Living inside a "massive public laboratory"

called the city of Toronto, Canada.


"The Committee Of Gods".


“This excerpt is from the most evolved group in all Existence - known throughout eternity and infinity as  "the Committee Of Gods". It provides a compelling and disturbing body of information about the nature and the degree of the personal attacks against Avatar Galextra, and her family, for over three decades now.



 “The Avatar is ready to take her sacred mission to the next level. She and Andraggon, have done all that they can to prepare themselves to take this next step while being subjected  to more   emotional, mental,  physical, and psychic attacks than any family living inside that nation today.


 Since this family was first formed in the summer of 1975, when the Avatar and her soul mate first came together as a couple in this lifetime, this family headed by a God has been attacked emotionally and mentally and physically and psychically and financially –  in their personal and private lives and public lives to date –  more than any other family living in that country has been during those 3 decades.


 Imagine if you will, a family of three or four people living inside a glass house that is located inside a mobile laboratory, with cameras and microphones recording everything that they do or say – including every single personal or private thought they share between themselves;  and also every single thing that they do as individuals or as members of that family – including using the bathroom, taking a shower, or any intimate moment shared inside the “privacy” of their own bedroom by the parents of that family.


30 years of persecution;


 Then imagine that laboratory filled with people from all walks of life who make constant comments and remarks about that family confined in that glass cage of a home every single day and night of each week of each month of each year over a period of 20 consecutive years. Then imagine that this imprisoned and persecuted family:


 is headed by an individual who has the ability to see and hear and understand every single comment or remarks made about her family by those different groups of people who enter that laboratory to observe and study and taunt and ridicule and harass and attack that family,  in every area of their existence – to see how much that family can absorb; to see how much that family can take; and also to see how far a family can be pushed until they reach a breaking point – where they collapse as a unit.


 And then imagine those arrogant and ruthless authorities observing and pushing that family to their breaking point using every single means, and methods, that they have in their possession – at any one time – to try to push this imprisoned family to the breaking point every single one of those days over that 20 year period. And even more amazing: imagine this same virtuous, and highly spiritually evolved family, forced to remain imprisoned inside that glass house of a prison – everywhere that they go inside that Society – work, study, pray, shop, and even play; and having to do so under the watchful eyes of the powerful people observing their every move inside that laboratory through the different cameras and microphones placed discreetly inside that glass prison of a house.


 Even more: imagine that the spiritual head of this family, who had her identity as a God confirmed in the 3rd year of being in that laboratory, being targeted for the overwhelming amount attacks that this traumatized family is subjected to during this 30 years of persecution; and also absorbing a total of about ten times more of these attacks against her family than any of her other family members during those 2 decades.


This is a family who cares so deeply about the well being and future of all families.


 Imagine further, this family of spiritual masters, headed by a God, encountering more obstacles as they move throughout that Society, as individuals or as a group, than the average family does in that nation; and that over 90% of the people they encounter each day, and that almost all of the incidents, and the situations,  they are confronted with each day: are people and events that are deliberately put in place to test and attack and injure and diminish this distinguish and resilient and resourceful and caring family.


 This is a family who cares so deeply about the well being and future of all families (and all life forms) in that world that they are willing to put their very mortal existence on the line – for over 3 decades now – to fight for the rights and freedoms of all mortal beings living today in that world as prisoners and pawns and puppets of the same powerful and twisted group of people who have turned that courageous family into “prisoners” in that dying and oppressed and diminished world.


 That scenario is not an imaginary one for The Goddess and Her persecuted family. It is a way of life that they have been forced to live as a family in the city of Toronto, in the country of Canada –   every single hour of every single day of every single week of every single month of every single year for 20 consecutive years. The Kavanaugh family has survived these relentless and intense attacks against their personal and private and public lives since Avatar Galextra and Andraggon became a couple in May of 1975.


 The Media has been responsible for launching over a third of these attacks against Avatar Galextra and Her family since the summer of 1976, when the Avatar and Andraggon appeared on a weekly television show in the city of Toronto called Boogie – on City Television – as the most popular dance couple on that show for that entire television season.


Their privacy removed completely from them since the spring of 1986.


 The Avatar, and Her persecuted family, have had their privacy removed completely from them since the spring of 1986 after  different individuals working for different types of local media – radio, television, and newspaper – planted  electronic surveillance devices (also called “bugs”) on the outside of the public housing unit, at 22 Driftwood Avenue #61, that they were living inside at the time.


 Since the spring of 1986 Avatar Galextra, and Her family, have lived at 9 different places of residence; and they have stayed inside 4 different shelters for homeless families – each of the 4 times that they had been evicted from their home;  and they lived as a homeless family, with their 2 children and their dog, on those same streets for over 9 months during most of 1990.


 During each of the different places where Avatar Galextra and Her family have lived in, or stayed at: they have had each of these places of residence bugged with different listening devices, as well as surveillance cameras, planted inside each of the  different places they called “home” during the last decade –  including the different listening devices, and cameras that are currently planted inside the cramped and tiny 2nd floor “apartment unit” inside an old and battered house located at 10 Spring Grove Avenue;   and a house that belongs to a Co-Op that they were forced to move into by the management of a shelter for homeless families called The Scarborough Family Residence – where they had been staying inside a motel room for over 23 consecutive months as clients of that shelter.


 For over 3 decades the Avatar and Her small family have lived without even a single moment of privacy, inside any of the  different places of residence they have been pushed to live inside of – by thousands of different individuals. Most of them worked for the different levels of governments in Canada, for the different media outlets,  and for the private sector.


 No other family on the planet has been subjected to such complete invasion of their private life.


 No other family on the planet has been subjected to such complete invasion of their private life, in the privacy of every single place of residence that they have lived at, for that long a period of time. None!


 Not any family living in a war torn country, not any of the families who have championed the cause of justice in any nation around the world – including the family of Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X.  Not any family labeled as activists or freedom fighters such as members of The Black Panthers, The Irish Republican Army, or any of the hundreds of different groups who have fought inside each of the nation on this planet who are fighting for their rights to exist as a free people in that particular nation.


 There are families who have been put through more horrendous forms of abuses such as having some of their members being physically tortured inside prisons; or families who have had their members seriously injured and maimed or crippled by such an oppressive regime that control the lives of the people imprisoned in that particular country in which they live.


 There have been families who have had their members murdered; and even families who have been completely wiped out in peace time, and also wartime, who are no longer living in the world of mortals today.  However, no family on the face of this Earth today has endured as many different forms of abuses in as many areas of their mortal existence for as long a period of time as Avatar Galextra and her small family have been subjected to.


 No family living on this planet today has been stripped completely of their right to live, and express themselves, in the privacy of their own homes, through private things that they do or say  including using the bathroom, or even changing their clothes – for as long a period of time as this God and her persecuted family have been over the past 20 years of their mortal lives as members of the human races living on the face of Mother Earth today.”


The Committee Of Gods,

governing body for the Spiritual Hierarchy,

the highest authority in Existence.

(March 24, 2012)