"The Alarming Story Of The Biggest Government Coverup Across Planet Earth Today ".


“Hello and welcome to my website – and blessings to all of you. When you come here what you will find are true insights that should help you to work to improve your lives for the betterment of yourself as well as for the betterment of all. When we help ourselves in the right way we leave a mark on society that is positive and helpful to all. How you go about doing that is by looking closely, and examining carefully, and honestly, all the things that you do not like about yourselves, and then change them one at a time on an everyday basis.

After a period of time your insights become much clearer, your inner light shines brighter, and your love for all beings becomes purer. It also creates balance within you - and all around you - after a period of time. As time passes i will share more insights with each of you so that you can each adjust to a sacred learning process that will help you to own yourself, take control of your own lives, and start thinking and making decisions for yourselves – that serve the greater good of all of life and your own greatest good at the same time. "

When you start behaving responsibly and respectfully to all beings - everyone including yourself, your family, and all life forms, will be protected in the process. Do not neglect this vital and needed training or you will live to regret it - as practically all members of the human race are doing in the present. I love you all, and good will to you all. Bye for now - and blessings to each of you.” ~ Avatar Galextra