The mistreatment of an Avatar

inside a walk In Clinic

- by a family physician in December of 2012



Part  One:

Decades of persecution of myself and my family.


  For over 2 decades i have been subjected to persecution at the hands of people working for, or working with, the different levels of authorities in the city of Toronto where i have lived with my family for over three decades.  I experienced two incidents of mistreatment recently when i sought medical attention for my blood shortage problem that i have been living with for over 21 years now.



This incident took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 4th, when  i visited a local walk In clinic with my daughter, which is located about a block from the duplex we have lived in for the past 8 years, , to get a b12 injection for myself and also for my daughter from the doctor working there. I was mistreated by the medical doctor, as well as other staff members, who attended to me in both the walk in clinic. I did not want to go to any medical facility for any reason, or to anyone of the many other walk In clinics s located in this city, or outside of it.


The decades of attacks and abuses that i, and other members of my family, had received at the hands of doctors and other staff members working in the medical profession in this city – as well as those other so called professionals working as dentists, lawyers, store managers, bank managers, social workers, and so on – had caused me and my family to become extremely mistrustful of these people.


These professionals have each been contacted by people working for, or working with, the different levels of government operating in the city of Toronto – and have each been flagged a body of misinformation and outright lies about myself, and my husband being some kind of enemies of the state, and forced or co-opted to attack and mistreat us whenever we have any dealings with any of them.



Whenever we have gone anywhere in this city, for any reason over the years, we have been targeted and harassed by people working in different places of business that we entered such as retail stores, banks, government agencies, and people working in the medical, dental, legal profession, for example. We are harassed by different people who are planted along the way that we use to get to these places; we are followed around on the Toronto public transit system, also called the TTC, by different members of the general public, and also by different agents of the government, who use different methods and means to try to deliberately disrupt our movements as well as disturb our state of mind.


These include females trying to come onto my husband with their disrespectful gestures and flirtatious behavior; or males trying to intimidate me with their manly presence; or trying to impress me with their money by flashing their cash in their wallet or displaying other material symbols of wealth before me.  These people form a network of human beings who are co-opted or coerced to be part of an invasive, intrusive, illegal, and unethical form of social control program that has come to be called “Gangstalking”.


This is the same kind of genocide program that has been used against people who have been viewed as undesirables, subversives, or enemies of the state, by oppressive regimes that operated in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Apartheid South Africa, and even inside the United States by the FBI through its Counter intelligence program that it used to target, attack, undermine, and destroy the leadership of the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, and the Native American Movement during the period from 1951 - 1971. According to Wilkipedia, a free on line encyclopedia:


“The FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception; however, covert operations under the official COINTELPRO label took place between 1956 and 1971.[2] COINTELPRO tactics have been alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare; smearing individuals and groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media; harassment; wrongful imprisonment; and illegal violence, including assassination.”


this walk in clinic doctor, with my daughter at my side, it was a trip that i did not want to make but one which i knew i had to go through with.  I was running out of blood for the third time in my life since i developed a problem when my body stop making its blood supply on its own, in the spring of 1990, as it has done for all of my life previously. I will always remember the unfortunate event that changed my life and my medical health inside a dirty, and unsanitary room of a motel called The Lido Motel after i became infected with a virus that robbed me of most of the blood inside my body.


We were a homeless family whose members were living on the streets of Toronto at the start of the spring of 1990, inside my old battered Saburu Hatchback, in order to stage a personal protest against the decade of injustices and violations we had been subjected to as a family during the 1980’s.  After we stayed on the grounds of the parliament building of the Ontario legislature at Queen’s Park for the long weekend, my husband and i decided to move our protest to the grounds of Nathan Philips Square, which is just down the road from Queen’s Park, and which was also the headquarters of the Mayor of the city of Toronto who at the time was a man named Mr Art Eggleton.


We took the advice of security officers working at the Provincial legislature who suggested that Nathan Philip’s Square was a better place to stage a family protest because it was a busy area that was right in the heart of downtown. I have captured the memory of that entire episode that led up to my sudden and massive loss of the large majority of blood that my body had inside it at the time -  in the book manuscript of my unpublished autobiography.. Here is an excerpt from it about that episode.


“We decided to leave the grounds of City Hall, and continued our family protest inside the confines of a motel room, which was provided to us by the representatives of the mayor’s office through Social Services. In doing so, we were giving the mayor’s office time to make good on their promise over the next month or so, or at least give evidence to us that they were making a serious effort to do so.  But we were also taking the time, to rest our aching bodies and relax our stressed minds, while we waited for them to do the right thing over that four week or so period.


For about one month we stayed in a room in the Lido Motel waiting for the politicians to keep their promise to help us. We waited in vain.  Those political prostitutes lied to us just as I saw that they intended to do.  The only kind of help that we were offered while we were staying at this emergency shelter for homeless families, was the kind that we did not want, or could not use.  The two social workers who looked after our case file, both tried to force us to go and look for housing for our family, after a few weeks that we were staying at that motel.  Neither one of them were interested in listening to anything that my husband or I had to say about why we decided to stay in that motel, or even about the verbal agreement that we had with a few of the mayor’s assistants.


We were bamboozled, and lied to by those politicians, who proved to be nothing but the political prostitutes that politicians everywhere had developed a reputation of having. They told us what they thought we wanted to hear so that they could get us to do what they wanted us to do.  So we just packed up and got out of there, and headed straight back on the streets of Toronto to continue our family protest, against the injustices and inequalities that had damaged and paralyzed our lives all those years.


But before we did so, I picked up a virus while I was cleaning that unsanitary motel room to make sure my family did not pick up any germs or diseases while we stayed there.  And this virus caused me to lose most of my blood, and to nearly lose my mortal life months later.  As soon as we got to this motel, I bought bleach, soap, latex gloves, a mop and a pail and I scrubbed and cleaned and washed and wiped everything in the kitchen, microwave, telephone, television, furniture, the window, the door, and the doorknob and the floor and the rug that were in that room.  Then i tackled the bathroom – the sink, toilet, bathtub, and wall.  It took me about six hours to complete that job, which I did by myself.  When I was finished that motel room was clean and sanitized for my family to stay inside of.


The same evening after i had finished my labor of love to protect the health of the members of my family, as well as my own, i started to feel a discomfort inside my body, as if a lump had suddenly appeared there.  Immediately afterwards i decided to go treat that area of my body by using a disinfectant called Dettol with a body soap to wash and rinse that part of my body as often as i could to try to kill whatever germs had invaded my body.  Within less than minute of performing this painful task that huge lump suddenly burst and i felt liquid pouring like an opened pipe from inside my body.  It was my own blood; and by the time that this red gush had stopped that toilet bowl it was literally filled with my own blood.




I had just lost most of the blood I had spent my entire life storing in my body, in the space of just one minute. It was not fair.  My blood is my lifeline, supplies my entire body with its nourishment, and even with the oxygen it needed to keep its brain alive. The only thing I had left that I could count on was knowing that I had a rich supply of blood, to keep my ailing body going strong.  The breast implant surgery had sapped a lot of my health, through the silicone chemicals it had implanted inside me, and through the botched surgery by that medical doctor.  Then I had the problem of the constant pain that lanced throughout my head at anytime, from the massive beatings I had taken from that two by four which my husband’s crazy cousin had used against me, and the forty stitches I now had in my head.


Now I had the problem of having a body that had suddenly lost almost all of  its blood.  There was no area of my life, or even my body, that had not been violated.  My personal life had suffered more crises and trauma than I cared to remember, or count, and this has been taking place since I was just a little child.


My professional life did not exist anymore, since I was blacklisted from the workplace for speaking out about disrespectful and abusive treatment i was being subjected to by men working there; and also speaking out about the similar violations i saw being done to other women, and to the workers in general.


My family was now forced to live as a homeless family, since Society and  circumstances had forced us into a life of poverty and isolation for most of our children’s lives.  I had taken my family to battle the powers of authority in Society, by making ourselves a visible target for them to see what they had done to us.  But we had also made ourselves a target for their abuses, and for others who decided to attack us.”



Part  Two:

Without any warning this medical doctor began to verbally attack me.


When my daughter and i entered the walk in clinic of this medical doctor we were going to see that Tuesday in the early afternoon there was no patient waiting there. The only person ahead of us might  have been this man who was standing in front of the entrance to this clinic while he was talking on a cell phone, and who stepped aside to allow us to enter.



I walked up to the window and spoke to the receptionist working there and informed her that i was there to get blood but what i meant to have said was that i was there to get a b12 injection to help restore my blood.  My daughter came to my rescue and indicated to the receptionist that i was there to get a b12 injection.  I had visited this clinic at least half a dozen times over the past two years to see the doctor there. However this was to be my daughter’s first appointment with this doctor.



I indicated to this worker that my daughter was also here to see the doctor, in order for him to give her a b12 shot as well from the bottle of b12 vial i had brought along, which contained enough b12 for two more injections. However, the receptionist replied to us that the doctor was not taking any new patient.  She spoke really softly, however, when she gave us that strange and unexpected piece of information, as if she did not want the other two people waiting inside that walk in clinic to hear what she was saying to us.


This receptionist was not speaking the truth: she was lying to us about the doctor no longer accepting any new patient. There was no sign posted inside or outside of that walk in clinic that indicated that this doctor was no longer taking new patients.  I did not know exactly why she was lying to us but it was clear to me, and to my daughter, that she was deliberately lying through her teeth.  But we would soon come to know why she was doing so.


For about an hour we sat inside the reception area of this walk in clinic waiting for this receptionist to let me know when it was my turn to see this doctor.  A mother and daughter came into that clinic shortly after we did, during that long wait no one was called to see that doctor – not us, not them, not that man on the cell phone; and no one came out of his office.  It was as if he was either having a lunch break, which is possible since it was early in the afternoon; or he was having a nap to refresh himself, which is also possible.


Or he was on the telephone having long conversations with person or persons whom he was coerced or advised to speak to at such lengths – such as agents of the authorities in this city, who must have contacted him shortly after we showed up there to coerce him into mistreating me even worse than he did the last time i showed up at his clinic almost a year ago to get a b12 shot.


Finally this receptionist informed us that the doctor was ready to see me, and she led my daughter and i to one of the offices where she asked us to wait, then closed the door and left us there.  We sat in that office for another half an hour waiting for this doctor to come and attend to me.  When he finally showed up he walked into that room without looking at me, or without greeting me in any way. I just ignored his disrespectful action towards me, and greeted him instead by saying: “hello doctor.


This board certified Ontario family physician unleashed a verbal attack  against me that i had not been subjected to at the hands of any of the other medical doctors who had mistreated me over the years.  “What are you here for?” – he barks at me.  This question surprised me because he knew why i had come to his office, which was to have him give me a b12 injection,   something which he had given me each of the numerous times that i had showed up in his walk in clinic over the past two years.


In fact, i gave him that information the first time i did so, and at least two other times afterwards.  I did not provide him with a copy of my medical record nor did he asked me for one because he was operating a walk in clinic, where he provides services such as prescriptions, injections, examinations, and other basic health needs for people who show up there asking him to do so.  An even if he had asked me for a copy of medical records i did not have one to give him even though i could have had his office contact the office of the doctor who took over the practice of Dr Sales, whom we had used as our family physician for over three years before he died suddenly about two years ago, and gotten a copy of my medical records.


Doctors in this province do not provide patients with a copy of their medical records – but they will provide copies of those records to each other if the patient gives them written permission to do so.  It’s as if they own your medical records, and refuse to give you access to the information that they, and the medical profession, have compiled about your medical health.



This medical doctor was insulting my intelligence, while treating me like i  was some kind of social outcast who was asking him to do something that i did not have a right to get – a b12 injection - and which he did not want to provide to me as a medical doctor. I calmly reminded him why i was there. He began to mumble these words to himself but loud enough for me and my daughter to hear: “B12 shots, B12 shots, you are always here to get a b12 shot.”


Then he suddenly asked me another insulting question: “why do you need a b12 injection?  Again, i calmly informed this medical doctor about the reason why i need a b12 injection – which was to provide my body with b12 that it was not able to absorb from the body itself, or even through b12 supplements, which i have also tried taking for a number of months, even though i have a difficult time swallowing pills. It is through these injections of this liquid b12 directly into my muscles that my body has been able to get this important vitamin that it needs to help manufacture the new bloods cells inside my bone marrow - to replace the ones that die every 120 days; and provide me with oxygen and other life supporting stuff that i need to keep my mortal body from dying.



I am supposed to have at least 10 pints, or five quarts of blood inside my body, and my blood is supposed to make up about 7% of my body weight. However, when that virus invaded my body inside that unsanitary motel room we lived in as a homeless family for a month in the spring of 1990 – and robbed me of most of my blood that afternoon: i have been struggling to increase my low blood supply since then.  In fact, i have gotten two blood transfusions, consisting of two units of blood each time, since then because my blood level had become dangerously low.


My first blood transfusion was in the winter of 1990, after i was admitted to the emergency department of the hospital that was closest to the public park we had been living inside of for about 8 consecutive months to that point – in order to stage a personal family protest against the injustices we had been subjected to during the entire decade of the 1980’s.


The physician who attended to me inside that emergency ward was puzzled about how i had managed to lose so much of my blood, and even asked me if i had any extra marital relations with other men that caused me to had gotten that virus that robbed me of so much of my blood.  I informed him that the only person that i have any sexual relations with has been my husband, and that i am someone who would never flirt with, or sleep with, another person because it is an immoral, wrong, and selfish thing for anyone to do to the person they are married to, or commit themselves to.


The blood specialist who treated me in that hospital, where i remained for over two weeks, informed me that i had only 25% of blood inside my body; and that in his many years of practice he had only seen one other human being with a blood count that was almost as low as mine was – someone who had died shortly afterwards, and had become a corpse inside the morgue of that hospital shortly afterwards.


My second blood transfusion was about two years ago, after i was admitted to a hospital in the downtown area, on my way to get a document from a government office in that area, with my husband.  At this hospital i also received two units of blood in that blood transfusion after blood tests that they did on me there revealed that my body had less than 40% of the blood that it should have.


Inside that hospital i was mistreated by the medical doctor while he was checking my stomach to see if i had any pain in that area – and attempted to slide his hand further down towards my private area before i stiffened my body to let him know that he was about to violate me. When he saw my reaction, and the stern look i gave him he immediately removed his hand from that part of my body.


I spent over 10 hours inside the emergency ward of that hospital that morning,  lying on a stretcher in one of the hallways there.  While i was there i was subjected to more abuse: at the hand of the male nurse who attached the units of blood to the intravenous that was placed on one of my wrist.  He was rough and careless in the manner in which he handled the intravenous while attaching each of those two units of blood to the pole that those cords were attached to; and in the process caused me to feel a lot of pain inside my wrist as those cords were moved in that insensitive manner by him.  My husband said that he wanted to say something to that nurse at the time about the unprofessional manner in which he was handling those intravenous cords, but he decided not to, and wish he had done so.  I wish he had.



It was at this same hospital that a Caucasian woman showed up inside that emergency department and started talking on her cell phone for a long period of time while walking back and forth in front of the stretcher i was lying on – and staring in the direction of my husband while he stood beside me, with our daughter standing next to him, trying to block this woman from having a clear view of my husband.  Even though i was feeling drained, ill, and tired, i noticed the irresponsible and seductive behavior of this woman towards my husband, and i also saw my husband allowing his ego to be stroke and inflated by the action of this female gangstalker – as he enjoyed the attention being paid to him by this agent of the Establishment in this city.


Those who control the Establishment, and run this city, have been using any and every means that they can to attack the sacred matrimony that my husband and i formed over three decades ago - in a relentless, deliberate, and systematic effort to destroy our marriage: and in the process shatter the small and deeply bonded family unit that i am proud to be a member of, also honored to serve as its spiritual leader and mentor.


Throughout history the marriages of many people who have sought to bring inventions, discoveries, reforms, or new visions, to improve, upgrade, or uplift the lives of their fellow human beings – have been targeted and eventually destroyed by people in different positions of power through many of the same seductive, or intimidating methods and means, that have been used, and are still being used to target and attack my own marriage.


Because males, and men especially, have been raised to see themselves as being members of a human race with an imperfect nature, which they are told that they cannot learn to control or changed; and because they are taught to believe that their manly ego is tied to their so called family jewels, or what is between their legs: many marriages have been destroyed by seductive women, for example, who have been used to stroke the easily inflated  ego or stimulate the overheated loins of married, or unmarried men, who speak truth to power; or who are seen as a threat to undermine the established order of the day.


As i sat inside the office of this abusive family physician, and listened to this man question me about why i need b12 injections, those memories of the two blood transfusions and the mistreatment i was subjected to at the hands of other medical staff members were alive and fresh in my mind. My blood supply was low again, and because the body carried oxygen inside the blood to different parts of itself, it also meant that i had a shortage of b12 inside me.


The different symptoms that i had experienced before i had gotten those two blood transfusions were back again: loss of memory, difficulty concentrating, easily exhausted, pains in my joints, flashing lights across my eyes,  painful sensations through different parts of my body, and  catching  constant colds inside my throat, chest, and back.  It has been almost a year since i received my last b12 shot, and there was just enough left inside that b12 vial for me to get two more injections.


After his disrespectful treatment towards me through the manner, and by those questions, that he had asked me about why i had come to his office that afternoon, and why i wanted a b12 injection, this doctor asked me for the b12 vial i had brought with me, then turned his back to me, and to my daughter, and proceeded to fill a syringe with the b12.  He had done this every single time i had gone there to have him give me a b12 injection.  I did not like the fact that he was literally hiding this part of the process from me, as if he was doing something unethical with the syringe he was using to take a milligram of b12 from that vial.


However, i never mentioned my concern to him about the strange and suspicious manner in which he behaves while preparing to give me a b12 injection. When he had finished this part of the process he turned around, walked over to me with the needle in his right hand, dabbed some rubbing alcohol on the area where he was going to inject the needle – and then swiftly jab it into my arm like a dart, then emptied its content inside the upper portion of my right hand.


He was quick, swift, and efficient in the technique he uses to give me my b12  injections  but in the manner in which he treated me that afternoon, especially, and also during the last time i came to his walk in clinic about a year ago – he was ill mannered, insensitive, disrespectful, confrontational, and abusive. I have never had a medical doctor, or any professional person, treated me in the shameful manner that this man did inside his office that afternoon. I knew that he did so because he was pressured or forced into doing so by those agents of the Establishment in this city who had contacted him at different times over the last two years and provided him with a body of misinformation – for him to use to attack and harm me in different ways.


Everyone whom we have had any dealings with over the years, including doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, retail managers, retail workers – as well as every member of my extended family, my husband’s family, every friend, relative, acquaintances.. has been flagged by these unethical, and immoral agents of the different levels of government operating in this city; and told to treat us like social outcasts.


After he had given me my b12 injection i asked this doctor if he can provide me with a prescription for me to get another vial of b12 to replace the one i had that was nearly finished.  His reply to me was as hostile, rude, and disappointing as his previous ones to me that afternoon... Why do you need a prescription to get another vial of b12?..  I can’t give you a prescription unless you bring me a medical record showing that you have a need to get regular b12 injections.


During this entire ordeal i remained calm and relaxed – even though my body was loaded with a lot of tension, pain, and colds from the life of persecution that i  was being put through around the clock – inside our place of residence for  the past 4 years now by the mentally disturbed man-child living upstairs, with the blessings of the management  of Wood Tree Co-op which owned this property we have lived inside of for the past 8 years now.  Before i left that walk in clinic i informed this doctor  that my family doctor had died a few years ago, but that i would try to bring the information about my blood shortage problems  for him the next time i came to see him.


When i got home about four hours later, i shared the painful and disturbing  details with my husband, about what had been done to me that afternoon by this medical doctor. My daughter and i had gone from the office of this abusive man to purchase some supplies that we use to make a monthly mixture of enriched, nourishing tonic for the members of our family.


This has become a key source of nutrients for us, along with a mixture of different green vegetables we make each month, and a vegetable and fruit drink that we juice a few times a week.  Without these  key groups of nutritious and delicious foods, drinks, and tonics, my body would have probably have run out of most of the little blood that have left inside me; and i would have probably been forced to get a third  blood transfusion by now.



My ordeal with this ill mannered abusive doctor was over, and i vowed never return to see him or to see another doctor to get a b12 injection. I was relieved and happy not to have to go back to that walk in clinic, and to have finally sever all ties with this abusive physician. However, this man left something with me that he placed inside my body to remember him by – that i did not expect, did not want, and had no wish to have.


Late that night while i was resting in my bed next to my husband i suddenly woke up screaming in pain from severe cramps that i was feeling throughout both my legs, on the upper part of the front, back, and inside portions of my thighs. The pain was excruciating and unbearable.  I have numerous gotten leg cramps in the lower parts of my legs in recent years, especially when my blood supply falls below normal levels.  But i have never felt so much pain inside my legs, or inside any other parts of my body in my life – not even when i was in hours of pain given birth to my babies.


Both my husband, and our daughter, reacted swiftly and came quickly to my   aid to try to take me out of the deep, numbing, cramping pain that had consumed both of my legs.  Our daughter brought a heavy blanket that we keep in the spare room next to our bedroom and covered the entire portion of my lower body as i laid on my bed and crying out in pain.


My husband placed two the rubber bottles filled with hot water, that he wrapped inside towels or other clothe items, on the inside portion of my legs. He had prepared them a short while before, for us to place on our backs or chests in order to have the heat from those hot water bottles dry up a lot of the colds we constantly develop inside our bodies – from his being an asthmatic and from my having a weakened immune system due to the shortage of blood that i usually have inside my body.  They were just what i needed to help to create instant warmth inside the cramped areas of my body that my daughter had covered with that huge thick blanket.


Cramps are the most agonizing kind of pain one can go through – especially   leg cramps or cramps in the calves.  And thankfully, and mercifully, they do not usually last more than a few minutes because they literally paralyzed that part of one’s body with the force of the pain that it erupts and explodes inside the body of that unfortunate human being.


However, this cramp that i experience late that night after i had been given a b12 injection by the ill mannered, ill tempered, and abusive physician who owns the walk in clinic located on St Clair Avenue West  - about four stores east of the intersection of Houndslow Heath Road – was no ordinary cramp...  It gripped and numbed that part of my body with hours of pain.


Even when it felt like it had finally gone away after an hour, or two, or three, i felt it still there lingering just beneath the surface waiting to pounce on me and left me numb and paralysed with pain all over again.  It was a cramp that stayed throughout the night and throughout the following day until late that evening when it finally disappeared from my body for good – after filling me with more than 20 hours of agony.


It did not take long for us to find out what the source of that pain was.  After doing some research on line about b12 injections my husband determined that  this doctor had done so by leaving air bubbles inside the syringe that he had used to give me my b12 shot that afternoon.  After the way that this doctor had mistreated and verbally attacked me inside his office that afternoon, with his malicious attitude, his vindictive questions, and his insulting comments, he proceeded to add more insult to those injuries by deliberately causing me to undergone over two nights of cramps that  paralyzed the upper portion of the lower parts of my body.


This was the reason why he turns away from me whenever he is placing the b12 inside the syringe in order to give me my b12 injection.  In fact, each of the six or times i have gotten a b12 injection from this doctor over the past two years i usually experienced some form of cramps the same night or the following day.  But they never lasted for more than a few minutes.  However, both myself and my husband saw those cramps as things that were not serious enough to keep me from going back to that walk in clinic to get my b12 injection from that doctor. It was something that we decided to live with especially since i was running out of walk in clinics that i could go to in order to get my b12 injections, where i was not being abused by the doctor working there.


After this serious attack against my health, however, i had decided that i would never go to get a b12 injection from any doctor in a walk in clinic, or from any physician period.  And my husband finally agreed with my decision.  He decided that he was going to give me my b12 injections from this point on; and he has also been practicing on an orange because it has a texture similar to that of the human body.


He gave me his first b12 injection from the last portion that was inside my b12 vial late Friday night, on December the 14th, with the assistance of our daughter who helped him to fill a syringe with the last milligram of b12 that was left inside that vial.  It did not hurt me; and he did a good job even though he was nervous because it was his first time doing that.


The only issue that we still had to deal with was finding a way to get vials of b12 in the future in a city where patients are not given the right, or the support, by the medical profession to give themselves their own b12 shots, or to have someone like their spouse do so for them – unlike the situation in countries such as the United States, where patients are allowed the opportunity to do, and where doctors are often willing to support them in them in their efforts to do so.


Blessings to you,


 Avatar Galextra.