed for us to work the first time and also the second time that this show was staged there.  i informed him, however, that if those male strip dancers booked a third show for that venue – that i would not work at that venue that night; nor did i expect him to do so either.  After we both spoke to the owners of this venue they assured us that if that act was booked a third time for this venue that we would not have to work that night – which was just fine with us.


Section 12, Paragraph 12

Having a female promoter named Dennis Jones (of Jones and Jones Productions ) book a show at that venue for a West Indian comedy play; and having her intentionally disrespected and abused me during that event by:

 Refusing to allow two people whom we informed her were there as our guest that afternoon from entering that event without paying – until my husband and i decided to use our authority as head of door security to invite them in that afternoon despite her objections.

  Intentionally coming and standing directly in front of me, less than a foot from me, in order to

block my view, and also to keep  me from continuing my job of screening people coming into the club that afternoon – as an act of reprisal against me for pulling ranks with my husband to bring that couple inside that venue.

 After i informed her quietly that she was blocking my view – at least three different times and she still stood there like a statue: i decided to raise my voice and inform her that i am working as door security and that she was interfering with my ability to do my job that afternoon.

 Denise Jones goading me into getting into a loud argument with her by the abusive manner in which she treated me that afternoon.

 When she started shouting at me to keep my voice down her husband came over to where she was and started trying to force me to keep my voice down as if i was the one who had started that argument.

 My husband deciding to place his right arm around my shoulder, and gently coaxed me to move down the hall, while nudging me along as I did so – in his effort to diffuse the heated situation and to keep the event from being disrupted any further by this conflict which this female promoter had been recruited by the authorities in this city to created that afternoon.

 The owner of the venue, Carl Allen, promising to speak to me later about what had caused that incident and deciding not to do so to this day.


Section 12, Paragraph 13


The different authorities working inside this city continued their attacks against myself and my husband while we worked as bouncers in the night club district in the downtown are because:


I continued my practice of going to use the booth at Speakers’ Corners, right next to City TV,  to speak to the people of Toronto through that popular local show, while i was working at Big Bob’s - as had done for a number of years before -  to warn parents about allowing their teenage children from patronizing venues such as Big Bob’s and other night clubs in this city.

I decided to go on a hunger strike to protest the injustices and violations that my family and i were still being subjected to a the hand of the different people in the community who are recruited to work as informants and gang stalkers that are used to harass, monitor, torment, and persecute us at our place of work, out in public places, as well as inside the privacy of our home.

I continued to speak about the paradigm shifting work that i do as an Avatar to my co-workers as well as to some of the patrons who wanted to know.


Section 12, Paragraph 14

One night they decided to send two uniform police officers to Big Bob’s while we were working as door security in order to show me that:


They have the power to use these police officers to use their authority to push their weight around  and force their way past me and my husband into that venue by :


Refusing to show me any identification after i informed that they needed to do so as proof that they were actually police officers instead of two men wearing police uniform to impersonate police officers in order for them to enter that venue and possible do harm to people working inside there – as part some undercover plot by some mobster in this city to settle some dispute with the owner of this venue, for example.

Looking at me with disbelief after asked them to show me their identification proving that they were real police officers, and just walking past myself and my husband into the venue that we both were responsible for controlling access into as door security staff.

Refusing to do what undercover cops who enter a night club venue are expected to do – which was to alert door security that they were going inside that particular venue when they show up to do so; in order for in house security as well as the management of that venue to be informed that undercover officers are inside their venue.


Section 12, Paragraph 15


For the past six years my family have been living inside one of the units in a duplex owned by a co-op called Woodtree Co- op – in seclusion and isolation as a social outcast and prisoners of this society – where we have been the target of harassment, persecution, and gangstalking by each of the three different families that we have shared this duplex with during that period of time.  The governments in this city used the management of the shelter program for homeless family, where we stayed for over 23 straight months, to attack us in different ways by:


Forcing us to move into this co-op unit or else they would not allow us to take shelter back into their shelter program – during the middle of the cold Canadian winter – after they had evicted us from that program for refusing to return to live back into any of the communities where we had been consistently abused and violated for the previous two decades.

Forcing to move into a unit with rooms that were too small, stairs that were too narrow, a backyard that was hardly there, and a house where the previous tenants had a problem with rodents and roaches.

Encouraging us to move into a unit that was not ready for tenants as yet: which to our dismay - the bathtub was not finished so we could not use it for about four days; the toilet bowl was sitting in a box instead of over the hole in the ground where it was suppose to be.  And we spent the entire weekend when we first moved into that apartment unit that Friday afternoon without any toilet to use.


Section 12, Paragraph 16


Since we have moved into this unit inside his duplex we have been the target of many different forms of attacks by the management of this co-op – who have been coerced and co-opted by the different authorities working in this city to find different ways to harass, abuse, persecute us in order to finally weaken, erode, and destroy the family, the marriage, and the world of this Avatar who is here to change the world.  These violations include:


The property manager at the time that we moved into this house, Marty Crowder, assuring us that she would make sure that all the repairs and fixes that needed to be done to the  upstairs unit that we had just moved into was completed as soon as possible. This included:


 Making sure that the flooring was sound proof with floor fillings and thick carpeting in certain area such as the hallway, the bedrooms, and the living room in order to keep sound from travelling easily to the people living inside the unit below us.  Six years later this has not been done. And this problem has been at the heart of every dispute that the two families living inside this duplex over the past 15 years have had with each other – including my own family and the three different families who have lived here with us over the past six years.


Section 12, Paragraph 17


Marty Crowder advising us to “not look for problems where there were none” after we informed her about some of the concerns that we had about coming to live inside the upstairs unit of this duplex, such as the structural problems, and the problems of having a history of being mistreated and violated by very family whom we have lived next to, or share a house with, since the 1980’s.


Section 12, Paragraph 18


Having the family who lived in the unit below us for about 6 months after we first moved in wrongfully accusing us of creating noise disturbances through the day and even late in the afternoon – because we were using tools such a hammer and a table saw to cut and make different furniture items for us to use inside our home – including a few desk, chairs, shelves, kitchen table, and even structures to house our beds inside of.   We did work for about a six week period to get these things made but always worked during allowable ours from about 10 am to about 6 pm about six days a week.


Section 12, Paragraph 19


However, this family was not speaking the truth when they complained to the management of this Co-op that we were using work tools late into the evening; and they did so because:


 The husband of this couple was a baker who woke up around 5 in the morning to get dressed for work; and he found it difficult to sleep peacefully at nights because of the thin flooring that allows sounds to travel easily from our unit upstairs to their own.

 This coupled had been brought here to try to find ways to destroy my marriage by having the husband sleep with me –  as if he was looking for a second wife which his Islamic faith gives its blessings for him to do: through  the different mating rituals that i have come to see men have a shameful habit of practicing for practically all of my adult life.

They inviting us into their unit to help them with a new computer desk that they were putting together; and also to watch a movie which we ended up seeing only about fifteen minutes of because of the seductive manner and gestures that certain women were making in that film; and which we informed them about as the reason why we had to leave.

 When they saw that the plan to try to sleep with me was not working out after about four months  – this childless was  co-opted by the authorities into making these false accusations  that our family making noise disturbances with our work tools  late into the evening.


Section 12, Paragraph 20


They brought  another  family to live in the downstairs unit after that couple moved out – which was comprised of a mother of African Caribbean descent and her young teenage son – who was specifically brought here in another plot to try to destroy my marriage: by having this woman try to sleep with my husband.  She made numerous attempts during the one year that they lived in the unit below ours by:


  Constantly playing her religious songs, and singing along with them throughout the day,  in an attempt to try to woo my husband into her bed.

Constantly speaking and laughing in a loud voice whenever she has company over, including the two maintenance worker for this co-op, in order for us to hear what a good time she was having with them; and to try to entice my husband into seeing her as someone he should come on to.

When that strategy failed she decide to inform the co-op that we were making disturbing noises in our unit upstairs – which was preventing her from resting peaceful at nights.  She also informed them that she needed a unit with more space for her and her son to live inside of.


Section 12, Paragraph 21


The Co-op recruiting and brought a third family into this duplex to live with us since we started living here almost four years ago.  They are a family of informants who have spent their time attacking, harassing, tormenting, and abusing us for a longer period of time more than any other family has done to us since Andraggon and i became a married couple in 1975.   These attacks have been through the use of different sounds that they make on the floor of their unit - on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for about four years since they moved into the unit above us.


Section 12, Paragraph 22


They are specifically done round the clock and relentlessly for the purpose of wearing us down emotionally, mentally, physically, and psychically  to the point where we begin to react in a depressing or hostile manner towards these constant negative stimulus after a period of time; and either end up being driven out of our minds, or fall in a state of constant depression to the point where we decide to commit group suicide one day; or drive us to our breaking point where we decide to go postal and start killing other human beings until law enforcement violently takes our own lives from us shortly afterwards.



Section 12, Paragraph 23


There are only two duplexes that are owned by the Co-op that we live inside of; and we were intentionally coaxed into coming to live in one of them.  The duplex we live inside of is a house that is has been converted for two families to live inside of, one above each other. It is a house that is almost 100 years old, with small rooms, thin floorings, and creaky wooden floors that allow sounds to travel easily from the floor above to the one below  - and especially late at night where you can literally hear a coin when it is dropped on the floor in the unit above ours.  In fact we intentionally moved from the second floor unit after living there for over two years because it had become extremely stressful and distressful for us to move about in that unit particular during the late evening to the early morning hours; and especially because we are a family who has become accustomed to working on different projects late into the night.


Section 12, Paragraph 24


So to avoid being falsely accused of making disturbing noises by each of the two families who lived above us during that period of time: my husband insisted  that we should  to move down to the first floor unit inside this duplex when the last family moved out. In this way we would not have to worry about being accused on making disturbing noises; and instead would only have to deal with disturbing noises being made upstairs – which we expected a certain amount by any family who came to live upstairs. However, we did not expect the family who moved into that unit to attack us in the relentless, deliberate, and heartless manner that the current family living there has been doing practically since they moved there.


Section 12, Paragraph 25


This family initially was made up of an elderly mother, her husband, her adult son, his adult sister, and her baby boy.  However the husband moved out within a few months and have not returned since.  They were brought here by the authorities to:


 Serve as paid informants who are suppose to monitor and listen to everything that we say or do as a family inside the privacy of our unit; and pass on any information that they gain to the authorities who brought them to live here.

To try to disrupt our lives and disturb our state of mind throughout the day and night using whatever methods or means available to them to do continuously do so.

 Have the son try to sleep with me with the help of his mother, and her witchcraft work that she was brought here to use, to mesmerize or hypnotize me into finding my way into her son’s bed – in the hopes of creating fiction and tension in my resilient and strong 30 year marriage to my husband.


Section 12, Paragraph 26


For the past four years members of this family have conducted a round the clock surveillance of my family while attacking us on a daily and even nightly basis.  These attacks have taken different forms including:


Using their now five year old grandson to run about in the unit upstairs as if he is playing in a playground in a school yard or in a public park by coaching and encouraging this little boy to :


Constantly run throughout the unit upstairs – including the hallway, and the rooms above our bedroom as well as our daughter’s bedroom – for 5 to 10 minutes a time throughout the day, into the evenings, and even after midnight for the past few years.

Constantly jump and land hard on the thin wooden floorings upstairs whenever he reaches the room above our bedroom or the one above our daughter’s room.

Constantly jump from chair or some piece of furniture such as a living room coach and land hard directly on the floor located above the bedroom of my husband and myself at different times throughout the day and sometimes into the evenings for over two years now.

Following us around our unit wherever they believe us to be at the time and dropping heavy items repeatedly over our heads inside the kitchen, the bedrooms, and in the hallway.

Doing the same abusive acts whenever we go out of our unit and leave our daughter at home alone in a deliberate and viciously attempt to try to further undermine the mental health of a young woman who has been deeply traumatized from the years of crises that she has endured as a member of our persecuted family.

One or more of them stomping their feet heavily on the floor of their unit as they move about upstairs from room to room on a daily basis for over a month now.


Section 12, Paragraph 27


We have become a three member family who has forced to spend over 90% of our waking and sleeping hours locked up inside this co-op unit, as prisoners of this Canadian society, since we move in here over 6 years ago –  by the different authorities who have use their on going police investigation and round the clock surveillance program to gang stalk, harass, and persecute us for over two decades now. We have become “a family of sitting ducks” who are  because we have been forced to live in isolation, in seclusion, as a family of recluse who have been cut off from every form of outside support by the relentless, calculated, and systematic attacks against us by the governments operating in this city.


Section 12, Paragraph 28


The authorities operating in this city have used this family as a weapon to attack my family more aggressive, and relentlessly than any family has been able to do to us since the 1980’s.  These attacks include the ones against our animals by the adult son living upstairs who:


Has a habit of running up the stairs into their unit, and running down the stairs when leaving their unit, and making a lot of noise with his feet while doing so.  He has caused both our young cat and our young dog to go from being calm, relaxed, and contented animals to become easily irritated, constantly complaining, and stressed and fearful whenever they hear people running up or down the stairs; or whenever hear loud sounds being made from things dropped on the floor inside the unit above ours.

Has left the screen door wide open, as well as the front door that is behind it, at least three times last fall, which caused our animals to become ill with colds, and flues for a few weeks on two different occasions that he has done so.

Had a habit of closing the front door to this duplex really hard – for the past year or so, and causing the front part of this creaky old wooden house to shake violently each time; and in the process causing our cat and our dog to become upset and agitated each time that he did so. It was only after the front door was set to close slowly on its on by maintenance that he stopped that abusive practice.




Section 12, Paragraph 29


This young man is a paid informant of the authorities in this city who was brought here with the rest of his small family to spy on us while seeking different ways to attack us in the process. Some of these attacks against us by him include his:


Spending a lot of time trying to listen to everything that we say or do inside the privacy of our own unit: by lying down on the floor directly above our bedroom for long periods of time to see what he can hear; by standing outside our front door for about minutes at a time for the same reason before continuing outside.

Making a lot of noise on when he is putting out the garbage the night before it is collected the following day – by intentionally dragging each garbage bin down each step of the stairs so it makes a loud banging sound at it lands on each step, instead of lifting the bin down the stairs against the side of his leg as my husband did during the three years the we lived upstairs, so that it does not make any sound as he brings it downstairs. He has been doing so every Tuesday without failure for a few years now to intentionally irate and annoy us because he is about my husband’s height, of 6ft 5 inches, and weighs about 250 pounds according to Andraggon; and should be able to bring the garbage bins down the stairs one at a time without having to walk them down and have them land hard on each step as he does so.

Stored stinky meat garbage inside our garbage bin on three different occasions last year even after my husband informed him that he should store it inside one of the garbage bins that the city provides for the families living here.

Putting a number of bags of that smelly meat garbage next to own garbage on at least three different occasions in the last year, that we had put out in our own area the night before garbage collection day; and he did so even after my husband informed him a few years before that the family upstairs puts their garbage out on the street in front of this duplex, while the family living in the unit below puts out their garbage at the front of the parking lot behind this duplex.

Playing music very loud a number late at night for three or four hours during the weekday, and also on the weekend, in an attempt to irate and upset us.

Banging hard on the floor above us with a broom stick  at different times during the day and night when we play our music very loud for about an hour or more, especially to cover disturbing sounds being deliberately made by them at different times during the day and especially during the night to disturb and upset us; and to send a message to them that we will not just sit back and allow them to continue to attack and abuse us by the different objects that they keep dropping on the floor for that purpose.

Vandalizing the front door one night by banging the door really hard against the wall, causing the entire front part of that home to shake violently; and also causing it to leave a hole the size of a golf ball directly behind the area where the door knock touches the wall; and doing so twice - while he was taking out the garbage that night and when he was returning from doing so. He did so after we refused to return two of the concrete bricks that my husband had brought to this duplex years ago; and which we also used to keep the front door open sometimes during the summer months – because he was using those bricks to bang them against the wall two different times during the week prior to this incident; and my husband had warned him that if continue to misuse those bricks that he would remove them from there and put them away, which he did about a week later.


This young man was brought here with his family by the authorities with the intention of having him sleeping with me, or having me showing a sexual interest in him, that could lead to him ending up in my bed.  He has made numerous attempts to try to create the conditions for him to do so including:


His coming down to speak to Andraggon and myself in front of his front door and ours, with his shirt unbutton to try to entice me into seeing him as someone to sleep with – which does not work with this Avatar: since i have never allowed anyone to use me to harm another human being in any way for any reason regardless of how they look, how much asset they own or what status they have as human beings.

His mother standing in front of our door for about five minutes a few months ago, and performing some kind of ritual, and leaving substance on the floor that had a awful smell, which i had to pick up and dispose of myself.  This woman is suppose to be an expert in the practice of the black arts, which is part of the reason why she and her family were brought her as informants and gang stalkers to attack my family while monitoring our every movement inside this unit.  She has been trying to use her black arts to manipulate me into developing a sexual interest in her son, which has failed each time she has attempted to do so.


Other members of this family of informants have also been used to attack and abuse my three member family. These include the man who is married to the daughter of the woman upstairs, who has violated myself especially in different ways, including:


His intentionally parking his vehicle in our parking space at least three different occasions over the last years, while my husband and were bringing our groceries home in a cab, and found his inside his vehicle in our parking space.

His refusing to move his vehicle from our parking space each of the three times that i asked him to do so; and instead he drags his feet doing so which caused us to have the taxi use another parking space inside this three car parking lot on two different occasions; and also having to remove our groceries from the cab while it parked near the entrance to the parking lot because all three parking spaces were being used, including ours by this selfish and arrogant man.

His shouting the profanity “F#@% you” in my direction, one night a few months ago, after i had banged hard on the front door of the family living upstairs to let them know that the disturbing sounds that they  were making upstairs for the past hour or so was really upsetting and distressing my family and myself.  These attacks  include:


Repeatedly dropping different types of heavy object on the floor, at different times throughout the day night, above the bedroom that my husband and sleep in, above our daughter’s bedroom, and also above our kitchen in an attempt to use these disturbing sounds to irritate, frustrate, stress, and upset us in what ever way that they can on any given day – as they were brought here to do by the authorities.

Repeatedly bouncing a hard ball on the floor of their unit for a number of minutes at a time a few evening or lat night every week for over a year.

Dragging heavy objects such as furnitures across the floor in the room above our bedroom in the evening or late at night about twice a week for about two years now.

Having people who come to visit them ring our door bell a number of times on a weekly basis at any time during the day or into the evening for a few years now – even after we asked them to alert their visitors that they should ring the top bell instead of the bottom one when they come to see them.

Having the little boy who does not walk being used to run about that apartment for many minutes at a time for about three years now. In the last month or so he has done so because he has not been brought to stay there since then, which we are relieved to know for whatever the reason.

Playing loud music during the evenings and often late into the night about twice a week.

My seeing their son meeting with an employee of the TTC on the front porch of this duplex about six different time to my knowledge during the past two years, for about five minutes.

Having two men in a large black late model car visit their unit about 5 am one morning when my husband our daughter were putting out the garbage of garbage day; and one of these men in black suit slumping down into the passenger side of that front seat to try to avoid my husband seeing his face while the other one dressed in a beige sweater stood in front of the back door of the unit upstairs waiting to go inside.


The authorities have also tried to manipulate my state of mind in different ways including:


Using one of the daughters of the family living upstairs as the female TTC driver who tried to use that bus to run us over that afternoon on April 16th inside the St Clair West Station.

Having her come to that unit upstairs and my seeing her walking past me one afternoon last summer while i was standing at the entrance to our back door; and her trying to cover her face with a part of her Muslim headdress to try to keep me from recognizing her.

Having this same daughter now staying upstairs with her mother and her brother; and telling me one when i called their phone number to tell them to stop interfering with our personal items, or i will take it to court: that she “will also take action too.”


These authorities also had a strange woman brought there one day about two months ago to try to play mind games with me:


One day i knocked on the door of their upstairs unit and a woman whom i have never seen or met before answered the door. I informed her that i wanted to speak to someone living upstairs about their using a rug of ours to put on the floor on the steps of the entrance to our backdoor. However, she proceeded to say the following an strange things to me that :


 She has been living in that unit upstairs for over four years now which is a lie.

The unit upstairs has been broken into twice in the past year or so and that she has had some of her identifications as well as some money stolen – which was also the first time that i have ever heard that such a crime had taken place inside that unit.

 She would like to have my home phone number – which i informed her that she can get from the management of the Co-op.

The son of the mother living upstairs was now going to college – which was something that i was suppose to be impressed by.


My family has been living under siege inside this duplex for the six years, and especially for the past four since this family of paid informants were brought here by Woodtree Co-op to literally gang stalk, harass, torment, and persecute us to death.  The authorities operating in this city have used this place where they have pushed us into to live – to launched the most intense, persistent, ruthless attacks against us over the past six years since the ones that they subjected us to during the 10 months that we lived on the street of Toronto as a homeless family. Not only have they used the family of informants of East Indian descent to attack us round the clock inside this duplex for the past four years – but they have also co-opted and coerced members of the management of this co-op property, along with staff members, board members, and co-op tenants to take part in a systematic, relentless, and calculated program of attacks against my three member family.


The most common attacks against us has been against my marriage to Andraggon, which has been the top goal of the authorities in their campaign to destroy my life and work by trying to wreck my resilient marriage so that they can shatter my resourceful and durable family.  These methods and means include:


Hiring a young man of Caucasian descent, named Brian Carney, to replace Marty Crowder as the new co-ordinator of Woodtree Co-op and using him to try to entice and woo me into becoming sexually involved with him in order to try to destroy m marriage and ruin my credibility as an Avatar in the process.

After two years on the job and they saw that i was not enticed or intimidated by Brian in any way – they decided to try a different strategy and replace him with a female co-ordinator named Anna: to have her try to entice my husband into being sexually involved with her.  Anna has been on the job over a year now, and her mission to woo my husband has also failed – because he does not have any contact with her, or any female member of this co-op, in person or by phone; and i am the one who contacts her by email or by phone on behalf of my family regarding any concerns that we needed to bring to her attention about things to be repaired inside this unit, or about other matters.

A member of one of the committees, and co-op tenant, named Mitchell Bailey, who stopped me one afternoon on the front porch of  our duplex, and asked me: “where is Andraggon” – to give the impression that she and my husband were involved  in some kind of personal relationship; and she said same thing one day while she by walking through our unit upstairs while i was painting the unit to get it ready for my family to move in, and my husband was at the storage with some movers packing our personal belongings to bring them here.

 The current president of the Board of Directors for Woodtree Co-op stopping by our unit one day a few years ago to speak to me, and bringing her teenage daughter with her – to attack my marriage with the intention of enticing my husband into showing an interest in her daughter.

The former president of this same board of directors, a Caucasian woman named Liza King, and her attempt to entice my husband by showing up at a co-op meeting in a low cut blouse that exposed her breasts to anyone who stood in front of her as she sat chairing that meeting; and the different times that she acted in a flirtatious manner towards my husband during some of these same meetings by behaving towards him as if he was someone she was interested in sleeping with at some point in the future.

The constant and deliberate attempts, and efforts, of the two maintenance workers (name Colvin and Doug) for this co-op during the five years that they both worked here, before the younger and less experienced one, named Doug, was left go – to try to court me into becoming entice by either or both of them with the goal of having me sleep with them in the future. Their violations towards me include :


These two men staring at me as if i going to be their next meal, whenever they came to do repairs inside our unit upstairs, even with my husband standing there and looking at the work that they were doing, during the first year or so that we lived there. At that point i began to intentionally remain inside my bedroom and out of their view whenever either one of them came by the unit to repair anything – until they left to go on break or lunch or left for the day.

This senior maintenance worker making a comment about whether we wanted glass door or a wooden for the  back door of our unit upstairs; and my asking him the question: what if i am walking around in my underwear and someone sees me from behind that door” and his replying while laughing and smiling: “that would be great.”

His making different remarks to my husband to my husband, usually in a loud voice on different occasions while he was working inside our unit upstairs, about different people – in order for me to hear - that were disrespectful and degrading: including using the vulgar named for body excrement, in deliberate attempt to be disrespectful towards me; and to tell me what he thought of me as a human being and a spiritual master.

His speaking and laughing in a loud voice whenever he visited the woman who lived in the unit below ours for over a year, while she did the same thing – in an attempt to ridicule me; and to give the impression that i was missing out on good time.

His asking my husband to go with him to meet the other maintenance worker,  to pick up a medium size freezer that another co-op family had abandoned, which my husband had asked for – from a co-op residence that was occupied by five different families, most of who were single mothers; and coaxing my husband to meet some of the female tenants inside this large house – in order to try to get him to flirt with them; and to even develop an interest in sleeping with some of them in the future.


Colvin did not need to have my husband go to that house to help bring home that freezer inside his van because he and the other maintenance worker could have loaded it on the van; and when he brought it to our unit my husband could then help him to off load it and help him bring it inside.  After my husband complained to him about the unethical conduct that afternoon, he apologized for the way my husband felt about the incident but insisted that he did not  bring  him to that house to meet some of the female co-op members living there as he had done.

This senior maintenance worker going into the basement of this duplex at different times after work on a number of different occasions during the past year  in order to try and listen secretly to conversations that my husband and i have inside the privacy of our bedroom, very much like “a peeping tom”, or in this case “a prying tom”.


The management of this co-op have failed miserably in their efforts to attack and destroy my marriage and shatter my family in the process as the authorities operating inside this city has intended, planned, and arranged for them to do.  This co-op has used other methods than their maintenance staff, or their coordinators, in their quest to do what no other individual or organization, institution, or government has been able to do – end my marriage, destroy my family, and bring an end to the paradigm shifting work that i do as the Avatar who is here to bring all beings together by introducing a new way of being to all of life living here: “that serves the greater good of all of life living on this planet in the future for good”.  These other methods include:


Having an appliance repair person, a Caucasian man, and a racist named Arthur, as the contractor who services, and provides, all the appliances in the different units in this co-op – who has treated my husband disrespectfully on three different occasions in the past five years that he has come to fix an appliance inside our unit including:

 The day he came to repair our stove and accused my husband of causing some of the burners and drip trays to burn out - because Andraggon informed him that he often boiled his drinking water on one of the large burners; and he proceeded to become upset with my husband and treated as if he was some low life had damage a property of the co-op.  The only thing that he did not call me that day was: nigger because he certainly treated me like one” stated my husband to me shortly after that incident.

The day he came to do some repair on our refrigerator and decided to open door of our fridge and started removing our food items from there – without even asking my husband if he could do so.

 The day he brought a new stove to replace the rusty one inside our unit downstairs; and instead allowed Colvin to convince him that he should place that new stove inside the unit upstairs and bring the used one from upstairs into our unit for us to use. This was done on my husband’s birth day over two years go.


Having Colvin breaking one of the bylaws of this co-op, which states that no co-op appliance shall be moved from one unit and placed into another, which Colvin intentionally did that day.

Having the management of this co-op threaten to have us charge with theft of co-op property after we decided to remove that appliance a few hours later from inside the empty unit upstairs and brought it back down into the unit we had just moved into – where it rightfully should have been taken – and left the used one outside in the hallway for the co-op to have brought back upstairs.  To avoid further conflict over this matter we decided to allow the management of this co-op to remove the new stove from our unit and replace it with the old one that we had been using for two years upstairs.


The management of this co-op have attempted to undermine and destroy this three member family through the authority it gives itself through its board of directors.  They have:


Intentionally taken the sides of the two previous families who lived in the downstairs unit inside this duplex during the first two years that we have done so – by wrongfully blaming us for making noise disturbances that we did not; and in the process agreeing with the accusations made against us by those two families who moved out.

Demanded that we attended at meeting staged by the board of directors of this co-op; and threatening to take steps to have us evicted from this co-op after i pointed in a meeting that we have with some of the people in management about my being sexually harassed by its senior maintenance staff; and about the president of the Board of director ( who was present at that same meeting)  attempting to flirt with my husband at different times during some of their meetings.

Refused to investigate the different issues that we brought to their attention regarding our being mistreated by members of the family living in the unit above us.

Finally held a meeting with ourselves and members of the family living above us, that we asked for them to do for over a year before the did so; and using this meeting to address some maintenance issues instead of looking for solutions to the problems that we were having with family living in the unit above ours.

The current coordinator of this co-op treating me in disrespectful manner on a number of different occasions since she began working here – including:


Refusing to answer my emails and phone calls that i made to her recently – though she has done so promptly in the past year of so since has been working here.

Addressing my family instead of myself whenever she replies to my recent emails even though i am the only one in this family who corresponds with her in this manner.

Treating me in an insensitive and dismissive manner when she recently replied to my second request in recent months for a transfer into a three bedroom single dwelling unit that we made a request for about a year now.

Informing me that i should not write lengthy emails to the office whenever i am contacting her about repairs that needed to be done inside our unit; and that i should address these concerns to the board of directors for this co-op instead – even though i have made it clear to her in the past that i bring my concerns about living conditions inside this duplex with the family of informants living above us so that as coordinator of this co-op she can be brought up to date about these issues that are affecting and disrupting our lives here as a family.

 Requiring us to pay rent and last month’s rent in advance before we moved in, to the property of manager of this co-op, named Marty Crowder; and then insisting our four years later that we did not pay the Co-op that last month’s rent – which my husband insisted that we should pay and did for a second time.



Section Thirteen


In the fall of 2002 i was forced to go on a hunger strike to protest a number of grievances that were causing great harm to my family’s live, and to the lives of future of the people living on the surface of this planet, as well as the other lifeforms living here with us.


Section 13, Paragraph 1


I went on a hunger strike in the fall of 2002 to protest a number of problems that I wanted to be addressed by the different authorities operating inside his city, province, and country – as well as those in power throughout the world.  At that time, I had become fed up with having to watch my family go through the amount of abuses that we were undergoing at that point when we lived at Murray Road.  I also wanted to let the leaders of the different nations on the planet know that a senior ranking member of the member of the highest authority in existence anywhere – known as the Spiritual Hierarchy - was living amongst them; and that she was willing and ready to give up her mortal life and starve to death – if I needed to – in order to move them to bring an end to the pain and suffering and violence that humanity, and other species of beings were living in and dying from.


Section 13, Paragraph 2


My husband sent faxes and e-mails to as many governments, televisions, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and celebrities as he could find addresses for.  He also sent a copy of this press release to as many representatives in the United Nations whose e-mail addresses he could find.  I lived on a diet of a few bottles of water and a few glasses of orange juices a day during that hunger strike. I was willing to starve myself to death, just as the race of humanity was being starved to death of the spiritual nourishment that their hearts and minds need for them to live and develop into higher spiritual beings.  That was the first time that I had ever decided to go on a hunger strike. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life but I was ready for it.  I was someone who had a history of not eating much, and of not even eating properly when I did.  I also knew what it was like to have to go without having enough food to eat as a child growing up in Trinidad.


Section 13, Paragraph 3


For a number of weeks during the month of October and November of 2002, I survived only on water and fruit juices. At first it was hard to not think of wanting to eat, but after about a week or so, my body became use to not eating any food.  My husband told me at the time about Mahatma Ghandi, and how he had gone on a hunger strike for many weeks to try to keep his beloved India from being ripped apart by violence between Muslim and the much larger Hindu population.  India did eventually split into two nations, and Pakistan became a new nation for most of the Muslim people of India.  But Ghandi’s hunger strike did manage to force his people to put down their arms for a brief period of time, even though they took them up again after he was assassinated shortly afterwards.  I liked the idea of an Avatar using a hunger strike to try to get the human race to put an end to the injustices and inequalities and violence and destruction that it was doing to each other, and to other Races of Beings living among them.


Section 13, Paragraph 4


I did not know what impact my hunger strike was going to have but I knew what I intended for it to do.  And I listed those goals in my press release in the form of thirteen grievances for which I was on my hunger strike.  You could say that I was testing the global waters to see where the hearts and minds of the leaders of the world, and also the mass Media was at – on the question of justice and equality for everyone living on this planet.  They were only thirteen issues that I wanted addressed as a top priority by the leaders and shakers living on this planet, but they covered a number of key problems that have been plaguing and paralysing the lives of most beings living on Earth.


Section 13, Paragraph 5


My Thirteen Grievances For Going On A Hunger Strike in the fall of 2002 :


1. Stop attacking marriages and start protecting them.

2. Stop tearing down families and start strengthening them.

3. Stop raising boys to become selfish and abusive men and girls to become obedient and  enticing women.   And start raising boys and girls to become strong, caring, and responsible adults who view and treat each other respectfully and as equals.

4. Stop holding women hostages in Society - and start treating us, as the true equals that we are.

5. Stop allowing Big Business to sell products and services that are high in price and low in quality to the people and then treat them like nuisances and troublemakers when they complain.

6.. Stop allowing Big Business to hold countries hostages, and use their economic might to control their political leaders and exploit their people.

7. Rich Nations must cancel the debt owed them by the poorer nations of the world.

8. Stop allowing the Media to continue to corrupt and destroy the hearts and minds of the people – especially the children – with its daily menu of profanity, nudity, violence, sex, and huge portions of disrespect for everything and everyone.

9. Stop using the different Systems of authority to control the hearts and minds of the people.

10. End the global warfare against Mother Earth, against her nature children, and against the environment before the Earth is forced to fight back and purge herself of all the things and the beings who are destroying her life, her health, and her children.

11. Stop enslaving people of color throughout the world.

12. Start paying the financial debt that is owed to the descendants of the people you enslaved for over 400 years; and return the land and resources stolen from the Native People of the Earth that you still occupy (or pay them back fully for that which they owned); and treat them with the dignity and respect to them that they deserve as a people.

13. Governments must stop robbing and raping the people of their money and their power to make decisions for their own lives, and for their own families.


Section 13, Paragraph 6


One day I decided to end my hunger strike, after a number of weeks of being on it.  Few people seemed to care that I was starving myself to death for a cause that was larger than life.  I got some replies from about a half dozen members of different nations at the United Nations, and some of them were even sympathetic to my cause, which I appreciated.


Section 13, Paragraph 7


I had begun my hunger strike on the morning of Monday October the 9th.  This was Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, as well as the Jewish’s Yom Kipper.  When I ended my hunger strike, I asked my husband how many days I had been on it. He replied that it was November the 18th – and that my hunger strike had lasted exactly 40 days. I did not know that nor did I plan that, but that was what it was, and when it ended.






Section Fourteen


Since January of 2005 we have lived in this community in the west end and during this time we have been forced to live here as prisoners of this society – by the different network of Gang Stalkers that are being used by the authorities to monitor our every movements, disrupt our lives, and destroy my resilient family unit and my sacred and deeply bonded 30 marriage -  using every means available to them, including both legal, illegal and immoral ones.


Section 14, Paragraph 1


“Methods used against targets. a) Classical conditioning. Getting a target sensitised to sounds, colors, patterns, actions. Eg. Red, white, yellow, strips, pens clicking, key jangling, coughing, sneezing, whistling, fingers snapping, clapping, etc.  b) 24/7 Surveillance.  This will involve following the target everywhere they go. Learning about the target. Where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are. Getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street. Bugging targets phone, house, computer activity.  c) Isolation of target. This is done via slander campaigns, and lies. Eg. Saying the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be watched. False files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbours, family, store keepers.


Section 14, Paragraph 2


d) Noise and mimicking campaigns. Disrupting the targets life, sleep with loud power tools, construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc. Talking in public about private things in the targets life. Mimicking actions of the target.  Basically letting the target know that they are in the targets life. Daily interferences, nothing that would be too overt to the untrained eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over time.  Visit http://www.gangstalking.ca to see more details.  e) Every day life breaks and street theatre. Flat tires, putting dirt on targets property. Mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets. These strangers might get text messaged to be at a specific time and place, and perform a specific action.  If might seem harmless to these strangers, but it could be causing great psychological trauma for the target. Eg. Blocking targets path, getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road, saying or doing things to elicit a response from targets. Etc.”   Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 14, Paragraph 3


The decades of covert police investigation, and round the clock surveillance – inside the privacy of our home through electronic bugs and hidden cameras, and whenever we venture outside our home: have caused my three member family to end up living in social isolation, ad physical seclusion, as social outcasts and prisoners in this society.  Our constitutional right, that are enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights, were being violated, deprived, and denied by the same body of authorities who were elected in this democracy,  or those employed by the different levels of Governments operating in this city, and province, to serve and protect the society and the people living inside it.


Section 14, Paragraph 4


For being a courageous, caring, informed, and insightful family that was headed by highly developed spiritual master who came to this planet to “save the world” by introducing a body of information to them that they could use to “change the world” they live in – for the better for good: i became a target, along with the rest of my family members; and forced to live inside a “police state atmosphere” as prisoners of the society in which we have lived all of our lives as a family in this city through the deliberate, systematic, covert, and relentless actions of the different law enforcement employees working in this city; and their use of the people in the community as “the ears and eyes of the status quo” to watch, monitor, disrupt, disturb, and violate our lives and our movements inside the privacy of our home as well as whenever we venture outside of it.


Section 14, Paragraph 5


Today we live in this city as a small group of social outcast in complete isolation and physical seclusion as prisoners in every sense of the word as a three member family who:


Spend over 90% of our waking hours locked up inside this small, cramped, and poorly heated unit on the first floor of the tiny, small, creaky, and old duplex we have lived inside of for over 6 years now.

 Live with different hidden electronic listening (such as electronic bugs) and hidden viewing devices that have been secretly installed inside this unit before we moved into it over three year ago - which are used to record and register every private word we speak to each other or to ourselves, every private feeling we express to each other, and every thing that we do – even taking showers or using the bathroom.

Has not had any friends, relatives, or any human being in own lives outside of the three of us for over two decades now.

Have never gone anywhere on a vacation over the last three decades that my husband and i worked in this city, or even taken a vacation when we did work.

Two older members live as a couple who was married in a civil ceremony at New City Hall and have never gone on a honeymoon, even for a day.

Have never attended a wedding, except our own; or attending a funeral, except for a close relative over 25 years ago; or attended a graduation except for my husband’s high school graduation over 30 years ago.

 Have never attended any private or public social gathering of any kind in almost a decade – including Xmas parties, birthday parties, Santa Claus Parades, Kwanza celebrations, Black History Month celebrations, Toronto annual Winter Fest,  annual Toronto Caribana Festival – except for the two different times that attended a Xmas family gathering at home of my husband’s mother since we have been living at our current address.

Have not gone to a movie theatre to see a movie in over twenty years – except for one that my husband and i went to see about two years ago about the coming of a police state society on planet Earth, called End Games, that was produced and directed by a well known American activist named Mr Alex Jones.

Have not (a) bought or read any newspapers, magazines, or books in over 20 years – except for a few books on spirituality that we have bought or read during this period of time.  (b) Have not listen to any radio station, or watched any television program since we returned to live in the community in the spring of 1991 – except for a late night radio talk show program called Coast To Coast which does three hour interviews with different guests speaking about issues such as corruption by governments and corporations; extraterrestrials, ghosts, witchcraft, demons, devils, and other paranormal subjects, which we listen to on a regular basis for the last seven years.


Section 14, Paragraph 6

We stopped listening after the host of that program, a man named George Noory, used this program as a means of attacking, demonizing, and denigrating this Avatar on a regular basis – with the help of different guests, and the two part time hosts, on his show whom he co-opted and coerced into assisting him to do so; and after he continued to use different people living inside this city, and inside our neighbourhood, to gang stalk this family for a few years now.


Section 14, Paragraph 6


We are a three member family who:


spend the majority of our waking hours working on the three computers  inside this unit, which we each own one of, to express our creative abilities, such as the collection of beautiful fashions that i created with the technical and competent assistance of our computer savvy daughter in a virtual reality and interactive game called Second Life; and the work that i do with my husband’s assistance as editor to produce a body of paradigm shifting, and illuminating, information for human beings to use as road maps to transform and  develop themselves into a race of spiritually evolved, socially enlightened,  and culturally harmonious mortal beings.

Live on the first floor of a duplex with every window inside it completely covered with two layers of curtains; and curtains which are always never left open, as a way of protecting our privacy inside this unit,  by keeping others from seeing us or what we are doing inside this unit during the day or night

Have  to use a sound machine that plays different nature sounds inside the bedroom of my husband’s and myself, that we keep turned on at a loud volume almost 24 hours  throughout the day and during the night – as well as play music on our stereo inside our bedroom, as well as on the karaoke stereo system that we keep on top of the refrigerator inside our kitchen in order to:


Provide ourselves with a cover that keeps the electronic bugs planted inside our bedroom, and the ones planted on the outside wall of this unit, from being able to pick up comments we make, or conversations that we have, inside our home so that we can speak, or speak privately, to our other at different times throughout the day as well as during the nights.

Provide us with peaceful sounds that allow us to maintain our mental health and our peace of mind ; and which also serve to block out different disturbing noises and actions that are constantly and deliberately being made by the family of informants who have been living in the unit above us for about four years now – in a plot by the authorities who brought them here to live try to:  push us over the edge after a period of this form of constant attacks, abuses, torment, and harassment against us; and drive us into a state of insanity, into a state of suicide, or drive us into the ground – where we are forced to reacted violently and go postal; and take the lives of some members of the human race, starting with the tormenting family of informers living directly above us for over four years now.


Section 14, Paragraph 7


We have become are a family of recluse whose members do not go anywhere or do anything or take part in any event outside anymore; and a family whose members go outside only to bring groceries home at the start of the month; or to go walking inside a local public park, called Earl’s Court Park, around a 400 metre sports track for about 10 laps or more during the warm months, which we started doing last year as a means of:

Getting outside of this tiny prison we are forced to remain locked up inside – with the windows, doors, and curtains completely closed – and going outside to spend an about two about five days a week inside a 30 acre parking setting covered with large trees and opened grassy areas: walking briskly around on a paved sports track to get some badly needed exercise for our extremely confined bodies; and to clear our minds and our bodies of a lot of the stresses and strains that build up inside us from the constant traumas and crises we are forced to undergo on a daily basis as a result of the different forms of deliberate and systematic attacks we are constantly experiencing; and which are orchestrated and engineered by the different authorities operating in this city using the people from the communities as the paid and unpaid informers and gang stalkers.


Section 14, Paragraph 8


We are a family whose three members are gang stalked (followed around and watched closely) whenever we venture anywhere outside of place of residence at anytime or the day or night to do any business, or personal matter.  As a result we have been forced to:


Stop shopping in discount groceries stores, like No frills, where we have shopped for about a decade in four of their store locations during this period of time until we stopped doing so about a year ago we saw that the management of these stores continued to use their female cashiers to try to play flirtatious games with my husband as well as other male staff members to try to do the same with me – as part of a organized and calculated program to attack and try o destroy our marriage; and our family in the process.  After speaking to different managers inside three of these No Frills stores, as well as some supervisors, and they continued these attacks against us – we decided to stop shopping in any of the stores altogether over a year ago.


Stop shopping at a small grocery store called Sugar and Spice, where we have been ordering bulk items such as a box of ginger, a few boxed of fish, large bags of sugar and other food items for over two years now.  We did so after the owner of this store continuously :


Found different ways to try to woo me into becoming his second wife by behave in a disrespectful and egotistical manner towards me even after I had spoken to him, and to his wife, a number of different occasions inside their, store about the kind of sacred work that I do and the kind of spiritually developed being that I am; and I that I am someone who will never allow other men or women to use me to disrespect or violate the marriage or the relationship of any human being for any reason at any time; and someone  who does not play any kind of flirting, seductive, or bed games with anyone nor will I allow others to try to play those games with me.

Kept having different men and women show up in his store whenever we went there to pick up our orders once a month - in an attempt to use them to entice myself or my husband with the intention of attacking and undermining our marriage.

 Used some of his male workers to try to play flirtatious games with me at different times over the past two years including one of them who constantly started singing his love songs whenever he came around me; another worker who made a comment to me about “liking meat”  while looking at me with a lustful smile on his face.

 Encouraged his wife to try to entice my husband into playing bed games with her a number of times when we shopped there after she continuously saw him trying to treat me as if i was going to become his second wife.


Section 14, Paragraph 9


Stop shopping in any of the Future Shop stores in this city after many of the workers at the local Future Shop store disrespected and abused myself and my husband for a number of years; and their management refused to recognize any of the concerns i had brought to them about these violations committed against us by their mostly male staff workers, as well as by some of their female workers in the customer service dept of the Future Shop store located in our community at Keele and St Clair Avenue West, in the Stockyard Plaza.  They banned my husband and myself from shopping in this Future Shop store, for about a year now, after i got involved in a dispute with a dept manager of this local Future Shop store after:


He trivialized and dismissed my concerns i had brought to him in a quiet conversation that i held with him in that store one Saturday afternoon.

Started accusing me of slandering some of his staff and insisting that none of them had mistreated me or my husband in any way as i had indicated to him in that conversation.

Told me to keep my voice down or leave his store right away or else he would call the police and charge me with trespassing.

Call the actual store manager who showed up and refused to allow me to speak about the concerns i had or about the abusive conduct of one of her dept managers – who was impersonating the store manager.

This manager called the police who informed us that we were banned from that store and would be charged with trespassing if we return there again anytime in the future.


Section 14, Paragraph 10


Stop shopping regularly at a large fruit and vegetable market inside the flee market located a few blocks from our home because of the different times that we have been harassed and mistreated by staff members, managers, and owner of this business.

We kept finding a lot bad fruits in most of the boxes of fruits – including fruits that would become spoiled within a few days after we purchased them: because they were picked too young or not stored properly over the past three year of shopping there.

The owner of this business kept trying to convince us that it was normal to find some bad fruits inside boxes of fruits that we buy.

The owner of this business continuous treated me in disrespectful manner by treating me as if what i had to say was not important because i was a woman; by refusing to allow me to speak to problems that i saw with the unprofessional conduct of some of his staff members towards myself and also towards my husband; and by using different female workers to try to entice my husband; or different male workers to treat him like he was their buddy – while having these same workers treat me like i was just a mere woman who should be kept in her place by the men.


Section 14, Paragraph 11


People showed up there as customers to intentionally attack us in different ways including:


The woman who tried to run me over one afternoon while i was shopping there with husband; but who managed to miss doing so because i moved out of the way at the last second and she stumbled past me and almost fell herself.

The men who kept using there cell phones to inform others about what the kind and quantity of fruits or vegetables we were buying; and doing so loud enough for us to hear them.

The different male and female customers who continuously show up there pretending to be shopping, and spending their time trying to get my attention or my husband’s attention – in order to try to create conflicts between us in an attempt to undermine and destroy our marriage.


Section 14, Paragraph 12


“It is conceivable that the participants in the harassment don't even know why the person has been targeted, nor would most of these individuals have any personal stake in harassing the victim.  Gangstalking is both an addictive behavior as well as a form of entertainment for the stalkers. There is a vicious kind of pleasure that they derive from bullying their victim. Clearly they like the feeling of being "in control".  Gangstalking is really a covert government or police investigation. It's similar to Cointelpro or red squads, and it's being used on a lot of innocent people to ruin them and make them look crazy. Gangstalking is all about government disinformation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking and monitoring innocent people.” Gangstalkingworld.com


Section 14, Paragraph 13


“For about four months during the summer and fall of last year we have been going to this park to do our walks of power around this sports track; and for just as long – every time that we have done so we encountered different Gang Stalkers who are either waiting there before we show up, or who show up there after we do so. It does not matter what time of the day or night we show up to walk around that sports track nor does it matter which day of the week or even weekend that we do so.  These Gang Stalkers are always there – whether we show up there late in the evenings as we did for the first month; in the early afternoons, or even early in the mornings before the sun even comes up: they are always there waiting for us.


Section 14, Paragraph 14


These Gang Stalkers come from all nationalities and ethnic group in society including people of our own African Canadian heritage, from all different age groups from adolescent, teenager, to young, middle age, and senior adults, from both genders; and they show up as individuals, often in pairs, and sometimes as groups of three or more.


They show up there when we do and calculated and organized attempt to use their presence in what ever way that they have been coached to do so – to try to disrupt and disturb our walk around that sport track while they are there.

They are never the same people and they stay on that sports track, or the bleachers, sometimes on the field that the track surrounds, or even inside the park a short distance away.

They will jog, walk, run, sit, stand, and do just about any activity that they are schooled to display in an effort to try to get myself, my husband, or our daughter to pay attention to them – even if it is only just a glance.

 They often have this disrespectful habit of bending over and sticking their behind up in the air as we are walking past any of them while they are standing near the track; or they will start  kissing each other if they are a couple sitting or standing as we are about to walk past the area where they are.

Whenever they jog they always slow down after they pass us, and perform different gestures that are suppose to entice one, both, or all three of us – such as female Gang Stalkers who lift up their clothes after they start jogging ahead of us to try to expose their undergarments, or try to raise up their behinds while they jog slowly in front of us before picking up speed and moving further ahead, hoping that my husband would look or even glance at them even briefly.

If they are male Gang Stalkers they will sometimes take off their shirts, wear no shirt, or wear shorts to expose parts of their lower bodies; or who will just slow down, or even start walking a short distance ahead of us hoping that i would look at them even for a second.

Some of these Gang Stalkers will intentionally cut sharply in front of us while we are walking to not just get our attention but to intimidate us at the same time. And  each of them stay on that track, or near that track, only for a short period of time before they leave just as a few Gang Stalkers show up – as if they are taking turns and working in shift.

Some of them bring a dog or two with them while they are walking or even running around that sports track, and they usually will allow their dog to run or walk without being on a leash especially when they come around us or near us as we are walking.

 Many times they show up as a father and son, as a mother and daughter, as a husband and wife or boyfriend or girlfriend to walk on that track for a lap or two; or to even run on that track for a few laps; and they never speak to us directly, though they are often speaking to each other as they walk or even jog around that track; and often taking glances at us as they go about gangstalking my family.


Section 14, Paragraph 15


Whenever we go shopping in the few large stores that we still do - such as the Walmart, or the Price Chopper Store located at Dupont and Dufferin, or even the LCBO store in our area - these gang stalkers follow us there to disrupt our day, disturb our state of mind, in their campaign to wreck our marriage, destroy our family in the process, and bring an end to the sacred work that i do as an Avatar to “bring a new way of being to this planet and change the world” so that the greater good is served all of the time by the different species of beings living as mortal tenants of the planet sized being called Mother Earth today.  Some of the tactics that they use against us inside these stores include:


Following us around from aisle to aisle as a couple, or as individuals, as we move about that store looking for our groceries to buy – while trying to put themselves in our view as much as possible.

Coming over to the area in a particular aisle where we are standing and choosing a grocery item to put inside our cart, such as bags of milk, bags of sugar, packages of meat – and literally pushing themselves into our space to pick up the same items that we are getting while we are doing so, instead of waiting until we have moved from that spot to do so.

Deliberately choosing to walk into a grocery aisle that have just walked into – and doing so from the other end of the aisle so that they can walk toward us to try to get our attention, in order to entice, irritate, frustrate, and just get a reaction from us.

A male or female informant coming over and standing directly in front of an area of an aisle where we are standing and checking for items to buy – and stand there long enough for us to notice them while pretending to trying to be decide on which item to buy, before moving quickly away; and repeating them same ritual over again a second and sometimes a third time during our shopping trip to that store.

Coming as a couple, or as two women and man, and lining up directly behind us as these two Caucasian women and Caucasian man did the evening we had lined up inside a very crowded LCBO store located at the end of the Galeria Mall on Xmas eve, to buy alcohol; These three people kept speaking loudly and making disrespectful comments about us, which we ignored, while making sure that they stood less than a yard from us; and one or both of these women  bumped my husband on a total of three different occasions on his back to try to get him to turn around and look at them – which he refused to do, during the nearly 20 minutes that we had to wait in line.

A male and female couple coming into a grocery aisle that we are shopping in and standing a short distance from us, and the female bending over to pick up some item so that she can expose her rear view hoping that my husband will look at her.

When we take our full cart of groceries to be cashed out, a female or a male gang stalker lines up directly behind us with a few items to be cashed out, instead of going to a cash register that is open or an “express” one that takes only a limited number of items such as 10 or less – in order to stand there and find different ways to irritate, frustrate, and disturb us with their presence: such as posing and throwing back her hair a number of times if its a female; or standing there posing and staring at me if its a male.




Section Fifteen


For over three years we have lived as a family who has been forced to go on disability program called the Ontario Disability Support program in order to survive financial and be left alone by social services to recover and recuperate from the decades of emotional wounds and mental traumas we have been forced to endure by the authorities controlling this city.


Section 15, Paragraph 1


We are the only family in this country of Canada whose three members have the distinction of being on a government disability program in the province that we live in called Ontario Disability Support Program, or ODSP.  Neither myself, nor my husband, nor our adult daughter, has any physical or mental disability; nor do we deserve to be on a disability program of any kind.  We are a family whose members were each forced to apply to become clients of ODSP in order for to be able to:


Have an income that allows us to keep from starving as we had been during the decade after my husband and i were driven out of the workplace by the end of the 1990’s, and forced to survive on the meagre monthly entitlement  that we received from welfare for the next decade.

Be left alone by social services and the different intrusive and draconian policies developed through the initiatives of Premier Michael Harris and his Ontario Works Program that was intended to create a leaner and meaner Ontario  government that was determined to punish the millions of downtrodden and impoverished  of families living on welfare at the time.

Take refuge from the life of constant traumas and personal crises that had plagued this family since the 1980’s; and begin to take the time to start to assess the emotional, mental, and physical damages that had been inflicted on us through the different forms of attacks that we have been subjected to at the hands of the authorities in this city with the aid of the people inside every community we have lived in, or ventured into, many of whose members have served as paid or unpaid informants who have gang stalked our family literally to death for the past twenty years.


Section 15, Paragraph 2

One of the strategies of Gangstalking that is used against subjects targeted by the authorities is to try to drive that person or family out of the workplace by mob stalking through harassment, ridicule, alienation and other attacks against them in the workplace at the hands of their co-workers, supervisors, managers, owners, and everyone inside that establishment who has been flagged a body of lies and misinformation about the target subject by the different government authorities involved in orchestrating and engineering the secret surveillance operation against that “enemy of the state. By driving my husband and I out of the workplace and pushing us onto their welfare program to be severely abused and denigrated by their welfare program:  the authorities left us no choice but to apply for their Ontario Disability Program, which we each did over four years ago.


Section 15, Paragraph 3

Being acceptable as clients of their ODSP, however, was also a very strategy way to undermine my family, and especially myself, by having us be declared by ODSP authorities as individuals with “a severe mental condition” that prevents us functioning in a normal manner in the workplace or in our personal lives.  In this manner and through this means they could make the case that we were a family:


Who were mentally disabled, or who had mental problems, which caused us to be placed on disability.

Whose state of mind was unstable from all the traumas and crises we had been put through over the years; and therefore could not be trusted to function in a normal way as other people in this city and province do on a daily basis.

Who are living in a world of delusions – which verifies the observation by that psychiatrist in 1990: that we have a “delusion of grandeur in the context of a paranoid illness that he labelled  “foli au deau:” by the view that we hold of ourselves as being a group of highly evolved spiritual beings here on this planet to help their spiritual leader, Avatar Galextra, to do the paradigm shifting and planet healing  work that she came to this planet to do: “to transform and change the world for the better for good for all lifeforms living on the surface on the surface of this planet sized being named Mother Earth.


Section 15, Paragraph 4


By pushing us onto their ODSP these authorities believed that act would serve to undermine any credibility i have gained over the years as the individual who has come to “change the world” as the American seer Edgar Cayce predicted many decades ago; and as the Avatar who has come to this planet to “fulfill the Second Coming” of divine being who is expected to arrive on this planet – in unexpected ways, as a person of colour: and with an unexpected identity, that of a woman of color as i have done.  Being tagged and labelled as someone on “disability” meant for them that they could use this information to convince others that my family and i are mental patients – who have delusion of grandeur about being angelic beings who came to this planet to “save the world”.


Section 15, Paragraph 5


These authorities have literally crippled our ability to earn a decent livelihood in this city by forcing us to take shelter inside their ODSP program as clients of that program – and in the process making my three member family unemployable: with the goal of keeping us permanently dependant on ODSP as our source of income; and in this manner keep me from bringing my sacred and paradigm shifting work to the general public in this city, and province; and eventually to the entire population of human beings living across the surface of this planet sized and ancient being called Mother Earth today.


Section 15, Paragraph 6


Aside from the strategy of constantly seeking to attack the foundation of my marriage of over thirty years to my husband these protectors and defenders of the status quo have also taken steps to make sure that i do get the opportunity to speak in any forum to the people of this city about any of the issues that are plaguing their lives and paralyzing their future as a race of mortal beings. Some of these methods that they have used over the past two decades to keep me from speaking to the general public, or from being heard by them, include:


Making sure that i am blocked, interrupted, prevented, and discouraged from speaking at every event, or gathering where i have tried to speak to different issues over the years – while proving and encouraging my husband to speak at each of these gatherings or events.

Co-opting and coercing members of my own African Canadian community to deliberately prevent, or block me from speaking, at different cultural gatherings – including the Pan African meetings that were held to call for the release of Nelson Mandela from his 27 years of imprisonment by the European government of South Africa at the time.

Members of the mass media being co-opted and instructed by them to deny me the opportunity to speak when they came to interview my husband and i  while we lived as a homeless family inside Trethewey Park for over eight straight months; and intentionally encouraging and giving my husband the opportunity to speak for about 90% of these interviews.

Co-opting different people who i have taken the opportunity to hold a conversation with over the past two decades about any issue into preventing me from speaking freely for any period of time by deliberately interrupted me or speaking at great length – in order to prevent me from speaking or being heard properly: so that they the deep insights and true intelligence that i reveal in my comments will not cause them to feel inadequate, underdeveloped, or embarrassed by the superficial, egotistical, short sighted, and  self serving view that they have of themselves, and the world in which they live.

Preventing me from speaking on different talk show radio program i have called over the years to speak on: such as the 10 different times that i have spoke to the call screener of  the radio talk show named Coast To Coast during a two month period a few years ago – and having him find different ways to keep me from going on the air to speak to the host of the show, Mr George Noory; and mocking and ridiculing me in the process by playing games such as the comments he made to me about if am truly a God that i would teleport myself into their studio immediately.

Having the host of the Richard Syrett Show intentionally mocking and disrespecting me over a period of about a year while this show was on the air over two years ago; and having Richard invite my husband to be a guest on his show for an hour one night to speak about my identity as the Avatar who has arrived on this planet to fulfill the Second Coming unexpectedly, and in unexpected ways, “like a thief in the night”.

Having Richard Syrett promise my husband to have me appear as a guest on his show in the near future, which was the reason why Andraggon sought to appear on his show in the first place, and then failing to keep his promise to do so even after my husband made a number of attempts through email as well as by phone to try to get him to do so.






Section Sixteen


On September 22 of this year my fellow members of the Committee of Gods, the highest authority in existence anywhere made a sobering decision to send a “great plague” upon the people of this planet if they do not fulfill 10 Demandments of the Gods by the end of the fall of this year – including a complete end to the personal attacks against myself especially, and my family members.


Message To The People Of Planet Earth

From “The Committee of Gods”:


about “a great plague” that they will send upon the human race unless - “10 Demandments” are fulfilled by humankind the end of this fall season.




*Given on September 22, 2010 to the husband of one of the senior members of the Committee of Gods, named Avatar Galextra, who is here on the blue planet: “to bring all beings together and bring a new way of being to all members of all life forms living here”.




Section 16, Paragraph 1


On the 22nd of September of 2010 the highest authority in existence anywhere made a sobering and serious decision to take a course of action that will become a “grave, gathering, and growing threat” to the health of the people living across the surface of planet Earth and those who govern their lives inside every nation existing here.  It is a decision about “a great plague” that they will release upon the people of this planet, by the start of this winter, that will attack the bodies and destroy the lives of more people over the next few years than the AIDS epidemic has done in its entire history so far – unless “10 Demandments” that they are making of the human race are fulfilled by the end of the fall of this year, by December 22nd.


Section 16, Paragraph 2


When the highest leadership inside the Spiritual Hierarchy makes a decision to take a certain course of action on this planet – they always provide human beings with the opportunity to correct the wrongs that forced the Gods to take such corrective, drastic, and painful course of action in the first place.  Some of the graphic and stunning examples of decisions that were made by the Gods, and acted upon, to chastise or punish the people of this planet, include the Great Flood of Noah’s days that nearly wiped all life forms off the face of the Earth; the many plagues that they sent upon the people of ancient Egypt after their leader Pharaoh Ramses kept ignoring their message that they sent, through their emissary named Moses, to free his people from the life of human bondage they were living under for many generations; and the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the lives of the masses of morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt people living there at the time.


Section 16, Paragraph 3


 The members of the Committee of Gods have also shown themselves to be willing and ready to change their decision, and their course of action, whenever the people whom they have asked to change their destructive ways of living actually do so within a short period of time – as they did in the case of the people of Ninevah, who were finally given a message from them by the prophet Jonah, after he dragged his feet about doing so for months: that the Gods had decided to destroy their city unless they changed their “wicked ways”. And because the people of Ninevah were given that crucial message about the decision of the Gods to destroy their city: they were able to use that information to heed this dire warning and abandoned their destructive ways; and in the process saved not just their city from being destroyed but also their own mortal lives as well. Avatar Galextra


*Here is copy of the entire content of this sobering 1863 word message that was given to my husband on September 22nd by a senior ranking member of the Committee of Gods.


 Section 16, Paragraph 4


 “If you do not stop attacking and abusing the Avatar, her family, and other innocent human beings living there: we will send a great plague upon the people of the Earth that will attack, ravage, infect, and destroy the different parts of the human body that are being used as weapons to attack, abuse, and destroy the lives of the majority of people living on this planet today.  It is a plague that will first attack the private area of the human body – the sexual organs of the males and the females - which are the most common and deadly instruments that are used by human beings to attack, desecrate, and destroy the lives, marriages, families, and health of the human race today.


Section 16, Paragraph 5


It is a plague that will spread, like a ravishing new form of cancer, all throughout the human body – especially to the face, and hands: which are also weapons that are used by the self serving and self centered human ego to abuse, violate, and harm the lives and future of the majority of people living across the face of the Earth today.  It is a plague that will cause the skin to melt and fall off the human body, and one that your doctors will not be able to provide any cure for; and a plague that will force the people of this planet to make drastic changes in the way that they view and handle different health issues, sanitation issues, personal hygiene issues, and sexual issues - inside their homes, schools, offices, factories, entertainment places, and everywhere people gather or interact with each other inside private or public places.


Section 16, Paragraph 6


It is a plague that will cause more suffering, cause more pain, and cause more deaths than the AIDS epidemic has done; and which was a virus created in laboratories by human scientists; and a plague that will come upon the face of this Earth by this winter - even though its effect will not be seen for another season.  Those of you who are protecting the status quo will go down with the ship; and with the system that is about to fall for you are going down a path that only leads to destruction, devastation, death, and extermination of the material world you live in, the human body you value so dearly, and the soul that you are in the process of having erased completely out of existence soon after you return home to the spiritual realms.


Section 16, Paragraph 7


There are certain steps that must be taken by human beings immediately, and completely by the end of this fall season, to show that your race is serious about removing the harmful practices and images from the lives of the people living across this planet – for this plague to be put on hold even for a day.  You could call these “10 Demandments” from the Committee of Gods; and they are just the tip of the lists of wrongs that your human race has to identify, understand, and remove completely from their lives, and from the face of this planet in the near future.


Section 16, Paragraph 8


The personal attacks against the Avatar and her family – that is taking place on a daily basis - by a host of people from different areas of society in the city that they live in today: must stop completely and immediately!  Wherever she and her family goes in your society they are targeted, monitored, and attacked in all types of ways by people from different nationalities, institutions, corporations, and governments, and the general public; and also by the family that has been living above them for over two years now – who has been terrorizing and persecuting their lives on a daily basis - inside the duplex that they have been living in for the past five years.  And this is being done in an attempt, and an effort to disrupt, frustrate, and upset their lives – and especially to discourage and prevent the Avatar from doing the sacred and paradigm shifting work that she incarnated on your planet to do, to bring an end to the harmful and destructive way of living that is now destroying all of life across the surface of this planet; and bring a new way of being to all life forms living here.


Section 16, Paragraph 9


You need to clean up and remove the disrespectful, degrading, desecrating, and irresponsible content of the programs and images that human beings are programmed and forced to watch, or listen to, or read: on your television sets, on your Internet, in your movie theatres, and on your radio stations, in your newspapers, magazines, and books, and elsewhere – for it is destroying the morals, ethics, manners, and conduct of not just the adults in your world but also those of the children they are responsible for raising, guiding, teaching, and protecting in your world.


Section 16, Paragraph 10


The different levels and forms of pornography that are now found everywhere throughout the mass media, and throughout society, must be removed immediately and completely from the view and presence of the people of this planet – including those found in the magazines that are fashion magazines, and tabloids that are placed in front of the counters inside different retail stores like Walmart, Zellers, No Frills, Price Chopper, and Shoppers Drug Marts located in the city that the Avatar and her family lives inside of; and also the collections of porno magazines that are sold in most corner stores in the city where the Avatar lives, and in cities throughout the Western Hemisphere especially.


Section 16, Paragraph 11


Parents must stop teaching their children to play seduction games, or any form of bed games, with the husbands or wives of different couples that they see or come across in their daily lives; and they must teach their children to dress themselves in clothing that do not show or expose parts of their bodies that are private - especially in the case of female children who are now dressing and behaving like they are young prostitutes looking for customers anywhere they can find them.


Section 16, Paragraph 12


The disrespectful and vulgar language that has now become a norm for most people in your western world especially; and which is often used to demonize women in particular, and disrespect the Gods, should be stopped immediately because it is destroying the content and quality of the bodies, hearts and minds of the lives of everyone who practices that kind of behaviour; and also infecting the lives of anyone who is exposed to it, including babies and children.


Section 16, Paragraph 13


Men and women and husbands and wives must begin to start treating each other with respect, care, dignity, and reverence in their private and public relationships with each other by the start of this winter – instead of finding and using all sorts of methods, excuses, justifications, and explanations to play bed games with each other; and with each other’s husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend, wherever and whenever they can. Each human being is a beautiful flower in the garden of life; and once each man or each woman find and choose their own flower to form a sacred matrimony with: they do not have the right to seek to possess, violate, and desecrate any other human flower growing in that garden for any reason in any way at anytime.


Section 16, Paragraph 14


The men of this planet must cease their attacks and abuses against the members of the female gender, including the women of this planet, because of the misguided and sexist thinking that they have been raised to hold: that men are given a divine right to use their physical might to control the lives of every member of the female gender – including viewing and treating them as their property to  manipulate, dominate, abuse, violate, rape, mutilate, assault, and even kill if and when they choose to do so; and especially in their misguided attempts to protect their inflated ego, to save face, or restore their manly reputation.


Section 16, Paragraph 15


The attacks against the races of people who are seen and treated as “useless eaters”, as the inferior races, and as being less than human must stop completely by the end of this fall – including those systematic attacks against the people of color, especially those of African descent, and of Native heritage, across this planet today; against those human beings who have little or no formal education, and against those who are the elders in your society.  The human race is a beautiful, and large Earth family whose membership  is made up of people from all races, nationalities, religions, cultures, creeds, ages, and income groups; and whose true identity as daughters and sons of the Divine has been deliberately stripped from them from the cradle to the grave by the Matrix System that is being used to keep them divided, competing, working, and fighting against each other – so that they do not learn to work together as a unified, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous race of human beings.


Section 16, Paragraph 16


The relentless attacks against the other life forms that share this planet with the human race, against the environment itself, and against the atmosphere and integrity of Mother Earth herself by the people of this planet must come to a complete end by the fall of this year.  By plundering, polluting, poisoning, injuring, damaging, desecrating, and destroying the very planet that provides the people with all of its life sustaining resources and nourishment the human race is destroying its very existence and future on the surface of this planet; and by doing the same wrongs to the other life forms that share this planet with you: humankind is undermining and destroying the beautiful and delicate balance that is needed for their own species, as well as all of life, to survive and thrive on this planet.


Section 16, Paragraph 17


Governments and the different institutions of power on your planet, including private corporations, military, mass media, and your educational system must stop working together to rob the people of this planet of their divine right to think for themselves and make decisions for their own lives, and those of their children’s. These different institutions have made themselves the highest authority in the lives of the human race – and in the process have managed to use deceptive, deceitful, and immoral ways to strip the people on this planet of their true and eternal identity as daughters and sons of the Divine; and programmed them to live and work as human robots who exist to serve and protect the rights, privileges, and the bottom line of the status quo on this planet from the cradle to the grave.


Section 16, Paragraph 18


Those of you who are working to serve the greater good of everyone, or working to improve the living conditions, and the quality of life, for all members of the human race, and those other species from creation who live here with you – will not be harm by this great plague – if you live your lives wisely, caringly, carefully, and intelligently: with a clean body, a respectful heart, a responsible mind, and a beautiful spirit in each environment where you live, work, play, entertain, study, and even worship that are healthy and clean.”


The Committee of Gods, September 22, 2010

(The highest authority in Existence)



We are each others keepers

my human brothers and sisters

And it’s time for us to come together

and be there for each other.


Bonds of pure and sacred light

that cannot be broken

glue each of us together now and forever.

Whatever harm is done to one

wounds you, me, and everyone.


If we cannot help each other

let us try not to hurt one another

because whatever you do

deeply touches me and you.


Respectfully and sincerely,



Avatar Galextra