"I Remember being Born".


Part One:

Memories of my birth and events afterwards



TThe work that I arrived on this planet to do was one which seems like an impossible job to get done, to the eyes of even the most optimistic and idealistic of human beings. I knew that. But I also knew that it was a job that I would get done. In fact I have spent all of my mortal life so far preparing for it – literally from the moment that I arrived on this planet that beautiful and unforgettable day many years ago. It was a day that I will always remember for as long as I live.


I remember being born, and all the details of my birth that day. In fact, it is the first childhood memory that I have, and one that has always stayed with me all these years. I remember seeing myself being born. I remember seeing myself coming out of the womb, coming out of this warm place, and then feeling a pair of strong hands gently pulling and taking me out of my warm home. I remembered this man who was dressed in a white tunic with buttons to the side shoulders, running straight down to the side by the arm down to the end of his jacket. It looked somewhat like the shape of a seven, going the opposite way.


I came to find out years later that he was called a doctor. This man brought me over to a lady who placed me gently in her open arms. She was wearing a white dress with black stripes at the edge of it that was tied with a white belt, and she wore a white hat with an upward flap that was edged with black strips. This lady (whom I  found years  later out was a nurse) held a towel across both her hands; and after the doctor placed me on the towel she threw it over me and carried me to the table. I watched her wipe me with the same towel, gave me a bath, and then wrapped me in a warm white towel.


I thought to myself: “Oh that felt nice”. But then I looked over and I saw a woman lying on a bed, with a sheet resting over her lower body – and her legs held in stirrups. Then I realized that she just gave birth, and the person she just gave birth to was me. And I called out: “mommy! mommy! I love you mommy!” But no words were coming out of my mouth. I could hear the words that I was speaking very loudly; but I also realized that no one in the room was able to hear the words that I had just spoken.


 My mother was just lying there looking at me, and I was just looking at her. “Mommy mommy! Why can’t you hear me?” I shouted these words to her from inside my head” as I started to panic for I did not understand why she could not hear me. Something must be wrong with her hearing. Maybe she cannot hear; maybe she is deaf and a mute – I wondered to myself in those first few moments of my life as a newborn. Yet I did not sense that she was.


Then I started to become even more frantic inside my newborn skin as I wondered out loud to myself about another even more disturbing possibility: maybe I was the one who was a mute – and a deaf mute at that. I did not like the sound of that one bit. It only made me become more frantic. I did not come here to live as a deaf person or as a mute, I reminded myself as I continued to lose my composure. I needed to be able to speak to others, and also be able to listen to others for me to be able to do the kind of work that I had arrived on this planet to do.


 I came here to bring all beings together, I affirmed inside myself, by sharing the mountain of knowledge that I was carrying inside the ‘Sacred blueprint for being’ which was weaved and embedded inside every fiber of my being as a God. I needed to be able to speak with words from my mouth and not with my hands, as deaf mutes have to be taught to do – otherwise I may as well just turn around and go right back to where I just came from. And I needed to be able to listen very carefully and very closely to others as they speak to others, or as they speak to me. As a deaf mute, there was no way on the face of this Earth that I was going to be able to do either of these two things in the manner that I needed to.


My mind was in turmoil, and I knew that if I continued to allow myself to lose it that I could end up going out of my mind literally. But that thought did not help me to calm myself down even one bit, and my mind was racing closer and closer towards the boundary of despair. Suddenly I heard someone speaking to me, which came as a shock to my frantic senses, and also had a calming effect on me  at the same time, for in that moment I realize that I could not be deaf if I was able to hear someone talking to me.


I did not see the person who was speaking to me but I could hear the sound of their voice, and it was coming from inside my head. It was the voice of someone who was speaking to me, and was doing so in a calm and caring and warm way – and even though my mind was still racing at a deafening speed I listened to every word that this gentle voice was saying to me; and which caused my mind to slow down more and more and to become calmer with each word:



“Ancient one, be still and do not be alarmed. Do not lose your composure or you will lose your mind. You are not deaf as you might think that you are, nor are you a mute as you are wondering that you might be. You can hear me speak to you as you are now doing, and I am able to listen to every word that you have been saying since you came out of the womb of your mother inside your newborn body. Your body has just been born and it will need time and growth before you are able to speak or listen to others in the world that you are now living in.


 Your new body will take some time before it can learn to talk and walk and do all the things that you will need it to do for you to be able to operate and work in your new life. Be patient and calm ancient one. Nothing is wrong with your hearing or with your speech. What you are going through is something that many other newborns also go through, and many of them lose their mental balance just as you were in the process of doing because they too lost their composure by panicking, once they realize the people in the world in which they arrive are not able to hear a word of anything that they are trying to say to them. The body you now have is healthy and strong and there is nothing wrong with it.”


I was relieved and happy after I heard those words inside my head. While this unseen person was speaking to me it started to dawn on me that what she was saying was true; and that because of the transition of going from being a spiritual being into the newborn body of a mortal baby – that I had temporarily lost sight of that knowledge. The unseen being who had just spoken to me was also someone whose voice sounded very familiar to me, as if they were a close member of my family. At that moment, however, I was not concerned with trying to trace who that person. I was just grateful and happy that this person had come to my aid.


I was myself again, and I started to pay attention to my feelings about the new world I had just arrived in. I had also made a mental note to inform people in my new world about the importance for them to begin to inform their unborn children about the world that they are coming to live in, so that they will not lose their composure once they arrive from not having been given certain information about themselves.


I intended to alert my new race of beings about the importance for their newborn children to be educated about certain aspects of their new life, such as the fact that they are not able to communicate with the people in their new world because of the barriers of communications that usually exist between them. They are not able to hear the newborn until that baby’s body is able to develop the ability to speak the language of the people in their culture, for example; and the mortal beings who gave them the opportunity for that being to live as a member of their race of beings, such the human race, are not able to speak telepathically, or in the supernatural language that their newborn infant is naturally able to do.


No baby should ever have to go through such emotional trauma as I did when I first arrived and found that I could not have a conversation with the people in my new world, especially with the ones with whom I came to live in that lifetime. I could hear them but they were not able to hear me, so  it was their responsibility to speak to me; and mine was to listen to the things that they had to say to me about myself, about themselves, and also about the world I was coming to live in.


Later in my life when I became a mother myself, I made sure that I constantly spoke to my children even when they were still inside my womb, about anything and everything that I felt that they needed to know before they were born. In fact, because I did so, each of my children were born with a keen sense of awareness of the world that they had come to live in, about who they were as spiritual  beings, about the kind of body they would be living in, and about the kind of family they were coming to live with.


But those were not issues that any new arrival to human life should be concerned about; yet I was because of who I was and the kind of work I arrived as a member of this race of beings to do. So after I made my mental note, I shifted my attention back to my new surroundings.


I was happy to be here in this place – in my new body, and with my new life. I thought to myself: what gentle people! I also wondered how many other beings had lost their composure like I did after they were born into a new world, as I had done, and especially those who had lost their mind in the course of panicking as I had done, I thought to myself:


Those were the first impression I had of my new life – the kindness I received in the treatment I was getting. And I thought: how special that is, that people would treat each other in this manner; and give people this kind of warm feeling which was so positive and helpful to me, especially since I just entered into a new body in a new world.


That is the treatment that all beings should receive from the moment of their birth to the moment of their death: a treatment of kindness, gentleness, and respect all throughout their mortal lives. Without this kind of treatment of love, respect, and dignity, beings will continue to struggle for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional survival all through their lives. With it, they can blossom, flourish, and prosper in all areas of their lives; and the world that they live in will provide them, and all beings there, with the harmony and tranquility that they need to grow faster into the Gods many of them are striving to become.


The birth memory of an Avatar does not fade with the passing of time. It is needed to protect the identity of that Avatar, by reminding them of the supernatural occasion surrounding their mortal birth. It is a special birth memory that helps to console and comfort that Avatar, as they encounter and experience the sufferings and hardships that await them in every area of their lives, throughout their lives. To remember viewing events and activities on the day of one’s birth is rare and remarkable.


Newborns do not have the ability to focus their eyes so clearly so quickly, to identify people and things around them. To remember experiencing the process of one’s actual birth is unheard of in human history. I know of no other person on Earth who has been known to speak of having any memory of his or her birth, in recorded history. People like the present spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhist, the Dalai Lama, is known for having memories of past lives that he has lived, but no one else has talked about remembering their own birth, that I have heard of – except for me.



As a young infant, however, I thought it was a natural and normal thing to remember one’s birth. I assumed that everyone else also remembered being born. I did not realize how unusual it was for me to recall being born, however, until I heard other people talking about having no memories of their own birth. I thought that my memory of my birth experience was a natural thing. I thought that everyone remembered the day when they came into a world as a new person, in a new body.


 I did, and I did not have any reason at that time, not to think that other people also did not remember their own birth.  I started to realize that I was different when I discovered that other kids and adults around me, did not speak about having any memories of their own birth. And when I did not hear them speak this way, I said to myself, well, I remember being born. I even thought that some people must remember their own birth since I did.


But as I grew older, I noticed that no one else spoke about having memories of their own birth. I also heard people saying that it was impossible for someone to remember being born. And I wondered at different times, on some of those occasions how it was that I remembered being born, and they did not.


But I already knew the answer to that question. I knew who I was to some degree, but at the same time I still felt like someone who was helpless. So I told myself immediately – that you better be on your p’s and q’s because this is not the world that you are from; this is a different world.


But I also felt that I had seen so many nice people the day I was born, that the other people in this new world would be just as nice; and that it would be easy to look after them, and help them. I remember smiling and thinking to myself: wow! I am going to have a great time doing this. This is going to be so easy; it would be like eating a piece of cake. I was dead wrong! It wasn’t as easy as I thought. In fact, it turned out to be the exact opposite – it turned out to be a lifetime of living and unending hell!


Part Two:

Are birth memories experience only by Avatars?


Most people do not remember most of the details of their childhood, or even the details of recent events they experienced, unless those memories involved some form of drama or trauma. I still wonder, sometimes, why I am able to remember being born, while no one else does. But I never wondered about this for long because the answer is always the same every time. I am an Avatar, and I needed the knowledge about my own birth to prepare me for the epic work, and the horrendous life that I was going to live, and which I am still living today.


 As babies, most beings do not know who they are. They enter into a new born body and they grow and develop, and they forget about who they were before they were born as a mortal being this time. But I came into my new life with the unshakable knowledge that I was somewhere else before, and that this was just a temporary situation. So I knew that this was a new world that I had just entered, and that I had to get to know this world – and that I had to get to know it real fast.


It’s like someone passing the border from one dimension into an entirely different one, and you don’t know who you are at the time, and you really don’t understand what is going on. But you feel a presence in your whole psyche, that tells you – that screams power, energy, abilities, and strength, and so when all of these come together, these things are put forth for certain reasons. You’re a part of it. You have developed it, so that you can use some of it if you want to, so you get the amount that you are suppose to use, and you develop that.



 But you have to keep your abilities and your identity hidden. People should not be allowed to see it. Sometimes they see it through the radiance of your whole personality, and sometimes you can hide it. The better you are able to hide it, the better it is for you. You use it only when it is absolutely necessary, and only when it is for something to save yourself, or someone else, or others, if you can, and if you remember to. But it is not really to be used. It is just for your own movements in the areas that you are going into.


I believe that my abilities, and my identity, were maintained in the psychic realm, while I was an infant, and that was one of the reasons that the systems in Society were not important for me to be a part of. Those systems would have blocked those areas, and I would not have remembered who I am or what I came to Earth to do.


It was easy for me to be able to work with my new body, and its abilities, because all of life works with me. And so whenever I recognize that fact, things fall in place the way they are suppose to – even if I do not recognize that; I am always working in unison with life’s energy, with the Source, if you will.



From the beginning of my mortal life, I knew who I was and what I was here to do, but I did not point it out. I kept it hidden intentionally, because I knew intuitively, and saw psychically, that it was crucial for me to hide my spiritual light under a bushel of true humility, under a bushel of silence, under a bushel of wisdom – so that others around me would not see its radiance.


I knew that others would become jealous of the spiritual treasures I owned, and that they would try to steal it from me and claim it as their own. I even knew that there were “unholy beings” waiting in my future to try to take my mortal life from me, so that my spiritual light will disappear from their greedy, selfish, and envious eyes.



Once I had reached the age where I was able to speak fluently that is what I told my mother. She laughed at first because she thought that it was funny. There was this young baby, she is your child, and she is telling you these things. It’s enough to blow your mind. I told her about remembering my birth, that my name was someone else, and what that name was. I told her about my dreams, and my intuitions, of us receiving money from specific people in our family, or from her friends, and she would just laugh each time until she began to see that I was correct. Then she started taking me seriously.


For someone to remember being born is simply amazing and unbelievable. For that person to remember briefly bi-locating and separating from their own newborn body, and then hovering and viewing themselves as that infant – is even more remarkable. Yet this is what happened to me as a newborn baby girl, on that evening in that hospital room, in Port of Spain on the Island of Trinidad.


People who have had near death experiences can relate in a personal manner, to this unusual and strange phenomenon that I remember experiencing that day. These are people who are temporarily pushed out of their mortal bodies, during a moment when their bodies lose consciousness and lose their life signs, such as the sudden presence of a flat line on the life sign reading machine, while medical staffs are working fervently to bring them back to the world of the living.


The question of why I am the only person in recorded history - to my  knowledge - who has stated that I remembered my own birth, and even briefly bi-locating myself right after being born, is one that others will have to answer for themselves. I am very clear about remembering my birth experience, and I am not concerned about what other people think or feel about any area of my life – including my memories of my own birth.


But I also understand the mentality of mortal beings, to want to question someone’s credentials before they decide whether or not that person has credibility in what they say or do. I don’t need to explain anything about any area of my life to anyone. I have lived an impeccable life, and I have been nothing but honest and open about every area of my life, except for aspects that I decide not to speak about, because it is no one’s business to know.


 All I am telling people is what I have seen and experience in my own life, and whether or not they agree or disagree is not the reason that I am sharing this information with them. The reason I am talking about my birth memories is because they want to know more about me, so that they can try to solidify what I am telling them for themselves, in order to understand exactly where I am coming from.


I have never been anything but someone who cared enough to come to this planet and lend them n helping hand in areas where they needed help; and study those areas so that I can give them the information that is necessary for them to become the kind of beings that they have the abilities to be. That’s what I am about. I am not about trying to make some kind of impression on anyone for any reason.


 I am just about trying to stop the process of hell that they have put me through, and put many other people through, whom I have seen harmed in the same way, at different times. I am trying to have them not have to go through anymore of that kind of abuse. And those young children who are being raped, kidnapped, battered, and bruised, and being harmed in all kinds of ways – and who are sometimes not even safe at home with their own parents – these are the things that I am here trying to stop.


Anyone trying to accuse me of doing any harm to anyone in the past, or of not telling the truth about any area of my life – I cannot sit back and answer every question that they decide that they have, that disturbs them about me, since I have done nothing to disturb or harm anyone. But when I started speaking about my own life, and the harm they have done to me, then it’s another story. Suddenly I am pretending to be somebody that I am not. My life is an open book and everyone who knows me will tell you that I am someone who speaks the truth, even if it cost me opportunities to earn a living – even if it cost me my mortal life.


Truth is not a virtue that people in today’s Society value or seek anymore, nor is it something which people today have the ability to find very easily, because of the deformed thinking and twisted behaviour that humanity practices in general. I am a God, and I have never wondered or worry about what people think about anything that I do or say, because I have never tried to hurt or harm anyone in anyway.


People who really want to know the truth about any area of my life must first learn to be truthful and honest in their own lives, because that is the only way that someone will start to clear themselves of the biases, and prejudices, that prevent mortal beings from using their true sight – their inner sight – to see the truth about anyone, including myself. Anyone can come along and say anything about themself, and many people do, and people will usually agree with them if they think they will receive some type of gain for doing so.


I know who I am, and I know every detail of every experience that I have had throughout my entire life, because I took apart myself for years and studied every part of my life, until the details of my entire life became clear to me.  For people who might think or feel that I am imagining or creating my birth memories, all I can say to them is: take the time and make the effort to think clearly and view carefully all the information that I have given them about my life and work as an Avatar.


Look at the quality of my thinking, and the wisdom of my words, and then look at the content and quality of my life. After you have done all these things, then tell me if you can honestly say to yourself or to others, that I am not the Avatar I know myself to be, or that I really cannot, or do not remember being born.