Living with aliens and ghosts in our home:

for over 7 years.


"Part One:

Living with our unseen and disturbing tenant




In the fall of 2002, as we stayed inside our heavily bugged home at 48 Dunmail Drive waiting for the landlady to start the process to get us thrown out of her house, we had a lot of time to reflect on our lives since we began living there.   As I sat inside that house, trying to keep my ailing body from hurting even more than before, I could not help thinking about the fact that even though we were living alone inside that big house, not only did we have family staying in our backyard from my husband’s Neverene side of the family – in their concealed space craft – but there were other beings who had also lived in that house with us. And I am not speaking about any of my Unseen Masters, who would stop by at anytime.


I am speaking about beings who use to live on Earth as human beings themselves, but who were now living on the Other Side Of Life.  When they come amongst the living, however, they are seen in forms or bodies that are shadowy or smoky in appearance.     At 48 Dunmail Drive, however, the night that we moved into that house, my family came to discover that there was also someone else who was living there with us. And that person was not a human being, nor was he or she someone who was living in the land of the living anymore. We soon found out that there was a supernatural being sharing our home with us, and who had been living there even before we moved in.


I am not someone who disrespects anyone – whether they are from the land of the living, or whether they are living on the Other Side Of Life. I was also someone who had become accustomed to letting someone know when I see a problem that they are showing to me, or causing me, or my family.


I had no problems sharing our home with a ghost, or with anyone from the Other Side Of Life, whether they are a former member of the human race of beings or any of the other races living on planet Earth.   And if they had been living there before we moved in, then they had even more of a right to live there for as long as they chose to.


But what I was not prepared to do was to allow anyone living in the same house with my family to do or say anything that disrespected or caused any members of my family to feel violated or degraded.  I did not tolerate it from any of my own flesh and blood relatives or friends, and I did not tolerate it from any of my husband’s living relatives or friends. So I was certainly not going to tolerate any kind of abuse from any former human being, even if they were living in that house before we moved in.


Our daughter was accustomed to the fact that we were a family whose friends and relatives were the animals and other supernatural beings, like my Unseen Masters, who were not strangers to my family. We were a small family, but we were a family who felt very natural having supernatural beings coming and going from our home.


In fact, both my husband and my daughter thought it was cool to have a supernatural being living at 48 Dunmail Drive with our family, and our eight year old did not seem to be concerned about any of them living with us either. But they both took the position that I did, that if someone was going to live in our home with us, for a short or a long time, that person had to learn to respect our rights as tenants who were living there as well.


Since I was the only one in the family who could clearly see our unseen tenant, I made it my job to speak to this shadow being. He had shown us by the things he had done to get our attention, that he was not happy about having us living there as tenants with him, or maybe even having to share his home with people whom he may have been taught to mistrust, and looked down on, when he lived as a mortal man many years ago in this same house.


The fact that he was walking around dragging a heavy set of shackles on his feet, told me that he had lived in this same place where this twenty year or so old house now stood, as a prisoner of some kind or another for even years before. So even if he was not a racist, as he would be expected to be, and someone who did not want to live in the same house with any colored family, he was a man who had his own personal reasons to be unhappy and even bitter towards anyone in the land of the living or even on the other side of the veil.


And since he was, and also since it was my job to comfort and heal the soul, as well as the heart and mind of all beings living on Earth, and even beyond it, I decided to reach out to my supernatural brother living on the other side of this Side Of Life.   I told him the same things that I have told many people over the years who I have met, who I saw was troubled, or in pain of different kinds, to this unhappy and angry unseen tenant who was sharing our home with us.


“I care about you and what you are going through, my unseen brother, because I am able to see you, and also able to feel the pain and anger that you are feeling. I am someone who loves all beings, whether they are seen or unseen by other people, and also the head of a family who also cares about all beings, and who would not do or say anything to harm any of them.  I see that you have been harmed by the chains that you now wear around your wrist and also the shackles on your feet. And I am sorry that you are living with those chains and shackles even though you are no longer living inside that physical prison that they put you in while you lived in the body of a mortal being.


You are welcomed to stay in this house, and live with my family as our invisible tenant, but if you do: I expect you to treat us with the same respect and the same courtesy that we have shown you, and will continue to show you. Even though we do not know each other,  it is important that we show respect and consideration to each other. You are my brother, and I love and respect you as a member of my Cosmic Family. Whether you stay in this house, and live with us, or move on with your life, to another place in the spiritual world where you now make your home, remember that you have our blessing and you have our love as one being to another.”



 That was the conversation that I had with the unseen tenant whose home, or living space, we moved into the day we went to live at 48 Dunmail Drive. Our unseen tenant showed us that he was willing to allow us to live in that house, and also respect our right to also live there with him.


That night after I left that information for him, while he was out, he did not do anything to disturb or disrupt our lives in that house again. I am not sure if he moved out or not, because I did not see him there again after I left him that message of love and respect and support from me and from my family to him.


Respect is something that all beings deserve to get and receive from each other, whether they are living in mortal bodies or in other kinds. And when it is given from the heart, even if the person giving it does not understand the condition that the person is living in, or is even able to see what that person looks like in their new or true form, like our ghost tenant – it always goes a long way. And it has the power to touch that person’s heart and mind, especially if they are in turmoil, or in distress, in a way that is natural and supernatural as well as healing at the same time.


This was not the only time that my family had moved into a house that was already occupied by a tenant from the land of the “dead.” Actually we met another metaphysical tenant when we went to live at 94 Danforth Avenue about two years earlier.  I offered the same warmth and consideration and support to this ghost man that I later did to the one who was living at 48 Dunmail Drive when we moved there. And he understood what I had said to him, and from that day he never bother my family again for the rest of the time that we lived there.


Like the other unseen tenant had done about two years later, he also seemed to have moved on with his life. I did not see him again in that house, and if he was still living there with us, which I sensed that he was,  he did not do or say anything to let us know that he was still there, or that he was disturbed in anyway about us living there with him.   Although our ghost tenant was no longer complaining about my family sharing our Dunmail home with him, that was not the end of unseen visitors to our home.

There was a problem with where our home was located, that had turned it into a dead end street, for every former human being who traveled down that street, especially at nights. 48 Dunmail drive was a house that was at the end of this street for all vehicles who drove down it from the top of the street, where it intersected with another side street called Alexmuir Boulevard.


It was a street that ran east from Alexmuir for about a hundred yards right towards the front of our home, before it turned a sharp left corner and continued North past our home, and past the other houses that were in that direction on both sides of the street. If someone was driving a car, for example, and took their eyes off the road at the point where Dunmail Drive turned sharply away from our front door, that person would end up driving right through our front door.


That road literally made a straight line right to our front door. In fact, whenever we took a cab, or even got a drop home, the last thing we told the driver of that car after they made a right turn off Finch on Alexmuir Boulevard, and then a left right after that on Dunmail Drive: was for them to drive straight down that road and pull right into the brown garage that was right at the end of that street before it turned sharply to the right.


Taxi drivers, and other drivers, who dropped us home knew not to turn at the end of that road when they brought us home. The direction that we gave them each time was easy to follow once they headed down that road, which ran right into our driveway if that vehicle kept on going, as we instructed its driver to do.


It was also a road, however, which other travelers who were not human, or even had mortal bodies any longer, also found a problem to travel on. Unlike the people in the land of the living, on this Side of Life, who knew that they had to take a sharp turn at the end of that street,   in order to avoid running or walking or driving right into our front door: many of the unseen travelers who used that road at nights especially – did not remember to turn that corner. They did not need to.



The unseen bodies they were walking in, or the invisible cars they were traveling in,   did not run into our front door, or into any part of that house. They did not have to run into anything – they just went right through them, and right through our living room, out the backyard and onto the road that was just outside our gate, which was Midland Avenue.   It did not come to our attention until about the last two years that we lived in that house, and the end of the street, that our home was right in the middle of a path that was traveled by people in the land of the living and also unseen people from the land of the “living dead.”



Part Two:

Golden advice from an Oriental guest to our home


This disturbing fact was brought to our attention one evening by an oriental man who my husband and I met in 1995, the day we went to one of the courthouses downtown to inquire about the court date we had missed,  when our land lady was taking steps to have us evicted from 94 Danforth Road. He was there not as a tenant dealing with eviction of himself, but instead was there to get eviction documents for landlords to put tenants out of their homes.


 We don’t remember his name, or even exactly what he did for a living. This man gave us the impression that he helped landlords in the Oriental community to physically evict tenants from their homes, as if he was a sheriff or something. When I first met him, I thought he was a nice man who was doing a dirty job, which I did not like.


We also discovered, however, that he lived in Scarborough like us, and about fifteen minutes on foot away from where we lived.  And that he had an interest in metaphysical and spiritual issues like my husband and I did. We exchanged telephone numbers and made plans to get together sometime in the near future, so we can sit down and share our experiences and knowledge about things that were meaningful to him and to us.


One evening he came to our home for a visit. He knew that we considered him a special guest in our home, because we had informed him during telephone conversations both Andraggon and I had with him – on our intercom phone – that we rarely invited anyone into our home, or even allowed anyone into our home. So when he rode onto our driveway on his bicycle that warm evening to visit us in our home, he was aware that he was a privileged guest indeed.

The first thing that he did after my husband and I stood near our driveway was the most important thing that we received from our special guest that night. He pointed out to us that our home, was at the end of a street that was a direct path for unseen travelers who came down that street especially at night. Andraggon and I were intrigued by what he was revealing to us that evening.


It also started to make sense to me about why I had seen so many different supernatural people over the years who passed through our living room during the evening and later on. My family had become accustomed to us relaxing in our living room, and hearing me suddenly speaking about seeing this person, or the shadowy shape of some human or animal darting quickly through some part of our living room. I would even ask my husband, or our daughter, if they saw that shadowy shape or form, and they would tell me that they did not see anything.


However, my daughter would sometimes ask me if I had seen something shadowy which she thought she saw in our living room, at different times when I was paying attention to something else at the time.  She spoke of seeing some kind of shape moving quickly out of her view, out of the corner of her eye, or someplace like that. She was seeing through her mind’s eye but she had not started to define how she was doing that.


Even the spiritually blind one in the family, my academic minded and formally educated husband, would even sometimes mention about how he thought he might have seen someone walking through our living room. But he would just laugh, and dismiss it as a figment of his imagination, although he was also wondering to himself if he was actually starting to develop his ability to use his dim third eye sight.


Our guest went on to inform us of the steps that we should take to keep unseen travelers from using our living room as a road to pass through. The address of our home was posted high above the garage door, on a piece of board that had the numbers 48 glued onto it.  These numbers were made of thin aluminum just like any of the ones that you have in front of your house, or see on the front of your neighbor’s home.



 Ours was painted in gold but the paint had long faded so much that the numbers were not seen as easily, or as clearly by anyone, who was looking at it while they drove or traveled down Dunmail Drive towards it.  Our cab drivers, and others who dropped us off at our home, usually had problems seeing the number 48 on the house; and we had to point it out to them as they drove down that street.  Unseen travellers also had the same problem according to our human guest. They also had another problem of seeing that our home was not part of the paved road that they were traveling on, when they came along this particular road that went through our living room, or so many of them thought.


There are trees not only in the backyard of 48 Dunmail Drive but also right in front of our front door, and between our yard and the neighbor’s yard, left of our home as you come down Dunmail Drive.  One of these trees is so thick and wide and loaded with branches that it covers not only part of our neighbor’s yard, but also a large part of our side of the property.


At night, that tree was a perfect place for anyone to hide under those many low and long branches, and it was also covered with its leaves every day of the year because it was a pine tree. This pine tree provided a lot of shade for anyone who stood near it, or under it, during the hot Canadian summers.  But it also served to give the impression to unseen travelers using that road at nights (who were not paying attention) that this large and wide tree was near the side of the road they were traveling on.


There were also a group of trees that were close to that wide pine tree, which were planted right in front of the entrance into our home. The people who had built that house also decided to plant trees in front of the front door, mainly to keep people who traveled down that street from staring at the front door of that house as they turned sharply and continued down that street. Or maybe they did it for safety reason:  to keep any motorist who was not paying attention from driving right into that front door.


They planted another pine tree that was about half way down near the same side of our driveway,   and right in that path, as well as a group of small trees that grew right next to the concrete porch that you climbed onto, to push the button that rang the doorbell for our home. Most of the trees there were taller than my husband, and when they had their leaves on them they covered that part of our front yard so much that I would have to prune some of them every year to keep them from blocking even the driveway that led to our front door. I also used those trees to put my Christmas lights on whenever I decided to decorate the outside of our home at that festive time of the year.


Our Oriental guest gave us instructions that he thought would discourage unseen travelers from walking down that road, and right through our living room because of the trees making it difficult for them to clearly see that there was a house at the end of that street, that turned right sharply to the right, right in front of our front yard. He told us to paint the number 48 in a bright gold color, and to also trim the trees growing in front of our front door, to make them much smaller.  This way, unseen travelers can have a much clear view of our front door when they traveled down that road and looked past those low group of trees.


As well, the bright gold colour was one that would catch their eye easier than any other color.   Gold is also a color that catches the eye of not only people living on this Side Of Life but it also of beings living on the Other Side Of Life. And it is a color that stands out at night especially for these unseen travelers, who also prefers to travel about in the quite and peace of the night.



So we cut down those trees, and also painted the address of our home in bright gold letters. There were already enough Unseen beings in our lives, especially my Unseen Masters, and also other former loved ones who would drop by over the years such as my mother, and aunts, and even Andraggon’s beloved grandmother. We did not need any more guests, especially uninvited ones, just walking into our home, and through our living room like no one lived there, or like there was not a home there.



My family values our privacy above everything else that we own, because we have had it taken away from us over the years, more than anything else.  One of the things that we had come to insist upon, especially through my insistence, was that no one would be allowed to enter our home unless they were first invited by us to do so.


It did not matter if that person was a relative or a friend or even our landlord. Anyone who simply dropped by without calling to ask us if they could come by,  would be left standing outside our front door until they decided to leave – unless they were close relatives. We had been harassed and mistreated too much for us to allow anyone to enter our home, without making arrangements with us first for them to do so.



That was one of the reasons why we were evicted from our home at Dritfwood Avenue. And for most of the later years that we lived on Dunmail Drive, we did not answer our door to any sales people, or anyone who came knocking just to leave something for us – not even the post woman or man.  This same policy applied not only for the living but also for every unseen traveler who decide to become an uninvited guest, and use our living room as a road for them to travel on, as far as this God was concerned.



 So when our Oriental guest supplied us with the knowledge that we could use to keep these unseen travelers from not only walking up to our front door but also walking through it, and through our living room, my husband and I were grateful for it. By making these two small adjustments to the front of our front yard, we were now able to cut down on the amount of uninvited and unseen travelers entering into our home, as often as they have been doing since we began living there.