Transgressions against Avatar Galextra

(and her family):

by people working to serve the

 Establishment and protect the status quo

in the city of Toronto for over three decades




This is a  list of many of the immoral and illegal acts that have been committed against myself and my family members over the many years that we have lived in the city of Toronto – by people who have been working, or who are still working, for the Establishment and the status quo in this city, province, and country.  The goal of this unholy, relentless, and illegal campaign is to attack, persecute, and eventually destroy the mortal lives of myself and my family members – and stop me from doing the sacred work that i came to this planet to get done, with  the assistance of my family.

Part  One

On my Internet radio show called A New Way Of Being i aired an audio of this article in early 2013.  It provides a true glimpse of the life of living as economic paupers and social prisoners that my family and myself have been forced to live by those who are running and controlling the governments, institutions, and industries in the city of Toronto, and the province of Ontario.

• They have sabotaged and destroyed my entire career as a performer, and prevented me from sharing my vast spiritual wealth with the people of this planet through my sacred, illuminating, and enlightening songs.

• these people send children of all ages to target and attack my family whenever we venture anywhere in this city through their abusive words, vulgar behavior, and hostile and disrespectful presence.

• they have blacklisted me, and my husband, from the workplace for over two decades now and forced us to survive on welfare, and later on a disability program called ODSP.



*then they turn around and called us crazy, lazy, losers, and useless eaters after pushing us to live in this state of deep poverty since the start of 1991.

• they have been using the shameful practice of:  “admitting nothing and denying everything” to justify and continue their persecution of my family.

 *In this manner they keep pretending to have no knowledge of the crimes they are committing against an innocent family whenever we have spoken to them about these wrongs.

 • They have contacted every adult member of my family living in this city, province, and country - and those living overseas - by telephone, and pushed them out of my life through the pack of lies that they told them about me or the sacred work that i am doing as a divine being.

 *today, practically every member of my family that i have spoken to in recent years has treated me as someone they do not want to have any relationship with.

• they are using electronic bugs, and other invasive and intrusive technologies, to  attack different parts of my body, especially the different connecting joints - my hands, elbows, neck, shoulders, lower back, knees, and ankles – and even my private area, throughout the day and night.

 *By attacking me in this relentless, secret, illegal, and immoral manner, they are forcing me to live in a state of constant physical pain, and emotional and mental distress; and also preventing me from becoming active, mobile, and healthy – in a scheme designed to keep me being mobile inside our home and especially outside in the community.

• They are persecuting my husband wherever we go in this city - by using different women to come on to him – in a systematic scheme to try to destroy our marriage and dissolve our family unit.

*my husband is forced to walk with his head down, and to avoid looking at other human beings, especially females, for years now, whenever we venture outside our home; or whenever he does so by himself – to discourage these women from targeting and attacking him in this manner.


 • They are using different methods to disrupt our lives and prevent us from sleeping inside our home - during the days as well as the nights – including the nerve racking sounds made above our heads 24/7 by the tenant upstairs in the Co-op owned duplex we have called home since January of 2004.

*we are forced to play pleasant music on our stereo at a loud volume, around the clock, in order to try to block and cover these disruptive and disturbing sounds coming from the unit above us.



Part Two

• they are playing games with our minds, bodies, and spirits as if we are human rats living in a laboratory - and using every method and means that they are able to get away with so far to do so.

*in this manner they keep us living in an extremely stressed and suffocating environment where we are never able to enjoy any moment of solace, or peace, even inside the privacy of our own place of residence, or whenever we go anywhere in this city.

• my family and i have been prevented from working out in gyms or public parks and even inside our home.  it has caused us to become overweight.  there is no room to do any serious kind of workout inside the small, cramped place they forced us to live in for almost 8 years now – though we still try to do some exercises even though with the stomping above our heads.

*They want us to just lay down and die. If the these authorities  have a problem - it is that of ego inflation; and an inability to have any empathy for others.  those who are in charge must care for, and catered to, people of all nationalities and all other  life forms;  and  those who do not care about the wellbeing of all life forms should not be in charge of any institution, or anything of importance, that involves people's lives.  they  have no feelings, no heart, and are leading the people in the wrong direction: even blocking these immoral beings from developing, and evolving on their spiritual path, which will be helpful to all of life - including all humanity.

• i believe some of my family members were  killed by them;    they seem to connect with people wherever  we go and flag slanderous messages to them.   i think that is how some of my family members were  killed;    it  appears to me that the authorities are using the systems  and most of the people to attack, degrade, and destroy me and my family by using different  methods and means,  to try to  achieve their goals.

• i have been unable to develop my academic skills, for example, because of the unethical behavior of students and teachers in the schools that i have gone to -  including the adult night school i attended in the United States when i lived there. keeping me from redeveloping certain communication skills they are trying to prevent me from communicating effectively with my fellow human beings in the present as well as in the future.




 • for over 2 decades now they have used different methods and means to try to muzzle and silence me – including using people to block or prevent me from speaking at different events while encouraging my husband to speak freely.

*i had developed into an excellent speaker over the years before this campaign to cripple my communication skills was launched against me in the early 1990’s.

• both of our children have been abused in the school system numerous times in their lives.

*We had to pull them out of those schools and home school them instead for most of their adolescent years..

• We are unable to shop anywhere in this city because of the mistreatment we receive in retail stores whenever we try to do so.


 *as a result we now shop in fewer stores and we take longer periods of time between these shopping trips even to shop for groceries.

• I am being prevented from doing my singing rehearsals through the banging noises that are being made upstairs whenever i try to do so.

*I have not been able to develop and polish my voice or my performance as well as i need to, or would have been able to do by now.

• The Chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission continues to attack and mistreat us - and sends others to do the same - whenever we use the public transit system.

*Travelling on the public transit system has become an extremely stressful experience for members of my family because of these attacks we are subjected to whenever we do so.

• The Establishment continues to attack and mistreat our daughter in an effort to try to drive her crazy and destroy her mortal life.

*our daughter became overweight from being forced to remain confine inside our home for most of her life so far; and she also became traumatized from the pain and suffering she has been forced to endure as a result of this persecution of herself and her family.

• our puppy, Gigi, was almost driven crazy by the tenant living above us,  through the disturbing  sounds he intentionally creates  upstairs and  whenever he is going up or coming down the thin wooden  on a daily and nightly basis – which is directly above the small storage room beneath those stairs where Gigi’s sleeping area was located. Our beloved pet had to eventually be taken away by people from the animal shelter after she became distressed and was barking and whining throughout the day as well as the night.

*This abusive tenant has also been trying to do the same damage to our beloved and loving family cat, named Tye.

• The management of Wood Tree Co-op had a new floating floor installed in the unit upstairs in early September of 2012 on top of the worn down one that was already there – in an effort to reduce the noise disturbance coming from upstairs.



 • It has not reduced the squeaky, creaky sound.  Instead, it has gotten worse -   especially inside the room above our bedroom - whenever this tenant comes into that room, and presses down hard on the floor.  He continues to stomp his feet heavily on the floor whenever he wants to attack us.  His intention is clear:  he aims to harm us. He walks heavily throughout his unit to let us know that he is a demented and disturbed man.

*Yet Wood Tree Co-op continues to say he is not.   Well if that is the case  then those who moved us from upstairs to downstairs, and put  him and his family upstairs to mistreat a family who has not done anything to harm anybody, and instead has been teaching and protecting the innocent – are also as disturbed as he is.  These kinds of abuses have been going on for too long against women and children -  and now against some men.  So i must continue to speak about them until they stop.

• About a month ago the drain pipe in the basement of the duplex we live in became clogged, and covered that area with stinky stuff that poured out of it, including pounds of pooh which my husband gathered in a pile, and eventually picked up himself – after the drain was unclogged by maintenance staff who failed to remove that smelly stuff from there.  We spent over 2 hours afterward disinfecting, washing down, and cleaning out that basement in order to protect the health of our family and anyone who entered there.



Part Three

• We are being verbally harassed, mentally attacked, and emotionally abused whenever we venture outside our home.

• i believe that these persecutors and gangstalkers are being sent by the police to target and destroy our lives.




• when i worked for different modeling agencies, a few decades ago, i was sometimes not paid, and often underpaid.

• while working at the Reverb night club with my husband, as bouncers - i was mistreated by a number of the male and female staff working there, and even robbed of some of my belongings by some of them.

• Some of my best clothes that i owned were stolen from a laundry mat that i used a number of years ago; this theft was a warning for me to never wash any of my good clothes in a laundry mat ever again.

• I have not received any reply from any of the different heads of governments - including mayors, premiers, and prime ministers i have written to over the years about our plight.

• i am being relentlessly and systematically attacked by the Establishment in this city for being a strong, outspoken, informed,  and virtuous woman.

• For the past few decades the authorities in this city have used different people to try to deliberately run us over with their private vehicles a number of different times when we were crossing the streets as a family; and also at different times when i was taking our kids out for walks; and numerous times when we were going to buy our groceries.  They even drove a car through our backyard one evening when we lived at 48 Dunmail Drive. One day in the summer of 2012 a motorists used their speeding car to brush his tires against the front of my husband’s shoes while he and our daughter were crossing the streets a short distance from the intersection at Oakwood Avenue and Eglinton Avenue West.

• Over the past decade they have used a number of the TTC bus drivers to try to intentionally run us over when they were making right hand turns at a major intersection where we were standing and waiting to cross the street.  They even had a female bus driver try to run over myself and my husband with her bus one afternoon, one Friday afternoon in the summer of 2009 – while we were standing at a bus platform inside the St Clair West Subway Station.  When i called and reported the incident to the police they informed us that it was a matter for the TTC to investigate; that both they and the TTC cannot investigate the same issue; and they did not get back to us afterwards.

• We stopped filling out census reports for a number of years now even though they keep threatening to charge us with a crime of failing to do so.

*every census government workers come pounding on our front door a number of different times - as if they were police officers – trying to force us to fill out their census forms.

• For the past year or so our joint bank account have been under electronic attacks by their agents - by preventing us from withdrawing money from any  ITM machines – except for the one inside our local bank; and stating on the print out: that we have an “ineligible account”.

.Our bank informed us, even as recently as a few weeks later, that there is nothing wrong with our account; and even gave us a new debit card and replaced the old one for about the fourth  time now since we have been doing our banking there.

 • Revenue Canada owes us about $700.00 in refund for the past tax year according to their own records.  However they say they are keeping our refund because of money that they falsely claim that we still owe them.

 They will not look into our complaints until i agree to jump through their hoops – and go through their intrusive and invasive security i.d. check, which i refuse to do.

• About 6 months ago I ordered and paid for two corset’s on line for over $300 in total from a company in the United States, which i have not yet received because Canada Post said they shipped the package back to the seller. They said they did so even though it had the correct mailing address on it.

*The seller has informed me that this package has not been returned to them even though Canada Post said they were shipping it back to them.




• about a year ago i bought two bottles of a brand name perfumes online through  E Bay, and i received only one of them - which turned out to be a watered down version of that product.

*when i filed a complained to Pay Pal, they told me that i could not get my refund for either the perfume i did not received or the poor quality one that i did.



As an  Avatar who has harmed no one, and who is fighting for the right for everyone on this planet to live their lives without harming the lives of others - there are a number of things that i will no longer tolerate as a human being, or even as a God.

1.  i am tired of being bullied and lied to by people working in your institutions and your establishment in this city.

2.    i am tired of having my family followed wherever we go - as if we are criminals, who have to be watched where ever we go and in whatever we do.

3.    i am  tired  of being  treated  badly by your institutions.

4.    i am tired  of being  robbed and overcharged  by your stores and through your Internet through the instructions  of your Government.

5.    i am tired  of  seeing people of African heritage being used to attack  and abuse us and each other.

6.   it bothers  me greatly  that African  people  are not being allowed the right to live their lives in the manner  that all beings have the right to do; and are being told and forced to do things that harm and violate the lives of other human beings,   and possibly other creatures.

7.   the lives and the future of the First Nations Peoples, African people,  and people of color in general, are in grave danger all across this planet as i speak. this is an abomination.  If you were being treated in such a way how would you feel?  would you think it was great - especially  after going through the hell we have been put through, as well as others are being put through?


8.  It is important for people from all walks of life  to come to realize that we are a family – regardless of the nationality; and that we should treat each other as respected, cherished, and sacred family members;  It is also crucial for people to develop the ability to see and know when they are being harmed, or when others are being harmed – by searching and researching  the words and actions of those involved truthfully, carefully, and thoroughly until they gain a true understanding and find sound solutions for the problems they are dealing with .

 Good Luck, and Blessings to you all.

Avatar Galextra.