A path to asylum:

Exodus of an Avatar:

A late night escape from the city of Toronto.



One Friday night during the early summer of 2013 my family and i decide to take a drastic course of action to try to bring an end to the government sponsored persecution we have been subjected to by the authorities operating in the city of Toronto, Canada for over 2 decades.  We decided to finally take emergency measures to try to enter the United States as refugees who were escaping from Canada in order to seek political asylum there.

  We finally decide to pack up and move from a city where my husband, our daughter, and myself had been forced to live as civilian prisoners, social outcast, and economic paupers by the four most dominant estates of power operating in Canada - government, big business, military, and the mass media: that President Eisenhower named "the Military Industrial Complex" during one of his terms as the American President.  He had warned his fellow Americans that when these four estates of power work together to serve and protect their own interests: they undermine and over the 5th estate of power, which are made up of the people themselves.


As an divine being who came to this planet to serve and protect the welfare and wellbeing of beings of all lifeforms living here - including the people of this planet: i came to be viewed by the architects and protectors of the military industrial complex as representing a powerful presence that has the ability to unite and empower the masses of people that make up the 5th estate of power.  Once the people are united and working together they can no longer be divided, conquered, or even controlled by those 4 estates of power that are owned and operated by the so called powers that be across this planet.

Persecution is defined throughout the nations on this planet as "the repeated and deliberate harassment of a person or group by another group with the ultimate aim of destroying the lives those who are the targets of these attacks. For over 2 decades we lived as a persecuted family who have been the targets of  the military industrial complex that is alive and well not just inside the United States but also throughout every industrialized nation on the face of the earth today.

They have used every underhanded means and methods that they could to try to end the mortal life of this divine being - in a calculated scheme to bring an end to the sacred work that i came to this planet as an Avatar to get done: by introducing a new way of being that brings all beings together living on this planet today and in the future.

If they had their way i would be dead a long time ago, along with the members of my family because of the relentless, calculated malicious, and systematic manner in which they have used pratically every person and group living in this city that they are able to -  by co-opting and coerce into working - as informants and spies into persecuting us round the clock for nearly three decades.


These so called "powers that be" have used every legal and immoral means and methods they could over the years to try to assasinate a God and her family members,  to try to drive us completely insane, or to push us past our breaking point where we are forced to "go postal" and harm the mortal lives of other human beings in the process. These include:

1. pushing us out of the workplace and forcing us to live as economic poverty on government assistance for decades now.


2. pulling every member of our extended family out of our lives along with any friends, associated, and others who entered our lives our the years.

3. Using people from  every profession whose services we have used our the years to mistreat and abuse us - including practically every doctor, dentist, lawyer, service technician, etc, - with the different tools they use in their work.


4. Co-opting the management of every retail store that we have shopped  over the years into having its male and female workers harass us by trying to either intimidate or entice myself, or my husband, into playing their immoral flirtation and seduction game - as part of a plot to destroy my 20 year plus marriage in an attempt to demolish one of the resilient, resourceful, developed, and caring families living on this planet today.

They also:


A. launched a city wide surveillance program to gangstalk the members of my family whenever we ventured anywhere outside of our home for any reason for over 2 decades now - by using people from every walk of life in this city to perform different forms of street theatre to try to disrupt, disturb, frustrate, and distress us from the time we leave our home to the time we return.


B. Used different private vehicles, as well as public transit vehicles, to try to run us over on the streets, and even inside a subway station.

C. Had people with big dogs try to intimate and frighten us whenever we go walking outside or even walking inside a local public park.

D. Had someone drove a car through the fence of our backyard, and later threw dead birds over the fence of our backyard, to let us know that they can do whatever they want to us whenever they choose to.

E. Planted people throughout the public transit system to harass and abuse us whenever we travel anywhere in this city: including often having people swearing repeatedly and loudly inside a bus, streetcar, or train we happen to be taking on any given day.

They even had people follow closely behind us when we are walking on the streets in order to try to listen to any private conversation we might be having; they planted different people inside a public transit vehicle to sit directly behind me in order to whisper and chant inside my ears in an effort to try to drive me crazy;  they secretly installed electronic bugs as well as hidden cameras inside every place we have called home in order to strip us of every area of privacy and rob us of the right to express ourselves freely inside the privacy of our home;  they used the mass media to harass and persecute the members of my family through the different disrespectful comments that are made, or disrespectful songs that are played by different people hosting radio programs over the years on different stations that we use to listen to over the years.


Not only have we been the target of a city wide persecution campaign for over two decades now that has been orchestrated by the authorities in this city.  This God and her three member family have been subjected to round the clock persecution inside a co-op owned duplex where we lived on the first floor unit for over 6 years.


We were being attacked round the clock inside our apartment unit at 10 Spring Grove Avenue by the insane man-child living inside the unit above us, name Mahfazul Haque, along with members of his family, and others working for the authorities who were helping them to try to drive us crazy.  The constant pounding, thumping, jarring, jolting, ringing, creaking, screeching, clicking, rattling,  nerve racking, and disturbing sounds that they had created on the ceiling above our heads -  on a daily and nightly basis - had pushed each member of my family close to our breaking point a few times of the past 6 years.


These disturbing and destructive sounds were enough to drive any family stark raving mad after a period of time.  We were able to survive and endure over 6 consecutive years of these attacks because of the decades of trauma and personal crises we had endured as a family at the hands of people and groups inside different communities we have called home in this city.  Every kind of trauma and personal crisis that a family can undergone we had been put through since the start of the 1980's - which forced us to develop into a family of resourceful, resilient, adaptable, and strong group of human beings.


These attacks had become unbearable for my family to cope with for much longer. Every area of our physical, emotional, and mental health had become strained, injured, and damaged. Both my husband and our daughter had suffered major strokes that had damaged the nerves in certain parts of their bodies. My ailing body was in constant pain from the different traumas and crisis we were forced to endure as a family for decades now.  My family was living in a state of deep distress, and intense stress, that had left us traumatized in every area of lives.

We were on the brink of being pushed over the edge emotionally and mentally, again, by these attacks against us inside our place of residence by members of the family living above us. The non-stop arrays of destructive and nerve racking sounds were killing every member of my family deliberately, and slowly.  It was time for us to pack up and move from 10 Spring Grove Avenue as soon as possible before we ended up being driven insane or even dying from the different attacks on our nerve centers, our hearts, lungs, and other parts of our sleep deprived and extremely stressed bodies from these deadly and destructive sounds being intentionally created literally on top of our heads by the family living above us who was brought to live there in order to slowly assassinate each member of my family through these destructive sounds.


What drove us to flee from that address at the time that we did so was the impact of another form of deadly attacks that was being used against myself and our daughter inside the privacy of our home.  These are sophisticated tazer like electronic weapons that uses strong electrical charges to attack different parts of our bodies.   For about two years my daughter and i had been attacked in this manner inside our home on a daily and nightly basis.

These classified and illegal weapons are being used to attack the different joints inside our bodies, as well as different areas such as the head, shoulders, back, stomach, legs, feet, hands - when we are awake and even when we are asleep.  It’s a form of attack that is invisible to the human eyes, and one that feels as if you are being zapped with electrical charges that you cannot see but which you feel very deeply inside different parts of your body every time you are hit with them.


I have been the target of most of these attacks because of my position as the spiritual head of our family, and my identity as a divine being who is here on this planet to undertake a sacred mission: to bring a new way of being to all of life living here today and in the future.  Electronic weapons are ones that are beings used today to attack groups of demonstrators by law enforcement agencies, and also by the military across this planet inside different countries.  They are also now being used to target and attack different individuals, and members of certain families, such as ourselves - who are seen as some kind of "threat to the established authority" inside the country, state, or city in which they live.


For a number of years we had used every method and means to try to end the persecution we were being put through in the city of Toronto.  We turned to the mass media to ask them to bring the story of the persecution of an Avatar and her family to the attention of the people living in the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario. Every television station, radio station, and newspaper that we contacted told us that they only cover stories that we "news worthy"; and a few of them informed us that only we had committed a serious crime against another human being, for example, would our story become worthy news to bring to the people of Toronto.


We contacted law enforcement a number of times over the 6 years that we were being persecuted by members of the family living inside the 2nd floor unit of 10 Spring Grove Avenue; and asked them to get this family to stop attacking us through those nerve racking sounds they were making on the ceilings above our heads throughout the day and night.  Different police officers came to our home to see us after we had called them, and also after others had called them to do so.


However, these officers informed us that they cannot help us unless a member of our family had been assaulted by someone living above us; and that all they can do is to speak to members of the family upstairs about the disturbing noises they were making above our heads; and ask them to try to reduce those noise levels.


Some officers even suggested that we should move out and find another place to live where are not being subjected to these disturbing sounds - which was easy to say but practically impossible for us to do because of the city wide government sponsored persecution we have been the subject of for all these years.  A few officers even suggested to me that i was a target for the authorities because of the threat that i my view of the kind of just world that i want to people to live - represents to the establishment and those who control it.

We send a few emails and made some phones to the office city councilor for the ward that we lived in, about the persecution we were undergoing inside 10 Spring Grove Avenue. I even managed to speak to him on one occasion. However, he did not do anything to help nor did he even reply to the concerns that we brought to his attention.


We made a visit to the office of the Trinidadian embassy in the city of Toronto in the fall of 2011, and we brought a copy of a document we had put together about the persecuted life we were enduring in this city.   This counsel general informed his receptionist to let us know that the persecution matter that we brought to his attention was "too delicate an issue for their embassy to get involved in”.


A local Pentecostal minister who my husband had known for over 30 years, named Pastor Jones, also received a copy of that 100 page plus document from us in the fall of 2012.  Andraggon was hoping that this pastor would use his pulpit to speak about the persecution of an African Canadian family by the authorities in that city.  We even met with him inside his church building for a meeting about our plight. Pastor Jones also met with someone who was working for the authorities in the city of Toronto shortly before we went to meet with him about a month later; and his brief response to us was: "watch your back."


The board of directors of the co-op we lived inside of, and even its different management staff, repeatedly informed us that we were the ones causing the problems inside the duplex where we lived for over 9 years at 10 Spring Grove Avenue; and even called the mentally disturbed man child who was the member of his family who persecuted us more than anyone else living - "a nice person."  Over the years we sent dozens of emails and made dozens of phone calls to the office of Woodtree Co-op complaining about the nerve racking sounds that Mahfuzul and other members of his family were making above our ceiling around the clock.

The response of the management of this co-op was to accuse us of abusing the family living above us, and to take steps to end our membership and our occupancy rights to try to evict us from 10 Spring Grove Avenue.


As a last resort we decided in August of 2013 to launch a campaign to end the persecution against us inside our home and also throughout this city by sending out a 2 page type letter to about 100 homes in our neighborhood; and also by placing three large placards inside the front window about the persecution of our family by the family living in the unit above us, especially by the man child named Mahfazul, as well as questioning the role that WoodTree Co-op was playing in allowing it to continue.


The response of the Board of Director to our campaign to end this 20 year persecution, and the 6 years of hell we had been put through inside this duplex unit - was to order us to take down those "offensive placards" and to cease from sending any more letters to the people in our neighborhood.  After meeting on two different occasions with members of the board of directors for this co-op they decided to end our occupancy and tenant rights because we refused to remove those placards from our windows since every time we did so this man child just continued his attacks against us.


In 2011 we filed a law suit against the Government of Canada, along with other levels of government operating in the city of Toronto, as well as a number of the major corporations that have mistreated us over the years.  This lawsuit went nowhere because of the restrictions placed in this process to file one.


However, we were informed about 6 months later that it was dropped by the courts because we did not serve a copy of this document to each of the party we had were filing it against.  We were also informed that the Government of Canada had to be informed 6 months in advance of any law suit being filed against it by anyone; and that we were limited to submit evidence going back only over the past two years; and which had to be corroborated by witnesses and written records.


It was time for us to leave the city of Toronto as soon as we could. All the signs had shown us that we remained living here any longer that we would end up being destroyed in this city from the different forms of attacks being used from every quarter to try to either drive us stark raving mad, or force us to commit suicide.


Everyone and everywhere we had turn to for help to bring an end to this persecution campaign against this God and her family members had turned a deaf ear towards us.  No person, organization, institution, or agency had tried to help us; and everyone we had contacted and ask to do so had either ignored our requests for help or behaved as if we somehow imagining this persecution we claimed to be the subject of.


They were all working to serve the status quo or to protect the Establishment in this city; or they were afraid to go against the institutions and the systems that run life in this city.  Even those people who wanted to help us were unwilling to do so in fear that they would also become targets for persecution and even assassination by the agents of this military industrial complex operating in the city of Toronto.


We were a family who had devoted our adult lives in this city working to bring an end to the injustices being done to families and individuals living in this city and province for over three decades now.  For taking such a noble, courage, and virtuous stance we became marked for destruction by those so called movers and shakers who have been working to turn this globe into a prison planet.


They were killing us slowly while they kept us living in in this city as paupers trapped inside the first floor unit of a co-op owned duplex while using the family living above to attack us 24 7 through different destructive and nerve racking sounds that they made above our heads daily and nightly.

Part Two:

Exodus from the city of Toronto late one Friday night


My husband called a cab company for them to send a van taxi to take us, and some of our belongings to the city of Fort Erie.  We were going to a city that was as far away from the city of Toronto as you could go in that part of the province of Ontario; and one that was as close to the country of the United States as you could get at the same time.


A short time later a cab van arrived in the parking of 10 Spring Grove Avenue, and we proceeded to load up as much of our belongings as we could take with us inside it.  this included the six new luggage we had recently bought for this occasion, which were now filled with many of the most valuable personal clothing that we owned; it also included items for our cat to use such as his litter box, cat litter, and cat food; and also some food supplies, and containers to eat and drink from. We also packed some sacred items such as a statue of the Goddess Shiva, and some crystals from our altar in our bedroom.


About 15 minutes later our taxi pulled out of the parking of 10 Spring Grove Avenue with myself, my husband, our adult daughter, and our family pet, a Persian cat named Tye; and as many of our worldly possessions that we were able to pack inside it.   However, we were also leaving the rest of our belongings behind, which we had spent the past few weeks packing up inside boxes and containers especially.  All of our furniture were ones which i had built with the help of my husband and our daughter.  These included our three computer desks, tables, shelves, bed frames, chairs, and more from wood we had purchased over the years. They were now taken apart and wrapped up in bundles of wood - ready to be moved to the next place that we would call home.


We did not know where that place would be or even when we would move into such a place.  But we had boxed up everything that needed to be, and wrapped up everything that we had to, so that our world possessions would be ready to be moved by a moving company when the time came into a storage space close to where we would live next.


The late night cab ride from Toronto to Fort Erie would end up costing us over $240 dollars, which was a fixed amount that we had agreed to pay at the time that my husband had booked that cab to take us there.  That was the most expensive cab ride we have ever taken in our lives as a family. But it was worth it. The dispatch had inform my husband that because our destination was out of town, over a few hundred miles away, that they require that the driver cab be paid the full amount up front when he showed up - either in cash or credit card.  My husband was also told by this dispatcher that he was not sure that he can find a cab driver who will take us Fort Erie but that if he managed to send one that he would have to pay the full amount up front when the taxi arrived.


This God and her small family had left a legacy in the city of Toronto that may not be recognized or understood for years to come by the people living in that city.   We have shown ourselves to be a family who was willing to put our mortal lives on the line to fight for the rights and freedom of all families living in that city, province, and country.  We undertook a personal family protest against injustices and poverty during 1990 - by living as a homeless family on the streets of Toronto inside our battered and beaten 1982 Subaru in what would turn out to be the longest street protest ever conducted in this city, province, or nation by a family.


It was a personal protest that received nation wide television coverage on a television show called Sunday Edition on CTV that was hosted by current Canadian senator Patrick Duffy in the fall of 1990; and  which also received nation wide newspaper coverage from the Toronto Star.  It was a protest that saw the Kavanaugh family living on the grounds of the government of the city of Toronto for an entire week inside our car, staying on the grounds of the government of the province of Ontario for an entire weekend; and living inside a public park called Trethewey Park for what turned out to be 244 days and nights before Metro Police officers came one night during the last week of January and sabotage the propane tank we were using to keep the old dead GMC van we were living inside of for exactly a 100 days and forced us flee from that frozen park immediately afterwards.


During the middle part of the 1990's my husband and i became a vocal presence in numerous street demonstrations that we took part in against all forms of injustices.  We became one of the most active and prominence African Canadian couples that was involved in these demonstrations during the 1990's.  People from our African community came to see us as a strong, caring, and deeply spiritual couple that was willing to speak truth to power - about different problems that were plaguing the lives of people of color especially those African Canadian heritage.


When Mike Harris imposed his common sense revolution on the people of the province of Ontario in the summer of 1995 - and gutted most of the programs that were in place to keep the poorest Ontarions from falling deeper into poverty: I responded with a song called A Province Under Seige: which exposed the provincial dictatorship he was seeking to impose on the people of this province.  It was a political song that received airplay on some of the community radio stations.


When a group of African Canadian business people formed a  Milestone Communication and made a bid for a license to launch the first commercial radio station - and the first urban music station - that is owned and operated by African Canadians:  this Avatar and her husband wrote and recorded a song to help support that campaign that we called A Voice of Our Own.  It is a song that provides a brief bio of the history of radio and also of the need for people of African Canadian heritage to finally own a radio station of the own.


Milestone Comunications failed to win that bid for the nation wide FM 99.9 station but they would go on to gain a license for a regional radio station that came to called FLOW on the FM 93,5 dial; and one that has become known for featuring mostly hip hop and rap artist that sometimes perform songs using language that is vulgar and disrespectful to women especially and to people in general.  In fact since this station was launched a number of years ago we have listened to it only a few times for a few minutes at a time because of the disrespectful nature of the content of many of the songs played on this urban music station.

When Garth Drabinsky brought a musical production called Show Boat to the North York Performing Arts Center - that portrayed African Americans in a racist and derogatory light: this Avatar and her husband took part in the many demonstrations that  were staged to protest against Show Boat that summer up until the night of the opening of that show.  We often marched at the front of those demonstrations and lifted our voices to inspire others to do the same.


When i was working as a movie extra in the motion picture industry in Toronto and saw the poor quality of the meals that were serve to the people who worked as extra - and i decided to speak to others there about this shameful practice. This action caused me to be treated like an outcast by other extras, and the production crews, that i worked with on different movie projects.  But it also led to extras getting better quality meals and snacks in the movie industry.


For most of the years we lived in the city of Toronto the African dolls sold in different retails stores often portrayed people of African heritage looking like savages with huge lips, kinky hair, flat nose, and jet black complexion.  For a number of years i would speak to different employees and managers inside these stores selling these buffoon looking dolls about the need for them to sell dolls that represented people of African descent in a positive and more realistic light; and for them to sell dolls and toys in general that represent people from other cultures that were not Europeans.  Different retail stores in Toronto finally started selling African looking dolls that i wanted to see in their stores, and which i was happy to buy  for my daughter and also for myself.


 For most of the years i lived in the city of Toronto my family and i used the public transit system to get around in that city.  The Toronto Transit Commission, known as the TTC, has been used by the authorities in that city to attack and gangstalk my family more than even the police force has been used to do to us because of how regularly we came in contact with drivers working for the TTC, or those public transit workers operating the booths at the entrance to each subway station. My family and i have been mistreated more often over a longer period of time through the city of Toronto inside the public transit system by other passengers as well as by different bus, street car, and subway train drivers - more than any other group has done to us over the decades we lived there.


The biggest issue that i have had with the TTC, however, was not with the drivers or even the passengers - but with the disrespectful advertisements and degrading pictures that were posted throughout the public transit system: on the trains, inside the buses, streetcars, and even inside the bus shelters, over the years.  These distasteful images include women being shown in provocative poses or dressed in skin tight or skimpy clothing that exposes their bosoms or other private parts of their bodies - as if they are human objects whose bodies are being used to sell different products or services to the general population.


These advertisements portrays men in the same disrespectful light but to a lesser degree.

Over the decades that i have lived in that city i have called, write, or email, the management of the TTC many times to inform them about the problems that these degrading images create for families and also for married couples or for couples period by having women or even men being used as sexual commodities by different business to pedal their wares.  I sent numerous emails to the past two TTC chairman, Howard Moscoe and Chairman Giambroni, in which i complained about these disrespectful images posted inside the TTC subway system.

I left a legacy with the TTC of being the only person that i know of who was arrested, tried, and sentenced inside a TTC courtroom for removing an extremely offensive poster from inside one of their buses.  It was a poster of three women dressed in thong bikinis and high heels standing against a wall with their butts stuck up in their air and legs and arms spread open as if they are prostitute ready to be sexed their johns.  For taking that course of action i was found guilty of destroying TTC property, and barred by that same TTC court judge from using the public transit system for a period of 6 months.


For being outspoken about the unprofessional and unethical manner in which the TTC operates the public transit system i became the target of a relentless harassment and persecution campaign orchestrated by the management of the TTC - and sanctioned by the heads of the Military Industrial Complex operating inside the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario.

Drivers were co-opted to mistreat me in different ways whenever i entered their bus or streetcar, including treating me as if i did not exist while greeting my husband whenever we entered a public transit vehicle; spending their time making disrespectful and coded comments about me or towards during that transit ride. Passengers were planted throughout the public transit system to try to intimate or entice me, as well as my husband, to swear at us, or to make insulting remarks about myself especially, or to perform other forms of street theatre.

Taking the TTC became an extremely stressful, even traumatic experience for myself, my husband, and also our daughter, because of the different forms of harassment and mistreatment we were subjected to over the years. The TTC went even further in their repeated, deliberate, and calculated harassment of myself especially, and the other members of my small family.

On at least 6 different occasions TTC drivers have tried to run over myself and my husband with their bus; and in the summer of 2009 a female TTC driver nearly killed us with her bus while we stood at the front of a bus platform inside the St Clair West Subway station on Friday afternoon - when she made a bee line and drove that bus straight at us; and would have crushed us to death if we did not have the presence of mind to move back quickly and take ourselves out of harm’s way at the last second.


The most multi-cultural city in all of Canada has proven to be a city where many of its residents have been used by law enforcement to deliberate and repeatedly harass and persecute a family whose members have devoted their entire existence working tirelessly and dedicatedly to empower, liberate, and upgrade the members of every family living in that city, province, country, and across this planet for decades now.


For being a strong, outspoken, fearless, fierce, woman of African heritage - who is living as a spiritual master who also happens to be a God:  i have been forced to live as a social prisoner and an economic pauper with the other members of my family inside that city by governments, using different systems and institutions in their criminal and unholy campaign to try to kill or destroy  this divine being, and the other members of her small family, to try to bring an end to the sacred and crucial work that i am doing on this planet to bring a new way of being to all of life living here today and in the future.



Avatar Galextra.