The Teachings of Avatar Galextra:

An Introduction



  This divine being has been sharing a body of deep truths

 and true insights.


This divine being has been sharing a body of deep truths and true insights from her vast storehouse of sacred knowledge and ancient wisdom with members of the human race on this planet for decades now. She has been doing so through different means and methods over this period of time – including conversations she has with people in public gatherings as well as in private ones, through the illuminating lyrics of her consciousness raising songs, through information she has shared on her website over the years, through comments she has made on radio stations, and in newspapers, through her Internet Radio talk show called A New Way of Being, and through excerpts from her unpublished autobiography called Like a Thief in the Night:  The Autobiography of a God.


Avatar Galextra has also been teaching and schooling a vast network made up of tens of thousands of human beings who have been listening through the grapevines to her comments and statements made inside the privacy of every place she and her family have called home since the early 1990’s – as a result of the different listening devices, or electronic bugs, that have been secretly installed inside her home by agents of the Establishment in the city of Toronto over the past few decades.


“I am the God who is responding to a long and desperate call for help”


The sacred teachings shared by this divine being with members of   the human race are gems of truths, and true wisdom, that can be used as master keys by people across this planet – to unlock and remove the different systems of controls being used to imprison their minds, shackle their bodies, and enslave their spirits: to   keep them living as social pawns, political puppets, and economic slaves of those who control the economic wealth, run the political systems, protect the establishment, and the impose the status throughout the different nations existing across the surface of Mother Earth today.


The purpose and intention of this body of special knowledge the Avatar has brought as gifts to members of the human race are summed up in the following comments made by her about the nature of the mission that she came to this planet to accomplish:


“I am the God who is responding to a long and desperate call for help from the vast  majority of mortal beings inhabiting the surface of planet Earth – to show and teach them how to liberate themselves from the different systems being used by those in authority to control and oppress every area of their existence for some time now. I have brought ancient knowledge, sacred methods, and harmonious means that they can use to access the wealth of spiritual abilities they each own, but have been hidden and locked away from them by those who control their mortal lives and shape their future as members of the human race on this planet.


There is an ancient and proven way, that leads one to the truth, that  serves as the light” that i have been sharing with people over the years, that they can each learn to adopt, define, refine, practice, and master after a period of time and careful, and truthful work – in order to regain ownership of their own lives, and to regain control of their own lives, so that they can reclaim their divine right to think for themselves, to make decisions for their own lives; and to use their mortal lives to serve the greater good of all of life – and in the process serve their own greatest good and their highest ideals at the same time.


Begin to look every problem squarely in the eye.


These two verses from one of my songs, called A New Way Of  Being, speak about this simple, ancient, and sacred process that one can use to transform, liberate, and upgrade their life for the better, for good:


Begin to look every problem squarely in the eye,

be honest and true because you cannot lie.

Find out where it came from and why it arrived,

and see what it is that you are doing that is keeping it alive.

Then plant the correct behavior inside your mind

of how you should think and behave

when you meet the same problem again the next time.


Do this inventory of your life each and every day

and you will find that the problems

that live inside you will be swept away,

just like the dust that you clean from your home each day.


The insights revealed in this section by Avatar Galextra are priceless and precious because of the depth and the breadth of knowledge that they contain.  Her article called “Project Bring All Beings Together” examines, exposes, and clarifies many of the biggest misconceptions that human beings hold about every aspect of their existence as mortal beings – including who they are, how they came into existence, their true purpose for living mortal lives on planet Earth, and the true identity of the ultimate Source of their existence, and much more.


For questions regarding conception verses abortion


The article that examines the question of why some human beings turn to members of their own gender for love, companionship, protection, and even lifetime partnerships is one that must be read by everyone who is interested in gaining a clearer and truer understanding of these issues; and about those members of the human race who have embraced this way of life.


For questions regarding conception verses abortion, which has become one of the most divisive issues that people from all sides of these issues struggle to define, and understand today – the Avatar provides a body of insights about these questions that both those who are Pro-life, as well as those who are Pro-choice, will find informative, revealing, controversial, illuminating, and enlightening.  In this section of this sacred site this divine being also looks at other issues that human beings have not be able to define properly or understand clearly – and sheds light on them as only a true God has the ability to do.



Avatar Galextra






Excerpt from:

Life a Thief in the Night:

The Autobiography of an Ancient God –

who returns to Earth 2000 years later to fulfill the “Second Coming”

of Avatar Jesus of Nazareth!