The day i was ambushed and attacked

inside Humber River Regional Hospital –

on December 9th 2012





Part  One:

We were gangstalked by a taxi driver

 who showed up to take us to the hospital.


 Less than a  week after i was abused inside a local walk in clinic by the medical  doctor working there i was subjected to even worse mistreatment inside the emergency department of a medical facility called Humber River Regional Hospital.  I had decided that i would never use the services of another doctor ever again, after the awful and disrespectful manner in which that doctor in that walk in clinic had treated me on the afternoon of December 5th when i went to see him to get a b12 injection for myself, and also for our daughter as well.


Even though it had become very clear to me, and to the members of my family,  that i need regular b12 injections, in order to help my body to start working properly again – and to also maintain its health after it had been restored: i was no longer willing to subject myself to being abused anymore by doctors, who are paid very well to look after the health of people who use their medical services.


I had been put through over two decades of this kind of abuse at the hands of these so called board certified medical professionals, as well as those working in the dental, legal, educational, and other professions over this period of time; and my family members have also been subjected to mistreatment by people working in these professions. Enough was enough;  and this Avatar had had enough of seeing herself and her family being mistreated and harmed by these people.


For most of the last four or so years i have rarely gone to any of these medical doctors to get a monthly b12 injection from any of them, which caused my body to end up running out of blood, to run low on oxygen, and to develop different ailments and pain in different areas of my body.  Since my body stopped absorbing  b12 from the nutrients that i fed it, over 22 years ago, whenever i stop getting my monthly b12 shot from any of these medical professionals:  my body starts to struggle even harder to try to keep its health from deteriorating quickly.


It had been over a year since i had gotten a b12 injection, which i received in early December from this doctor in that walk in clinic. My body had started to display disturbing signs of severe b12 deficiency, shortage of blood, and low oxygen level just as it had done on two different occasions over the past 22 years before i ended up having to be admitted to the emergency department of a local hospital – where i received two units of blood transfusion each time.



I was experiencing those same disturbing symptoms again, which included poor memory, difficulty concentrating, low energy, constant pain in the different joints in my body, extreme sensitivity to certain sounds, and frequencies,  white flashes of light across my eyes, becoming easily exhausted from simple activities,  shaky kneecaps, and developing constant colds inside my throat, back, chest, and head.  After discussing my deteriorating health with my family we decided that it was time for me to get another blood transfusion – in order to provide a boost of emergency blood supply that my body needed to stop it from malfunctioning further, and for it to start working a little better.


It was a tough decision to make. It would mean that we have to go to a medical facility and place my body, and my health, in the hands of people who had taken the opportunity to mistreat and abuse me every time i had done so over the years; and people who are being used as pawns by the authorities in this city, and province, to attack and cause me harm whenever i have turned to any of them to care for my health.


The memory of what was done to me inside the emergency department of Mount Sinai Hospital over two years ago by the medical doctor who looked after me, as well as by the nurse who carelessly attached the intravenous for me to get that blood transfusion,  and also by that Caucasian woman who showed up there after i did – to try to entice my spouse and create friction and stress for me, and for our daughter as well.


Our next step was to choose which hospital that i would be admitted to – which was easier said than done – since we do not trust any of them. We decided to go to a hospital that was in our part of the city instead of going to any of the numerous ones that are located along University Avenue in the downtown area, including Mount Sinai Hospital, where i had been abused before. Once we had decided which hospital we were going to go to we then had the task of deciding how to get there.


We had the choice of calling a cab to take us there, of going outside and flagging one down instead, or of taking the public transit system.  We chose to call the cab company that we usually used when we needed a cab.  The dispatcher did not ask where were going and we did not volunteer that information either, even if he had asked for it; and he indicated that the cab would be here within 5 to 10 minutes.



After waiting for over 10 minutes no taxi showed up in the parking lot of 10 Spring Avenue.  If one had done so we would have seen it when it pulled up through the numerous windows installed in that part of the duplex we lived in.  Each of the numerous times that we have called a taxi from this cab company to come to that parking lot to pick us up they have called us on the telephone when they get here, if we were not waiting there at the time they arrive.  And even on the few occasions that a cab driver from this taxi company happen to show up at the front entrance of 10 Spring Groove Avenue - instead of coming around the back to the parking lot, he would call to let us know that the cab was there, and we would ask him to drive around to the parking lot to pick us up.


About five minutes later our phone rang, and the person asked if a taxi had come to pick us up as yet; and after he was informed that none had shown up yet this cab driver told stated that he was near the front entrance of 10 Spring Grove, and we asked him to drive around to the parking lot where we would be waiting for the cab.


The taxi driver who drove in our parking lot was a Caucasian man of European ancestry.  Over the past 20 years or so that we have been taking cabs from different cab companies, whether we flagged them down on the street, call them from home, or have them called for us by customer service staff in groceries store where we shop – none of these cabbies have ever turned out to be men of European or Caucasian heritage, nor have we ever taken a cab that has been driven by a woman of any nationality.


All of these cab drivers had been men of color: of either East Indian, West Indian, or African heritage. So when this man of European heritage drove a cab into our parking  lot to pick us up – it was  a clear sign to us that he was planted there as an agent of the Establishment in this city to serve as their eyes and ears on this trip we were about to take to the Humber River Regional Hospital...  This was a red flag which clearly signaled to us that we were being set up to be attacked and abused by people who were being used by the Establishment inside the emergency department of the hospital we were now being taken to by this undercover  government agent disguised as a taxi driver.



I was being set up to be ambushed and attacked inside that hospital; and there was nothing we could do to prevent these attacks against me from taking place unless we decided not to make that trip, and just stay home, which was not a good idea for us to do because of my ailing health condition and the need for me to get a blood transfusion as soon as possible.


After we got in the backseat of that cab, this taxi driver asked us where we wanted to go.  We informed him that we wanted to go to 2175 Keele Street, to the emergency department of a hospital that was located there.  As we drove off inside the taxi of this man, whom we identified as a government agent, he informed us that the hospital that we wanted him to take us to was a Humber River Regional hospital – but that it was still in the construction stage, and is not open for business as yet.  This information was different from what the person on the phone had given to us – which was that the hospital located at 2175 Keele Street called Humber River Regional Hospital had an emergency department that was open for business.


This cab driver informed us that he would still take us to that address that we had asked him to, if that was what we wanted.  But that he knew of another Humber River Regional Hospital that was open that was located about 5 miles from where we lived, on Church Street just off Jane Street that he could take us to instead.


We indicated to him we did not want to go to that hospital located on Keele Street if it was not open, and that he should take us to the other Humber River Regional Hospital instead.  Apparently there were three hospitals named Humber River Regional that was being operated by the same corporation.


We asked the cab driver if he had a phone that we could use to call and make sure that the hospital on Church Street was actually in operation, as this taxi driver had informed us that it was. The cab driver had a cell phone which he pulled out and decided to make the call himself - instead of having make that call ourselves.


I was surprised when this taxi driver decided to make  this call himself, and that he did so while he was driving his cab. Too many drivers had gotten in accidents because they were talking on their cell phones instead of keeping their eyes on the traffic around them, which has led to a law being passed in Ontario that makes it illegal for motorists to use their cell phones while driving.  That cab driver should have given us his cell phone so that we could call the local telephone operator to get a phone number and get the information about whether or not that hospital on Church Street and Jane Street was open as this driver had informed us that it was.



Instead he decided to make the call himself to find out,  while driving his taxi, and spoke to someone who apparently confirmed for him that this hospital located on Church Street had an emergency department that was open.  I believed that this Caucasian cab driver had use the opportunity to make a call to someone working for the Establishment, to let them know that we were on our way to this particular hospital so that they can set up to abuse me when i get there.  He did not dial the telephone operator to get a phone number for this hospital as we expected him to have done but instead decided to call someone else to get this information.


This taxi driver gave us one of the most bumpy rides we have ever gotten inside a cab as he drove over speed bumps that are found along the side streets that runs off St Clair Avenue West.  I have seen other cabbie’s driving this carelessly over some of the speed bumps in the past when we took their cab – as if they were trying to cause us to develop back problems from the jolting impact on our bodies every time it is  driven at a fast pace over a speed bump.  What this taxi driver was doing told me further confirm for me he was part of a sting that was set up to cause me harm that day.


I am an Avatar who happens to be a woman of color of African descent who has been targeted for attacks, harassment, and persecution by the governments operating in this city – which have co-opted and coerced many people working in the different institutions, industries, professions, and also members of the public to work in their schemes and plots to cause me harm and eventually try to do me in because:


I am standing up and speaking out for the rights and liberties of myself, my family, and others.  Being an African also means that I am free game to be hunted, injured, and even killed by people from the dominant Caucasian race, as well as by members of other races, who are literally given a license to do so by the Establishment in Canada and many other countries throughout this planet.


Once this cab driver had confirmed for us that this hospital on Church Street was open we told him that he should take us there instead, which he indicated that he would do.  On the way to that hospital this government agent, impersonating a taxi driver, drove on the main streets at a leisurely pace as if he was taken us on a sight- seeing tour. We were not asking him to drive fast, or to go over any speed limit. However, we did not want him to drive as slowly as he was doing because we have had a number of taxi drivers over the years drive at a snail’s pace in order to run up the meter in order to get a higher fare from us. It was Sunday morning and traffic was pretty light on the roads we were traveling on, so this cab driver had no reason to drive as slowly as he was doing.


During this cab ride, which ended up costing us almost $20,  this cabbie spoke to us about a problem that he had experienced inside a hospital when he had gone and visited his wife while she was having their baby; and about how poorly he was treated by the nurse who spoke to him at the time.  He went on to speak at length about how hospital staff has a responsibility to treat people who come to a hospital in a responsible and professional manner; and that both he and his wife have noticed that medical staff in hospitals generally treat both the patients and visitors poorly.


I sat inside that cab and listen to this taxi driver as he spoke at length about wrongs that are done to human beings in different areas of society.  It was as if he was trying to give us the impression that he had insights about issues such as the one he was speaking about – in an attempt to inform us that he had depth too, just like i have shown to people over the years in conversations i have had with them on a whole range of issues.


Over the years people from different walks of life have tried to show me that they have insights about different issues that i have spoken about in different places such as inside our home, which they have listened to through the numerous electronic bugs installed in this unit; which i have written about on my website; have spoken about on my talk shows on the internet, including this current one; or spoken about to others when we venture outside in the community to do something.






In fact, a lot of the sacred knowledge that i have shared with other human beings over the years, including those inside the book manuscript of my unpublished autobiography, have been adopted, and packaged as their own, by many people working in the media, other areas of the private sector, as well as in governments – through books, articles, speeches, and other sources of communication.  And not once has anyone of these people ever given me any credit for being the owner of any of the sacred information that i have shared with my fellow human beings over the years – that are now being widely used to enlighten, upgrade, and uplift people across this planet.


Part Two:

An agent of the government was planted in that hospital to assault me that day.


The ride to this particular Humber River Regional Hospital cost us just under $19.  We entered the emergency department of this hospital where i knew that i was set up by an undercover government agent impersonating a taxi driver:  to be ambushed and attacked inside this medical facility that we had just walked into.


There was no one standing in line ahead of us when we walked over to the area of the emergency department of this hospital where patients are admitted.


But there was one person ahead of us who was being admitted by the female staff member working there. She was an elderly lady of Caucasian heritage, who got up and left leaving - us to believe that she had been admitted and that it was my turn next.  When i approached the staff member who was still sitting at her desk, for her to admit me, she informed me that she was still looking after someone, and that she would look after me next.


She disappeared quickly, however, and suddenly a man showed up at her  desk, sat down quickly in front of that empty counter, looked up at me, and ask: “can i help you.”?  He did not look like a hospital worker even though the staff in the admitting department of a hospital in this city do not wear hospital uniforms as doctors, nurses, and other workers do. He was a skinny middle age Caucasian man who was dressed in a snug fitting shirt and snug fitting pants like he was a player. He also looked like a government agent who had been sent to that hospital that morning in order to attack, abuse, and hurt me.


He was not there to “help me” as he had informed us that he was.  His body language, and the hostile manner in which he spoke to us, made it clear to me,  that this government agent was sent there to mistreat and abuse me. I have had the ability to read people, and situations, like an open book since i was a little girl, which i have used to keep, or take myself, and members of my family, out of harm’s way of people seeking to prey or pounce on me throughout my childhood until the present day.  This man was a plant who was impersonating a hospital  worker: he looked and smelled and behave like one.


While we had been standing and waiting for me to be admitted my spouse suggested to me that i should try not to appear strong and healthy so that the person admitting me would be able to see the poor condition i was in at the time, and  be sympathetic towards me. However, i indicated to him that i was not going to pretend to be frail and weak in order for me to be admitted and receive the blood transfusion that we have gone there for me to receive.  I am a energetic, and a strong  willed person, whose inner strength and focused will comes out when i am in a weakened and ailing condition as i have been over the years – especially when i see others are trying to control my life, rob me of my rights, abusing me, or abusing members of my family, and other beings.



 After i sat down in the chair on the other side of this cubicle where this angry government agent had just sat down – he began to ask me questions about what was wrong with me.  Before i was able to answer my spouse intervened to try to provide this man with the information that he needed especially since he had more technical knowledge about my health problems – that the medical profession had given us. He was into the academics, with its fuzzy definitions, strange terminologies, and superficial explanations, that i  had no time for or any interest in.


My education is far superior, more valuable, and more enriching, to anything that the academic world has to offer: because it is an education that teaches and shows human beings how they can learn to become true masters of their own lives and how they can learn to use their lives to serve the greater good of all of life. It is an education that is deeply rooted in defining, understanding, and embracing the spiritual aspects of one’s being; and one that teaches beings how to gain control of their lives instead of learning how to use their lives to control the lives of others, which the academic education programs people to do to each other.


This is the main reason why i rejected and fought against every attempt to force me to get a  formal education since i was a child in grade school – by different teachers for about 5 years before my mother finally became convinced that i had no interest or desire in learning the things that they tried to force me to learn in any of the public schools in Trinidad and Tobago where i grew up; and that i was better off staying at home where i could continue to receive an education from a group of my fellow Gods, whom i referred to as “my unseen masters” throughout my childhood.


I sat on that chair in front of this angry, hostile, and disrespectful undercover  government agent as he spent his time interrogating me that morning.  I was not well and there was no just reason for this man to treat me in the abusive manner in which he was.  When we thought that this interrogation was finally over he informed me that he wanted to take my blood pressure; and he just happen to have a device that you use to do so attached to the computer that he was sitting in front of.


I was surprised when this government agent indicated to me that he has to take my blood pressure.  In all the years that i have been admitted to the emergency department of any hospital in this city, or any other member of my family, none of us has ever been told about having to have our blood pressure taken by anyone while we were being admitted.  The only time that the blood pressure of myself that was ever taken was after i was admitted, and it was usually done by a nurse on duty working inside that department at the time.


This government agent proceeded to strap this blood pressure device onto my right forearm since i did not object; nor did we ask him why he needed to take my blood pressure when he was supposed to be only taking information from me in order to complete my admission form, or informed him that no one had ever ask to take my blood pressure while i was being admitted to a hospital through its emergency department.


After he strapped that blood pressure taking device on my right forearm this man  started to tighten it through the computer it was attached to as i sat there and watched as that wrap became tighter and tighter on my forearm – and saw my fingers turning blue and swelling from the pressure that he was creating each time he did so.  My fingers had from the pressure that was being applied to them by this angry and abusive government agent; and i  felt as if they were going to explode at any second.


“You are hurting me” i called out to this man as i sat there in fear that the veins in my right fingers were going to burst open from the excessive pressure that this admitting department worker had placed on them.  And i closed my hand in order to keep the pressure inside it from causing the veins to rupture and burst.  I should have yanked that wrap from my forearm immediately after i saw how much pressure this man had applied to it under the guise that he was taken my blood pressure. Or better yet – my husband should have reached down and pulled that wrap off my arm after he heard me telling this worker about the pain that he was causing me because he had tightened the wrap around my forearm too much.


However, he did not say anything to this abusive undercover agent nor did he take any action to relieve me of the excruciating pressure and pain i was now feeling all throughout my swollen right fingers. It was a mistake for him to have remained silent, or did nothing, while i was being abused by a so called hospital worker who was supposed to be admitting me to the emergency department of that hospital.


The end one seeks should never be used to justify the means that one allows to be used to pursue any goal that one has – no matter how noble, just, and needed that goal might be. Tolerating abuse from an abusive person, or allowing oneself to be put through abuses in the hopes of getting a solution to treat or solve a problem or achieving an end that improves conditions in one’s life – is a misguided, short sighted, and wrong thing to do; or to have done to anyone.


Here i was being severely abused by someone i did not even know, never met, or had done any harm to; and who was instructed to hurt me in this manner by those who have been trying to end my life, wreck my family, and destroy the sacred work that i have been doing in this city, province, country, and planet: to change life for the better for good for all lifeforms living here.


After i had alerted this worker about the pain he was causing me his response was to inform me that i should remain still so that he could get a blood pressure reading from me.  Finally this man removed this extremely tight wrap from my arm so that i  could roll up the sleeve of my jacket for him to take my blood pressure. The irony of this whole incident is that the reading he was going to get would show a blood pressure that was much higher than it was before he started to take my blood pressure – because of the intense and excessive pressure he had placed on my arm by tightening  that device more than he should have done in the first place.  This is the reason why blood pressure readings usually show a higher number for the person whose blood is being taken.



The sleeve of my jacket was too snug for it to be pulled up enough for him to attach that device to my left forearm. So this abusive man asked me if i could take off my jacket for him to do so.  I informed this government agent that i could not take off my jacket. But i did not give him any reason why i would not do so for it was my business.  I was dressed properly but i did want to take off my jacket inside a cold hospital,  or inside any place outside of my home.



This abusive agent then decided to try to take my blood pressure reading again - while i kept my jacket on, with my sleeve pulled up on my left hand.  He tightened the pressure on my arm as much as he had done the first time, and when i complained about it being too tight, he informed me that i should remain still, and not to close my hand to make a fist, so that he can take a proper reading,  which he finally managed to do.  I informed him that i had to close my fingers to try to take some of the pressure off my hand that he was creating.


I was finally admitted to the emergency department of this hospital after this government agent had finished interrogating, and assaulting, me through that blood pressure taking devise that he had used as his weapon to do so. This government agent had deliberately and maliciously tried to injure me that Sunday morning; and had i not had the presence of mind to keep him from being able to do so – by creating a fist with my right hand in order to block some of the pressure being created inside the fingers of that hand: he would definitely have succeeded in causing serious damage to my right hand, even to the point of causing it to become paralyzed.


This government agent was flagged by the other agent of the Establishment in this city, who was impersonating a cab driver, who picked us up at home and drove us to that hospital. We had walked right into a trap that they set for us; and even though we had taken as much precaution to avoided doing so before we called that cab company to take us there earlier that morning: they had still manage to ambush me, to attack me in whatever ways they chose to do so.


I was not yet admitted, however, as i had thought.



This government agent told us to go over to the next counter located just to the right of the one he was sitting in front of – for them to get some information from me in order to complete my admission.  I thought this man had gotten the information from us that the hospital needed for them to admit me to their emergency department. In all the years that i had been admitted to the emergency department of any hospital in this city: i had never had to have two different admitting staff workers taken information from me.   It was always done by one staff member and never by two.


I was being set up again for more attacks, and more abuses.  This time the person who was waiting to attack me was a Caucasian female worker, who was dressed as if she was ready to put on a show, by playing with the husband or boyfriend of any woman who shows up to be admitted to the emergency department of Humber River Regional Hospital.


After this female worker had gotten all the information that she needed from me she then placed a hospital i.d. on my wrist, gave me a hospital admission card, and told me to walk through a door and follow a yellow line to get to a waiting area where i would be attended to by staff working there.  We followed this line through a few corridors to a hallway that led to a large waiting area.  A female nurse escorted me to one of the rooms inside  the emergency department and informed me that a doctor would come to see me shortly.


This doctor was a man who appeared to be of Middle Eastern heritage according to my spouse.  I did not look at him, for any reason, for example, to see what he looks like – which is a practice i have developed and maintained over the years: of not looking at any man, or any woman, or even teenagers, unless i see the need for me to do so, for example, if i need to address that person or if i am asked a question by that individual that i choose to answer.  The only groups of human beings who i make it a practice to look at, in general, and even to speak to, are those who are very old, the elders amongst us, or those who are the very young, such as the little children and the babies.



No man has been able to turn my head, or has been able to entice or intimidate this God into looking at them, or to pay attention to them – as females are often intimidated, pressured, coaxed, or lured into doing by men and even teenage boys throughout this planet.  And when i do choose to give my attention to any man, or woman, i do so in a manner that shows them that i do not play, that i cannot be played with; and that i am a master who does not have an ego that they can try to stroke or inflate to get me to succumb to their manly or womanly charm.


This doctor asked me a lot of questions during the ten or so minutes that he spent with us in that room. He wanted to know about my hemoglobin problem, why i need to take B12 injections, why i have not gone to get these injections from a doctor each month.  We informed him about the abusive manner that i have been treated by people working in the medical profession, as well as in other professions, because i became a target of those who run this city and province – after i began speaking out about the injustices being done to my family during the 1980’s; and after we staged a 10 month street protest by living with our children on the streets of Toronto inside a public park for over 8 consecutive months.


We also informed this medical doctor that i was showing all the symptoms that indicated that my blood level was really low, and that i needed a blood transfusion just like i had to have done in the emergency department of a hospital downtown over two years ago.  This doctor had been flagged, and it was clear to me that he was not going to provide me with any kind of medical assistance – especially with the blood transfusion that we had indicated to him that i needed, and which we had come here for me to receive.


He showed a lack of sensitivity,  and a lack of concern, about my ailing health condition. He was both skeptical, cynical, and seemed to be looking for reasons not to provide me with any form of treatment on this day.  He even indicated to us that he will not provide me with any b12 injection, which i needed and could have used, even though we did not ask him to do so – because we were convinced that what i needed was a blood transfusion; and we were both certain that i was going to get two units of blood that afternoon...Finally after he had finished interrogating me, he informed us that they would need to take a blood test to determine if i needed a blood transfusion or not, and then he left us alone in that hospital room.




Less than five minutes later a nurse came and asked me to wait in the waiting area, which we proceeded to do.  While we were there an oriental female nurse who appeared friendly and pleasant had me sit in a certain area of that room so that she can take blood from me.  I never liked the idea of having to have any of my blood taken from me in order for a lab test to see if my blood level was low enough for me to get a blood transfusion. This was done to me each of the two different times that i ended up receiving a blood transfusion and two units of blood, when I had two vials of blood taken from me each time.


This nurse with the nice persona was used that afternoon to attack and hurt me just as the other two people had been instructed to do inside that emergency department that afternoon:  the government agent who took my blood pressure and the female worker who admitted me.  She took two vials of blood from the top of my right fingers, instead of from the inside of my forearm as i have always had it done or seen it done to others.  There is little flesh on that part of one’s hand to serve to cushion some of the pain while vials of blood are being drawn from that part of one’s body.  This is the reason why blood is usually taken from the inside portion of one’s hand instead of above the bony fingers.


While she was doing so she flicked on the cord that she had inserted into that part of my fingers back and forth a few times – which caused me to feel  a sharp pain there for a long time.  I have a soft skin tissue problem, called Fibromalgia, which cause me to feel pain easier, faster, and longer than the average human being.  So when this nurse with the friendly persona used that cord as a weapon to attack me – i was in extreme pain afterwards for about five minutes because of my soft skin tissue problem.  I did not say anything to her because i was feeling extremely exhausted from being sleep deprived, and i was also feeling very weak from a lack of blood and a lack of oxygen in my body.



For about an hour we waited for the doctor to come and let us know what the result of the blood test was – and to let me know if i was going to receive a blood transfusion that we had come to this hospital for me to get. During this period of time i felt very cold, and extremely tired, and i fell asleep after a while. Finally this doctor came into the waiting area with the results of my blood test.  He informed me that: “i have good news for you. Your hemoglobin is normal.”  Then he handed my spouse a sheet of paper with the result of my blood test on it, and told us to take it to the walk in clinic doctor that we sometimes see so that he can discuss the results with us. Then he left.



Part Three:

The emergency department  doctor was used to mistreat me in that hospital that afternoon.


We were surprised, and disappointed, by what this medical doctor had just told us.  This man had just informed me that my hemoglobin was normal: which meant that i was not suffering from a shortage of blood in my body as i have been for decades now, and was found to be just two years ago by a blood test that was done after i was admitted to the emergency department of another hospital.  He was also stating that the oxygen level in my body was not low as has been over the years, with its numerous symptoms - including problems that i have developed with my memory, with concentration, and with low energy level that i struggle with.


This medical doctor, who was coerced or co-opted by those who run this city and province into mistreating me that afternoon, was trying to convince us that the concerns that we had shared with him about my health crisis were ones that did not exist; and thus implying that we had made them up, and that they were all in our minds.  In other words, he was stating without saying so, that we were a couple who had mental problems that were causing us to delude ourselves into believing that i was suffering from a problem of having a shortage of blood, a shortage of oxygen, and a shortage of b12 in my body.  This was a deliberate attempt to attack our state of mind, and our credibility, by implying that we both had mental problems and were living in a world of delusion.


It is the same form of attack that was used against us over two decades ago, while we were living as a homeless family inside that public park – by a man of African Canadian heritage who identified himself as a psychiatrist. We later found out that he was sent there by the Toronto Children Aid’s Society to assess our mental health for a law suit that they had filed against us in order to force us to leave that public park or risk having them take our children from us and place them in foster care, where they would then become the property of the state.  This man spent less than an hour speaking to us – and decided that were a couple who was suffering from a mental condition that he called “Foli a due”: which he described in a later statement as: “as having an delusion of grandeur in the context of a paranoid illness.”


Trying to label as us as a couple who were suffering from mental problems is a strategy that the Establishment has tried to use over the years as a weapon to try to discredit my identity and credibility as an Avatar, and to try to diminish and dismiss the sacred work that i am doing to change and upgrade life on this planet for the better for good, for all life forms living here.


When we got home we checked the readings from my blood test to find  out what it shows about my health condition; and found out that this blood test showed readings that confirm the information we had shared with this doctor – that i was suffering from a shortage of blood, that my hemoglobin count was way below the level for what is considered normal, and that my white blood cells, which serve to protect my body from different infecting agents, and also to strengthen my immune system, were extremely low.  What the results of my blood test revealed was that my blood level was way below normal and that i needed a blood transfusion in order to  provide me with a boost of blood in order to stop my health from deteriorating any further.


It also reveals that this medical doctor who examined and interrogated me had  deliberately lied to us about my hemoglobin being “normal”; and also about this being the reason why he did not decide to give me the blood transfusion that i needed, and went there that Sunday morning to get.  The authorities in this city have been relentless and malicious in their schemes and plots to try to ruin my health, to try to end my mortal life, in their campaign to stop me from doing the sacred work that i have been doing in this city, province, country, and planet for decades: to change and transform life for the better, for good, for all lifeforms living here in the future.  On this Sunday morning they had use that doctor to deny me the blood transfusion i needed in order to keep living with a shortage of blood – in a plot to weaken and eventually end my mortal life.


We left that hospital in the same manner in which we had arrived there – inside a  taxi.  The cab driver who picked us up turned out to be an African Canadian of Somalian descent.  He took the same route to our home as the driver who had brought us to that hospital had done; and the cab fare turned out to be about two dollars more for the trip home.  Humber River Regional Hospital is located a few traffic lights from the Ontario Housing building we had lived in for over 5 years that is located at the corner of Jane Street and Trethwey Drive.


The neighborhood had changed through numerous residential developments that it had undergone over the years since we moved out in 1985.  New residential buildings had joined the two tall Ontario Housing ones that were first built there; and all the way down from the intersection of Jane and Trethewey, on the right hand side where this large factory use to be, that covered many acres of land – were now lined with numerous housing developments with different street names.


We spoke about different changes that had taken place in that neighbourhood as we were being driven east along Trethewey Drive and headed towards  Black Creek Drive, which is located right next to Trethewey Park, where we had spent over 8 months living inside our car inside the parking lot of this public park as a homeless family from the spring of 1990 to the winter of 1991.  We were taken a trip down memory lane inside the taxi cab on our way home.



This Somalian Canadian cab driver went nostalgic on us that afternoon as well in a way that caught us completely by surprise - when he shared the following information with us about Trethewey Park: “There was a man and his family who lived in that park for many months many years ago.”  He was speaking about us, about our family.  He told us that his friend had informed him that this family said they were protesting injustices that they had been put through, and that he himself had never gone to speak to that family.


 this man that we were that family, and for the rest of the trip we spoke about different issues surrounding our protest, about the persecution we have been subjected to since then by the establishment that runs this city and province, and about the sacred work that i am doing as an Avatar on this planet.





This cab driver told us that we were heroes, and that there should be a movie made about our lives, and the struggles that we have been put through as a family.  We thanked him for his generous words and wished him well, and he also said the same thing to us; and then we left his cab and walked back into our place of residence where we are living as prisoners inside this duplex for over 4 years, inside the community for almost 8 years, and inside this city over 22 years now.


This was a strange day in our persecuted life; It was a day in which i was ambushed, attacked and abused from the time that we called that cab to take us to that hospital - and throughout the few hours that we spent inside its emergency department.  It was a day that in which i returned home with less blood inside my body than what i had when i left home; It was a day that  i returned  home with a sharp pain throughout  my left hand from being assaulted there by that cold hearted, angry, and vindictive government agent under the pretext that he was  taking my blood pressure;  It was a day that   i returned home with the top of my right hand feeling sore and numb  from the abusive manner in which that nurse mistreated me while taking 2 vials of blood from me.


It was on this day that we were discreetly labeled as a deluded couple by a medical doctor who was instructed to do so by those who have been trying to drive us into a state of insanity, trying to force us to commit suicide, or trying to drive us to go postal and harm others – which we have no intention or interest in ever doing to anyone for any reason: because of the sacred and eternal cosmic law of harmlessness that we fully subscribe to, and practice; and a law which states that everyone has the  right to live their  life in any way that they choose,  but  no one  has the right to use their  life to abuse the life of another in any way at any time  unless  their life is severely threatened.


But it was also a day, however, in which we were recognized and viewed as a heroic family by a cab driver because of the stands we took against injustices inside a public park over 21 years ago. Over the last two decades we have come to be viewed, respected, and treated – by many people from inside and outside our African Canadian community- as a family headed by a spiritual master: who fights to protect the rights, freedoms, and lives of families from all walks of life, regardless of their nationality.


The sacred job that i do is one that is thankless, dangerous to one’s health, and crucial to the welfare and the wellbeing of all life forms living on this planet today.  It is also a job that constantly exposes me and my family to situations and people who are used to cause us harm whenever they are instructed by the Establishment to do so.


This was not the first time that i was set up to be ambushed, attacked, and injured by agents of the authorities operating in this city.    These systems are being used for decades now to block me from dealing with the Pandora of problems that have been setup to attack and harm the innocent.  They could not put anything past  me, or pull the wool over my eyes,  because i know what my rights are, and also when they are being violated; and as  a God who created  cosmic laws  that are there to guide and govern all of existence: i also know where my rights  begins and ends.


For these reasons those who have put themselves in authority, or have been given the authority, do not want to work with me – because i fight or my rights and for the rights of others.  It is this type of unfairness and one-sided  thinking  that is creating havoc on the innocent.  Instead they prefer to deal with my spouse and they told me that they would do so.  After all the decades of personal attacks and constant abuses i have been put through in this society -  which has cause me to become an angry, fierce, and fearless spiritual master -  these same abusers  are now  sitting in judgment on the other side of the fence and  telling me how i should respond to them,  while they continue to disrespect and harm me and my family.


They do not have the right to do so.  They are using their free will to violate and undermine the free will of most of the people living on this planet, especially people of color, whom they view as being inferior to them.  Free will is a sacred and eternal right that is bestowed on all beings, of all life, forms by the Creator - who brings all beings into existence and all existence into being. It is a sacred right that should be exercised by everyone and should be protected at all times.


Free will is a right, however, that comes with certain responsibilities, boundaries,  and consequences: it is a sacred right that must be always exercised in a responsible, respectful, thoughtful, and reverential manner; and one that is used to  serve the greater good of all of life – in order for it to function in the harmonious, unified, and effective manner in which it was created to and given to all beings to own and practice.  Whenever anyone uses their free will to violate the lives of another being, or group of beings, they end up having restrictions placed on the use of their free will, even to the point of having them taking away completely, after a period of time.


The establishment in this city, and province, in which i live with my family for  decades now do not recognized or respect the free will of human beings nor do they protect the free will of the people living here. Instead they choose to violate the rights and harm the lives of those of us whom they do not respect or value.  No one has the right to sit in judgment over the lives of others, when they are the ones using their authority to commit crimes against these same people who they are attacking and destroying through the different systems they have set up to do so.   Justice must be blindfolded and be completely free of any form of prejudices, favours, and ties so that it can serve everyone in a  fair and just manner at all  times.


This is not what is taking place, however. These authorities and their institutions are behaving like they are the KKK, like they are a government Mafia.  This is what is being played out, and what is being done to this Avatar wherever i happen to show up in this society.  Even in the interactive virtual reality games that my daughter and i play on line – in order to find a place to go where we can be left alone to enjoy ourselves, while we develop and display our artistic skills and designing abilities: we are targeted, attacked, and harm just as we are in real life by people who are blinded by their personal prejudices and jealousy toward me in Toronto, Canada.


In the interactive on line games that we participate in – AION,   Star Dolls, and  Second Life, and other games -   we are being robbed of our rights, and prevented from enjoy any kind of happiness. We are being prevented from making friends with other people,   and prevented from doing business with other people, in these virtual reality worlds.  We are being blocked and discouraged from using our rights to speak, or speak out, to any issue that we choose to address;   we are being abused by those who are doing evil things to us in these games without considering the harm that these wrongs are doing to us.



Most people are unaware that others are doing this to them; i am also aware of some of the groups of people who are being these attacks.   It is possible that they are being used to commit these violations against us, and organized by people who the systems put in place to do the damage to my family and to myself especially.  If people look back at their past, and at their present behavior, they will see a certain pattern;   and if they have any clarity of sight -  they will definitely know what i am speaking about.


I hope that this will be the last time that i am subjected to the kinds of attacks that i encountered that Sunday morning in order for me to be admitted to the emergency department of Humber River Regional Hospital located at Church Street a few traffic lights North of Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue West. It is wrong and unethical for me to be treated in this awful manner just because I am someone whom the authorities cannot control; who refuse to be used to do their bidding, and continues to speak out about the injustices that are being committed against my family members and especially against this Avatar.


Blessings to you,


Avatar Galextra...