Living Without Privacy of any Kind


Part One:

An innocent family targeted through a Government

surveillance and persecution program




   I was a woman who came along and showed that an African Canadian woman was as strong as any of the men who proclaimed themselves as leaders, or who were seen as leaders, in the struggle to fight for social justice for our own people. But I was different from any of them. I was not a member of any organization, nor did I have any of the academic education that they all did. I was a spiritual master who was fighting for not only the rights of people in my own community - but also for the rights of all people, and also for the rights of all beings living on Earth today.

I was also someone with a view of the world that was different than what anyone in the Canadian intelligence community, or the media had ever encountered. I wanted all families in Canada to be given the right, and the opportunities, to live their lives with respect and dignity and the economic means that they needed to live comfortable and meaningful lives. And I wanted the same for all families living on Earth, who wanted that for themselves; and that was what every family on this planet truly wanted.


So when the intelligence community, and the media, decided to place listening devices, and later hidden cameras as well, inside our home, when we came off the streets, they were dealing with a woman who would turn out to be a God.


  They were also dealing with a woman and a mother and a wife whom might manage to bring attention  the unjust conditions and the unfair imbalances of the Canadian Society, with the wisdom of her words; and the peaceful yet potent methods and means that I was bringing to do so, more completely than others have been able to do,  I did not have any organization behind me, nor was I preaching the use of any form of violence as a means of bringing about the changes that I was calling for in the early 1990’s.


 There was just me, and my husband, and our two children, and the only tools that I was armed with was my great love for all beings, and the ancient knowledge (Sacred Blueprint) that I was carrying for them to use as a road map to developed into higher beings.  I had my own impeccable life to stand as the example for them to see, and examine and gain inspiration and courage and conviction and inner strength from when they begin the struggle to reclaim their own lives as immortal beings living as mortal on Earth.


There was no need for anyone to place any device of this kind in our home because we were not doing anything illegal – such as selling illegal drugs from our home. Nor were we doing anything immoral, such as using our home to make pornographic videos, as some families did.

We were just a family that was trying to continue to live our lives in peace, and in dignity, after spending almost a year living as a homeless family to protest what had been done to us, and that was being done to other families like us. We were now starting to take part in different peaceful demonstrations against different types of injustices that were being staged by people in, and outside, of our own African Canadian community.

  There was no need for anyone to invade our privacy, and violate our personal freedom to be left alone inside our own home. True, both my husband and I were now recognised as the couple who were both activists, who were calling for justice for our family, and for all families; and we were also now taking part in protest for social and economic justice that was organized by different groups in Toronto. However, we always did so peacefully and respectfully and even lovingly.

But the first time I detected it, I knew that they were there somewhere on the front of our house. I had just finished rehearsing some of the songs, which I was using to develop my singing voice, on the front porch of 19 Murray Road, which I did on a regular basis at the time. After I came inside the house, and was cooling off, I turned on the radio in the living room, and I heard this person talking about the way that I had just sang, and also making the comment that I needed to work on my voice some more.

 At first, I thought that this person was inside my living room for me to hear what he had said to me so clearly, even though the sound of his voice was coming from the radio that was now placing on a certain F.M. station. I was surprised to hear this person speaking to me as if he was just listening to me rehearsing a few minutes earlier. I was also annoyed that he had the nerve to be listening on my rehearsal through some listening device, because there was no other way for him to have known that I was just singing on my balcony.

I was accustomed to hearing very low sounds, even if those sounds were out of the range for a normal human ear to pick up the words they were speaking; or even if they were just whispering so that others cannot hear what they were saying to the person next to them. I have never needed any listening device, such a hidden microphone, to inform me when others were speaking about me.

One of the abilities that I brought with me as child, when I came to this planet, was the ability to detect whenever someone, or others, are speaking about me, or even speaking to me. Governments, and their different intelligence agencies, throughout the world take pride in developing and using hidden devices to listen in on conversations of any person or group that they choose to, especially since they do not trust each other.

They have also developed hidden cameras to keep an eye on each other, and even on any of their own people whom they feel the I was being ignored, and even being mistreated by people within my own community, mainly because I was seen as a woman who was fighting the authorities as if she was a man – and a tough man at that. And neither the men nor the women in my own community welcomed a female spiritual master like myself. I did not have any of their education, a fact which I was proud of, and I told them so whenever I saw the need to. I hardly attended any of their cultural functions, including their award functions, where they praised each other.

I was not a member of any of their organizations, nor did I have any interest in being one. I did not have any of their precious jobs, nor did I want to find one, although I was a God who was always working overtime seven days a week, to find ways to bring the ancient knowledge, and the impeccable way of living, to each of them.

I was also someone who was very critical of the way that men in our own community, in this case, insisted on being the leaders in dealing with the most critical and crucial issues and problems affecting the lives of our women and children and men. And someone who insisted that women should be given the same opportunities, and the same support, as men so that they can join the men in making decisions in all areas that affect the lives of everyone in our African Canadian community in Toronto.

Even more disturbing to them was the fact that I was a woman who spoke her mind when she saw the need to,   without sugar coating anything, and who refused to be muzzled by others from speaking in any of their gatherings. So for the leaders in my own community, I was a loaded canon they could not control that was ready to go off at anytime.

It’s for those same reasons, and more, why law enforcement came to see me as some sort of a threat, and also why the media saw me as someone to watch very closely. None of them knew where I was coming from; none of them knew where I was going, none of them even knew for sure that I was not the person that I claimed to be. But all of them knew that they had to try to find out, and the only way that they really could was to invade the privacy of my home, and violate my right to do or say what I wanted in private, by putting listening devices in my home, at 19 Murray Road.

That was the first time that I detected that there was a listening device in our home. I did not alert my husband that it was there, for a few months or so. I wanted to take the time to study it more first, and to find out if it was being done by just this one radio station, or if other ones, or even any of the local television stations were also tapping into the same listening device, that was being used by this one radio station to listen in on our private lives inside our home.

I did not have any doubt that I had actually heard this man speaking to me from that radio station, through the radio, while I was in my living room that afternoon. What I was, though, was taken back by the knowledge that I had just heard him do so. It was the first time that I had heard anyone speaking to me, on a radio station, as if they had someone close by watching me while I had been rehearsing on that front porch, and doing so close enough where they could hear the sound of my voice as I sang. That was the only other way that they could have known that I was singing, and even how well or poorly I sounded while doing so.

Even though I had been put through all kinds of abuses by different agents of the governments, while my family lived for all those months on the streets of Toronto, I never had to deal with having listening devices been put on the car or the van that we lived in for that time. Maybe they were there but I did not detect it, because we did not have even a radio in any of those vehicles for us to listen to any thing that was being said or played on the radio stations. But I knew that we were being watched very closely, even after we turned in for the night, and went to sleep in our old car, and later in that broken down van.

I was a woman and a mother and a wife who knew that she had certain abilities that I did not see other people using, or even trying to develop. And I also knew that I had brought these abilities to Earth with me the day that I was born, because I was a God, who was coming to live among human beings as a mortal being myself.

My abilities to see beyond and beneath the layers of physical movements, and forms, and also to hear beyond the range that human beings have developed the abilities to hear, are very much like those that are used the other Races of Beings living on Earth. The races of animal beings, and other mammals and reptiles and fowls and other beings living in the wild, for example, use many of the same abilities that I do – to hear and see beyond the range of sight and hearing that people know to be normal. And they do so as naturally and spontaneously as they do when they take each breath of air inside their bodies to keep themselves alive.

What human beings refer to as “instincts” in describing the natural intelligence of the other races of mortal beings, such as the animals, and birds, and what they identify as “intuitions” in themselves, are just examples of some of the unlimited abilities that all mortal beings own. These abilities are part of the higher forms of consciousness, or greater levels of awareness, that all mortal beings can tune into and use in their daily lives.

What the human race has forgotten is that there is a Universal Stream of intelligence, or higher consciousness, that exist in the very atmosphere of the physical world in which all mortal beings live. And that it moves as naturally as the wind, and as swiftly as the speed of thought, which covers distance or space in an instant, however near or far that distance happens to be.

Some of the more spiritually developed members of the human race have identified this body of higher intelligence as the Universal Mind, the Cosmic Computer, and even the Etheric Body of Knowledge, the Akashic Records, and other such names. But they are all referring to the same thing, to the same Cosmic Knowledge of all things, and all experiences of all beings, which human beings, and all other Races of Beings, can access instantly through direct knowledge.

Part Two:

A life of no justice or peace for an Avatar and her family

The people on the different radio stations that we listened to at that time did not speak to me, or even about me, on a regular basis, or even at any set time of the day or night. But every time that anyone did so, and I happened to be listening to the radio at the time, something inside me clicked on, and I knew that they were speaking to me or about me. There is a shift in my awareness, or rather my awareness becomes heightened, and every cell in my body becomes alive like radar that has just detected something on its radar screen, and starts to beep.

Like the animals, reptiles, and the other races of beings living on Earth, my body functions like a living radar – and an animated computer – that is constantly registering and storing everything that enters in or moves through the world inside me or around me. And when it is something that is directed to me, or rather intended for me, my body picks it up. And because I do not have the kind of intelligence that other human beings are forced to get, in your school system, I do not block or ignore that direct knowledge that my body accesses.

I came here with my spirit finely tuned into this higher form of intelligence, as all beings do, including human beings on other levels of consciousness. But unlike most of you, I made sure that I fought with everyone who tried to force me to accept, and rely on the kind of formal education that humanity uses to develop its limited form of intelligence, even with my own mother, and especially with the school system and their teachers. And unlike most of you I have kept in contact with my higher consciousness, and also in tuned with the higher levels of awareness that other Races of Beings living on this planet have been using since time began.

So I had my own detection devices that I was using to detect every time that the people on radio, and later on television, were telling me that they were using listening devices to listen in on whatever I was saying, or doing, in the privacy of my own home.

But mine was natural, and at the same time supernatural. My body was my radar, and my mind was tuned into everything that my body picked up at higher levels of consciousness, that were send to me by these media people. I did not have an ego, for me to use my intellect or my reason to block that higher stream of intelligence that my body, my mind, my heart, as well as my spirit, automatically tune into.


 My family was under siege in a way that we had not been before. We were now stripped of the last thing in our lives that we had clung to, after everything else were taking from us – including job opportunities, the freedom to move about in Society without being mistreated by others, and our human rights to live our lives with dignity and respect. We were now living under a microscope, where even our private lives were now being invaded and violated by the presence of these listening devices.

During the rest of those months that we lived at 19 Murray Road, I became a human radar for letting my family know when people on the radio, and also on the television, were speaking about my family, and especially to me, or about me. It did not take these prying media people very long to discover that I had the uncanny ability to also detect when they were speaking to me, or about me, or about my family.

At first they could not believe that I was actually able to detect that they were doing so. So they kept on using different ways to test my ability to know when they did so. They started to try to speak to me in codes to see if I could pick up that they were doing that, or even what they were saying. They began to use other things to speak to me, or about me. They would do things like making comments, or telling stories, or even playing certain types of music. And every time that they did so, if I happened to be listening to the radio, or watching the television at the time, my body would tune into its higher levels of awareness, and pick up that information that they have sent to me.

What they did not know was that no matter how much they used their conscious mind to try to hide the fact that they were speaking to me, or about me, (through their coded forms of communication) was that the conscious thoughts that they were using to form their intentions to speak to me, or about me, were instantly transmitted through a kind of wave length that is similar to the radio waves that they were using to carry the sounds of their voices into my living room through the radio.


Since they began to put bugs inside our home at 19 Murray Road in 1990, I began to talk right back to these radio and television personalities. They had the nerve to place their bugs inside my home, to try to find out what kind of person I really was, and I made sure that they knew that they were also being studied, and schooled by this God. I did not always let them know what I thought about what they were saying to me, or about me, but whenever they said things directly or through codes, that I thought were unfair or wrong, I would give them a piece of my mind.

At first my family did not know what to think of what I was telling them, about these people using their listening devices to listen in on our private lives, and then making comments about us, hoping that I would be able to know that they were doing that, if I had the abilities of a highly developed being as they had been told that I did.

They did not have the abilities to detect the things that I did, but they also had come to rely on me to use these same abilities to keep our family safe, and literally from being killed at different times. So they trusted my abilities, and they also had come to see years ago that I was always honest, and always dead on in what I saw or heard or read in what people were saying or doing to my family.

My husband, my daughter Mahogohney, and even my son Mekel, had each come to trust in those abilities, and also in the impeccable abilities that I had to make the right decision, and take the wisest course of action for every issue that I was allowed by my husband to deal with. Even though they did not know how these abilities worked, they had each come to trust in what I said or did about any issue in our lives. So when I informed them a few months later about what was happening in our home,  they each came to see that I was accurate in what I was saying to them.

But they still were not able to see, or hear the things, that I was telling them, that these radio and television personalities were saying to me, or about me. So I had to help each of them to learn to try to detect some of these things; and I started to teach them how to do so, especially when what was being said was more direct, and not as coded as they often were.

It took years for my husband to learn to pay attention to what I was teaching them to do, in order for them to clear himself enough for their egos, to allow their conscious minds to trust the direct knowledge (or higher intelligence) that his human body was trying to help him to see. My husband still allows his ego to tell him that he should be able to prove what I was saying to the conscious mind, in a way that would satisfy his reason or his intellect, for many years – even to this day. He is getting better, however, at trusting what his higher senses tell him, through his body.

My daughter, Mahogohney has become much better than he has at tuning into this higher intelligence, mainly because she has been my best student. But neither of them have developed the abilities to access this kind of direct knowledge, at the level where they could tuned in as yet, to detect what others are saying to us through the airways, especially all the time. But they know that I can, and that I do. And they have come to trust completely in my natural abilities to do so.”