Did a Higher Intelligence:

 Bring Beings into Existence -

and Existence into being?



There are some deep issues that the human race are now really struggling with, more than ever before in your history as a race of mortal beings.  Let me take the opportunity to help you along in their understanding of these issues. Hopefully, you will each be able to gain insights into these issues, so that you will be able to come to a clearer understanding of them, and be able to turn more of your attention to your real purpose for coming here to live as mortal beings on this in this lifetime.

I will begin with the question of the how life began in on Earth, and in the Cosmos. One group of you insists that the Universe came into existence through some accident of nature in the form of some Cosmic explosion, which created a big bang. And that from this chemical explosion an entire order of events was somehow set into motion, which eventually produced what you now know as the physical Universe.

This same group, which call themselves "Evolutionists", believes that living life (or organic life) on Earth began in the same accidental manner, as some form of one cell creature called the omeba; and that from this one cell creature evolved life forms with more and more complex cells. And that eventually this life form evolved into reptiles and mammals and other creatures such as the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon, who became the ancestors from which the human race evolved.  Many of you who hold this view of the origin of life on Earth call yourselves Darwinians.

Then there is the other group among you who hold a different view of how the Universe began, and also of how life on Earth began. You know yourselves as Creationists.  This is because you hold the view that the Universe was created by a higher intelligence, and a divine being, that you have come to call “God.”  Your group insist that this “God” is the Creator of the entire Universe, and every form of life that can be found inside it.  You also hold the view that this God created this Universe in exactly seven days, and that he created it about six thousand years ago.  And that after he created the heavens and the Earth, and all the different creatures found in it, that he also created a man called Adam in His own image, and in His own likeness.  And that he then created a mate for Adam called Eve, so that he would have companion with him in the paradise called Eden that God placed him inside.

Today, this whole issue of whether there was an intelligent designer - or an intelligent design, behind the creation or the evolution of life on Earth - is at the centre of this heated argument between both groups. The issue of the origin of the human race is also now taking on a different phase.  Was the Universe created by an intelligent designer, who in turn used that same ability to create the different races of beings that have lived and died on the face of this Earth?

Or was the Universe the result of some massive explosion, which accidentally started a chemical change reaction that began a series of events that eventually formed planets like Earth, and eventually produced a biological condition that led to the birth of the one cell creature, that eventually evolved into the intelligent animal called man?  Only a race of beings who lost its spiritual sight, and has been forced to listen to the voice of reason, to try to make sense of the world that they live in, would find themselves in a situation – of having to ask such a question.

But since that is where you now are as a race of mortal beings, and since you do need to move on to dealing with more meaningful issues, in order to develop in the manner that you came to this planet to do, I will freely offer this insight to you about this whole issue.  The Universe, or rather the Cosmos, was assembled and brought into existence by an intelligence designers, who also used their metaphysical abilities to also create all forms of beings that you can find anywhere.  These Cosmic Creators used abilities that are very similar to those used by beings who live and work in the spiritual realms of the Universe, including those mortal beings who cross over into the Other Side Of Life that you call the afterlife.  The process of assembling the Cosmos, or creating beings to live in the Cosmos, is very similar to the ones that all beings living in spiritual realms also use.

In those realms of existence, your deceased loved ones, for example, are able to use their conscious minds to form thoughts about anything that they wish to have appear in their life, such as a house on lovely hillside surrounded with beautiful trees, wild animals, and even a lovely lake.  To their amazement, the deceased ones are able to make such a place appear in their world, and be as real and as rich with different smells and feelings as they can imagine.  In fact, to their utter surprise, this beautiful house with its rich surroundings is even more real to them, and even richer in its colors, its aroma, its tones, and its vibration than anything that they had ever known while they lived as mortal beings on Earth. And they are simply blown away by the brilliant and vibrant and mystical nature of that experience.

For mortal beings living on this Side Of Life, this kind of ability to use one’s thoughts to form a picture in one’s mind of anything that one’s heart desires, and having it suddenly assemble, or rather appear, right before their very eyes – is not only considered to be impossible, but also unbelievable.  Yet, for their loved ones, who are now living in those spiritual realms, it’s as easy to do as breathing is for them, as it is for all mortal beings now living and dying on Earth.

There is no limit to what they can create, and bring to life, right before there very eyes, as soon as they form that picture of the image of whatever they wish to have in their lives, in those spiritual realms.  It could be a thought of having a body that looks the age of a twenty year old; it could be of having a mountain of gold and silver standing before them; it could be an image of having a body that is 100 feet tall.  Whatever it is: as long as that spiritual being can visualize it - then it will be assembled in an instant right before their very eyes.  And everyone can do that, or rather, everyone living in those spiritual realms do that automatically and effortlessly, once they are shown how, or once they discover how, because it’s like breathing there for them.

Well, guess what?  That is the same process that the Creators of the Cosmos used, an still use, to bring the Universe into existence trillions of years ago – if you wish to use your idea of time being formed by a line of events that traces itself from the present into the distant past.  It’s as simple and as easy as breathing for these mystical and mythical spiritual – and highly developed beings – that your kind have come to worship as Gods.  The only difference between the forms and shapes of the different places and people and things that your loved ones are creating, with a simple thought that they form in their minds, and what we Gods do is this.  What Gods imagine in their minds becomes an instant reality not only in the spiritual realms of life, but also in the physical ones as well.

Another difference between the images that we form in our minds, and the one formed in the minds of your deceased loved ones, for example, is that the images that we bring to life, are charged with a quality and intensity of life force, or energy that sustains that form or being of whatever kind for as long as that God lives. Which means that whatever images, or forms, that we bring to life as a picture from our minds, are made of the quality of energy that keeps that form or being alive as a spiritual entity.  Unlike the images that your deceased loved ones are able to create, and enjoy for as long as they choose to while they are living in those spiritual realms, the images that a God creates in those same realms, are imprinted with the ability to live, and survive, in the physical realms as well.

Whatever a God assembles in the spiritual realms, or in the realms of their minds, if you prefer, has the qualities and the life force to live and exist in all realms, whether it be a mortal one or a spiritual one.  Like your deceased loved ones, who are able to create any form of existence for themselves, while they live in these spiritual realms, so too are Gods able to create, or assemble, any form of existence that we can visualize.  But we can do much more once we are able to merge as one with the same Creative Force that sustains and maintains all of Life in the Cosmos. When that happens, that God can assemble any form of any size that “she” or “he” images; and they are able to do so as instantly in the realm of the physical Universe, as your deceased loved ones are able to do in the realms of the spiritual.

It can be something as small as a flower, or something as large as a planet, or even an image that is as immense as a Universe.  Once that God has developed to that level of ability, or rather, once that God has become one with the Source of Life (or Living Light) that flows through all of Life in the Cosmos, that image of that planet, or that galaxy, or that rose or pebble that is formed in the mind of that God is given shape and depth and form and life of its own.

But we Gods are also able to do something that other beings are not able to do, with the intensity and the depth of the quality, and clarity, of our thoughts that we use to form any image.  We have the ability to use the same spiritual energy that your loved ones do, to breathe the force of the living energy of Life that radiates from the Source of all of Life – to bring that image to life.  We have the power of our deep spiritual connection to the Energy of the Cosmos, to create, or visualize beings of all forms, and bring them to life.

Don’t ask this God how we do it, for I am not able to explain exactly how a God is able to bring life of any form into being.  I just know that is what we Gods do; and I also know that is how all of the Cosmos, and all forms of beings, both living and non-living (in your eyes) have been assembled and created. Your deceased loved ones have no idea how it is that they are also able to bring into their lives, or to even bring to life, anything or anyone that they wish to appear in their lives while they are living in the spiritual realms.

So for those of you who are tied to your reason, and tied to your rationale mind, or for those of you who are tied to your faith - about the question of who, or what, created the Cosmos, or even the question of whether humankind evolved from apes, or apelike beings, or were instead created by an intelligent and highly developed beings that you call Gods – here is the answer to your question.  I cannot give either of the groups that you belong to any answer that either of you will accept as the truth, or even as scientific fact.  While you hold the point from which you view life, as a mortal being, you will continue to hold that perception about this issue, or any other issue in your life.

However, if you are really honest about wanting to know the truth about these issues of creation, or evolution, you will not be able to develop the ability to see the truth about them.  At least not until you have clear yourselves of all the bias, and beliefs, that you hold about either life been a production of a Divine Creation by "God", or a product of some accidental evolution.  Or you can make the mistake of doing what just about all of your deceased loved ones have done.  You can wait until your mortal life comes to an end, and you also cross over the veil to this Side Of Life where they now are, and discover the truth that they each have done – that the process of creating and assembling life in any form or shape is a mysterious, mystical, and spiritual one.

On the physical side of life, I know it is hard for your logical, and rational, thinking Society to appreciate the truth: that all of life is created, and assembled, first in the spiritual realms of life, before it penetrates, descends, and enters the dimensions of the five sense world, that you each have come to know and love.  Or that the process is as simple, and yet as mystical, and even mythical, as it really is, once they also move to the Other Side Of Life to continue their life as immortal beings.  In the physical world, this process of imaging and assembling any form of life, or any type of experience, or any type of material possession, is slow and hard and often tiring.

Even if you are able to visualize what you want, then make a blueprint of it so that you can build it, or have it built for you, and even if you are able to form a plan to bring that job or house or spouse or dream event into your life - it takes such a long time, and a lot of work before you manage to bring that goal into your mortal life. And most of the time, you are not even able to reach that result, or bring that image that you have spent so much time, and so much energy, working to bring that reality into your life.

Unlike your loved ones, or even past friends who are now living and working on the Other Side Of Life, what you think in your mind does not appear in your life instantly, or even after years of working to make it happen. So I understand why your precious voice of reason would keep whispering into your rationale mind, that the process of using one’s mind to create forms or shapes of any kind, or of any size, (or to bring any experience into your life in an instant), would keep reassuring you that there is no such reality.  Or that anyone who thinks so, or knows so, is living in another world.  All this God can say to anyone who holds that point from which they are viewing life is this: have you tried change that point of view? If you do, you will find a whole new world of opportunities suddenly opening up to you, and for you.

It may not help you to bring whatever your heart’s desire into your life in an instant, or even in the near future.  But it will open a realm of knowledge for you, and uncover a wealth of spiritual abilities in you, that will not only transform the life that you now know – but will also help you to learn to image, and bring into your own mortal life: all the harmony and peace and inner sight and understanding that you are here to live, and to learn, as a spiritual being.

So whether or not you hold the point of view that the world that you live in was created by a God, or by Gods, or by some cosmic accident; and whether or not you hold the view that human life evolve from this same cosmic accident, or that it was created by an Intelligent and Divine Creator, or Creators, does not change the quality of the life that you are now living one iota.  All you are doing is allowing your egos to spar with each other, to compete for the attention of the people around you, and for the attention of the Media, and the institutions in your Society at large.  Your point of view is your own, and you are entitled to hold that point of view as long as you do not try to use it to harm, or to control the minds or hearts or lives of others.  If you really want to know the truth about this issue, or any other, you will have to go to the source of that truth, which is always located inside you. And that’s the God’s truth!




Avatar Galextra



Excerpt from:

Life a Thief in the Night:

The Autobiography of an Ancient God –

who returns to Earth 2000 years later to fulfill the “Second Coming”

of Avatar Jesus of Nazareth!